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So folks the evidence is there! This is Niji's way of acknowledging the signature situation lmao

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let me guess: a manager signed it this time?

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for a guy.. that signature looks kinda gay

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Don't forget this one!

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Knowing the lucuks they probably don't care. God they're so damn whipped

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looking at the twitter replies, yup.

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>lucucks will buy this

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Hey Luca! Glad to see you actually got called out so badly for your merch your company had to silently acknowledge it and fix your mistakes just to make profit!

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Wow they nuked that one fast!

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Of course they would. What they did was with the other hand signed merch that they advertised was signed by him is basically fraud which they CAN get sued over.

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Well if they actually do plan on punishing the sex pest best thing to do beforehand is take advantage and sell his merch off to gain some of the profit back that they lost.

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Unoriginal merch once again the same damn thing: canvas art, acrylic stand, charm, and buttons recycled over and over again. Not even worth spending let alone the shipping price.

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Any hand writing experts? Looks like the top signature was written starting from the end of the heart and the bottom signature was written starting at the the tip of the L.

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I'm sure your signature is identical every time, right anon? mine rarely is. this is weak bait.

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especially the one for a fictional persona he has to do a couple times a year at most. he definitely stamps that shit anyways

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You know what? You're right so let me bring you a photo of all THREE of his birthday signatures. Notice how the top two are identical which the third one is different. Also to add on these are stamped signatures based off of a signed blueprint used for mass production merch.T0XXN

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cope harder sister

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I'm pretty sure he might have actually done the latest one considering it looks worse then the other two. Look at the heart on the latest one compared to the other two.

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Must really suck to be the manager designated to replicate (poorly) that unique signature. The way that Raziel’s hand automatically draws a gap at the bottommost portion of the heart as it leads up leftwards is likely nearly impossible to replicate without obvious flaws. So much so is it not feasible that the replacement signature simplifies that into a straight line, same with the elongated curvature beneath the L.
TLDR: Luca’s fans are beyond saving

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They are coping and overhyping so hard on Twitter rn it's pathetic

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>mine rarely is
are you retarded? like for real?

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>In the East Asian languages of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, people traditionally use stamp-like objects known as name-seals with the name carved in tensho script (seal script) in lieu of a handwritten signature.

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Stop 2 are identical but still noticeably different (I’m not defending anyone, just saying)

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The third one is very different though

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Think they meant 2 are very identical but all 3 are still different, bottom one is very different

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Still came from Raziel herself. The handwriting is way too pretty for it to come from a "straight" guy anyways.

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You know I was just about to doubt you but then you said "straight" guy and I folded lmao only guy who could pass to have actual pretty handwriting would be Uki let's be honest

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The tiny gap splitting the line under the L, the actual shape of the L, and the curve of the heart in 1 and 2 are what convince me that they came from the same person even with tiny details not matching up. The third one is obviously different it's too roughly drawn.

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So which one is the original one?

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From the image of the three? The black and white one in the top left is from 2022 and the gold one is from 2023 (both Raziel) but the black one with the fedora at the bottom is either Luca's or another person's signature.

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This one and the two signatures in the op were signed by three different people. Even a dumb security guard like me could tell

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no shit fujo baiting is just "acting" gay so that stinky fujos schlick to the thought of you getting rammed in the ass by another homo.
he chose this.

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Does she start from drawing the heart anti clockwise to complete the L?

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Seems it was enough for some ppl to drop his subscriber count from 1.06M to 1.05M but hey I guess that's negligible right?

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I used this for anther thread but this was too great to not use again:

He's cooked. Battered. Golden brown. Deep fried even. He's so cooked they're selling him at the state fair. People have started reviewing him on food youtube channels and now he's banned in 5 countries for non ethical cooking methods being used to cook him.

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I think she makes a tiny stroke to indicate where the heart should end, then signs "uca", then does the heart into the L.
Notice how the curve of the L matches with the dot? It looks like a guide of some sort.
I'm no calligraphy expert, though.

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Reminder that according to the Hag's document Luca despises fujobaiting and absolutely hates people thinking he's gay but the money is too good. She also revealed that he's constantly /here/.
The best way of causing him to have a mental breakdown is to repeatedly point out that the guy who ""fake"" kissed Vox during an off-collab and used to lap dance for men in VR chat is abviously a closeted fag, and urge him to "accept his feelings"

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Oof all those fujos online aren't going to like that. Hey Luca what do you have to say for yourself?

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Oh you *know* those sister posts going "he's anti faggot, anti tranny? Why do we hate him again?"was Lucy trying to preemptively distract from his glowing faggotry.
Little bro sold out with his only skill, playing a girl in a coat.

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>ITT: Retards cosplaying hand writing experts

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Are you suggesting you believe he signed that?

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I'm suggesting you're all retarded and biased and don't have a clue what you're talking about.

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>and biased
So, do you believe he signed it or do you not?

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The signature is drastically different. Even if you don't believe Raziel's document, the new signature is of lower quality than the previous two samples, meaning that at best you could read this as him not bothering to take the time to get the signature right.
So which is it? Is it him trying poorly to fake somebody else's signature, or him no longer caring enough to get his own signature right?

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KUSA, check out the forensicub new side chick over here! Luca pay you with Bionicle sets too?

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Luca/Java you are only hurting yourself in the end. Best to fess up now or things WILL get worse from here on out.

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Luca i hope you never leave niji. suffer.

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What does Luca and Niji have in common? They're Entirely Negligible

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Either one is cool