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Guess her antivirus failed.

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The only worth watching in Vwhores

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Ironmouse ain't that bad

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Who did she fuck with the rona in order to catch it?

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She's pretty bad

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The final YAB is all your favorite vtubers die of the rona and all we have left are mediocre vtubers or vtweeters left.

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>remember to Vax
Why, it clearly didn't work for her.

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Did she actually get it?

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vax is for preventing hospitalization, not symptoms

she won't die or be saddled with ridiculous medical bills

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Why do retards still misunderstand what vaccines are supposed to do in Current Year?

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>vax is for preventing hospitalization, not symptoms
wat. a person is hospitalized because of the symptoms. Vaccines don't lessen intensity

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Vaccines are supposed to stop a virus. If it doesn't its a shitty vaccines.

The point is you always have minor bits of bad bacteria and viruses in your system, but your immune system kills it before it can replicate and spread. The vaccine trains it to do that, if the virus is spreading within your body (resulting in symptoms and spreading) then the vaccine failed to train your body to kill it.

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I have vaccines for other things that actually get prevented 99% by them. Covid Vax specifically just sucks.

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Because every other vaccine I have ever taken literally stops me from getting sick with extreme efficiency.
But Covid nooooo, covid vax is retarded and yet this is the only one they forced you to take at soft gunpoint (no job and not allowed to go buy food, effectively vax or starve where im from)

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>for a week
she doesn't know

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Unironically just a lack of proper research. The fact that people also think that the covid vaccine is bad is further evidence that people just do not understand vaccines at all. Its efficacy is comically potent. People think vaccines are meant to have 100% efficacy because they are literal retards.

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>Vaccines are supposed to stop a virus.
>retards actually believe this

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Thats not how the covid vaccine works. Maybe take a bare minimum of a single fucking minute to properly educate yourself?

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50-60% effective according to actual research. Normal vaccines are 90%+

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>Its efficacy is comically potent

You mean the efficacy against a virus that rarely had symptoms in the first place, and people stopped getting tested for once they had a vaccine?
Wow... when you stop testing everyone for a virus they didn't even notice they had the numbers went down. Shocking.
And now that we're testing again numbers are way up even with vaccines.

Funny how that works.

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Read a book you inbred knuckledragging niggers. I feel like I'm reading a facebook post by my dementia-ridden aunt.

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Mask no vax yes. Masks primarily help someone not spread the virus, not help someone not get it. And if someone hasn't vaxxed yet then that's their problem and I'm not going to mask for them.

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Don't try to reason with /pol/ tourists and their antivaxx nonsense

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Ive read studies. You probably read a news article saying it's 102% effective and think other people are retards

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I've read studies. You probably read a news article saying it's 50% effective and think other people are retards.

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Maybe don't call it a vaccine if it doesn't work at all like a vaccine

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It's just so fucking exhausting. Is there legit no board on this website that /pol/fags haven't invaded? This board is about girls pretending to be fucking anime girls and these cretins still manage to find their way over here.

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"Hey, did you get your Flu Vaccine this year?"
t. Nobody Ever
It's a glorified booster shot, and nothing more.

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>b-but the studies!
>t-the science!
lol k.
the science is we stopped testing people 24/7 and numbers went down. now they're back up and they're blaming variants and not just that the vaccine wasn't as good as they promised.

and now that the vaccine was useless, and will probably cause cancer in 10 years, they'll just say
>hurr durr it was """VOLUNTARY""" so not our problem

also fuck off with "muh science" science isn't a hard answer to anything, its literally just whatever the majority of researchers think is true at the time, and that is always heavily manipulated by public opinion and funding sources.
medical science especially has been heavily politicized and skewed due to drug companies and lobbyists in the past, why should anyone take what they say as truth when they've been bullshitting us for decades?

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>No u
Actual retard then ok. Just remember to keep up your mask, distancing and hand washing procedures and avoid well travelled areas as before. The chances of getting covid are still pretty high even if you're vaxxed

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>science isn't a hard answer to anything
It literary is

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Eat shit, needle slave. Your vaccine is failing spectacularly at its one job despite double doses. And no, an unfalsifiable claim like “it helps you fight the virus better once you get it” isn’t a bragging point for a virus that doesn’t kill anyone who isn’t old, fat, and sick.
And if the fucking thing was 100% effective and also had the side effect of daily blow jobs, I still wouldn’t get it. Because fuck you and your cathedral of lying, power drunk whores.

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>needle slave
Holy fuck you need to go outside.

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>The chances of getting covid are still pretty high even if you're vaxxed
source: /pol/

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>You need sources for an argument basic on simple logic
If you need sources to know less testing = lower numbers, there's a reason everything thinks you're a dumbass.
It literally isn't. Nothing in science is considered a hard truth with 100% certainty. It can be widely accepted as the best we know about something, but even basic shit like gravity changes over the years as our understanding grows of it. Its not a hard answer.

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Everyone I don't like is a /pol/nigger
inb4 this but unironically

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If they didn't work that way Smallpox would still be endemic, just not as severe

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>>You need sources for an argument
Yes. The fact that you think this isn't true explains a lot about why you're on a mongolian basketweaving forum dedicated to egirls pretending to be hot 2d waifus arguing about why vaccines don't work.

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Remember last year when scientists intentionally falsified a study to discredit a treatment proposal by Orange Man?
>t-that wasn’t the fault of science
Fucking clown.

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The CDC still recommends masking and distancing for vaccinated people...how tf are you guys becoming the science deniers now

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You don't need sources for logic dipshit. Its basic reasoning and math.
>n-no you need to source why you said 2+2 = 4!
isn't how it works.

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I remember when science was about the pursuit of knowledge and having your hypotheses always being challenged

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Congratulations on your ability to read anon, one day you'll work up the stamina to read more than just the headline and actually find out why they recommend that.

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>You don't need sources
Give me another (You) while I try to work out whether you have one or two wrinkles in the smooth lump you call a brain.

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If that were true, we'd still be blood-letting with leeches.

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The moment science went from being about “learning the truth” to “making a better world,” science was deader than disco.

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Lost cause baka. You're one of those pop-science is my religion people

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2+2 is not 24 you fucking idiot

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Anyone who still practices critical thinking instead of listening and believing to authorities are just rightoids and /pol/tards.

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I mean, to be fair, scientists were always egotistical fucks who'd publicly shitpost people for disagreeing with their ideas.

