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rrats rrats we are the rrats

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Jerma needs to get a cute, gay catboy avatar and vtube.

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I'm da giant rrat that makes all of the rrules

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and collab with you know who

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Yes please, I'd love to have Jerma's awful /v/tard community destroy hers with spam

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Why do people like jerma

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Funny guy with a shit community

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>in a twitch chat
No... you wouldn't! You mustn't!

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Jerma twitch chat is a special type of spam, they're insane. I watch Vinny and Joel and even with Joel's fecalfunny bullshit they never get as bad as Jerma's chat.

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michael it's your birthday today!

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Jerma is just Korone combined with Scout from TF2

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Give me the most juiciest and believable rrats this past few weeks

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Kanata is a trap both irl and as a character

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You're getting slime man Mr green and you're gonna like it!

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it's his birthday

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everything went downhill when Jerma's community started merging with Vinny's terrible furry community years ago

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One of the few good tw*ch streamers, also he's a old fag that did alot of tf2 videos

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Hi I'm a newfag and I don't know what rrat is short for, please come up with your most creative explanation for what it means so I can embarrass myself forever on this board.

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Rotating radio transient

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God thats hot, imagine kanata giving coco her giant trap dick every night

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PLEASE HAVE A PENIS! With her vocal range im sure some people would believe this.

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Her and Gura don't get along. It's all bullshit. Here's what happened, there was a big new years party, before actual new years, all the Holos we're flowed in, it was supposed to be a big celebration thing, because of all the succes that year. Gura got drunk and she git a little handsy with a guy there, they ended up going to a love hotel, turns out that guy was Shion's fiance, they had been some problems in the relationship they were working at, but then Gura came in all drunk and fucked Shions to be husband. Next morning she went to confront them, slapped Gura in the face, called her a whore and broke up with her fiance on the spot and ran away, the fiance called Gura a whore too and blamed her for breaking up his yet to be marriage. She went back to the room and got drunk again and cried. That video is just management trying to create a fake narrative to make sure fans think they are ok with each other. Gura isn't doing great because after that all the jp holos treated her differently, one of them even went up to her and told her "dont send me collab invites, i don't wanna collab with prostitutes", this made Gura cry again. She feels terrible about it but its not like she can take it back. It's also why you wont see much Gura/Jp collabs. The EN holos are trying to just not talk about it but its awkward as fuck. Shion is still heartbroken about it, and some of the JP holos have become good friends and a shoulder to cry on over this whole mess. In the Jp, in private convos they don't even say gura anymore, they just "shark whore". Anyway that's what i heard. Lots of drama.

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