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>> No.73083149

Sora with hat > Sora without hat

>> No.73083346

Time for a quick nap before the evening show

>> No.73083384

So wait, when is this live starting
90 minutes like youtube says?
120 like the stream page says?

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Nunnuns, please gather for the stack before this evening's concert

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>> No.73083578

120. The first 30 minutes of the YouTube stream is just chill time

>> No.73083761

Anything you want me to say to Moro?

>> No.73084080

me on the left

>> No.73084088

thoughts on day portion?

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Sora is so cute...

>> No.73084957

Hey congrats on the concert Sora!

>> No.73085014

Sora's tears during Beyond/10
I think it's nice that she still feels it after all this time, that the years haven't jaded her

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>> No.73086230

Wait for night portion to compare, she didn't sing Hajimari wa icchokusen tho

>> No.73086358

Anyone with Ollie's watchalong on the side?
I'll be checking it to give her a view and throw some comment from time to time
She's the only one doing a watchalong for Sora ever.

>> No.73086978

night part started. same place

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Ready Soratomos?

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My Sora is so amazing

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>> No.73088007

Gonna pay my respects to Sora on this special day by finally beating Stage 4 with her in Holocure

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early star star start!

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It's time! Again!

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this song is so hype

>> No.73088204

That’s a lot of people

>> No.73088213

I was thinking that they are being very generous giving Star star start on free portion then they fucking cut it in the middle of the song lmao

>> No.73088230

kek that's fucked

>> No.73088259

We sahfing tonight?

>> No.73088310

Image Source is still her best song.

>> No.73088334

I don't like watchalong because they ruined my focus so i'll just open her stream but muted

>> No.73088386

I just noticed Sora's 2nd live is on Nyaa and it got me thinking. Is there anywhere to watch all her older concerts and solo lives or are they lost to time?

>> No.73088443

night time Soratomo sound more rowdy than their day time counterpart

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>those hip movement combined with that music...

>> No.73088529

You probably can find torrents somewhere or reuploads in bilibili

>> No.73088626

Soranium deposits at 400%

>> No.73088684

A song seething about umbrella, what a banger

>> No.73088756

On the contrary, Sora is more tired

>> No.73088792

Sora just shake her ass for us...

>> No.73088817

Ganbatte Sora-chan, just 30 more minutes

>> No.73089072

will we get surfing tonight? it feels like she's doing 2 songs from each album/ep

>> No.73089123

>Yumeiro Asterisk
I cried

>> No.73089169

Sora white is so pretty

>> No.73089230

I'm gonna cry again...

>> No.73089273

Sora nearly did by the looks of it

>> No.73089302

Sora is a naughty girl, she likes to play with our emotions

>> No.73089325

did Sora sign the confetti? that's really cool if she did

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>> No.73089402

After crying, now we are surfing !!!!

>> No.73089428

we're surfing on tear tonight ;_;

>> No.73089530

I like her black&white hoodie over the pink&white one. maybe I'm biased since Sora looks better with the hat. she feels naked without any head accessory

>> No.73089604

When she screamed "arigatou" I felt it

>> No.73089614

please sing metronight

>> No.73089637

Black&white hoodie without hat or accesories for me.
The hairstyle is different from just taking away the hairpins and I like it more, honestly

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>> No.73089670

>she feels naked without any head accessory
Sora is a 2hu.

>> No.73089723

Sora's really in the zone right now, hard to believe this is the same dork who streams for us regularly

>> No.73089771

what are they chanting for encore?

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>> No.73089777

What's the encore song this time?

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>> No.73089804

Nuuun nun

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>> No.73089827

>Nuuun nun nuuun nun nuuun nun
She's saying what we're all thinking!

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>> No.73090233

night time > day time

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>> No.73090344

I liked the day one more desu, even if night had Sora's best song

>> No.73091106

>Yumeiro Asterisk
>Hajimari wa icchokusen
Yeah, but day part also very good

>> No.73091470

Well I guess it's back to papaya reps until Sora streams again. It's at 740K views now.

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Judging by the impressions on twitter, Soratomos have been obliterated by Soranium exposure today

>> No.73093299

The other Soratomos were way too kind to me, it hit me harder than Sora singing...

>> No.73093506

Anon, its ok to be honest, have you been beaten up by the other soratomos?

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Another situational voice for FCtomos!

