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This thread is dedicated to those Vtuber girls who give all the lonely single men (and lesbians, I guess) in the world a reason to keep on going. Their dedication to GFE can vary wildly, from simply long streaming hours spend talking to chat, to Valentine's streams, to straight-up marriage RP ASMR streams, but any level of pseudo-romantic affection towards their viewers counts; even a simple "I love you" will suffice!

GFE girls to start out with:

Nene Amano (Kawaii Production):

Kohaku Yumekui (Kawaii Production):

Miss Fushi:

Miori Celesta:

Hakos Baelz (Hololive EN)

Fuyo Cloverfield (Idol EN)

Utada Zoey

Feel free to list others, if you know any!

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This general will be the death of me.

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If you're looking for a new detective girl to replace the old and busted one, you're in luck!

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Also, I don't speak moon, but I'm just gonna assume any girl who does ASMR primarily consisting of kissing noises, while going "daisuki' every 10 minutes, is also GFE. So screw it, I'm adding Naito Mare to the list, too.

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my favourite gfe en indie chuuba, usagi kira. gamer girl bunny gf turns into an asmrtist expert.
>no male streams but homocollaberwhore hakos is in the list and not gura kek.

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mono monet is an amazing gfe. her member asmr is borderline erp

her genmate Kou Mariya also does mazing gfe asmr roleplays

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also, OP. fuyo had a bf yab on debut, and he's still around

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Fushi also has a BF. The rule is "no males onstream"; offstream doesn't matter, since that's no longer their Vtuber character. As long as the Vtuber is canonically single, then their VA's status is irrelevant.

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Interesting general, I have a few questions, primarily for OP but anyone can answer:
>What are the MUST HAVE criteria for a GFE chuuba
>What are the NICE TO HAVE criteria for a GFE chuuba
>What are the MUST NOT criteria for a GFE chuuba
>What are the PREFERABLY NOT criteria for a GFE chuuba
>In the OP bae is listed as GFE but has done male collabs, this seems like a discrepancy so please elaborate
>What is the purpose of this general? What sort of discussion to you hope to foster ?

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That's a hell of a strange way to type /schizo/

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The Vtuber must show affection for the viewer that fits a non-familial relationship between a male and a female on equal footing (i.e. no mommyshit or daughtershit or little-sistershit). This is actually a very broad definition, since most Vtubers portray themselves as 20-something women who are into men, and many of them will end up saying "I love you" to their audience sooner or later. They should refer to themselves as your "girlfriend", whether in a roleplay context or not, in some form, semi-regularly. They also MUST make time for a Valentine's stream, no matter what. The reason for this is part of the next section.
Ideally, no boyfriend at all, or at least such impeccable opsec that you will never find a trace of their boyfriend no matter how hard you try. Realistically, if they've already been exposed, then just don't talk about the boyfriend onstream. Vtubers are meant to be separate characters from their IRL selves, so as long as there's enough separation for a casual viewer to never realize they're not single, it's acceptable. Dudes onstream is acceptable, as long as they don't actively flirt with them. For content, kiss-heavy ASMR with lots of zatsu is peak. A Christmas stream is nice too, if possible. Handcam streams with lots of hand-hearts and wife-adjacent activities like knitting or cooking.
Talk about their boyfriend regularly, invite their boyfriend onstream, treat other male streamers like their boyfriend, seem more interested in other male streamers than they are in chat. Basically, never treat other men better than chat.
Don't be pozzed. Or at least, don't show it off too much onstream.
>In the OP bae is listed as GFE but has done male collabs, this seems like a discrepancy so please elaborate
No male collabs is preferable, but not required. She still shows more interest in chat (or IryS) than she does to other men, and she's actively done multiple RPs where she self-inserts as your girlfriend, so she counts as GFE, even if she's not exactly Nene-tier.
>What is the purpose of this general? What sort of discussion to you hope to foster?
After years of never knowing what it was like to fall in love with a Vtuber and see them as your girlfriend, I've finally found a girl in Miss Fushi. She makes me happier than any other (Vtuber) in the world, and by making this general, I'm hoping to help other lonely guys find their future oshi, and fight back against the anti-GFE movement that Nijisisters endlessly perpetuate on this board.