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Fuckin' A, here we go again. She'll be fine. A bunch of faggots in here will argue about "MUH VACCINE!" But she'll be fine.

T. Just got over covid.

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Oh I guess since scientists say there are 187 genders it must be true then. Retard.

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Funny how golems' replies are just sending their opponents to do their own research so that they can avoid actually confronting you since their arguments are trash that would get btfo in a two posts exchange.

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This is the true meaning of vaccine. It supposed to give you immunity, you should just have a slight fever after sleep or don't have any symptom at all. and the virus shouldn't be able to pass to others.
Vaccine lethal are caused by your immunity system are already too weak to even handled a weakened bacteria/virus which can be prevent by carefully examine before the jab and why mandate the jab is nonsense.
Most case of covid death in my country are from "field hospital", last years there was no one die from covid when these field hospital didn't exist. these field hospital usually are school or a slum lack of foods, electricity, clean water, they put every people with a little fever in there and they dead from hunger or other sickness without proper treatment, all are recorded as dead from covid.

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Until now it didn't matter, since they didn't have the weight of a global government making dumbfuck decisions based on their untested ideas.

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Oh I guess since some guy on /pol/ said the vaccine doesn't work it must be true then. Retard.

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what a dumb whore

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The fact people are still getting sick after having the vaccine is proof that the vaccine doesn't work.

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It doesn't work against delta. That's why the government walked back the faggot ass masking shit. My whole family got delta, I got delta. A coworker got it same time as me. Two more fuckers at work just got smacked by it. Shit doesn't work anon. The good news, is that if you're young and not an obese chainsmoking fucker, you'll be fine. I'm fine now. It wasn't that bad.

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Did she get it from one of her clients because she is a whore?

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I've never heard of a vaccine that still lets you catch the disease before COVID. Getting measels after the vaccine is an extreme rarity but the COVID vaccine offers zero protection against infection. Explain to me how that is effective. The idea that vaccines are only supposed to reduce severity of symptoms didn't exist a year ago now you're claiming thats how they all work?

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Fuck off vwhore, I aint taking it

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>COVID vaccine offers zero protection against infection
source: ass

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It doesn't work. You can still catch COVID even if you're vaccinated. If all vaccines worked the way the COVID vaccine "works" people would still be catching Smallpox.

>> No.7256848

Still cozy under that uranium blanket while drinking thorium?
Reminder to never be a beta tester for new techs.

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Keep up with the times, and try to make sure your brain doesn't hurt from the mental gymnastics too much.

>> No.7256907

Even the smallpox vaccine is only about 95% effective, but had far better vaccination rates when the disease was rampant leading to herd immunity and lack of viable routes of transmission.

>> No.7256967

It literally doesn't work against delta. You don't have to believe me if you don't want to, I really don't give a shit, but I'm watching it spread to vaxxed people in real time. You'll probably get it and have a schizo meltdown because I was right, but you'll also be fine dude.

>> No.7256968

>lack of viable routes of transmission.
because when it did work it worked. It didn't 'only prevent not as bad'

>> No.7257089

Ok but seriously, what's Pekora take on the jab?

>> No.7257178

I posted a picture of Biden saying people with the vaccine have the normal strain still in their bodies today, but the mods must have deleted it.
I don't care who the fuck wants to take the experimental booster shot, but I don't believe it should be mandatory.

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I prefer Nyanners unire

>> No.7257582

Glad to hear it
She should do an offcolab with the rest of her Vshojo friends, as a get well party :)

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anon... nothing is 100% preventable with the immune system, the immune system can fuck up and let harmless things hurt it, thats what autoimmune diseases are but also sometimes your immune system fails to properly deal with a threat.
Vaccines are meant to give your immune system some practice against a virus but practice doesn't always mean success.
Its like xcom where you may get a 99% hit chance because you right in front of the guy but then you happen to miss anyway.
while the guy who your replying to stupid for thinking that human greed invalidates everything every put to paper in science, science is A answer built upon hundreds of years of observations and theories.
Science is imperfect, even scientist know this but the point isn't to set down how reality works, but observe and seen how it works and how it doesn't.
Problem is that most people treat science as a hard answer, even the people who claim it isn't, treat it as if it is though disagreeing with it instead.

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How the fuck do you even catch Covid? How hard is it to not interact with people

>> No.7257672

too noisy for me

>> No.7257751

Pretty hard when you have sex with old men for a living

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I remember. And I hate it. They let politics take over science and I hate them for that. They don't deserve to be scientists, and those "science believers" can lock themselves up at home while wearing masks and having been jabbed 10 times.

>> No.7257803

>Vaccines are supposed to stop a virus
anon-kun... simple.en.wikipedia.org isn't accurate

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>unironically blaming the entire field of science
Fucking clown.

>> No.7257860

based and sciencepilled

>> No.7257876

you say that as some scientists did a study on 2+2=5 or whatever, fuck if i remember what the result of it was but logic still has to stand up to scrutiny in a debate.
scientists still have to prove something even if its logical to our brains because our brains shortcut automatically, basically showing your work like how teachers made you write out how you did a math equation.

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Also remember when the WHO said it didn't transmit from person to person, then that it wasn't a pandemic, then not to wear masks, and then to wear masks.

>> No.7257942

only to an extent.
no paper is going to explain every basic and cite basic arithmetic, that would be fucking retarded.

there are certain base truths everyone agrees on because they're fundamental building blocks. meme mathematics are just a meme done for extreme edge cases on a theoretical basis.

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sociology isnt a real science, stay mad

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I'd rather listen to this bunny instead.

>> No.7257982

no one is stopping you from drinking bleach, the scientists can't stop you

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What should posts like these be reported for? Trolling, or low quality?

>> No.7258127

sometimes i wish there was a /pol/ out of /pol/ option to better contain /pol/.

>> No.7258136

Neither. Let them be.

>> No.7258147

We need a /vax/ to contain the anti vaxxers

>> No.7258196

You'd be surprised how good viruses are at spreading, if it was hard they would've died out already.

>> No.7258220

you're a moron
how the fuck are you an adult who doesn't understand vaccines? did you flunk out of high school biology?