>> No.73093638

No, I was the one who hit them with my glowsticks!
Not intentionally of course, I was too excited...

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Did you meet the tomo giving out these?

>> No.73094012

>>73083346 (me)
I'm awake now...
The setlist for the night show looks good! Kara no Sora, Egonade, StStSta, IMAGE source, Sahfing.
All top jams. She went hard!

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I received a little more than that…

>> No.73094312

Man you got lucky with the loot, how did you manage to beat up so many pro soratomos?

>> No.73094337

Damn soratomos fight hard and love hard.
That's awesome! Sounds like you had a great time.
And you may have answered a question of mine. I wondered what the guy who bought 20 Futurity Step CD does with them all. He must give them out like candy.

>> No.73094363

>how did you manage to beat up so many pro soratomos?
Well... Let's just say I had the courage to do what most others couldn't

>> No.73094390

You brought a gun to a fist fight...

>> No.73094518

Yep, I brought them out and everyone started clapping.
That's how American I am

>> No.73094586

Speaking of papaya, the day portion of this song is better when she still fresh, night portion is noticeable that she is quite tired, tho she only fuck up lil bit on the highest part of the song

>> No.73094759

I hope you were Shooting for Sora
Was this a weekend trip or how long as you staying in Japan for?

>> No.73094782

Until Friday, honestly I have no set plans until then

>> No.73094916

Remember to check out more obscure food spots, maybe ask some Pioneers about good whore houses

>> No.73095534

>I think it's nice that she still feels it after all this time, that the years haven't jaded her
After a big event like this, I’m always afraid that Sora might think “Yeah, I had a great run. I think it’s time to retire.”

>> No.73095856

What songs are missing from the free part on day portion? Iirc it's Digitalic Lyric and Blueberry Moon

>> No.73096142

>I hope you were Shooting for Sora
Oh yeah, that happened the last time I was in Japan. I left a pretty big impression on her.

>> No.73096229

It's not everyday you meet a soratomo packing heat.
Have fun and try not to get associated with Sora if you get into trouble with the law during your stay.

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Thanks for a great day, Sora. Thanks for everything.

>> No.73097969

3 more years, 13 more years. That's a promise

>> No.73099024

Sora will never reach this peak again

>> No.73100000

Jwu. Default outfit tomos, did we win?

>> No.73100581

hoodie gang won

>> No.73100755

Absolutely if you pretend her hoodie outfit is the default outfit

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I won’t forget you for as long as I live

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>> No.73102861

I already missed Sora and can't wait for after concert zatsu stream

>> No.73103845

Keep Shinin', Sora.

>> No.73104837 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
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here's to many more anniversary concerts
also I hope I can download this concert whenever I make it home

>> No.73111259

based adventure tomo

>> No.73112974

You keep shining too, adventuretomo. To many more hikes, climbs, summits with Sora

>> No.73113669

Based on SorAZ live it may not be the case but hey! Maybe the VODs will be up by the end of the month this time around!

>> No.73114569

the kick guy who restreamed the concert still has his restreams for 5th Fes up so that will likely still be around to tide you over if the VOD isn't up

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>> No.73118131

Oldtomos are feeling nostalgic because this is the first one-man after Dream where they can actually be loud, on Milky way there is still rule to "no cheer" or keep it moderate due to covid, man that was wild when Dream Story and Yumeiro Asterisk start playing, Some oldtomos also wearing Dream wristband in this concert

>> No.73119016

There was someone in front of me who had one, he told me that Sora was there for him when he was in tough spot in his life then.
Now I'm getting emotional remembering it!

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>> No.73121547

thatsd one cool nunnun

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>> No.73124145

Now nearly at 750K

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Tokino Sora generations

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File: 1.94 MB, 1920x1080, Tokino Sora 6th Anniversary Party 「Keep Shinin'」 Day Session 1-14-14 screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This woman has no right being this erotic

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>> No.73134816

I will have to rely on official programming to see this outfit now

>> No.73135319

Good Nun Nun.

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Today's konsome! Stream tonight!

>> No.73144053
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750K! Onwards to 1M!

>> No.73144069

damn nun nun! get out of the shot!

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I don't feel so bad about not being able to buy the jacket now
It's cool but not my style

>> No.73149283

It looks too small on him

>> No.73149431

I recall the measurements confusing me. Like the L jacket was closer to the M shirt or something like that

>> No.73150970
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Anything with long sleeves will look small on soratomo

>> No.73152614
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>> No.73159305
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>> No.73159329

Fat fuck.

