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Which vtuber do you think reads Hegel?

Polka for sure

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Projekt Melody confirmed she's a fan of his cousin, Begel.

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Hegel is shit
>t. degree in philosophy

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>He fell for the Analytic Philosophy meme
Yikes. Read Plotinus.

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The number of philosophy related threads over the history of this board amuses and surprises me, but it's cool since I got one of my degrees in philosophy. Anyway, I don't know any chuuba that seems like they would have read any real philosophy. I'd like to be put onto one if any exist though.

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Doesn’t Anya read Stirner? I don’t watch her but I’ve seen a bizarre amount of Anya/Stirner fanart..

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Stirner was such a retard he got kicked out of the Young Hegelians, the worst collection of pseuds in the past 1000 years

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No one watches her, Anya is a canvas onto which shitposters paint. You might also think she's a fan of the protomen, but she's not. What a shame.

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Polka only reads literature from german speaking countries from the turn of the century (20th, that is).

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Of course. She also has read Wittenstein!

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Which vtuber reads Schopenhauer?

Which vtuber reads Ligotti?

>captcha: KKK48

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Hahahha nice try spook, he left those faggots of his own will.

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If she did she would be amongst the most popular holos

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its been a LONG time since I last got to post this

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I only watch vtubers who are into Reich

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woman are less likely to be interested in it in the first place, and Japanese people in particular seem to care a lot less about it than someone brought up on a western education would, it's just not their thing

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based peasants BTFOing philosophy cucks

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