>> No.7258244

The fact of the matter is that we really don't know what the fuck was going on (I mean China paid off the WHO, but that's besides the point). The vax seemed to be effective against the original strain. I didn't get it, but I also don't think it's a government plot orchestrated by Bill Gates and I accept that for a small minority of people, there are serious and fatal side effects of it. It seemed to work though. It does not work against delta though, as far as transmission. They say it lessens effects, and anecdotally I've not seen that being the case, but whatever. I've tried to be as unbiased as possible, and in my experience, shit's smacking vaxxed and unvaxxed. My dad was vaxxed and came down with it at the same time as me, and I'm about 15-20 days past and fine, and he's fucked up. I don't think masking does shit if it's not appropriately filtered, but at this point I'd tell anybody to do whatever they think is best, whether they're vaxxed or not. I chose to just live my life normally and have fun, caught it, and am completely fine now, but if you have terminal lung cancer or just a bitch boy, I wouldn't blame you for quadruple masking. I'd just laugh about it.

>> No.7258271

>Explains exactly how vaccines function and why it works that way
>n-no you're just stupid!

>> No.7258312

fuck off /pol/ tourist this is 4channel

>> No.7258318

>Incorrectly explains exactly how vaccines function and why it works that way
>Gets called stupid
>n-no you!

>> No.7258339

>Vaccines don't lessen intensity
they literally do, thats their point

>> No.7258394

Not that anon but /pol/ is not a containment board. Its a base of operations

>> No.7258418

Based post

>> No.7258446

eh pol works fine enough to contain them, sticking crazies with crazies isn't the best idea but at least they'll convert eachother to eachothers ideas making it easier to morally want them to stop breathing.

>> No.7258521

please can we contain them, they're a virus we need to vaccinate again them.

>> No.7258574

Not anymore since all the connor arc.

>> No.7258611

question, is it hard for people to just mask and distance?

>> No.7258658

yes. have you ever been to a city?

>> No.7258660

You seem to be forgetting than normies exist, anon

>> No.7258677

it's not hard to suck a dick either, doesn't mean the government should force you to do it

>> No.7258681

Because the pfizer and moderna covid 'vaccines' are therapeutic aids with a form of marketing known is layman's terms as, "lying".

>> No.7258688

maybe don't go on a fucking crowded subway or in a crowded venue if you are dealing with a global pandemic?

>> No.7258691

Pls understand normies are not shut in on their computer like we are.

Imagine all the Frat boys and Giga-stacies and how they feel when told they aren't allowed to go clubbing or hook up on tinder.

Its impossible.

>> No.7258723

No, but its not the "masking and distance" that's a problem.
Its the fact that people are empowered by this shit to publicly degrade and shit on everyone who dares not take covid 1000% seriously.

idgaf what people do. and I'll wear my useless mask so fat faggots shut up. but I see daily people who should know better, and people who were normal and non-political before this shit, constantly attack and call for people to get fired because they dared express skepticism about covid or masks.
and i wear some shitty ass chinese single layer mask, but that's okay because i'm following their shitty rules. but we all know that shit isn't doing fuck all for anyone.

>> No.7258748

ironically, it's the unmasked 2 shot people spreading delta the most. The average idiot doesn't realize having 2 shots doesn't mean you can't get or transmit COVID. You can.

>> No.7258843

kind of hard if thats the only way to make it to your wagie cagie to afford your $1500 rent and nightly clubbing habits

>> No.7258866

don't give a fuck.
the "science" said it was fine, and while the "science" said that, covidfags were crying that it wasn't good enough and we should ignore "science"
now that the "science" agrees with them they did a 180 and are crying about use following the "science" again

I'm just tired of those stupid faggots acting like because you think the maybe this shitty RNA vaccine they conveniently approved just for covid, which doesn't have nearly the same efficacy as other vaccines, might be a shitty vaccine, then you're obvious a crazy who thinks there's microchips in the vaccine.

>> No.7258873

The average idiot significant to this discussion. The average _person_ does not care about something unless they need to.
Propaganda told them (to mitigate malcontent and promote misunderstandings of the vaccine) they didn't need masks and they took that at face value, since taking things at face value is a low-effort response.

>> No.7258878


>> No.7258908

*Isn't significant to

>> No.7258917

based viral load assassin

>> No.7258920

most people think vaccination = immunity. It stops severe effects, but you can still give COVID to everyone around you and carry it. I wish the public was more educated on this shit.

>> No.7258958

this is a virtual idol board. can we keep politics and their believies away?

>> No.7258961

you seem mad

>> No.7258963

>we really don't know what the fuck was going on (I mean China paid off the WHO, but that's besides the point)
More than that.
tl;dr, China recommended dangerous treatments, fabricated studies that led to the myth that asymptotic transmission is a serious concern, bought off multiple western journalists to justify their lockdown measures, and ruined the global economy with no ramifications.

>> No.7258979

vtubers are starting to get symptomatic after Anime Expo. Fuck.

>> No.7258981

>I wish the public was more educated
What good government would want that?

>> No.7259002

inb4 holoen gets hit too

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>> No.7259017

true, dumb people are easier to manipulate.

>> No.7259023

Wait why the fuck did America stop the lockdown if you couldstill spread it while vaccinated

>> No.7259039

Well again, I don't think masking is particularly effective if it isn't appropriately filtered. As far as social distancing being hard, for Florida retards, it apparently is. I've been here a year and everyone crawls up my fucking ass in public, all day, every day. The concept of personal space doesn't exist here. more importantly though, we know the current vaccines aren't effective against delta. Although I've not seen that it prevents serious illness if you have it, I will grant the faucci followers that, and presume it does. As far as transmission, you can still get delta. I won't argue percentages, because the fact of the matter is that we know it's relatively ineffective against it, and we also know that delta is more contagious. What I'm getting at is that the current vaccine has now failed against a mutation, and given how often this bitch is mutating, it'll likely be a cat and mouse game of creating new vaccines and having new mutations fail against it. Given that you've got to ask yourself how many more years you really want to wear a mask, and get shots for. Everybody's card will get punched one day, and that's why I made the choice to take that shit off and not care anymore. I'd rather die enjoying life than live in fear forever. If you want to though, man, that's on you. Ultimately though, and some people will seethe, biologically we are all in this together, and it's going to take unvaxxed people like me to build a biological immunity to this bullshit.

>> No.7259052

dont live there but the CDC is retarded

>> No.7259065


>> No.7259074

Because people are willing to riot and die of Covid than stay locked down any longer.

Look at Euro countries. After a few months there started to be serious protests, not just a couple people with signs.

>> No.7259090

The mortality rate and severity of symptoms dropped. Most new infections are also the unvaccinated.

>> No.7259117

I agree, better to enjoy life than live in a cage forever. Also ironically the mutations are because the virus is adapting to the existing vaccines, and is mutating regardless anyway.

