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She talks to people like they're children

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Cuckbeat niggers tongue my anus

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Therefore OP should appreciate her accommodating him.

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sorry your thread backfired sis
also i'm no deadbeat, just a firm believer in shota supremacy

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Meds immediately.

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I don't mind if she does it in solo streams, but it's weird and off-putting in collabs

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God, I wish she talked to me like that.
Googoo gaga gimme them milkers

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so feminized

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She communicates at her own level.

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If the meds could reincarnate me into a /ss/ that live as Calli next door neighbour where one day I got locked out of my own house because mom and dad forgot to leave the house key under the welcome rug before they go to their business trip so Calli oneesan invite me to live with her for the entire month where one night she saw me crying in my sleep while murmuring the word "ma..ma.." then realise im probably missing my mama so she have to take care of me but because shes a dork and doesnt know what to do, she breastfeed me and pat my head and call me good boy to make the crying stop as i sleep soundly while sucking on her tits. She thought she only need to do this once until the crying becomes more frequent and she kept breastfeeding me until she realise i got an erection. Then she thought to herself "He's probably at the puberty age...i have to take responsiblity. By that, she gave me a nursing handjob because i would not let go of her tits. The meds also need to put me in a situation where Calli oneesan brought me to the studio because she doesnt want me to be left alone in her house. During her recording session, she notice me having an erection so she excuses herself and bring me to the female lockerroom and gave me a handjob. When im about to cum, she realise that my cum might shoot at her cloth so she quickly use her mouth to catch all of my cum. Is this the reincarnation where i one day i caught her masturbating in her room because of the stressful life she have and i helped her by fucking her for the first time and she slowly gets addicted to my shotacock?? Is this the reincarnation where she bring me to the Holo island for a vacation where we have sex the entire trip??? Is this the reincarnation where during the final day before my mom and day come back home, Calli oneesan brought me to a love hotel where she told me to wait on the bed while she gets dress up only for her to return wearing the most obscene lingerie and she start crawling on all four slowly to my extremely hard shota cock. Then we have the most raunchy bareback mating sex where i fuck her without condom to breed her????

If this is the reincarnation that i have after i take that meds, then fucking kill me right now.

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You're gonna be dissapointed.

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Extremely fucking based

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sounds like she knows her audience well just like FWMC

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Fair point, Deadbeats are after all mentally on par with children.

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hot teacher crushing my prostate asmr when?

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This deadbeat nigga typed this whole spiel out for a meme thread
im dead.

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she does. and i appreciate it because i remember early Mori, who was unbearable in collabs because sorry was the only thing she said and because she only felt comfortable joking around with kiara because of the forced teetee shit
her schtick of now being nice and talking to people like they're children, but having moments of insanity, is far better
this is so much better. i'm glad mori's turned it around

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The twins do it too
It's based

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Fuck. Then i dont want to die anymore. I have decided that i want to live my life to the fullest. Thanks for saving my life anon

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They sound cute and it feels natural. Mori just sounds too fake, probably because she changed her voice years into her career.

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This gave me an erection

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Somehow I must've missed it, but when did Mori switch to this kind of atmosphere and way of speaking? I'm even subscribed to her and never realized when it had happened.

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A well known flaw, yes. She either sounds stoned/exhausted or like she thinks she's talking to kindergarteners.
Too much of connor's coom in her head or something.

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But she's totally not a druggie, right Deadbeats?

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Being this overworked and getting rewarded greatly will make you think that everyone around you is just beneath you and so you have to take care of them like children

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You have to be singularly retarded to think Mori trying to sound even and coherent means she's on drugs. Your family must have despaired trying to socialize you.

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Sounds like I hit a little too close to home, you okay Anon?

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Nah it's kind of a you problem that you get mad at people trying to be intelligible

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>Check archive
>0 result found

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I dunno, you sounded kinda mad yourself. Backpedalling now is kinda revealing.

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This is a fucking legendary post holy shot you made my night

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her way of speaking weirds me the fuck out. is it because i'm ESL?

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hololive is 2020s MLP

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maybe its because she too old to have a baby and want children of her own?

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No, that's the normal reaction for most people. Her fans are deranged for liking it.

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Alright welp just put me in the screencap with this based schizo

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she has a background for being a school teacher
also isnt that what holofags want? sesame streer with tits? or else why would fwmc be so popular

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Based /ss/ GOD

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Nigh impossibly based. Let's all reincarnate as shotas and fuck Mori.

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/ss/ Chad....I kneel......

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>turns into shotadom

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Holy based

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She originally started speaking that way to speak to ESLs. It's supposed to be easier to understand for an English learner.

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you are children
of God

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she sounds like she's activating a sleeper agent or some mk ultra shit

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>gets addicted to cock
>becomes shotaonee
The verdict is death.

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or like she's the mk ultra sleeper agent

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I want mommy! I want milk!

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What the hell

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>Calli oneesan brought me to a love hotel where she told me to wait on the bed while she gets dress up only for her to return wearing the most obscene lingerie
I mean, just her current sleep outfit is enough man

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find christ

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Fucking Based.

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Vtuber watchers are children.

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brave and valid

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How old are you that Calli is still trying to breast feed you?

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Find Jesus then tell him to tell his dad to reincarnate me into a shota too

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God I wish she’d talk to me like that.

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uh based

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phasecuck having a melty

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put me in the eventual screenshot.