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Decent answers, I'm not a fan of GFE personally but it's nice to see a thread take it seriously rather than just be another catalog baiting shitpost. Hope you find some like-minded anons to participate

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Cool thread.

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She really gets into this, damn. I'd like to see what her members asmr is like but I refuse to ever give youtube, and ewhores, money. What a shame.

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>two kawaii girls
>Utada Zoey
How about go fuck yourself and pick one. Either pick the innocent girls or the doxxfag, don't talk about both.

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>No male collabs is preferable, but not required.

Most acceptable male collab partner: a 50+ year-old male celebrity who's openly married and whom most of her audience is already a fan of.

Collabing with male peers is the worst, but there are a few ways to make it work. Most involve "establishing dominance" in some way - making him look scared of her, etc.

Collabing with a male artist/rigger can also work if you play into the parent-and-child relationship.

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>kawaii cucktubers
>homocollab rrat
Is this a stealth cuck thread?

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>not Fuwamoco
Damn op you gotta a good bait thread going

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Is Nene still the best for gfe content?

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Bait thread, also "people" calling Bae a whore because she collabs with men and saying it's okay to do GFE while having a bf if they hide it, are you insane?

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They are cucks in denial or maybe they are unsatisfied with their marriage and can't get a divorce so they need fantasies to scape reality

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Not OP but I honestly genuinely believe doing GFE and male Collabs isn't an issue as long as the chuuba:
>Demonstrates care for fans above all and show that they truly love them
>Do not flirt or act lovey dovey with male Collab partners
I consider having a partner and doing GFE a far greater offense which many vtubers do hence I do not respect them. Speaking of Bae, she is not GFE. She markets herself as an idol and adheres to the lifestyle of an idol.

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>First thread
>Why male collabs are actually a good thing

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They aren't. Nobody says that.

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Interesting thread....

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Except with me

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Does FuwaMoco actually engage in GFE though? Do they present themselves as the viewers girlfriend/wife, do they declare that they love them, give kisses, RP, etc?
>They signed an oath to protect my smile
Okay but that's not the same as being in a relationship, it's something an adult might do for a child. I think FuwaMoco are great but I wouldn't classify them as GFE.

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Stop bumping your failed thread

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Bae isn't a GFE streamer but she has done GFE streams. What it really comes down to is level of commitment and how much a percentage of content GFE must be before a vtuber is a GFE streamer

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Fwmc are babysitter experience...

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bae, fuyo? are you sure?
And no Kikipyon?

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>IRL boyfriends are okay if they keep it quiet
What the fuck?

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I can see the argument if you just never find out about it. It's a Shrodinger's boyfriend, if it never gets out does he really exist? On the other hand I think once it's out that's it, you can't be a real GFE after that.

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I think being GFE when you have a boyfriend is disgusting and disingenuous for both parties involved.
The boyfriend should not be happy that his gf is telling other men that love her and want to fuck her that she loves her and hangs out with them for hours every day.
It's bad for the fans who get deceived and manipulated and it's bad for the woman who must be a sociopath to betray thousands of people at once including her actual partner.

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>that she loves them and hangs out with them for hours every day.
My mistake.

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I don't disagree, but there's just no way to know until it actually comes out.

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I don't think they necessarily need to explicitly claim being your gf, but just be generally affectionate and happy to indulge chat. They shouldn't do this bait and switch where they start of as lovebombers then several months in suddenly claim to only ever have been in it for casual "hanging out" with le homies like all the big corpos seem to pull once they've made it.

