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I made a spreadsheet with their CCV, Subs, Views per vod, twitter views and comments. Twitch vods and viwership are inflated so i gave them a penalty compared to youtube views and ccv. Some people like Aruvn and mint dont stream so i took into account their overall presence in the industry. Then i made this tier list. Yes i am same person from last time, this list is way more accurate than last time

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>jeff mcbiceps not at the top

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Trust me i really wanted to move him up, but the bro doesnt stream or make many videos past year. Maybe he became too busy with clients, a true bro helping people at the gym get their gains

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Fpbp. I kneel to the bicep

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Biceps bros, let's give this nerd a swirly.

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Fuck you, jeff mcbiceps is a star. Dumbass paula veck. Push him already

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>main event is 3 flesh streamers
The absolute state of offpako expo.

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>uses bias to alter the real time data

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Elia made 80k off her simps, 3 of them donated over 25k, i wonder if theyll get a chance with her

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Koefficient is a fucking nigger

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Some Additional Stats:
13/36 guests post their flesh form on twitter often, 7 of them are female, 6 of them are male
11/36 guests are male, 25/36 are female
This means that over half of the male guests incorporate their flesh presence along with their vtubing avatar

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looks white to me

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Fippy bippy

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they're saying he acts black, or is an honorary black due to qualifying behavior

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Having dedicated oilers doesn't mean you're popular

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He's Puerto Rican. Hispanic Americans do have some overlap with African American culture, but they're distinct in many other ways

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eww yikes

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For me it's Big Ham.

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>Amiya Aranha
>niche retro game streamer
Huh? The only mass appeal things she does are covers and karaoke, even her latest ASMR stream was a fucking Star Trek roleplay.

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is there a picture of last years roster somewhere?

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compare that to last year

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wtf happened?

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Post the spreadsheet, how does this year compare to last year and previous ?

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I would be very surprised if v4mirai skips the chance of going to offkai

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>vdere whores
They leach ex-company popularity to reach where they are now

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Seem to remember there were quite a lot of complaints about things being badly organised - also the five guys which might have potentially put some chuubas off for PR reasons(though I think it'd potentially be a plus for certain types of fans). Probably more to do with bad organisation.

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I doubt the current list is finalized. I'd be surprised if Phase Connect and Idol wouldn't attend at all.

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lots of delays and fuckups

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Kinda weird to delay them until last minute consider that convention always try to get the big guests first so the fans can plan their travels to attend. It is 1 week away.
I think matara/mint seem like someone who they got the very last minute as well who happens to open up due to their circumstances

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Offkai has entirely become chicks who graduated from their companies or whose companies fell apart (in the case of amiya and miori). Vtubing is COLLAPSING.

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Hey at least they improved by not featuring Nijis, give them some credit

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Go back numbermonkey

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Compared to the rest of them she’s pretty well known.

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It seem like they exclusively push for vtubers who do that for some reason. Maybe, someone in offkai organizer is very very anti corpo. I remember them reaching out Prism solely after they found out prism is going to dissolve to invite the future ex prism indies. Prism wasn't even at offkai any years before that if I remember correctly.

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The organisers being retarded and burning a bunch of bridges through ineptitude.
Kinda weird since they had a pretty good track record before that afaik, probably some moron getting put in charge.

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Five Guys MariMari happen, now the con is know to be the place where Moderator's and TopDonators go to met streamers and have orgies on the building hotel.

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the list isn't final
last year ironmouse was announced a month before the expo