>> No.73159392
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I went here to reflect on my time as a Soratomo and what to do now. Making it to a Sora live was something I thought that would be near impossible, yet I was there.
I know I’m fucking lucky yet there this emptiness there.

>> No.73160430

Many lives to come, anon. Years of it.
And Sora still has to reach Yokohama herself. Many near impossible things yet to do. Many normal days of a girl streaming to her tomos too. Can't take those for granted.

>> No.73161075

Fuck DJ Ankimo, they should've invited DJ nunnun

>> No.73161472

I made it this far, so of course I’m going to keep shining with Sora.
I’m taking this way too seriously, I need to lighten up and enjoy the moment.

>> No.73162304

Capture the moment!

>> No.73162511
File: 2.33 MB, 3005x3353, IMG_3081.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was thinking more like this, but that works too!
Walking around Shibuya listening to the Twewy soundtrack is pretty rad

>> No.73163466
File: 94 KB, 800x1200, GKfdpUga0AAKbyC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73164798
File: 331 KB, 1090x2048, GKcK7ETbcAAq6N4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73165896
File: 3.55 MB, 2480x3508, 5bd4e00692aff9ff62ad2e87cd806337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73166816
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>> No.73167194

I really like this pose

>> No.73167967

Sora should join Ao and Aruran collab

>> No.73168132
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>> No.73168289

Keep Shinin archive is up

>> No.73168311

She also wants to do a watchalong, she must be really proud of her two concerts

>> No.73168492

I wonder if she's watching, she's not in chat this time

>> No.73169970
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Bad news: Nunnun joined the dark side.

>> No.73170187

>light saber
That’s against the rules, nunnun.

>> No.73170301

I wonder how many Soratomos did this Soratomo beat to gain that kind of muscles

>> No.73170439

Sora's in Aruran and Ao's chat

>> No.73170473

The red color is because that light Saber is for cheering on Star star start

>> No.73170889
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Stream in 30 minutes!

>> No.73171708

Azki has corrupted nunnun...

>> No.73172022
File: 89 KB, 1278x661, azki stun baton.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do naughty Pioneers get the stun baton

>> No.73172155

stream starting

>> No.73172157

Star Star Starting!

>> No.73172971

>Sora: There were no fights, a lot of people were nice to each other.
Good job holding back your savage instincts Soratomo

>> No.73173110

>Sora: Your good manners and kindness made me proud!

>> No.73173269

The bodies were taken care of properly in the back alley

>> No.73173909

Kiseki no sekai would be amazing, that was a very good suggestion from the production team

>> No.73174261

>Sora wants to replace some of her mistakes with CD audio

>> No.73174443

A fight probably occured during SorAZ concert, which would explain why this time she strongly urged her Soratomos to not fight and to report any bad behavior to the staffs.

>> No.73175030

So it was the pioneers badly behaving. Not surprising.

>> No.73175405
File: 55 KB, 1254x649, z-saber.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Truly /SorAZ/ could never have lasted. With Sora in the traditionalist Kanata faction and AZKi in the radical lightsaber faction, the tension would always eat away at any attempt at fan unity

>> No.73175587

The use of the stun baton on the naughty pioneers is a practice soratomos should adopt to deal with evil nunnuns though.

>> No.73175815

Is it possible to not fall in love with Sora-chan?

>> No.73176149

I love her like she is my daughter and she is my inspiration, she is the one that teach me the beauty of a dream and she always work hard to show her fans her dream-colored world

>> No.73176638

Yeah, she makes me wanted to keep cheering and supporting her. Perhaps it's time to reflect on this aimless life and figure out what I really wanted to achieve.

>> No.73176858

It’s amazing how considering all the great events she put out for us until now, she has yet to announce even a single of the six good announcements that she vowed to make this year.

>> No.73177026
File: 724 KB, 737x932, 1677154644680685.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm pretty sure that the day show and the night show count as two of the good announcements.
She had announced other two previously, I think.
She's a cheater. Deal with it

>> No.73177176

>other two
SorAZ concert and Star Start album, correct? I want to think this one counts as one. So we have 3 left this year.

