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Zebra back together

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We're so black.

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Pc-kun isn't dead!

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Weird thumbnail.

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No one should have to play this game alone.

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It's not great but the lack of a save function is what stops me from coming back. 50 minutes is considered a speedrun so playing it normally and taking my time for longer than that is a big commitment.

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It needed more time in the oven if such a basic feature wasn't implemented.

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I hope Anya can work on upgrading pc-kun eventually

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Anya time. Zenya time.

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Zeta still sleeping

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[Zeta News]
She is awakened

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cute snowy dagger day

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Kusoge keeps crashing

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I always like the discord icons. Cute!

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Everybody crap your hands

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Anya is going to /become/

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That's a perfect Botan impression

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I heard people were having problems with the game but it's been perfect for me... aside from gameplay. It wasn't even starting up for some.

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Anya is especially horny tonight.

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One thing about this game, I'd want to hear Anya damage sounds if Holocure had voice acting.

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I could beat them in a fight.

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Anya enjoys JP memes

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Overwatch with Anya is fun even if she's not very good...

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I want her to play more so she develops a sense of survival lol.

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>SEA cat

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Memes going over Anya's head is rare

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That's an ancient meme.

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I know some things Anya won't do for content...

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>Anya can't feel empathy

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>take this balls

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Oh yeah, they don't have Nene healing.

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Alt tabbing stops Zeta from playing through remote play? That's interesting.

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Zeta's weird laugh

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Botan is really strong but I don't recommended for solo play. I guess it's best enjoyed with 4 but the online has to be implemented first.

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I love Anya's noises

For both of them.

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Looks annoying even with 2 players

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Btw does Kay yu plans to add more content or he is done with it?

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It's annoying just how fast enemies chase you. There should have been a sprint button.

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No more content. Aside from proper online and maybe saves.

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Yeah, thankfully yesterday's patch made staggering a lot less annoying for power attacks and ability 2, it still appears elsewhere
>take my balls

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Am i imagining it or is Anya clear today? not blurry,

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They should save some healing.

What the game needs is the ability to take breaks. Somehow it has too much and too little at the same time. It's really repetitive so it would actually benefit from the levels being shortened.

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GWS anon

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>I love balls
Yeah, mine

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>I love balls

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I posted this.

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That made me laugh more than it should.

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No clothes, just wings

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Sorry I'm watching from my phone. Hololive streams are giving me errors, some update broke youtube for me.

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Zetanya bartering stuffs...

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Gear system might be too complicated for them.

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The golden apple is good tho

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Fauna keeps Koyori away, okay. But I thought they were both Lamys!

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They're doing it!

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>Why are you not taking my balls?

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and I remember they already beat this level so it's not as impressive.

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I also saw some people weren't getting audio with the online... nice game

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Some one need to keep track of how many Anya said balls today.

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At least 2.

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Cute Anya, cute Ela, cute Zeta

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Anya's emotes are limited but I really like her WAH

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Anya is kinda hot, you know?

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What was the level they got to last time?

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Died to Chloe. The game starts to get annoying here.

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Lick the blade.

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It's hard to keep up with manga but I don't watch much anime anymore.

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I watch a little from time to time but Hololive replaced my need for it. It actually made me watch western shows more.

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Bleach had a sequel?

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Zeta has normies tastes! She's so white

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Kind of sequelm it's an Anime for the final arc in the manga which was not adapted in the previous anime.

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Sounds like Anya doesn't watch the genre too much either.

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It's stupid how much anime treats the world like a video game now. That trend ruined fantasy.

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It makes me miss harems, at least those were original

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I like this stream, they talking about fun stuffs.

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I forgot they were playing a game, Anya did too for a minute

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>take this balls

>> No.72871517

It's a ballsy stream.

>> No.72871541

Now that's using your balls

>> No.72871548

Anya should think with her brain and not her balls

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I like the bosses though. If only the levels weren't so draining.

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Anya is so ballsy today.

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The worst part is you don't get back any items so you have a harder time if you're unlucky. It's a terrible system.

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More than usual

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Those poor Zains

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Cute Zenya Noises.