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>then several months in suddenly claim to only ever have been in it for casual "hanging out" with le homies like all the big corpos seem to pull once they've made it.
>Tfw a chubba spams GFE ASMR, inclines with it, then dumps it
Many such cases!

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Me personally I don't feel comfortable fawning over someone in a relationship.

>> No.72036741

Could you name 5 cases of this if it's such a common occurrence?

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It has literally come out of fusbi's own mouth that she isnt gfe

>> No.72037108

Yuko Yurei
Yura Rikudou
Finana Ryugu
Aletta Sky
Amelia Watson

>> No.72037140

> go to twitter
>irl streamer gathering posting

Standards aren't high here? You starving fellas or what?

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Wasn't it that single asmr or did she pander early on entirely

>> No.72037267

If only she was actually spamming gfe asmr as you claim

>> No.72037389

Huh. I guess she's flip flopping like women do. I tried enjoying her asmr months ago literally on stream she went in about not being gfe and I left

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She’s probably scared of the title since most people know she has a bf, but she’s still absolutely aiming for that “lonely straight male” demographic

>> No.72037716

>She’s probably scared of the title since most people know she has a bf
Oh so the thread was ruined from the start, good to know

>> No.72037832

putting 'girlfriend' in your asmr title is not gfe

>> No.72038007

Not necessarily no, but the asmrs with that in the title are usually accompanied with I love yous and kisses, which would make it gfe

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Fushi is honestly a sort of litmus test. She never denies the fact that she has a bf, but she makes sure to never bring him up in actual streams. So if you see Vtubers for the fictional characters they portray on screen, then she’s GFE. But if you just see them as no different than Twitch fleshthots like Amouranth, then she’s not GFE. I’m not sure why you’d want the latter, desu. She’s not nearly as good looking as her model; almost no Vtuber is.

>> No.72038653

So you're a proud cuck ?
The idea of a gfe general would be good if only there weren't as many cucks as there are

>> No.72039650

Thank you for this. That utada bitch needs a different job.

>> No.72041581

Neat idea

>> No.72041638

Reminder that this girl got her discord to dox and anti the other girls in her corpo

>> No.72041721

how does she not feel guilty doing this?

>> No.72041857

>feel guilty

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The reality is this, you want GFE learn Japanese. There is no other option, EN does not do GFE, even the ones who say they do GFE dont actually do GFE. GFE is not a thing in western markets. This thread is just gonna be more disappointment.

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The honesty from her is kind of refreshing compared to most GFEs. It's the most genuine form of GFE: a courtesean (I'm not saying the other word because I know she browses here and I don't wanna be rude) who treats the GFE roleplay as just that: a roleplay. She has a life outside of said roleplay, one that would bother you deeply if she ever told you certain parts about that life. So in exchange for money, she will entertain the fantasy you paid her for, and will keep quiet about anything that would shatter said fantasy. What you are doing is the equivalent of stalking a hooker outside of her working hours and getting mad that she has a life outside of (You).

>> No.72042149

So any vtuber that isn't actively hostile and assholish? Your definition is so broad so to be pointless.

>> No.72042223

>So any vtuber that isn't actively hostile and assholish?
That already rules out 80% of Twitch Vtubers, so it's not as broad as you think.

>> No.72042267

Anon Bae is in the OP. Its pretty clear OP doesn't even know what GFE is. Which is really not his fault because as it has been said again and again, western chuubas can't do GFE even if they wanted to. There is no GFE culture in the west.

>> No.72042311

>Hakos Baelz
What? Is this thread a satire? Why not Calliope?

>> No.72042346

When you pointed it out I thought it was retarded too but then I remembered Bae did girlfriend visual novel thing.
She's not GFE but she's done GF RP.

>> No.72042418

more like mermaid sucking your dick experience, amirite?

>> No.72042429

>Who's Rushia?

