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LK fans seem to be perfectly fine being cucked and pretty much scammed, by someone who had his groomer write his lore, design and sign his merch, access NijiEN Minecraft server to build shit for him and only God knows what else.
So what exactly would it take for them to disavow pog guy?

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The company telling them to hate him, just like with all the others.

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LK sounds pretty based. Everyone else at NijiEN is getting mindbroke by overwork due to managerial incompetence/cheapness and being banned from personally hiring assistants because ???? reasons.

Meanwhile galaxy brain LK working smarter not harder by coercing his top menhera into performing managerial favours instead of sexual favours. Modern problems require modern solutions. Be a workpest, not a sexpest.

Sure, he didn't sign the merch himself, but he did personally pressure a menhera into signing it for him, so is it really any less personal?

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LK antis seem to be perfectly fine being gay and pretty much horse blindered, by someone who had said trannies make him uncomfortable, who is homophobic, got roasties to work for free and ruin their marriages and only God knows what else.
So what exactly would it take for them to support pog guy?

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Yes, he has the freedom to do the things he like, and that content and character does pander to people unironically. Am I right doxxsagi?

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lucucks lmao

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why the nousagi?

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buy an ad

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>So what exactly would it take for them to disavow pog guy?
Drinking Starbucks and not apologizing

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>Let a woman know her place
That's pretty based

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>tweets starbucks drink
>gets lectured by twittroons
>responds with POG!
>twittroons throw a big tantrum
>lucucks step in to defend him, mental gymnastics in full effect to absolve him of any "anti-palestine" guilt
>continues streaming like nothing happened

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