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Is Choco-sensei a racist ?

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Nobody's going to read all that shit, faggot.

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Yes. In fact, her name "Choco" originated from "Chocoball."

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Are you trying to make me like her even more?

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You're reading next to nothing retard

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Why would this make her a racist? They're both gooks.

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literally fucking kill yourself you fucking fragile mutt eop faggot

theres fucking nothing racist or political on any of her tweet, you fucking dummy

shes just thanking everyone
eops seriously are the same dumbest vermin as chink trolls

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why does everyone assume everyone is racist

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god I hope so
I want her to call me a dirty gaijin during handjobs

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You and your worthless thread are a waste. You have failed. Good job! LOSER!

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You think I can read chinese?

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Nah, I say her at a BLM parade the other day.

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amerimutts are fucking obsessed with being offended and race and cant stop saying how offended they are

but these eops are fucking dumber than the average mutt. they are utterly incapable of thinking. as cultic and delusional as the chink trolls.

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Because why not?

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> getting this triggered over a shitpost

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>was just p-pretending

kill yourself, eop low iq scum. you can watch chink shit on the chink streaming site and hang out with them

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Americans are obsessed with politics because they have nothing else

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Because everybody is to some extent.
In-group preference is deeply rooted in biology - it's a survival mechanism.
And there's nothing wrong with that.

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She lived in Atlanta, so I don't doubt it. Also, so am I, we'd be perfect for each other

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because being racist is natural human state

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I don't know, what is she saying in the OP? How about you link all tweets to me so I can translate them.

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In-group preference isn't really the same thing as racism though. You can have a preference for some group and not treat other groups as shit.

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I cant read anime :(

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I can't read Moon, so I can't make that judgement...

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>In-group preference isn't really the same thing as racism though
They are inextricably linked, though.

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Its not even my thread, you just can't read japanese! You have failed. Do your single word reps! LOSER!

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As long as she is good with latino chads she can be whathaver she wants.

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>latino chads

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Except white people, they actually have a negative in group bias, pretty funny ngl. Also now all those white people selling out their own father/mother/sibling on twitter for woke points, makes more sense.

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Only because a lot people just don't know better and the people responsible for a lot of the culture war faggotry we have going on now have no incentive to teach otherwise for obvious reasons.

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shut up Mutt

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Amerimutts are the same scum as Chinks.

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You wish, Ping

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White leftists
I for one am not a white leftist and am okay with white people.

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What's amazing about this shitpost is that nobody except 1 lone person can understand what OP was referring to because they can't read Japanese. Yet they're all discussing it anyways, OP somehow succeeded in baiting YOUs with this stupid post despite not explaining what he's implying about Choco. Bravo.

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Only liberals, the average is still positive.

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This isn't true. Look at right wing white culture, kick your kid out at 18, when your parents get old put them in a home, rebellion and parental disrespect is seen as a positive, parents opressed their daughters so much they turn into sluts in college. White culture has weird fucking issues all around.

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Imagine living in a place where a small minority are unintelligent, extremely violent, and all around a net negative to your country and society as a whole, but you are taught at a young age that it's your fault. The media, academia, sports, music industry, and government literally worship this small minority out of fear, and if you even notice the reality of the situation you are considered the worst human being live, worse then murderers and rapists.

Imagine all of this was your reality. Then tell me you could live your life in that hell and not go crazy. I'm listening.

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Amerimutts are as subhuman and delusional as Chinks. Both are easily sucked into mob mentality and chimp out on social media like everyday. Both share a similar cult religion ish moral standards. Both love kangaroo court like cultural revolution and struggle session, such as cancel culture. This is just a fact

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>only liberals
See >>725702

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>Is X VTuber a racist???
>Posts screenshots
>No translation
>Needs confimation from le 4chinz so he can blame site instead of himself when shitstorm ensues

GTFO and back to cringeddit you ACTUALLY racist american, nobody here is gonna do your dirty job for you, I don´t care what fucking color you are, you are thrash, get rammed by a truck.

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You can argue about how much you dislike "white culture" all you like but it's the liberals who have negative in-group preference, moderates and above are still positive.

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There is a reason I had an existential crisis in November and had my faith in humanity restored by VTubers. Shit is so fucking tiresome in a "I want to fucking die so I don't have to deal with this shit anymore." Kind of way.