>> No.72042514

EN market doesn't really have GFE, people seem to think GFE is like chuuba being nice which is funny more than anything because it shows how low tye bar is for western chuubas. I watch Fushi, she is very nice but she is not GFE dude. Especially not by JP standards. I used to seek EN GFE but its pretty clear at this point the EN market doesn't even understand what GFE is.

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>> No.72042594

sounds like you a just a giant cuckhold

>> No.72042619

The bar for western GFE vtubers is so low, that GFE in the EN market is defined as chuuba that isn't actively hostile to her audience and is cutesy. EN does not do GFE, its fine but they simply do not understand it.

>> No.72042651

What if I want a girlfriend (male) experience

>> No.72042696

>Nene Amano (Kawaii Production)
>Kohaku Yumekui (Kawaii Production)
>Miori Celesta
So we need a real list instead of this cuck's NTR dream. I don't think I've seen anyone complain about these three at least

>> No.72042735

>no little sister
You could've just said you were a raging queer

>> No.72042767

Nene is not GFE anon, certainly not by the JP standards. She is an extra cutesy chuuba byt that is mot GFE. Even if she claims otherwise, i think she just doesn't understand that is not GFE.

>> No.72042777

Miori is a great GFE chuuba if you want to listen to her talk about hanging out with her male friends and play NTR simulators

>> No.72042863

Unironically she is more GFE than most EN chuubas. Look anon, you want GFE, go learn Japanese. EN simply does not do GFE

>> No.72042926

yeah you've spammed it 100 times already, we get it. I'm still not watching miori

>> No.72043368

Nice Discord thread by the way

>> No.72043685

Nene is probably the closest we have to GFE for EN, although she clearly states that she is just role playing.

>> No.72044104

>>Nene Amano (Kawaii Production)
Whore with a boyfriend
>>Kohaku Yumekui (Kawaii Production)
Whore with a boyfriend
>>Miori Celesta
Whore with a boyfriend

>> No.72044928

Western women are so shit they can't even GFE properly...

>> No.72044993

I would like proof for these claims.

>> No.72045333

I am their boyfriend (all three of them)

>> No.72045372

Nene will always be the best. She is my wife

>> No.72045763

>it shows how low tye bar is for western chuubas
It shows how low the bar is for western women in general

>> No.72046644

shes a whore with a boyfriend cuck

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>Nene is not GFE

>> No.72047212

>>>ham beast with meat on main in the op
absolutely fucking kill yourself
dogshit thread
shes cute

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Fuck you, she's cute and I like her. Also don't be rude, she lurks in these threads

>> No.72047730

She does a lot more than lurking if she got perma banned
You can't go keyfabe cutesy vtuber while having your hawk phenotype ass not even one page scroll below
Commit or gtfo jesus

>> No.72047881

Please elaborate on specifics and just dont go
>Muh superior Nippon GFE folded over 1000 times is incomprehensible to any western vtuber because reasons

>> No.72047929

correct shes a cos thot grifting the GFE scene and complains about her mentally ill fans when it suits her she might as well go back to IRL twitch whoring oh baby baby

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If you guys are looking for gfe you might like this stream. Pillowdear is extremely vocal about how much she loves chat and gives hugs


skip to 1:00:26 if you need huggu

>> No.72048584

>lofi voice call experience
>that voice
>that giggle
holy shit great find

>> No.72048613

God I love my virtual girlfriends

>> No.72048734

damn you weren't kidding her forehead is fucking GIANT

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Goona put it out there
Runie from Phase Connect

>> No.72049218

The issue is that "mah nippon folded over 1000 times" is the actual answer. The GFE culture simple does not exist in the west, think about irl establishments. If a guy wanted to spend time with a women or be around women, he either had escorts or strip clubs, that's kind of your only options besides places like hooters but thise are like strip club lite. In japan? You have idol cafes, you have ear cleaning spas, you have host clubs. Going back 200 years they even had geishas. The problem here is the culture of what GFE is, of a guy paying for a womens company without it being full on nudity or full on sex, doesn't exist in the west. In Japan paying emotional female attention, is a concept. In the US is not. Even the idea of "i wanna open up a business where men come in and rest their head on a pretty girls lap for 30 minutes", the answer would be "oh you wanna open up a brothel? You can't do that". The idea of GFE, of spending emotional time with a women, as a service, it does not exist. ALL chuubas in EN who attempt GFE are copying a non western concept they dont really understand, maybe some niche ones do who knows, but certainly not the most popular westerm "GFE" ones.