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I wonder if Holocure will ever get voice acting. I remember when it first came out Gura was saying how cool it would be. I'm sure it's possible now.

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Those mini bosses absolutely WRECK your helpers.

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Cute Anya noises would make Anya a more popular character

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>low health
>no healing
Great game!

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Zeta difficulty sounds good right now

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The only thing that carries over is levels but it's so punishing for literally no reason.

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Coins > Zeta's life

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Coins = Stuffs

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Dang, if only there were real outfits.

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Amazing, they're getting worse.

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I never take my switch anywhere
>Anya is an ipad kid

>> No.72872207

She was making fun of gooba for that

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I imagine Anya sitting on a resturant with her ipad and is mistaken for a real kid cause she is so smol.

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Anya should play Hitman more

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Let her throw her balls

>> No.72872363

I can totally see sitting at a cafe with her head down.

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>just remembered she can use abilities
my anyer's so bad at video games...
god it's so hot...

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Is Zeta ogey

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The item system is BALLS

>> No.72872558

>Ela backseating in chat

>> No.72872579

Superchats doko...

>> No.72872630

Feels like healing is the most important part

>> No.72872643

She must have 100% it by now right?

>> No.72872677

>Kaela wants to play even more

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>steamdeck mention
I think she'll get 100% on it soon, probably next stream.

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I beat it once on normal and hard, it doesn't seem worth the effort.

>> No.72872764

What Zeta did in japan with her laptop? I couldn't hear it.

>> No.72872772

She talked about the steam deck a couple streams ago too

>> No.72872802

M-chan is so rude
>Zeta's mom too

She forgot it.

>> No.72872845

Zeta is easy to tease.

>> No.72872850

That ult did like a fourth of her health

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Anya don't choke...

>> No.72872912

Anya want the balls

>> No.72872964

Anya don't choke on balls

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Oh nyo Zeta is dying. That was really fun.

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She tried. I am proud of her regardless.

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Anniversary soon!

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Kaela Reine Anya Zeta collab, what a line up

>> No.72873101

They're cooking.

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Is Zeta ok? she sounds little tired.

>> No.72873111

She's a sleeper agent

>> No.72873146

School labyrinth, or something like that they said?

>> No.72873171

Sounds like one of those Devour clones.

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Nice, two streams in one day

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Cute and ballsy Anya today, Zenya makes a fun couple.

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>> No.72873366

I wish she would break me with her balls

>> No.72873558

Anya is fun with any coupling she in , Kronii, Kaela and Zeta.!

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Anya is fun with Anya too

>> No.72873804

One POV up Anya cute

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Be careful with Anya's balls.

>> No.72873956

She's got balls of steel.

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It has to be a song, right? The outfits are cool though, there better be cute merch.

>> No.72876040

Yeah, mine

>> No.72876232

The art looks familiar, maybe they worked on fanart before or an mv

>> No.72876783

Kaela up too

>> No.72877407

I guess it's only a couple hours because she has another stream scheduled. Never long enough.

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So cute

>> No.72878841

Reine too, just Anya is left.

>> No.72879167

Schoolgirl Anya is needed more than ever.

>> No.72879570

Those Plankton edits will haunt me

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>> No.72880910

Is Anya what they have to watch out for?

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>> No.72881209

Sacrifice one of her drives? How come?

>> No.72881258

The latest update on Steam says they didn't put in a save system because they expected people to clear it in an hour. I'm convinced they were either only testing the game as a full party, or did the old school method of balancing it according to the people who know the entire game

>> No.72881289

Anya is weird

>> No.72881439

I assume it's the former because devs testing the games themselves led to old Nintendo games being very difficult. This just shows a lack of testing, but that was easy to tell even from Holocure. It's also easy to tell what the issues are just from picking up the game, I would expect the dev team to be blind to them.

>> No.72881469

She must have fun making these

>> No.72881550

Wait that logo is excessively bloody.

>> No.72881582


>> No.72881654

Phasmo in school?

>> No.72881785

Anya muted!

>> No.72881817

Kaela sounded like Risu for a moment

>> No.72881852

I heard it for a sec, must be her microphone.

