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(^・ω・^§)ノ おはこぉーん
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>YT Channel
>Do your reps!
>Shirakami ZOID
>Shirakami Fubuki "Comfy Fox Inn" ASMR Voice Pack
Buy: https://shop.hololivepro.com/en/products/comfyfoxinn_asmrvoice
Translation: https://pastebin.com/uUJw7Fzh
>6th Anniversary Flower Stand Project

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Hi Friends!

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Got distracted for a while and forgot to check if the thread needed bumping. Sorry, friends.

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Looks like this thread needs a bump

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I love Fubuki!

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Me on her lap.

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Sorry friends, I went for something to eat and when I came back the thread died...

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Good night, friends!

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She loves her more than you

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Fubuki won't be able to say anything about the cat allegations.

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Don't forget to watch Koyori's video, Fubuki was there and she was pretty cute

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Will never forget you No.1

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( ◝('ω')◟ ))(( ◝('ω')◜ ))

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Will you buy?

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Are you awake friends?

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Very cute. I like the song and she danced it well.
This was great, too. I wonder if she has been getting more into dancing lately.

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I love Shirakami Fubuki with all my heart

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I doubt it's her, Her movements seem too good and look like other vtubers I have seen, she may be using MMD

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It's my time to sleep

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Fox friend up.

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Good morning, friends!

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I know it's not all that unlikely but I prefer giving her the benefit of the doubt on that kind of stuff. I don't see a reason for her to fake it since she's not even a dance focused member at all and looking at this kind of stuff from a cynical perspective kind of takes the fun out of it for me. Sure, every single of their performances could be MMD, hired professional dancers, pre-recorded or all of the above and we would never know, but I choose to believe her when she says her dance lessons are super tiring and that she's super busy in the month before the Fes and stuff like that. Also, she actually mentioned before that she personally mocapped that strange Fubura dance from this short (https://youtu.be/UhtEt3h9lDo)) like a year after it was uploaded when I had always assumed that was just MMD for sure, so them using up studio time for these little fun things isn't entirely out of the question. Doesn't really matter all that much in the end anyway, though. It was a cute little video and I enjoyed it.

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Friends! Wake up!

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If you see this video shes having a lot of fun but I doubt she would twerk her ass in hololive's official channel.

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>Furries your friend

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Furries my best friend's friend

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Friends! Where are you?

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I'm sleeping until I can get in a dream where I can slap her butt!

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Just waking up

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I miss her, I know She was very active early in the day but still my day feels empty.

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That reminds me I need to finish Kaiji

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Angry Fubuki

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Hi friends!

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i love fubugi

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10 already, wtf

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How did her ass get bigger?

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Mito-mama had to redesign her ass because Fubuki got old and fat.

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Possible asakatsu today

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I miss her...

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I love you, Fubuki!

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It is indeed asakatsu time. Starting in 15

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Stream hasn't even started yet and I'm already half asleep. Early morning streams are rough for my time zone

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Cute fubuki noises stream

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while time is not too bad to me, she is using ultra low latency mode again which makes the stream buffer like hell for me

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New PC, Old Friend!

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Is she using the new pc?

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Friends, going by the reps pastebin in the op, how long would it take to have a passing understanding of what she's saying without relying on game context too much?

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Good night, friends!

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Wake up

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Is that Fubuki in 2024 Hololive ambassadors?

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I ended up sleeping through most of the stream and yeah, buffering was absolutely horrible for me. Couldn't even have watched it if I wasn't dead tired. I thought it was something wrong with my connection but you're right, it must have been ultra latency mode. I hope she fixes that eventually.
I'm the one that wrote that guide, I started understand stuff here and there within a couple of months and the pace if improvement was really noticeable. Around 6 months it started to click even more and that's when I started mining my own vocabulary, so my pace improved further. I'd say being able to be comfortable with zatsudan type stuff without game context will take longer, probably a year or more, but it also REALLY depends on what kind of topic she is talking about. If she's just talking about going out to eat dinner with Holomen, you might get the general idea even after a few months already, if it's something more complex it might take a year or two. For reference, I've been at it for three and a half years now and I can understand the vast majority of what she's talking about (and have been occasionally writing summaries about it here on a regular basis for like two years at this point). You should definitely give it a try, there's never going to be a better time to start. Time flies by really quick, and in 6 months to a year you'll be glad you started when you did.

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Has to be her from the shoes, hair and tail, right? Her ears seem a bit on the small side, though, is she wearing some sort of hat, maybe?

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Pin pon! You're right

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Neat, didn't expect to find the author of it. Hope to being able to understand fubuki with this then. Also, what is mining in this context? Taking words you find you want to understand in the wild, adding them to anki, and reviewing them?

