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What is it about Vtubers that attracts such a large amount of pedophiles? it's like speed running and transwomen or anime and white supremacist incels.
Please explain yourselves.

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Projecting a little too hard there faggot. You don't want to be put on a list do you.

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What is up with twitter now called x promoting extremist behaviour. Is the lack of dislike buttons what really allows harmful and negative opinions to proliferate. That their opinions no matter how negative they'll only see hearts that they experience a positive affirmation that they are right and all others are wrong. Never experience setback and their tweets only being shared by those of similar mind forming a echo chamber in what was otherwise an online public space. Where for those uninitiated to the internet would get trick by such words they'll fall for mind traps with no counters to disprove it once they disable replies.

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>drawing a ton of potential pedos away from actual children and make them lust after and direct their energies towards adult women LARPing as anime girls
Who gives a shit? Isn't that a good thing? If you're trying to shitmatize their reputation with this you'll be making things LESS SAFE for potential victims.

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I respect the sheer audacity of this shitpost. Seriously seek exorcism nonetheless.

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>Isn't that a good thing?
not if your revenue is based on IRL child trafficking

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How did you get this picture of me?

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>white supremacist
Hey man, I have nothing to do with any of that shit.

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Anon pedophilia is just a part of jap culture in general, you can throw a stone and hit one in any direction there.

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I thought about interacting with this in a half-serious manner but nah, twitter slop like this should be met with 2 responses.
1. Go back.

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>arbitrarily decide a random cut-off number where the other sex is allowed to be attractive versus millions of years human instinctual evolution
>based on this arbitrary number that is different everywhere and beyond law rises all the the time and gets more random conditions added to it, a person is either literally hitler or a well-adjusted member of society
>decide to enforce that same arbitrary morality ruling on fiction as well, making it even more arbitrary than previously thought possible
>surprised that in fictional spaces where it is less arbitrarily enforced humans are in fact still humans with the same natural biological instincts millions of years in the making that can't be overwritten by a few years of arbitrarily made-up pseudo-morality bullshit

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oh great now the actual pedos are coming out of the basements to argue semantics