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It's when she got her new cats.That's something OP and others seem to be mistaken about - she isn't talking to people like they're children, she's talking to them like they're cats.

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Put me in the screenshot Scotty.

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Calli is infertile and uses deadbeat as her surrogate kids

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it's really weird, but at this point in time, she has an established fanbase, and a label with Universal Music. As long as she's not falling head first into drama, she's doing fine. Happy for the fat bitch. Excited for Harley Quinn.

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Most people who feel the need to complain about it are ESLs having flashbacks to whoever taught them English, so that’s par for the course. Considering her mom and grandmother both have the same speech pattern, I’d say you’re above average for simply considering whether it should be something to actively seethe about, instead of automatically doing so because it feels weird to you.

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Holy fucking kino.

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Why are you mad?

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U mad?

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I like her because she's nice.

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Based and Oneeshotapilled

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100 times better than early own le haters abrasive as fuck Mori

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>this but with fauna
> this but with lamy
>this but with noel
>this but with mio
>this but with fuwamoco
>this but with shiori
god my dick is so hard rn

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The people around her act like children.

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>Moco-chan, if you think I'm weird look at this anon!

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Probably a holdover from her time living in America.

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>oneeshota is weird
Are you gay? It's every mans dream, next to piloting a really big robot and beating up animals that would kill any other man.

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>y-yes big sis.. this anon is very wierd
>Mogogo? Is everything alright?
>im f-fine big sis..its just bit cold..
>You're lying to me again Mogogo. You know what happen to liar right?
>W-wait big sis! Im not lyi-AAHHH WAIT BIG SIS IT HURT!!! PLEASE IM SORRY!!!
>I hate liar i hate liar i hate liar!!! Mogogo youre a liar!!!!!!
>wai..big si..s..im...sorry..y
>Good! Next time i wont go gentle with this shocking collar i got on you! Good Mogogo!
>im..sor..ry..big sis...im sorry...im sorry......im sorry....

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Mori has seen this.

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then Mori should make it a reality

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Based but also get some help.

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that shit is the worst
Ito and roberu were right

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wish she'd talk to me like I was a horse

>> No.73241916

she wish they were.
sadly, only manchildren /here/

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Teen audience, so it fits.

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She's barely an adult, dude.

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It's her "walking on eggshells" voice. If you are a doxxbeat you know what her real voice sounds like. She just doesn't want to yab anymore in holo so she plays it very safe. If her audience likes it good for her, but it really filters me

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Same. I try to tune in to collabs with her and then I just hear her use that child voice and I’m suddenly not interested in her talking at all. It’s partly because I have friends that will use that voice but when they’re doing it they’re being sarcastic dicks because no one’s talking like that unless they’re being dicks or talking to children.

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God post

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Buckbroken by management. I hope they used the shock collar on her.

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I submit this thread as evidence of why this board is the premier place to discuss vtubing.

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as someone with a non-american accent but still a native speaker it just sounds to me like shes just overly enunciating everything so shes easier to understand. I do the same thing when I'm talking to americans.

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She’s into short kings… and shota. So she’s will talk to them as if she was their mommy.

>> No.73243663

You do realize "short king" is just code for shota, right?

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Speaking of accents it might be a concious effort to not sound Texan (not that that's needed, Texans are the strongest race in the world and our accents should be in ears around the world).

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you were not kid once?

>> No.73245479

she went to school for that shit

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This will not work with shiori, she's the imouto type

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>not being an imouto mommy gf enjoyer

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Always thought of the two as opposites, you've changed my way of thinking

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Does the breastfeed people like children too?

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17,9999 years old

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not hot

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Best post on this board right now

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On which twitter account did you see this thread first, deadbeats?

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25 isn't "barely" an adult.

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Too long didn't read

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Wtf, deadbeats are actually kinda based?

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She's got 50+ years ahead of her, so yes: 7 years is barely an adult.

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Man, this shit just ain't funny anymore...

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>ITT: two dumb bitches agreeing with each other

>> No.73258947

thats ever vtuber because they are babysitting children

>> No.73259135

based schizo jp bro

>> No.73259897

i thought she was like 27 at this point
kiara is 28 and calli is only a year or two younger

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There are women that act in a condescending way like that because they think they are better than you

>> No.73265475

Because they are.

>> No.73265527

The only good thing mori does.

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Seethe, Cuckbeat.

>> No.73265759

That's what retards on this shithole like.

>> No.73265834 [DELETED] 

Could you please get your cult to kill themselves?

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chigau anon, she's not "speaking to people like they're children" she's doing the "talking to a retarded uncomprehending thing" voice people use to address both children and animals, in this case because she prefers the company of horses and likes to pretend her favorite deadbeats are horses (or horsebeats) and becomes very aroused as a result

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>Earth has some interesting discussions ongoing. Pull up that 4chan page with the vtuber topic. Yes, that thread right there. Do you see the comment with a lot of replies? It must mean that it represents normal human consciousness. Lets analyse it!

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put me in the ss

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based shota schizo

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you paint a pretty picture

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how feminized

>> No.73279208

This post makes sense if you read it in the SEA accent

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nightgowns are the ultimate form of feminizing a woman. They're what she wears when she both starts and ends her day. She wears them only by herself, so she can't tell herself that she's doing it for someone else. and most of all, they make her look pretty, so she can admit to herself she wants to be pretty rather than cool or tough or whatever she says she wants to be