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I had the stream playing in the background as I already had my fair share of MHWIB while getting all the achievements, so I didn't pay much attention to it, but wasn't she already using her new PC on the Shinkansen 0 stream? I see no reason for her to switch back to her old PC. That said, she used her normal intro and outro in this stream and I don't know if she already transferred them to her new PC.
Nice catch! Although she isn't wearing an ear piercing, it has to be her given the style of the tail. From left to right: Tite Kobo, BakaHakka, Rio, Waifu and Bae. It's also a good choice for the illustration, since these girls aren't bait material for shitters in this board, unlike Miko and IRyS in the previous one.

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I haven't reread my own guide in a while but there should be a section specifically discussing what mining is and how it works. But fundamentally you are correct, yes. Playing games or watching anime or reading books or anything else where you have easy access to written text (and, ideally, also audio) so you can quickly make cards out of it and rep them in Anki. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions!

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During the Shinkansen stream she said it was just a test run for the new PC and she was going to go back to the old one until she properly set up everything and transfered all her data to the new one. But that was a couple of days ago, who knows if she might have already finished doing that by now.

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Didnt she tweet that she needs to transfer data to new PC? So this might been on the old one + she has been busy since she fell asleep earlier

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This looks like something that sacred knights would wear.

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How did you keep the willpower to continuously do your reps in the first 3-6 months to a year?

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It's pretty easy to keep motivation high early, when you start doing your reps for the first time and learn a lot of basic essential vocabulary that is very common in every context during the first couple of months, you very quickly go from understanding 0 words to understanding a couple of words here and there to understanding a couple of words in most sentences etc. Even if you don't understand what she is saying yet in full because there's too many context holes, recognizing words you learned that early is very rewarding and motivates you to keep going, and the more you learn, the less vague things will be.

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>recognizing words you learned that early is very rewarding and motivates you to keep going
God I hope so, I gave up a few years ago early on in kanji reading because I couldn't do reps for a few days then gave up when I could do them again. Woe is having fragile will. Will try again though.

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me on the right

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I know I already put this in the OP but I will periodically post a reminder anyway:
There's a project going on right now where you can contribute to a nice flower stand for her 6th anniversary. There was already a flower stand project for Blue Journey and she was very happy about it. She's always very grateful for these kind of fan projects.

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>have to make account
sigh, why? Can't stuff like this be simple as just putting credit card number and be done with it

>> No.72575549

I just used my Twitter account I only use to follow Fubuki anyway and didn't need to make a separate one

>> No.72576646

does the twitter login ask bunch unnecessary permissions? and does the payment accept foreign debit cards?

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The permissions seemed fine to me. I don't know about debit because I payed with credit.

>> No.72577244

That seems far more reasonable that some of the sites I have tried Twitter login and my debit card should work if your credit one did

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what did she mean by this

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Good morning, friends!

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coincidentally, I've had a similar discussion with our resident repGOD >>72563057 a couple of weeks ago and I've manage to keep up with the daily grind ever since. Thanks again for giving me that push btw
I think the most important lessons I learned are that you shouldn't shy away from trying different approaches as well as keep it slow and steady. Rather decrease the learning volume and do it daily, or else the revisions pile will burn you.

I'm currently doing two Anki decks with 5 daily new cards each (started with 15, reduced to 10 - both is too much for me).
One is an anime oriented deck called "Jlabs beginner course" (you can DL it for free on the Anki website under the "Japanese" section) which is very fun. It has pictures and voice lines ripped from anime and J-Dramas.
Downside is that in the standard configuration, you'll get the picture, sentence and voice line on the front side of the card, so it can happen that you just learn the meaning of the sentence by associating it with the picture - without actually "learning the words", if that makes sense. You could change up the layout of the cards to make it more challenging, but I've been kinda lazing on that. Definitely get rid of the Romaji though!

The second deck is a TheMoeWay Tango N5/N4 deck from the reps pastebin. It can get horribly boring because it's very business-oriented and no-nonsense. Numbers. Shachou. Kachou. Pencil. Eraser. A necessary evil, really.
It also frustrated me the most, almost to the point of giving up, because it just throws Kanji at you in the hope that they will stick. It didn't work for me at all. Most of the time, I just guessed the Kanji from context without feeling like I recognised anything, which I don't think is the point of the whole thing.

So I went to WaniKani for Kanji. It's a subscription based website, kinda expensive. They split up the Kanji into radicals and give you little stories to help with memorisation. The first three levels are free and give you a whole bunch of content to see if it works for you. I'm sure there are sources that use similar techniques if you sail the high seas though.

At this point, even if I look at Kanji I don't know (in a tweet or something), I can already recognise a lot of the radicals it consists of, so it feels like it's only a matter of time before the words will show up in my lessons tab.

I'm also feeling like I understand more and more during streams - still far from "fluency" but it's almost like the learning curve is exponential, with a very slow and frustrating start and higher and faster rewards once your base vocabulary and understanding of the language increases.