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>easy modo
Also Reine is the only girl.

>> No.72881905

Ohanya, it's Anyaaa

>> No.72881949

That accent lol

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turtlenya my beloved

>> No.72881967

Anya talks cute.

>> No.72882027

The intro said they were literally alone but it's a co-op game?

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Story time

>> No.72882092

>see Asian guy

>> No.72882154

Why the tutel?

>> No.72882182

Anya's having some sort of tech issue and laughing in the background

>> No.72882199

It's her lucky charm

>> No.72882223


>> No.72882275

This looks more like Devour in a school.

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>pull fire alarm out of nowhere

>> No.72882345

>Dang it!
Anya's been more of a pottymouth lately

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She's being very adorable.

>> No.72882385

Died she died?

>> No.72882475

That went from Mickey Mouse to I don't know what

>> No.72882492

I love Anya's giggles.

>> No.72882596

That alarm reminds me of Toy Story

>> No.72882603

2nd anya stream. yes!

>> No.72882619


>> No.72882648

That ghost didn't even kill Zeta, what a shame

>> No.72882720

I love that she was just a little bit panicky, obviously not out fear though.

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These kids have such strong legs to crouch like this.

>> No.72882847

They ARE on easy

>> No.72882964

The ghost is around a lot but it wasn't chasing them for long.

>> No.72882981
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Tempting fate.

>> No.72883020

ZETA LO-nevermind she respawned.

>> No.72883033

I'm impressed with the way Anya isn't getting completely lost

>> No.72883112

Is he like a Coil-head or what? I saw him move a little

>> No.72883153

Zenya is cute together.

>> No.72883187

I'm not sure, Anya said no running to the others.

>> No.72883240

Several candles to escape is what I gather from this.

>> No.72883270

>No running
This is like Baldi's Basics

>> No.72883349
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>> No.72883367

Anya found a lot by herself, pretty good. She died though.

>> No.72883394

The chase music isn't bad

>> No.72883428

How does Zeta keep respawning?

>> No.72883443
File: 309 KB, 1080x1920, 1684778361331324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nine lives.

>> No.72883478


>> No.72883515

Sasuga Holo JP

>> No.72883573

Wait a minute. These monsters aren't scary!

>> No.72883630
File: 122 KB, 1378x1378, 1706481332101053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.72883672

For a good while I did think it could be scary

>> No.72883777

I still don't know if they know what to do

>> No.72883859

Mozart jumpscare

>> No.72883888

The music room was very Resident Evil-like.

>> No.72883903

They're playing on normal so one can hope.

>> No.72883956
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Oh, respawns are shared. They have two left.

>> No.72883999

Anya's really far away from the others, she better not get lost.

>> No.72884053

She's in trouble

>> No.72884131

All lives gone, Anya alone.

>> No.72884185
File: 180 KB, 1920x1080, 1682179875979724.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The fire extinguisher was more of an emotional support than the other girls.

>> No.72884220

They're getting sandwiched.

>> No.72884233

It's just like Lethal Company!

>> No.72884340

Reinya survival.

>> No.72884368

Anya's taking good care of her.

>> No.72884445

A few people in Anya's chat actually know how to play.

>> No.72884497

Anya's gaming!

>> No.72884513

She's handling that really well

>> No.72884628

She's being a proper servant for Reine.

>> No.72884651
File: 411 KB, 641x900, 1683623820193554.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anya's in charge for once.

>> No.72884739


>> No.72884790

Welp, they tried

>> No.72884863

Tutel will comfort her.

>> No.72884929

Zenya together strong!

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Anya keeps finding rape alarms.

>> No.72885032

I kind of know what they're supposed to do. At least I know they need candles and keys.

>> No.72885137

She seems like she would need them

>> No.72885153

The blue guy is visible from so far away lol. This school is huge.

>> No.72885258

And this is just one floor.

>> No.72885385

They should have been sticking together.

>> No.72885449

Anya's kinda carrying.

>> No.72885563
File: 93 KB, 1920x1080, 1682711634445373.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're losing lives left and right.