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PC culture is just a cancer in general, no matter the colour, it just selected the most "easy to attack" victim when it surfaced in the US, once it is done with it, it will move into another group until it reaches the groups it protects, then even the members of it will realize how screwed they are as they will be unable to stop the systems they created.

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BTW, when the totalitarian "commie" systems struck Russia, the first to get canned were the people who praised for the creations of said system, as they were the most problematic and capable of tearing it down, most of them if not near the totality of em, did not survive the regime, only the opposing but spitting in silence masses managed to get through by bidding their time.

The PC culture advocates will be the first people to get "re-educated" once the system fully works, they just don´t know it, and will never know it, not even in their air pocket at the mass grave they will be thrown in.

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Bro I never excepted my thread to be such a work of art. From a shitpost about Choco not answering Coco happy birthday tweet we got a thread about racism in america. Never underestimate EOPs

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Holy shit stop sperging

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I'm getting this printed on a t-shirt.

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> Except white people, they actually have a negative in group bias
Literally go outside

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We can't stop it without knowing how we got here.

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amerimutts are as commie as chinks. im sure af you dumb mutt monkeys will end up destroying holo en due to your woke bullshit and fucking dumb mobs like you. it will be disbanded like the chink branch

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Also, fuck you OP. It's obviously management telling them to not respond to Coco because of the bugman menace. We know that Coco and Choco are on good terms because Coco is the one that is directly responsible for Choco's crippling ark addiction. And I think I remember coco, choco and aki tweeting at each other when ark 2 was anounced.

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There is no need to be upset

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Can I follow you on gab?

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translate that shit nigga this is an american board

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It seems EOP superiority has caused some controversy.

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She's just thanking everyone for wishing her a happy birthday. Somehow op sees her not responding to Coco as racist. In conclusion, OP need to take his meds or just wants to brag about being able to read basic moonrunes.

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She is racist against dragons.

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So it's not even really about what she's saying, but about a lack of a on-twitter response? That really means nothing if you ask me. She may have congratulated her any other place and have gotten a response.
Anyway, thanks for the explanation.

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Sin animo de molestarte pero eres Aweonao

>> No.727134

regresa a tu hueco rata hedionda.

>> No.727221

Ok Ahora dilo sin llorar

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OP are you by any chance one of this faggots?

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>Is Choco-sensei a racist ?
You mean, normal?

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Sal de mi IB negroide subhumano.

>> No.727301

Every sane person is racist.

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Un verdadero negro tendria tu nivel de sensibilidad

>> No.727340

>Implying your europoor ass can afford it
I'm printing my boot on your ugly face

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no, este es un imageboard americano pero me vale verga, insulto tanto a racistas americanos que se piensan los salvadores de su país al cancelar a su propia gente así como a racistas clásicos como el anon de aquí.

Fuck off anon, keep sucking massive cock, just like your women suck inmigrant dick (I still disagree with illegal inmigration tho, it´s bad, very fucking bad).

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all the jews fled europe to burgerland and now decades later burgers are constantly whipped into worshipping minority groups
funny thing that

>> No.727921

>jews fled europe to burgerland
>burgers are constantly whipped into worshipping minority groups
That was already happening during the US civil war though

>> No.728055

Those people are literal evolutionary dead ends.

>> No.728059

do you take your history from burger public schools or something? no one gave a fuck about the slaves beyond their economic value to the south, they were nearly all deported back to africa

>> No.728100

>no one gave a fuck about the slaves beyond their economic value
Most Christcucks were militant abolitionists that was how slavery was banned in England

>> No.728199

Lol no, "racism" literally was invented by communist jews like Trotsky to shame people for ingroup preference.

>> No.728525

m8 proto-burgers would have never warred themselves if the crux of it was freeing the heckin slaverinos

>> No.728554

Drop the memespeak if you want me to reply to your post seriously. I even understand what you are trying to say

>> No.728570

If you want to do epic shitposts try reddit.

>> No.728698

I hope so.

>> No.728750

>christcuck isn't memespeak
just say you have no reply, petty faggot

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Who are you quoting?

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ffs quit making threads to bring out the /pol/tards

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take it easy with the seething you tranny

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No,no existen los "latinos chads"

>> No.729638

hold on I speak retard: "the americans would never have had a civil war on the basis of freeing the slaves"

>> No.729759

>people wish choco happy birthday
>"guys i think im autistic"

>> No.731556

Exactly, it was economic differences and the seething hatred we've had for each other for almost 300 years

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High tier fetish my dude

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