>> No.72049321

What the fuck, wow. That is actually promising for once, damn. Where you find this anon.

>> No.72049433

I went down the rabbit hole of yandere asmr on youtube and found pillowdear. She's a diamond in the rough

>> No.72049466

Shondo is the only true GFE in EN VTubing.

>> No.72049486

Also i would like to add one thing. In many ways it is a GOOD thing EN sucks at GFE. You guys have no idea how fucked up that shit can get if you get into it too much.

>> No.72049874

Most important post in the thread. Even as far as paid sex is concerned, the mood is just radically different between east and west. and actually pretty different north and south, too
GFE just really isn't a thing outside a very specific geographical area because only until very recently in human history, culture was limited to geographical area.
Perhaps in the future there might be EN-first GFE developments, but we're not there yet. And with the ultra-politicized gender dynamics in the west, it might never emerge.

>> No.72049937

She falls here>>72037108
Just like Ame, she did date streams in the first six months, completely on her own initiative, then abruptly decided she's just a homie and that that kinda stuff makes her uncomfortable

>> No.72050578

Because you idiots keep falling for it. The response to a woman on the Internet isn't immediately throwing money at her and kissing her ass- it's hitting her with the most horrendous shit so she'll leave. And if she doesn't, then she's a homie who we can play games with. You did this, Jeremy. I blame you

>> No.72050777

Why would i want LESS women online? I want more. I fucking hate sausage fests places.

>> No.72050977

Conor is right about Hololive.
Once they're in, that's the tape snap at the finish line. I'm surprised they commit to a GFE pretense at all, considering they become millionaires overnight and never stick with it.

>> No.72051015

you're a cuck. I'm not paying a girl for her to buy condoms and pay love hotel fees to have sex with her real boyfriend while the best I can get is some ear licking ASMR. Make a new thread with only girls without irl boyfriends. If I found out my oshi had a boyfriend, she's straight to the dumpster.

>> No.72051793

Because the Internet isn't where you should be, dumbass. Go outside and make some real friends instead of gooning to a png lady who says your name after you paid her 100 bucks

What the fuck does Connor have to do with anything I said? Absolutely rent free, you impotent incel

>> No.72052189

Here's your (You)

>> No.72052845


>> No.72052902

This post aged like fine milk.

>> No.72053459

I dont understand, theres some talk of drama but i dont see what? Did something happen in the last 20 minutes, what?

>> No.72053871 [DELETED] 


>> No.72055934 [DELETED] 

Did phasefags really think a woman with that much personality would've grown up isolated in a convent or something

>> No.72056013

It's a shame she deleted 90% of her old more extreme yandere stuff

>> No.72056522

if you went into gfe vtubers thinking the girl is a virgin irl, you are very naive my friend. just enjoy the experience you get from these amazing female vtuber artists for what it is bros, dont let whatever happens in her rl character ruins it for you. seperate the two from each other. dont dwell on the negativity, enjoy the positivity instead.

>> No.72056810

Nah I'm too mentally ill and lonely to separate the two. Think I will just abstain from this all together moving forward.

>> No.72057088

I only like GFE vtubers that are either ok with, or actively encourage me to jerk off to them. Bonus points if they let you send them that shit in maros or twitter DM's
Katta from idolEN is my current oshi

>> No.72057855

>unironic coalburner
lmfao, at least this shitty thread was good for a laugh at phasekeks.