>> No.73177375

I think StStSta itself took up a slot. Collabing with THE NayutalieN

>> No.73177496
File: 410 KB, 1920x1080, Pic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sora 6th Anniversary Party「Keep Shinin’」 archive

>> No.73177764

Gofiletomo LOVE

>> No.73178175
File: 61 KB, 680x680, FvDRoU-aAAEXUq4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're despicable

>> No.73178231

Good for you, anon. I hope you figure it out.
I think I will continue to live aimlessly enjoying things day to day and supporting Sora. I don't see another path, but it's not the worst life either.

>> No.73178797

My Hero, thanks anon. I swear I'll buy the BD when it comes out and I have money again

>> No.73179122
File: 295 KB, 437x367, 1684350103844130.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They didn't announce any BD or whatever.
When it comes around it's going to count as another one of the six good announcements, isn't it?

>> No.73179933

>[EN]Sora: My goal this year was to make seven happy announcements! One is an album! Another is a concert! Another is that the lead song was written by Nayutan Seijin-san!
>[EN] Sora: Three happy things have already happened!
Thankfully, First Gravity doesn't count since it was announced last year, but Keep Shinin' takes up a slot instead

>> No.73181821

One of the annoucement is Sorasaurus merch

>> No.73182799
File: 137 KB, 850x1319, __tokino_sora_and_tokino_sora_hololive_drawn_by_myonchi__sample-2c96613417a9e52d9e67f7a882e84649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73182867

>too small
get it right artists!

>> No.73183287

Eh? That looks like a normal height Sora to me

>> No.73183463
File: 503 KB, 2586x2006, 1629251290311.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cry about it

>> No.73184909
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>> No.73184933


>> No.73186284
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Can't be faster than the NUNNUN superexpress!

>> No.73186924

Did Sora ever say what her one million wish was?

>> No.73188292
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Just because the concerts over doesn't mean you're done with your Papaya reps

>> No.73188321


>> No.73188943


>> No.73189943
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AoSora is my current FOTM pairing

>> No.73190449


>> No.73190673

Can anyone translate the letter part on both day and night time?

>> No.73192451

Or maybe Sora was there for Aruran but that chance is extremely small

>> No.73192540

Sora’s happiness is my happiness

>> No.73192703

I wish there was a way to stalk Sora easily. Who knew how many times did she appear on Regloss chat?

>> No.73193998

Both letters are different
Translation mixing my own knowledge and DeePL
Afternoon letter
ときのそら これまでの軌跡
6th Anniversary
(cut to first stream)
それでは... 始めましょう!
(end cut)

Keep Shinin'
To all of you
Tokino Sora, The trajectory up until to now
6th Anniversary
When my debut was decided, it made me want to see more of a future with everyone.
Thanks to everyone being with me I could persist until getting 1 million subscribers.
I took a long time but I'm glad it took so long.
Finally, I can hear the voices of all Soratomos.
(cut to first stream)
Can you see me?
Can you hear my voice?
I think it looks fine!
Then... let's begin!
(end cut)
Thank you everyone!!
Let's still look forward to the 7th year!!

Keep Shinin'

>> No.73195197

Yes I know they are different, and I actually kinda get the day part, could you also translate the night part? Thanks in advance

>> No.73195303

>>73193998 (me)
Translation mixing my own knowledge and DeePL
Night letter
ときのそら これまでの軌跡
6th Anniversary
1st ワンマンライブ
(cut to first stream)
それでは... 始めましょう!
(end cut)

Keep Shinin'
To all of you
Tokino Sora, The trajectory up until to now
6th Anniversary
The first One Man Live
I'll never forget the sea of blue penlights at that time.
I want to definitely convey my feelings at this turning point where I can express my feelings with all my might.
[I love you so much, I think I'm going to cry] (TLNote: title of "suki, naichaisouda")
From now on I'll still keep showing you newer versions of me!! (TLNote: She'll keep working, improve and expressing more herself)
Without ever changing my love for all!!
(cut to first stream)
Can you see me?
Can you hear my voice?
I think it looks fine!
Then... let's begin!
(end cut)
To all Soratomo,
We've come along together in the happy times and the sad times.
Fron now on, let's keep running slowly. (TLNote: Yukkuri Hashire (running slowly) as a reference to her song)
I'm not going to stop!! (TLNote: tomaraneezo! One of her old memes. Also it can be plural: We're not going to stop!)