>> No.7259153

Idgf about wheter the vaccines is actually work or nah. I aint taking that shit untill there's a 100% prove it's safe with no future side effects like any other vaccines. Untill then, i aint gonna touch or interact with another unstrerilized human being.

>> No.7259179

Because the narrative is falling apart and they need to save face and pacify the only population that could relatively do anything against them

>> No.7259197

everyone who had the injection had deadbirths. good job on killing your race. lets get more immigrants in a week that could fill a villague.

>> No.7259207

It is true, science prove leeches are bad that ia why we dont use them anymore

>> No.7259216

no part of this is true or supported by data

>> No.7259243

Funny thing is that it has to specifically mutate in the genes that affect the outer coating proteins of the virus for it to start being resistant to vaccines.
Any other mutation doesn't change your bodys memory of what the virus looks like.
So its interesting how quickly the virus can change its outer shell if its true what they say.

If its going to be exactly like the flu and have an extremely rapid mutation rate all these vaccines are pointless and people should just live normally and the sick/elderly should get flu-shots as per normal

>> No.7259258

>The mortality rate and severity of symptoms dropped.
It was never high to begin with. Before testing rolled out they were counting any death alongside any of covid's symptoms as a covid death and after testing rolled out they were counting any death alongside a positive test as a covid death. George Floyd was counted as a covid death.

>> No.7259276

>Also ironically the mutations are because the virus is adapting to the existing vaccines, and is mutating regardless anyway.

Tentatively, based off of what I've read, I'm inclined to agree. I have heard that delta actually thrives better among vaxxed people than unvaxxed. Is that actually true? I don't fucking know, but the media's reporting it, and from what I've personally seen, I can believe it. It sure would be a shame if the vaccine ended up ultimately fucking all of us in the ass, but that's also the kind of shit that will keep me laughing until they close the casket.

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HAHAHA, apparently all her virtue signaling over the vaccine didn't work. Maybe stfu on stream about it

t. Taking the vaccine

>> No.7259299

Its not only America. Australia did it was well and now theyre panicking. Canada is currently coming out of its lockdown and will experience similar outbreaks because only 50% of people are fully vaccinated. Normies I know unironically think they can go out and live life like before if they only have one dose because thats what the news tells them.

>> No.7259308

But this is much more entertaining than a new boring drama.
I could bet any kind of money right now that neither Melody nor lofi will die from the flu, so talking about them is just pointless (plus nobody ever talks about lofi anyway).

>> No.7259322

mutations are being driven by lockdowns being over and tons of fucking people spreading COVID, while not getting the severe effects cause of the shots (at first). Delta is one such side effect.

>> No.7259331
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Has any other vaccine in the history of modern medicine been as ineffective and has had as many side effects as the coof inoculation?

>> No.7259344

>science prove leeches are bad
holy fuck these are the people going around calling you retarded for not believing in science like its a fucking god or something. Literally modern christcucks

>> No.7259354

>Expecting thread will full of vshojo shitter
>Actually got vac shitter
I don't expect this

>> No.7259399

IIRC a Californian company fucked up neutralizing Polio and instead of giving people neutralized pieces of dead polio for their body to practice on they accidentally gave people LIVE polio

>> No.7259401

It's something new, at least

>> No.7259409

Vshoujo dips in politics too so I'm not even surprised if the Vshoujoniggers will too

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Think it's transmissible through Discord calls?

>> No.7259437

>side effects
Such as?

>> No.7259484

Maybe for Mel

>> No.7259509

Didn't delta form in India though? Isn't it more likely that some Infected Indians came over here on H1B visas, or at least some Franchise oligarchs paid for their families travel? I can't really say that the lockdowns did much of anything, given that pretty much all blue collar jobs were exempt, and from a retail perspective, pretty much all of big business was exempt. It doesn't matter if the government employee cucks and the data entry people got to work from home, if the whole community still shopped at Walmart and target.

>> No.7259532

1 billion people, faster mutations I guess. Still, people are playing hot potato with COVID and it will continue to evolve, just like influenza.

>> No.7259700

COVID is a biowapeon created in some chinks lab payed by some American billionaires who were stupid and incompetent and let the damn thing out, well atleast they got some research out of it.

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>> No.7259806

Yes, common sense is the least common of all senses.
No sickness has been as rampant. Shit scenario, shit rushed solution. The other choice is basically death, so meh. Don't drink the /pol/ kool-aid, most of their stuff is basically "dude, trust me" tier or studies done too early or without the correct analysis.

>> No.7259833

objectively true and super based

>> No.7259855

i'm eager to see the long term data on people who got the shots. cause you know, it's still in the clinical trial phase.

>> No.7260008

I'm glad the flu exposes the real person behind the chuuba so I know if I should waste any of my valuable time & money on them or not

>> No.7260058

>it's still in the clinical trial phase
source: /pol/

>> No.7260066

Well, potentially. On this matter at least, I don't immediately subscribe to every confirmation bias article I read, and I certainly don't report that shit as fact. I think it's possible and I've read as such to incline me that way, but besides not objectively knowing that, you win more hearts and minds over by trying to objectively present shit than outright saying "HERE'S A ZEROHEDGE POST TO PROVE YOU WRONG, BITCH"! If I want people to learn anything from my ramblings in this thread, it's to at least look up all of the objective statistics for themselves and make their own conclusions. Read shit and challenge yourself. The coof doesn't clap the youth. It seriously just doesn't. If you still want to wear a mask and be a gay, fine, I won't stop you, but don't try to strap that shit on me, or I'll go postal and there will be another "Florida man" story.

>> No.7260084

Fair enough. You don't carefully fix a sinking ship. You patch as good as you can until it reaches land and can be carefully fixed then.
World moves so fast that it was obvious a rushed solution was the only viable option. I haven't developed a third arm and still have my senses, so it's all cool, and I got one of the chink ones due to work, so that's pretty shocking.
Coof is going fast as fuck, so expect more news like that to happen.

>> No.7260107

>implying academia will even let that data out

>> No.7260134

pol is always right

>> No.7260155


>> No.7260189


>> No.7260192

anon why does the box of shots say "for emergency use only"?

>> No.7260222
File: 35 KB, 944x404, k.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7260260

last time I drank the /pol/ kool-aid is back when the 3 gorges dam generals were still alive and the satellite image anon didn't ran away with the funds

>> No.7260262

>implying every trial is the same

>> No.7260343

End your life retard. They're not gonna get the trial done in 1 fucking year.