>> No.72885684

GG those blue guys are ninjas

>> No.72885734

That's probably why they're so visible.

>> No.72885834

Holoro sweep!

>> No.72885868

Wait until they win.

>> No.72886043
File: 151 KB, 750x1024, 1702511561434128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They have to wait for the doki doki. Camping out in the lockers is a good strategy as long as they are patient enough.

>> No.72886168

No shot is Anya's new favorite phrase.

>> No.72886262

Reine baby

>> No.72886298

Anya too...

>> No.72886388
File: 110 KB, 1920x1080, 1712004128540667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This looks like the best one.

>> No.72886463

It's cool that the perks are shared.

>> No.72886610

>perks do not stack and are applied to everyone
>still choose the same one
These girls can't read.

>> No.72886774

Oh there are multiple floors. This place is enormous.

>> No.72886817
File: 230 KB, 1500x1500, 1700477673247972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tensai Anya

>> No.72886991

She's always on top of things.

>> No.72887075

If the game's not too long I wanted to see the whole thing. It looks like there's an element of grinding

>> No.72887181

Anya got double teamed

>> No.72887210

I hadn't heard Kaela that much in this collab. I forgot she was here.

>> No.72887340

Anya's been in the middle of the action the whole time

>> No.72887445
File: 235 KB, 1920x1080, 1690692428598263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.72887540

He opens lockers? They're dead

>> No.72887580

That was unlucky.

>> No.72887742

It's good they hadn't used respawns until then. This is the run!

>> No.72887840

>Mona Lisa in the art room
Who would've thought!

>> No.72887927

Zeta baby...

>> No.72888033

Normal mode is pretty damn hard.

>> No.72888267

Blue guys are the nutcrackers of this world.

>> No.72888433

They're doing it!

>> No.72888481
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>> No.72888503

Some of the babies might make it

>> No.72888588


>> No.72888635

Slowly but surely.

>> No.72888711


>> No.72888752


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Actually not bad.

>> No.72888865

GGs, Anya was surprisingly efficient in this

>> No.72889022

Credits roll

>> No.72889098

Much shorter than I expected

>> No.72889198
File: 1.88 MB, 2400x1800, GDQIivJbAAA-5nc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They didn't see all the ghosts but they managed to beat it. Was fun.

>> No.72889396

She was a great great asset

>> No.72889561

Oh no...

>> No.72889606
File: 919 KB, 1232x1400, 1704962243607594.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No Anya don't get addicted!

>> No.72889717

It scratches the Lethal Company itch

>> No.72889896

Smug nya

>> No.72890082

Kaela even started her stream early lol. Girl is always ready to go. I'm glad the collab wasn't that short, they were even able to finish the game.

>> No.72890357

Ready for more of this grindfest. The levels are randomly generated so at least there's some replay value, unlike a certain other indie game.

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>> No.72892165

What is Re4rge anyway

>> No.72892687
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Anya becomes a new weapon.

>> No.72893024
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>> No.72893129

I hope she can stream before then.

>> No.72893257
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>> No.72893360

She did say schedule was coming back.

>> No.72893474
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>> No.72893970

Anya is cute and I love her

>> No.72894175
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>> No.72894387
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>> No.72894503
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Anya cute

>> No.72895234

Anya sexy.

>> No.72895398
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>> No.72895401
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We dying, good bye homies.

>> No.72895615
File: 393 KB, 460x530, I'm gonna kill myself[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F6s0c8p.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.72895750

I will definitely marry Anya

>> No.72895891
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Love your Anyan every day.

>> No.72895934
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I am happy Reine is collabing more with ID, last year she didn't much collabs, I heard she was sick.

>> No.72895992
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I do, I love her to death. She is like my daughter.

>> No.72896028

She gets sick a lot, so she tends to stream slower games. Zeta gets motion sick a lot too.

>> No.72896088
File: 537 KB, 440x514, Bro[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fuybd1n.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.72896174
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Anya is too cute for death.

>> No.72896275
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>> No.72896374
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Bye homies. until next Anya stream.

>> No.72896429
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>> No.72896465
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