Keep Shinin'

>> No.73195582

>Finally, I can hear the voices of all Soratomos.
>Can you hear my voice?
Poetry. Thank you, anon

>> No.73195595

time for your papaya reps, soratomo

>> No.73196792

Thank you anon, her talking about her 1st one-man and her old catchphrase "tomaranezo!", beautiful and clever letter

>> No.73197174

I wonder how far she still is from Yokohama at this point?

I just wonder what she has to conquer at this point

>> No.73198293

Quite a bit I'd say, perhaps Suisei might have a better shot

>> No.73200273
File: 1.40 MB, 958x730, 1685379608221375.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73202268
File: 150 KB, 675x1200, F_4G33FbUAAxCeO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73204448

She's got moves!

>> No.73206704


>> No.73208376
File: 172 KB, 1169x1220, GKmwELXbMAAF4_r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Today's konsome. Sora left a message for everyone on youtube last night, have you seen it yet?

>> No.73208378

she hasn't gotten any closer in the past few years. a solo live there probably ain't happening

>> No.73208457
File: 491 KB, 1187x668, 212401.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What did YouTube's auto-translator mean by this?

>> No.73209010

That next door neighbor?

>> No.73211971

That auto-translator?

>> No.73213252
File: 663 KB, 2592x1944, GKkOVjIa0AAeQcb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73213747

I’m scared

>> No.73215719
File: 730 KB, 1181x1624, GKjddPNbgAAPx48.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73217486
File: 3.17 MB, 498x498, tokino_sora.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73217893
File: 280 KB, 1680x945, tokino_sora-1777178560261988718-img1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.73218690

Straight after the concert weekend! We're so back!

>> No.73221174
File: 138 KB, 1920x1026, 1707957356329059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73223609


>> No.73224033
File: 222 KB, 1680x945, tokino_sora-1777178560261988718-img1 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.73225113

I am putting in a one week leave of absence on my papaya reps. I repped too much leading up to the sorapa

>> No.73226366

Age of calamity bros, is it our time? Or will Sora hop on the monhum train?

>> No.73227948

I haven't played either
Isn't Age of Calamity a mindless arcade/beat'em up/musou game?
MonHun would be cool for the collab opportunities maybe the crafting would get her into it.

Both of them have the 3D environment but she's getting better at it if she can play in a smaller window like a Switch.

>> No.73228968

Yeah I'm honestly not sure how much she'll like age of calamity

>> No.73230412

Default outfit is becoming as rare as Exodia...

>> No.73230750

Sora on monhun would be cute.
I want to see her reaction to Dodogama

>> No.73231178

I found myself during suki nai because I had the right color for the penlights. Also I was jumping up asserting my dominance.

>> No.73232973
File: 1002 KB, 1000x1473, 1691337056184963.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73233239

Tonight's stream frame is up by the way

>> No.73234619

Maybe if Iofi asked her to play

>> No.73235875

Yeah I reckon that's the only way she'd play it. She'd need someone to teach her and Iofi would be the best candidate.

>> No.73236031

Sora could play Lethal Company as well.

>> No.73236072

Nah that's definitely a motion sickness game

>> No.73236814

So if Sora did play monhun, which weapon would she use?

>> No.73236923

Well if she only need someone to teach she would just play it then ask Soratomos for help, also I think Iofi already ask her to play Monhun with her but Sora not sure about it, I think Iofi should be more persistent

>> No.73237015

Sword and Shield, only because she can heal without sheathing her weapon.

>> No.73237437


>> No.73237941
File: 491 KB, 882x900, 1627205185235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol it's cute how much a LoZ fangirl Sora is

>> No.73238667
File: 362 KB, 960x960, GKokm-qbIAAZ0UL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.73239627

It is. I'd love for her to play Link's Awakening

>> No.73240985

So what's the gist of this game? It looks like BotW but it's a musou?

>> No.73241158

Yeah, it's a musou that takes place when Ganon first attacked in BotW and then time travel shenanigans happen to save the day

>> No.73241796

Sora reminds me of how I used to enjoy games when I was a child. I miss those days.

>> No.73242105

You just haven't found the right game. Do you not enjoy games anymore?