>> No.7260369

>6-7 years on average
>T-this one is just one of the super f-fast ones I swear
There's a reason the FDA and other health agencies in other countries specifically mentioned they approved them for "emergency use" and not a fully fledged approval

>> No.7260378

his vax is gonna do it for him. the poor fool

>> No.7260381

I mean, it kind of is. It got emergency approval, and I mean, personally fuck the faggot ass FDA, and that's something I've argued with conservatives on Conservative forums. "It's good now because the corporate man says so!" vs. "It's good a decade from now because the FDA formally said so!", is something you have to personally grapple with. I hate the faggot ass FDA, so when trump strong armed them, I was happy, but it is what it is, and what it is, is a rushed vaccine that isn't effective against delta. Whatever you feel about that, it is what it is.

>> No.7260427

You are fucking retarded lol!

>> No.7260462


>> No.7260562
File: 3.94 MB, 1920x1080, 1627526459440.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is that why she didn't appear in the trainwreck GMod collab which may have fucked vshitshow from collabing with NijiEN again?

>> No.7260571

Meh, patch the sinking ship. New hole appears, patch it again.
Spanish flu or smallpox didn't have a shitty scenario as we have right now, lots of movement and transportation means that rushed solutions are the only available solutions.
Otherwise the toll might have increased further since you gotta consider the human factor, as in, people are retarded and don't follow basic hygiene and safety rules.

>> No.7260604

Yeah, she spreads covid through the internet so she'd have killed mousey

>> No.7260637

You are fucking retarded, my dude. The FDA drags ass on everything and even outright lies, when convenient. Shit always has to be "safe and effective" by their definition, my guy, and their definition is always swayed by corporate lobbyists. Never will you see a full FDA approval with "here is what it does, here are the risks!" unless it takes 10 years and "risks" are changed to "side effects".

>> No.7260776

Quoted the wrong guy, Btw.

>> No.7260982
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Let's agree at least in one thing
Whether you're getting the vaccine or not, just follow the safety guidelines, okay?

>> No.7261076

no way fag im gonna spread that shit as much as so all the antivaxxers die

>> No.7261102


>> No.7261196

Based retard

>> No.7261217
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>> No.7261229

coronavirus is FAKE. the liberals paid iofi and melody to LIE about having it. it does NOT exist. it's a psyop by the liberals to control society. not a single conservative has caught the coronovirus. any conservative who claims to have done so is a FAKE conservative, i.e. a liberal crisis actor. don't let the liberals tell you that you need to wear a mask, stay home, avoid coughing/spitting on people who deserve it, etc. don't be a sheep

>> No.7261256

Based accelerationist

>> No.7261320

Go back to twitter faggot

>> No.7261331

Probably should’ve picked a virus that actually kills people, then, fuckstick.
Unless you mean the delta variant, which is actually worse for you needlefags.

>> No.7261387
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>> No.7261398

ironically delta is worse for the people with 2 shots, go figure.

>> No.7261414

Rent free faggot

>> No.7261442


>> No.7261446

Are you guys aware of data coming out of Israel that the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine against the delta variant has dropped to 60 percent? That is rather troubling for trying to get things back to normal.

People expect vaccines to have a 90+ percent efficacy rate because they've seen other vaccines like MMR, the smallpox and polio vaccines all but eliminate those illnesses in countries with high vaccination rates. Given what was suggested by experts concerning a potential covid vaccine, having it be only as reliable as the Flu vaccine, which needs to be renewed every year and only has an average effectiveness of between 40 and 60 percent will understandably annoy some people, as that worst case could mean that the pandemic never ends.

>> No.7261456

You Facebook article reading faggot, open a book.

>> No.7261472

it's actually better for you to get delta with zero vaccine cause your immune system handles it better than the available shots.

>> No.7261473

That doesnt even make sense. Indias plans are beyond my understanding

>> No.7261490

pol is always right

>> No.7261499

Good thing I only have the 1 shot, phew

>> No.7261540

Thats moderna and pfizers own numbers. The majority of people right now only have one dose which is approx 52% efficacy, which is a massive problem with the country opening up pretending like everything is back to normal

>> No.7261659

Tell it to me straight anon, are we all gonna die?

>> No.7261683

Pure speculation, but I'm almost sure Mel is a Leaf.

>> No.7261702

no shot is effective, like the common flu you will always need a new shot.

>> No.7261709

Are you over the age of 60 and obese? If not then no.

>> No.7261814

I thought she got aids because having sex with bunch of man

>> No.7261846

who cares about vaccines, I will just stay at home watching vtubers until everything goes back to normal or the UN troops storm my room for making antichrist memes in /x/

>> No.7261883
File: 502 KB, 512x1080, 1627345888072.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine having the rona in your country. Life here virtually went back to normal about a year ago

>> No.7261887

Condoms only work 98% of the time and yet I'm still here
Vaccines don't work
Only take your jabs if you use proper protection on your injections
Make sure your arm also has a cap on it to make sure you have no chance of catching the vaccine
Make sure to microwave the spot so the 5G chip gets destroyed.
In the end, get the jab but always cough on others to make sure the strongest, (You), survives.
While the weak (You) dies.
Kill the past, kill the weak, embrace the new radiated protective invincible (You)

>> No.7261902

all me btw

>> No.7261964

The Delta variant is from the UK

>> No.7261983


>> No.7261988

>get two doses
>still get the wuflu
>"remember to vax"
You guys into retarded women like this one? How?

>> No.7262003


>> No.7262177

>no shot is effective, like the common flu you will always need a new shot.
>Shingles vaccine works for up to 9 years
>Flu shot is every year

Alright sit down motherfuckers education time. Not just the anon im replying to.

Vaccine effectiveness Its based on 2 factors
1) your bodys ability to remember shit
2) The mutation rate

1) Your body has memory cells that take pieces of the outer coatings of bacteria and virus and basically store them, (or store knowledge of them idk the specifics) in your thyroid gland so that when that outer coating is detected again those memory cells activate and present the outer coating to white blood cells that make antibodies so that antibodies specifically designed to fuck up that outer coating are created. These cells eventually do die which is why if you don't get exposed to a disease for long enough your body will forget what it is and treat it like its brand new. This is why shingles takes 9 years

2) Now, memorizing the outer coating of a virus/bacteria doesn't mean shit if the outer coating keeps changing and shuffling around. This is why the flu shot needs to be updated every year. Because your body memorized last years flu, but the one coming up next will look entirely different and your body won't recognize it and treat it as if it was brand new.
This is also why HIV can't be cured. Because the spread rate and the mutation rate due to gays anal fucking each other so often has caused more strains, variations, and mutations than any other known virus to ma0 due to the virus constantly trying to adapt to new environments (since every human is different with slightly different blood chemistry and antivirus capabilities) , and it mutates just as quickly if not faster than the cold.

