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So, which do you prefer, 2D or 3D models? I think 3D models have some potential if they're done right, but they can look weird too.

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2D looks better. 3D animates better. Overall I like 2D better.

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Making 3D look interesting is an entire skillset of its own that not everyone has or for that matter should be expected to have, so it depends entirely on the talent in question.
I could for example see Rita Kamashiro, Gura or Rosemi take decent advantage of it whereas Ame it'd not really do a lot for.

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I like 3D just for the potential. I'm a programmer and amateur gamedev so I think it'd be pretty neat for 3D rigs to get more fleshed out and mainstream. In the future, we might see 2D get mostly phased out in favor of highly advanced 3D software.

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2D because not all 3D models able to translate correctly. The best 3D model or retains the same drawing as 2D is perhaps watame, coco, miko, and mashiro 3D model

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Highly prefer 3D, but the problem right now is the software for 3D needs way more development. It also doesn't help that every broke ass teenager just fucks up a Vroid and starts streaming, drowning out good 3D tubers.

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3D no shot

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3D offers much more creative potential and interactivity compared to 2D.

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3D if they at least have fucking hand tracking, if not it's a fucking waste and might as well use live2D

3D is way easier to rig, update and even make cool accessories for