>> No.72058748 [DELETED] 

The issue is more about her interactions with certain individuals for them, not that she had a life outside or before streaming.

>> No.72058841

You can be a cuck if you want to you but I wont be

>> No.72058860

>What did you dream about? Tell me please, I want to know
I made it that far before I started crying. I'm a broken person.

>> No.72059203

Same, the only good GFE is when they encourage you to coom

>> No.72059258 [DELETED] 
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I genuinely don't hear the simalarity. But I also don't watch runie so whatever

>> No.72059282


>> No.72059308

Who is the best at this btw?

>> No.72059520

Does Katta let her fans send coomer maros or twitter dm?

>> No.72059535 [DELETED] 


>> No.72059659
File: 25 KB, 608x211, screenshot-twitter.com-2024.03.22-19_30_07.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes. She actively encourages it. (Seth is the name of her fans)

>> No.72059734

Katta isn't beating the white woman allegations now.

>> No.72059749

yeah but does she have a boyfriend?

>> No.72059772 [DELETED] 

This rrat is so weak it spontaneously develops cancer.

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File: 2 KB, 120x120, pill_1f48a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's almost as if people who use live2d avatars for content creation are capable of acting, and sometimes choose to present themselves in a way that doesn't reflect their true feelings towards the audience.
Verification not required.

>> No.72059923

this but unironically

>> No.72059927
File: 68 KB, 619x668, screenshot-twitter.com-2024.03.22-19_33_55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I genuinely think she enjoys it

>> No.72059966

Anon, "unicorn" is just a synonym for "cuck". Sorry you had to find out the hard way.

>> No.72060100

From the west, idk. The only good one that I have encountered was Rifuu from eien. She graduated a year ago but is coming back in June with her own whore corpo. Katta is also good but she doesn't do it often and also she is kinda menhera

From jp, I would say Karin is the best one

>> No.72060395 [DELETED] 

>Coping runicuck

>> No.72060542 [DELETED] 

To be fair, the insults levied against her are severely reaching and the videos do not prove the claims.

>> No.72060799

No idea but if a girl has a personality that disgusting and toxic then she ceases to be attractive at all

>> No.72061073 [DELETED] 

they sound exactly the same dude

>> No.72061344 [DELETED] 

nope instead you watch the fake ass thot from kawaii

>> No.72061421 [DELETED] 

Nope. Just a reaction image uses on a imageboard. Nice try though, it was cute.

>> No.72063129 [DELETED] 

Retard you misunderstood.

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>> No.72068143


>> No.72070440

Is Terumi still doing GFE?

>> No.72075058

mio is queen of ntr

>> No.72075737
File: 1.36 MB, 1920x1080, 1711058281392999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.72076374

>clearly states that she is just role playing.

>> No.72076412

its the better option though, why wallows in negativity focusing on her rl stuff when you can enjoy really fun moments with your virtual gf. she wants you to respect her privacy too, and the feeling is mutual too, i dont want her to see me irl.

>> No.72076518

What the fuck are these choices? Is this a bait thread? An attempt to kill gfe-enjoyers?

>> No.72079225

when I saw her porn commissions with her BF's avatar on patreon/kemono i dropped her

>> No.72081918

>Miori Celesta:

Hakos Baelz (Hololive EN)

so this is an anti thread then?

>> No.72083800

I genuinely hate this thread needs to be made, awesome that OP and some of you need to be proven to be insecure beta incel fucks, declare yourself or by others a cuck or BOTH at the same time.

You could have just enjoyed vtubers autistically happy, but no, you have to be mentally ill snowflakes and go:

>> No.72084595

GFE is something only beta males love

>> No.72085186
File: 1.51 MB, 744x1250, IMG_3719.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This should’ve been a general since the very birth of this board

>> No.72086495

Do people still see her as GFE?