In conclusion, the covid vaccine is either ineffective due to the mutation rate of the virus, meaning that there's no point in getting it due to it being like the cold and Covid shots should be treated like flu shots and used on the sick and elderly

Or it IS for the most part effective in theory but its been rushed and panick'd through the system so hard that scientists don't actually know what the fuck they're doing and the real mostly effective, long lasting vaccine will be out in a few years, but take the current jab because something is better than nothing.

>> No.7262235

Pfizer is ALREADY recommending boosters.

>> No.7262276

why is mouse watching other V-tubers? where they from?

>> No.7262342

Too many people arguing back and forth
The vaccine only prevents the harsher symptoms, while unfortunately a couple of people that got the vaccine will still get those symptoms.
It doesn't prevent you from being a carrier nor spreader of it, so masking is still a safety precaution for those that can't/won't/hasn't been vaccinated.
The vaccine still has some efficacy for the variants but not as well.
As the virus mutates (which is what it does well because it's a coronavirus) new vaccines will have to be created and it will have to be administered again.
To prevent this fast mutation or at least slow it down, wearing masks to lessen the spread of the virus will help it mutate slower and will delay the need for constant vaccinations.

>> No.7262482

What country?

>> No.7262502

No, that's alpha.

>> No.7262530

It’s near impossible to prevent delta from spreading. With R0 of >5 it’s inevitable. And “vaccines” is not preventing infection enough. Everyone will get it sooner or later. I doubt mask will do anything. I’m not against mask btw I just think it’s has limited effect.

>> No.7262565
File: 1.32 MB, 500x374, oruwhale.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The motto of the Royal Society was "Nullius in verba". In tutelage every boy of the elite - or who aspired to be elite - was expected to verify the Law of Gravitation himself. Same with things like axioms of Euclidian Geometry, or Archimedes’ Principle, and so on with other things that lend themselves to investigation, because it cultivates agency.

>The problem with modern [academics] is that they oscillate between two extremes, the idea of perfectly reliable knowledge, like what can be perfectly measured or derived via math, the Enlightenment way, and the idea that knowledge is impossible and it is just all social construct or something, the Hegelian or Postmodern way.

One, of course, naturally following from the other. That post-modernism is modernism; the logical conclusion of modernist epistemology applied consistently and without unprincipled exception.

In more civilized times, anyone could publish anything they liked; and if anyone saw anything they thought was interesting, they could try reproducing it; and if they could reproduce it, then that society's framework of understanding was advanced. This is a form of social technology that was called science. Such which stands in contrast with a presently regnant system called ‘peer review’.

Under this system, noone can publish, except that they be rubberstamped first by a synod of bishops, who adjudicate material in secret, on the basis of secret methods, using secret evidence, not revealed to laypersons outside of the church (ie, by fiat), whereupon it is either rejected or accepted.

If accepted, it is then entered into the canon of orthodoxy as ‘settled science’. Reproduction is not only unnecessary to this process (socially speaking, of course), for that matter, anyone that *doesn't* reproduce the ordained results may then be rejected out of hand as either a fatuous hack or a faithless heretic, for deviating from orthodoxy, and thus failing to take the bishop’s word for it.

In broad terms, developments like this are simply yet another expression of a general trend of 'priestly dominance' over a polity which is typical of societies afflicted by popular governance – more specifically, where a certain priest-like faction in particular attempts to arrogate dominion over ever inflating swaths of a society, shoehorning it’s own contingent mode of engagement into any and all other affairs, irrespective of however maladaptive it may be outside of the context it came about in (if it was ever even adaptive anywhere to begin with).

>> No.7262585

im not sure why masks weren't used till cases were at or near 0. CDC ironically fucked people over with the no mask advice.

>> No.7262606

THe covid vaccines were developed and tested over less than 1 year. MMR, smallpox and polio vaccines were developed and tested over decades.

>> No.7262609

ADE? If it’s not effective and it could potentially create more problems why take it now? Why not wait for a good version?

>> No.7262621
File: 229 KB, 415x415, 1616711171750.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7262644

The vaccine's goal is not to prevent infections.
The vaccine is supposed to stop the disease, you will still get infected, but your symptoms will be mild or even asymptotic.

>> No.7262685

I wonder why they need the field hospital?
Can't they just squeeze everybody into the hospital?
Like a sardine can?
And duplicates the doctors in said hospital so they can take care of everybody too.
Oh, that's right, they can't.
You fucking retard.

>> No.7262687

Every other vaccine in history has been created to prevent infections.
That is why people are upset this one doesn't
I don't get why you can't understand that.

>> No.7262717

The problem with educating the public and generating discussion/discourse is that you’ll always have self-proclaimed moderate “skeptics” that challenge the notion of the pandemic and all its properties, which while perfectly fine in theory, in practice the skepticism is marred by false information, bad faith criticism, and anti-vaxx dog whistling. So yes, there absolutely is good skeptical discourse, but the vast majority of skepticism contributes as much as the worst antivaxx microchip needle-slave /pol/ retards.

>> No.7262719

And yes in theory for other vaccines you "get infected" but it gets fought off so quickly you don't notice and CANT transmit it to other people

>> No.7262720

Western whore.

>> No.7262735

Mostly pissing contest. China has a large gathering and no one wear mask. something like graduation ceremony in wuhan.. it’s televised.. so the US feel pressured to show that we are in control too.

>> No.7262739

and guess how COVID is mutating now? cause people with the shot can get it, and infect others. perpetually.

>> No.7262754

That is false, vaccines simulate infections to train your immune system to combat the virus after an infection, to prevent the disease.
Vaccines do not prevent the initial infection of an individual.

>> No.7262807

>Vaccines are supposed to stop a virus. If it doesn't its a shitty vaccines.
The original covid is extinct at this point. The issue is that the new mutations aren't completely dealt with by the vaccine.

>> No.7262841

If that’s the case, what’s the point of vaccinated the young and healthy? Now we even want to vaccinate little kids too. They are not at risk.