>> No.73242724

Sora looks like she can handle DMC

>> No.73243565
File: 2.67 MB, 1536x2048, 117631783_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73244477

Sora is lucky that she has actual talent, otherwise I would make fun of her gaming skill, also she is excited to see Revali

>> No.73245467

One day we'll get a hololive musou

>> No.73246526

Very nice, it would be nicer if its full animated

>> No.73246601

Sora likes horor = HoloERROR
Sora likes isekai = HoloALT
So it depends on how much Sora likes musou game

>> No.73246757

She can understand up control schemes, but not so much for remembering them

>> No.73247962

That's the problem tho, it's not some complicated combo, it's basically some basic control stuff so it should be easy to remember it almost instantly but it's fine Sora gets the pass

>> No.73248276

I want a sexy OP

>> No.73250043
File: 962 KB, 1080x1920, 117605340_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73251795

>the white one is cute
>the black one isn't cute

>> No.73252015

A study was conducted where children were asked to pick between a white doll or a black doll. All of them, including black children, picked the white doll. Are the children racist?

>> No.73252111
File: 69 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_7320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He’s only getting stronger

>> No.73252172

Can I still be a Soratomo even if I find Sora extremely sexy and lust for her? or do I need to have only pure thoughts for her ?

>> No.73252637

Hey look, he’s asking the same question again.

>> No.73253740
File: 27 KB, 793x132, IMG_3396.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.73255532

Koyori had her nissin live recently. I should give that a watch.

>> No.73255829

Good luck anon, if you manage to find a way to do it please share it

>> No.73256739

Surprisingly, it's on nyaa. The Laplus one too. Uploaded same or next day. Definitely mogs SorAZ concert there

>> No.73257644

Sorry meant for>>73255829
Cool pic tho

>> No.73258951
File: 270 KB, 535x599, 535px-TMSFE_Mamori_Carnage_Form.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminds me of mamori from Tokyo Mirage Sessions

>> No.73261086

That's the weakest nunnun

>> No.73261207

Is that the hornitomo?

>> No.73262479

I think it's a regional variant of Geodude

>> No.73263366
File: 321 KB, 2048x1536, GKi2xRgbgAAef0t.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't even imagine what the oldtomo kill counts must be

>> No.73263674

this NEEDS a fang

>> No.73265319
File: 763 KB, 3200x4000, 1698261921786799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73265371
File: 184 KB, 1024x768, GKi2xRkbYAA2XCO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All My Darling Daughters

>> No.73266920

I wonder how oldtomos feels, it must be magical, the moment when Soratomos doing the "Tokino Sora dayo!" during Dream Story performance and during Yumeiro Asterisk performance Sora said "it has been 6 years since this song"

>> No.73267068
File: 46 KB, 391x429, BIG nun nun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Keep training my child

>> No.73268293


>> No.73269089

Digitalic Lyric is a very underrated Sora song

>> No.73269477

Today's (early) konsome!

>> No.73271492

Sora, why didn't you post a picture of your Star Start umbrella? Surely you stand behind your own products, right

>> No.73272655
File: 156 KB, 1280x720, Smugora.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.73273618

Star Star Start at 777K!

>> No.73273637
File: 117 KB, 419x375, IMG_7323.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.73275653
File: 1.13 MB, 2508x3541, 1696874432612624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73275724
File: 2.32 MB, 2894x4093, 1681681566153708.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73275774
File: 552 KB, 700x728, 1695137237253811.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73275858
File: 132 KB, 850x1338, 1692284073733906.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73275932
File: 316 KB, 1684x1191, 1682470707084599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73275988
File: 304 KB, 1600x1142, 1646364264365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73276063
File: 1.42 MB, 960x540, 1674954184819630.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73276130
File: 2.76 MB, 2039x2894, 1689985764487778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73276240
File: 259 KB, 338x840, 1704005853397819.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73276289
File: 1.85 MB, 2600x3200, 1692206106911.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73276318
File: 94 KB, 724x1024, 1688122566620014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.73276423

What are those? Boots for ants? They need to be at least three times higher

>> No.73276702


>> No.73278515
File: 3.77 MB, 640x480, SORA LOVE [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fr1yf3g.mp4].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

later, soratomos

>> No.73278607

Don't go Kotoneposters

>> No.73279998

Don't forget to double dip!

>> No.73280868

Wow it racked up 100k. Or should I say it stole 100k from the main mv?

>> No.73281135

Sign is like Yugi's grandfather's deck: it has no pathetic songs.

>> No.73281198
File: 133 KB, 817x454, 1690070513515235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sora's channel is an official music channel right? MV and album track stats get combined

>> No.73281480

Had I known we were that close, I would just cranked out an extra 100k before the deadline