>> No.72086521

She literally does GFE RP streams

>> No.72086748


>> No.72087277

traitors spotted

>> No.72088674

She’s GFE-coded

>> No.72089187

love me that cuckold experience. add Nebi, Navi and Kiki (lock, soon RIP) to the OP too

>> No.72091360
File: 138 KB, 769x1039, IMG_3568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does Scarle count as GFE? For a Niji, she barely collabs with anyone, let alone males

>> No.72093076

So, Japanese GFE is better because Japan has a culture of emotional prostitution as opposed to the west which only has physical prostitution?

>> No.72093433

>complains about her mentally ill fans when it suits her
To be fair to Nene, I disliked a lot of her mentally ill fans as well when I used to watch streams.

>> No.72095462

cute feet

>> No.72098545

>Does Scarle count as GFE?

>> No.72098572 [DELETED] 
File: 207 KB, 1247x1127, 1690822337295540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hakoz baelz

>> No.72098934

Emotional prostitution is actually too narrow. In the west we do not have the concept of paying for company full stop that isn't a full-on long-term sugar-daddy relationship. It isn't a thing. In places like Japan it's one of *the* things you do in the nightlife.

>> No.72099054

>>Do not flirt or act lovey dovey with male Collab partners
This is the basic trap women fall into. Lots of the women who get into vtubing are the type of woman who has always used flirting to get things out of people (hence why they decided to go anime vthot) so they habitually do this even if there's no romantic/sexual intent

>> No.72101852

she looks cute

>> No.72103057

I like her

>> No.72103401
File: 63 KB, 700x991, 1710806125826391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pillowdear stream starts in one hour. Come watch pillow wife


>> No.72104579

you're doing her a disservice by making her known here btw

>> No.72104660

honestly I worry you might be right. but maybe she'll get some new fans that cherish her

>> No.72104816
File: 30 KB, 128x128, 49add7a3bc70024761535afdb2b17ea95de51912.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That is one fat ass

>> No.72106329

Kawaii whores lol nah

>> No.72108108

She collabs with males

>> No.72111296

Yea me

>> No.72112389
File: 20 KB, 580x548, 51csgj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So Chuubas with BFs offer the best type of GFE? Is that the ultimate truth?

>> No.72113143

It's obvious

>> No.72113284
File: 156 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_3694.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just be as detached from them as they are detached from you. Enjoy the GFE onstream, but stop thinking about her the second you click off. It’s better for both sides that way

>> No.72113673

This is a vtuber board and miss fushi is not a vtuber since she regularly posts pictures of herself. leave.

>> No.72113748

so this is why i suck at gfe? never had a bf so i just try to do what i think a bf and gf should do but i keep failing miserably.

>> No.72118472

No but chuubas that have HAD bfs before and know how to treat them do gfe well.
They don't need a bf during.

>> No.72118721

Just hang out and have fun with your bf (chatters) and don't worry so much.
Yapping to your viewers, telling you that you love them sometimes, actually giving a shit about them and how they're doing is good gfe.
You can always just ask them what they'd like to see more or less of.
Just keep trying things out but never betray them or collab with males, preferably don't lash out at them either and if you need to express a desire for things to stop happening or change you should express sadness and be upset rather than angry, men are much more willing to try and help you if you're sad NOT if you're shouting at them or blaming them for things etc.

>> No.72118863

as long as they know, real inexperienced gf enthusiastically trying to make you happy but not really knowing what to do is peak gfe

>> No.72120452

Having no idea what to do is peak gfe, what's your name so I can start grooming you

>> No.72124122

>Does Scarle count as GFE
yes, as girlfailure experience

>> No.72124244
File: 300 KB, 1376x2048, 20240304_082732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is she fauna's roommate? Sounds just like her

>> No.72125958


>> No.72126804
File: 2.63 MB, 500x324, 642466534523.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I shouldn't have scrolled through this thread. I'm falling into the cycle again. I will never escape the timeloops.