>> No.7262842

So retards are inoculating themselves with something completely useless and harmful. Good job.

>> No.7262857

>The original covid is extinct at this point.
based retard

>> No.7262959

Because not ALL young and healthy people will weather the disease as asymptotic carriers, there is still a chance that a young and healthy person to contract the harsher symptoms of the virus.
There isn't a way to determine who will be able to fully carry the virus asymptomatically so they should still get the vaccine and not risk the chances of getting the harsher symptoms.

>> No.7262963

The problem is the one who does the “educating” shouldn’t oversell things. that’s a form of lies a noble lies but still a lies. Now “skeptics” will parade that lies and use that to push their agenda.

>> No.7263022

Vaccines don't really prevent infections considering they work by infecting you with a neutered version of the bacteria/virus. They're designed to acclimate your immune system to fighting the disease faster and more effectively if it infects you again. The mRNA technology works differently to achieve this effect but it basically permanently infects you with a genetically modified virus that produces covid spike proteins. Your immune system then learns to fight this spike protein. That's why it's less effective against the delta variant because the spike protein is mutated. Basically you still get covid with a vaccine but your immune system is insanely good at fighting it off now.

>> No.7263028

Of 600k plus death in the US fewer than 100 children died from COVID-19. Is it worth the risk? What happened to “first do no harm”

>> No.7263060

Dying is a symptom but not the only harsh symptom of the virus.

>> No.7263092

Vaccinating people who have healthy immune systems is done to protect people who don't. Herd immunity works when people fight off the infection before it can be transmitted to unvaccinated people or people with weak immune systems.

>> No.7263093

I hope that’s true that it still reduces the illnesses. Otherwise I can’t imagine the shitstrom.

>> No.7263134

But the "vaccine" doesn't prevent spreading and infections, are you people insane?

>> No.7263176

How are you gonna protect anyone if you can still spread the COVID? The whole point of new mask recommendations is that the vaccinated can still get infect and spread it?

>> No.7263190

It does. Even with infection rates in the thousands in highly vaccinated areas, deaths are in the single or low double digits.

>> No.7263198

You shouldn't be spreading misinformation like that, even if you think you know about the vaccine.

>> No.7263265

It prevents spreading because your immune system will kill the virus before you can spread it to somebody else. This is how vaccine general theory works. I have no idea if the covid vax specifically is effective at doing this because there's all sorts of conflicting info about it right now due to politics. I would assume it's effective if people follow all the dosage regs, which currently are not being followed.

>> No.7263275

You don't need skeptics whe fucking arnold schwarenegger post a video in his outside pool villa saying "stay home" when we got 1/3 of our politicans on camera who don't give a shit. In our country we have a saying "praise water and drink wine" meaning "not practice what one preaches" If no one believes the preacher no one is going to follow.

>> No.7263281

This virus was the one opportunity we had to get rid of a decent amount of boomers and we fucking ruined it. The argument should never have been about vaxxing but rather how to maximize the spread to boomers...

>> No.7263307

this is basically common knowledge dude

>> No.7263308

Reminder that we are still in Summer. Last year was almost exactly like this. And we got our ass kicked when winter come.

>> No.7263326

Yeah, that's what a regular vaccine does. The problem is that this is not a regular vaccine, it doesn't contain any traces of the actual virus, it's a fucking experimental injectable drug, that's why it doesn't fucking work.

>> No.7263333

It’s outdated knowledge.

>> No.7263334

It is common knowledge for regular vaccines, however, it's not the same for this vaccine.

>> No.7263390

Most of important scientists and politicians are boomers. Of course they won’t ever let it happen.

>> No.7263402

I suspect the reason for this is because there are so many people who are only single dosed or unvaccinated, plus the dosage regulations have not been followed (second shot two weeks after first, tons of improper storage, reports of people getting saline injections by accident) leading to effects being outside of the controlled medical test results.

>> No.7263444

It's sad that people cherry-pick their arguments and people that don't know that much about what they're talking about end up spreading misinformation and getting dogpiled upon.

>> No.7263481

It achieves the same result. The difference is that they use a chimp virus that doesn't affect humans but can be hosted by them, which is genetically modified to produce the same spike protein as covid so your body thinks it's covid. Otherwise it's the same as other vaccines

>> No.7263573


The thing is I'm basically just gonna not get the vaccine

I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know.... UGH I know.....

It's just that I'm not gonna get it is all


>> No.7263592


The jabs don't train your immune system to recognize the virus because they do not actually contain the actual virus, nor do they contain analogous related strains of the virus - which is the traditional and proven technique that most people think of when they think of the phrase 'vaccine'.

What they are is strands of alien mRNA that mutate cells into factories for producing a flood of one particular protein of one particular virus - the spike proteins specifically, which are a cytotoxic substance themselves in solution, hence the systemic negative health effects of the jab - which 1. does fuckall in priming the immune system to recognize and prevent the virus itself from reproducing in the body, which right away is a major departure from traditional vaccine technology, and 2. does not provide even a prophylactic effect in terms of morbidity with literally any other strain or permutation of virus, which is another departure from traditional vaccine technology.

It is a misnomer to use the phrase 'vaccine' when speaking of the technology used in such treatments; at best you could say they are prophylactics, or pre-exposure prophylactics specifically. Like, this shit is literally homeopathy; dosing people up with a poison under the vague idea that it will improve health in some way.

>> No.7263628

That’s actually a good point. I doubt cvs or fedex actually follow the exact storage regulations. This might explain all the strange side effects too.

>> No.7263684

Are you happy now?

>> No.7263745

Wait. are you saying that immunity form normal infection is better than from MRNA vaccines?

>> No.7263757

>she got a meme virus
so a nothingburger

>> No.7263795

In the case of HIV, from what i remember and I'm probably forgetting stuff; it may be one of those viruses that can go dormant and the body doesn't notice it when its dormant.
Any sex will spread it, gays got it more probably because they weren't educated and gay sex was something people didn't want to admit too having done.
anon... they weren't made to prevent infection, they were made to stop it viruses from killing people in mass and leaving survivors of its crippled for life.
the first vaccine was for smallpox and was literally taking cowpox and putting it in people because a scientist noticed milk ladies didn't have has bad reactions to smallpox as others.
he knew that cowpox wouldn't make people immune but it would help prepare those with it for smallpox in case they got it.

>> No.7263850

If it works like flu where it mutates yearly then no. You will have no future immunity from either method.

