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Everything we have today is thanks to her

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And I will never forgive her for it.

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It's actually because of Siro. Had she not attempted to stream during Christmas 2017 none of this would've happened. She ruined vtubing forever.

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Thank you Sora, the protagonist of Hololive. Without you we would not be here to enjoy the glory that is Hololive.
I kneel.

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>Unfortunately Sora's dream is a thing

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Retarded newfag take. Good bait.

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this but unironically, faggots like >>73362391 can eat a dick

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Damn dolphin, correction is needed.

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why are 35p like this?

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that moment when you realize that the name "Tokino Sora" can also be interpreted as "All Under Heaven". Majestic, powerful, divine. Almost like its her destiny to rule.

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She’s Yagoo's biological daughter

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lore checks out

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Is there anyone like that in EN or ID vtubing?

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no lol

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That's not kizuna ai

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Wrong. Everything we have today is thanks to Gura. No one would even be watching vtubers or give a single shit about Hololive if it wasn't for Gura.

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Retard. Your precious Gawr Gura wouldn't even exist in the first place if it wasn't for Sora and A-chan (and YAGOO) establishing Hololive. Be fucking grateful to the DaiSenpai of Hololive.

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There's a reason people like to call Sora a Goddess.

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Oops wrong pic

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Sora and everyone else would still be nobodies that no one cares about if Gura didn't make vtubing take off, retard

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Do you think they kneel by choice or simply through fear?

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And Gura would never exist AT ALL without Sora. Like the OP said, be grateful to the DaiSenpai Sora that your lazy oshi even exist in Hololive today.

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Gura was bigger than Sora will ever be before Sora even existed retard

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And Gura wouldn't exist to begin with if not for Sora you dipshit. What Gura does today is irrelevant. She exist AS Gura because Hololive exists. And Hololive exist BECAUSE OF SORA. So without Sora, no Hololive. No Hololive, Gura or whoever your oshi is DON'T exist

So again for the third time, Be Fucking Grateful to the DaiSenpai of Hololive, Tokino Sora, because of of her, YOUR oshi even exist in the first place.
Fucking Ungrateful retards I swear.

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Combination of both, when you have that much of influence in the company people would fear you, basically like an employee to a boss, you can be so friendly with your boss etc but there will always be a fear like what if you're overstepping and worry of the consequences and when you think about it when Hololive start taking idol as their direction, everyone was surprised that they suddenly become idol and even some think of quitting because they don't think they fit for it, I bet some of them complained about the sudden decision but the decision was made because Sora wants Hololive to become idol group

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We mere mortals are hardwired to acknowledge higher power. Hence our knees bend on their own in the presence of Sora. I'm convinced in another life she would've been a Queen of a great empire or something, she has that vibe that makes you wanna submit to her command

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Thanks Soda-chan

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Wasn't there a rrat claiming that Sora legit owns some COVER stocks? That would actually give her some solid power within Hololive

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oki doki boomer

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Stocks rrat or not, I don't think there is any doubt that she at least way above than just a talent and it seems that they don't even try to hide it, in fact they portray her as very important figure in many occasions, some example is that both Sora and A-chan are on the photo when they become IPO, usually it's only exclusive for founders and executives, another example is during their first company wide employees meeting, there are 3 people giving speech on that event Yagoo the CEO, the COO guy I forgot his name and Tokino Sora, also speaking A-chan, she was unironically like Sora's personal assistant yet she is now a high rank management