Point is, repAnon put it very well. The best time to start is right fucking now. Do it in digestible bites, do it daily, make it a habit and make it fun.
Follow your oshi on twitter (your oshi is friend and you are following, of course), pick one or two short tweets of hers a day and hold yourself from pressing the "translate" button immediately. Instead, see what you can understand already. Use the browser extension dictionary described in the reps pastebin to look up the missing words. Then paste the whole thing into deepL or whatever to see if your translation made sense. No better way of learning than having actual, personal motivation to understand something.

And don't cuck yourself with the "I have no time" argument. Make time. Every day. I sometimes work up to 55 hrs a week (not remote) and there IS time if you want to. Do your vocab on the shitter, between sets at the gym, on the train - whatever. You (like me) have obviously entertained the thought of learning Japanese for years. Do it right now. For friend and for yourself.

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her monhun cat familiar.

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Looks like this should be tattooed above her womb.

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Yeah, it's important to stress what this anon says is true - you have do study at a sustainable pace and use a method that works for you. What's sustainable and exactly which method that is is different for everyone, so you might need to experiment a little. Do too little and you might get frustrated because progress is slow, do too much and you'll burn out quickly. I settled long-term at around a total of 12 new cards a day, although I did like 20 or 25 when I was starting out because I had a lot more free time during COVID. The RRTK deck helped me to differentiate between different Kanji and radicals with mnemonics when I was new in a similar way WaniKani did for you, but it's not technically necessary, you will need to find what works for you. I stopped using the mnemonics after a couple of weeks/months but they did speed up the beginning, but everyone learns differently. Sometimes you just outgrew these trainings wheels and you don't need them anymore. Also, you said learning difficulty feels exponential. I think the beginning is really hard, then once you are over an initial hump it gets easier and easier, but eventually it flattens out again and you reach a plateau where progress gets less noticeable. Many people get frustrated here, but you should definitely keep going. It's just easy to lose track of ones improvements once one has the basics down.

Also, I would generally recommend starting to mine your own cards from anime or video games over using pre-made anime or drama card decks once once you feel like adding in more than your beginner decks because you tend to remember words a lot better if you can remember the exact content you encountered them in. But of course, that's hard when you don't have much time to consume content to mine from, I get it. It does really help to try and put what you learned into practice like this, though.
>you'll get the picture, sentence and voice line on the front side of the card, so it can happen that you just learn the meaning of the sentence by associating it with the picture - without actually "learning the words"
This is why I generally prefer word cards over sentence cards myself, if I see a picture or a whole sentence in the front I often know exactly what the answer is from context is without actually identifying the word. I would definitely recommend moving the pictures to the back, it takes like 10 seconds to edit the template.
>And don't cuck yourself with the "I have no time" argument. Make time. Every day.
Yeah, this is the right mindset to have. I'm glad you kept going! I'm sure everyone can find around 30-45 minutes every day between commutes, toilet breaks, baths or just winding down on the couch/in bed after work. You don't have to spent 5 hours every day as long as you make steady progress.

By the way, while we are at it, another incredible resource that has become really amazing since I wrote guide is agent (https://github.com/0xDC00/agent)), a really easy to use texthooking program (for PC games and emulated Switch games in particular) that lets you export the text as you play for a lot of non-VN games so you can scan it with Yomichan and/or make cards out of it. For example, Persona 3, 4 and 5 are pretty good games to play in Japanese once you are decently comfortable, lots of voice acting (with backlog that makes it easy to record when making cards) and everyday vocabulary.

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Bumping Fubu!

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She's breaking containment

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Good morning Friends!
It seems ABEMA forgot to region lock their tweets so we can enjoy this free segment

>> No.72592219

I'm currently settling for the ones referenced pastebin, but when should I consider picking up other decks?
I checked back at my previous wanikani progress (which is what I gave up on) and saw I made it to level 3 which is sad. Might consider retrying it depending on how this initial effort goes.
I also got curious about that twitter suggestion and attempted this one https://twitter.com/shirakamifubuki/status/1774009786734178328
I feel like I chose a hard one but it was amusing to try it
Agent seems pretty neat, don't think I'm brave enough to try it out on some games this early though.
I have plenty of time these days though, so hopefully I do get to that point.

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Hi friends

>> No.72593090

Tweets vary a lot in difficulty and can be pretty hard to understand due to slang and references and distorted/cute speech. This one involves song titles and a vague announcement so it's not ideal. Try her daily good morning tweets maybe, these are usually a little more reasonable. She usually talks about what she is going to do that day. Examples:


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Something's off about our friend here, but this is fine too
These are definitely out of my league for now, but I'll keep the idea in mind because it does sound fun enough to keep my interest in trying.

>> No.72594535

I also think it's a little early if you are basically just starting out but maybe check in on these good morning tweets every couple of weeks and you might be surprised to see how much you have improved.

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Fubura... You used to be so bright in your youth.

>> No.72596952

Do you think she moves the controler like that when gaming?

>> No.72597103

did friend passout again? or is she grinding monster hunter? shes been pretty quiet

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Don't forget that Fubuki is a dangerous carnivore

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There's always a bigger fish