>> No.7263926

In regards to anal sex the large intestine's job is to absorb mostly water and some nutrition as the final process of the bowls.
Guess what floats around in liquid and is small enough to be absorbed? HIV
Anal sex has a significantly higher transmission rate than Vaginal or oral. Straight anal is just as bad. But since gays do only anal and most straight people are/were still uncomfortable with anal sex it spread so quickly through faggots it basically became associated with being a gay man.

>> No.7263982

Most people understand that “vaccine = will not get ill” trying to lawyered your way out will only cause them to distrust you more.

>> No.7264016

So we are basically fucked then?

>> No.7264038

ah thank you for the clarification.
The truth is, the game was rigged from the start.

>> No.7264099

Doubt it. they'll just include it in your seasonal booster shot eventually when the initial panic and vaccine production issues get sorted. It def didn't help that media have been fearmongering this thing to hell and back for clicks

>> No.7264253

Data from Israel is suggesting that either Pfizer is outright less effective against Delta, even when double vaxxed, or that the protection wears off relatively quickly(in a manner of months).

>> No.7264281

Assuming they included the right “updated” for the season. Pfizer gold membership subscription when?

>> No.7264353

The vaccine is for fucking losers. I'm young so that shit ain't gonna kill me. Everyone else can be damned for all I care. Why should I care about them? They don't care about me

>> No.7264386

Is this finally your chance to get back at the world?

>> No.7264387

They can spread it but they spread less and for a shorter period of time. Which leads to less infections.

>> No.7264425

There's no consistency in what proper dosing is even officially, which just goes to show how headass kabuki theater the whole shitshow is.

The meaning of “dose” is pretty well-understood for old school vaccines. But they do not yet really understand (or perhaps even desire to understand) the antigenic loading of the mRNA shots, which itself may vary with exact administration of the shot and other idiosyncrasies.

Between late January and early March they seemed to have no idea how many doses were available per vial. Originally 5 then suddenly 6. Or maybe 4 then 5.

Between late January and early April they seemed to have no idea how cold the mRNA needed to be kept, for how long it could be kept in slightly warmer environment. And since then have quite dramatically increased the maximum temperature from well below freezing to noticeably above freezing. Tells you at the least they had no idea well into rollout how stable the mRNA was. Or tells you they wanted to reduce the effective dosage on the fly accomplished by letting the vials warm a bit and sit a bit warmer for a bit longer. Or tells you they had to do this because logistics of the cold storage supply chain were not good enough to satisfy broad just-in-time supply absent good profit motive. Or tells you they had no idea what constituted appropriate dose altogether.

Midwit journalists like Nate Silver cheerily reported on but now have forgotten about these little debates, as if such fundamental questions of dosing and stability would be or should plausibly have been subject to such whimsical experimentation. Without realizing that the parameters being modified could not but have affected the pharmacology and toxicology of what they were injecting.

>> No.7264477

Tell that to India, a southern border that's wide open and International travel as a whole. The entire nation could be vaxed but nothing's stopping variants from around the world crippling everything in their path.

>> No.7264523

>I'm young so that shit ain't gonna kill me.
Enjoy your permanently fucked up lungs.

>> No.7264659

You fucking retards are actually taking an experimental vaccine that isn't even approved by the FDA and the makers have immunity from the government so if side effects happen you can't sue them for what happens to you...and you're shocked that it doesn't actually work?

How can you guys actually be this dumb?

>> No.7264709

>this is what retards actually believe
i had that shitty virus in January and I recovered after a month of rest and isolation... no sequels to be seem and i live in a shithole country called Argentina

>> No.7264788

Aint taking the jab. simple as.

>> No.7264825

Don’t worry. FDA is under immense pressure to fully approved this vac. They will eventually kneel and vac will become mandatory.

>> No.7264857

Are you that aka supa ars spammer?

>> No.7264899

no I'm not a Teamate

>> No.7264900

>vac will become mandatory.
Just like in nazi Germany! Remember the Nuremberg code?

>> No.7265478

ask yourself this: is the flu extinct? (regular influenza)

you think a coronavirus is more trivial?

>> No.7265543

The Final Yab Candidates:

>Vtuber commits Self Die
>Vtuber contracts the Rona

>> No.7265544

>bump limit nearly achieved and not one person cared about Melody being sick

>> No.7265571

>The other choice is basically death
It's a 99.9% survival rate, you stupid fucker.

>> No.7265606

Most of the time the Rona doesn't kill you
Half this thread would be at least a little sympathetic if she actually died
I for one am happy she is siphoning money off irl whores and showing 2d>3d

>> No.7265711

Cruel isn’t it?

>> No.7265715

>catching the vaccine

>> No.7265725
File: 232 KB, 484x468, 1616713926899.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>caring about vshitjo at all let alone about them being sick with the kung flu

>> No.7265732

I wanna know how big Melody's real ass is. And if she really hates anal.

>> No.7265736

Now you know the vshojo hate isn't a meme

>> No.7265764

And all was right in the world.

>> No.7265785

because its just a flu

>> No.7265807

From her tweet. She didn’t take it that seriously either.

>> No.7265817

>watches hololive girl piss in a bear's bear mug and claps

>> No.7265838

It's very likely she'll be fine, so people won't talk much about that and instead choose to have retarded pro/antivaxx arguments.

>> No.7265865

I wonder how big her tits are.

>> No.7265891

It's ok if the Japanese do it. They give us the "Gajin pass" we give them the Jap pass.

>> No.7265909
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>> No.7265959

They literally do the same shit and same jokes, and you just get assblasted that westerners are doing it too now.

>> No.7265989


>> No.7266023

Who's the hot piece of ass in top right? For scientific purposes, since the people in this thread since to know so much about science.

>> No.7266162

Someone coofed on her dildos.

>> No.7266180

>3% death rate
>And much much lower at younger age
I guess i'm 3% worried about her and 97% not giving a shit.

>> No.7266580

Explain why I and many others have never and will never get smallpox or polio if a vaccine doesn't give you 100% protection

>> No.7266630

No the big difference is that those disease fuck you up for life or had high death rates so we wouldn't have imbeciles go against the vaccine or they would be dead

>> No.7266778

Damn that sucks, hope it's not severe enough to cause long term symptoms

>> No.7266806

I heard it causes infertility.
I guess I can just creampie her nonstop then, nice.

>> No.7267314

I personally got some mild chills and my arm hurt for a couple of days

>> No.7268043

I get that from the flu shot. Still get one every year because I'm not retarded.

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