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>Stream now past the 3 hour mark
We're so back

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very comfy stream so far...

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Give Sora a free day and she’ll farm for hours

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a woman after my own heart if i were a dateable npc in that game but i'm married to my job as the doctor/nurse is

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Sadly for you her heart is set on Cliff-kun
>[EN] Sora: I plan to play this on holidays and days when I can stream longer. Until I marry Cliff-kun.
At least we'll get more comfy farm streams though

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I wish Azki was as cute as Rikotan

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You watched Star Star Start again today, right?

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Where is the Mario outfit Nintendo?! SEGA managed to give Korone a Sonic one WITHOUT a massive competition!!

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That's a good question, that mario competition stream was ages ago. Where's Sorario?

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New AZKi cover btw

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One of the years good announcements. I belieb...

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Almost 1mil

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>long non music video version at 1.5M

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Hey, guys. Wouldn't it be hot if we found out that Sora streams topless?

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I've never thought to check the album version. That's really cool, I've been thinking this one deserves 1 mil easy.

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Wouldn't that make Sora a dullahan then?

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Topless not headless

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My beloved VSingers

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Both of them were known to have the ugliest model back then

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File: 3.51 MB, 1280x720, Sora star star start dance.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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What a cutie

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This is the OP for /jp#/
Is it an Aoi joke?
I wonder what they get up to over there...

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Sorry aoitomos, I checked out her music, but it's not for me. I like her stuff with Sora, but that's to be expected.

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That kiss was so good that Sora still obsessively collects her merch

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HOT LIMIT (MV) has now reached 1M. It turns out sexy Ankimo sells.

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My album came in. Everything is nice except the umbrella. It's a real let down. There's hiding your power level and then there's slapping the album title on a plain flimsy umbrella and calling it a day.

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I don't know how to explain why this is so cute

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It's okay, we have eyes

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Keep Shinin' confirmed to have face melting levels of dancing

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Today's konsome, stream later!

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Sora retweeted it again, do your Star Star Start reps!

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sora love

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Big Bang with Nunnun!

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>The microphone stand I've been using since I started my activities has finally become Rakka-chan

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It did good. Served her well all these years. Poor thing surely tried it's hardest to hold on until the anniversary party.

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Someone asked me a thread or so ago whether or not the etsy sorahoodie I got was comfortable. Yes It is. Not the best construction, not that I have any hoodies to compare it with as I normally don't wear this stuff. The external seam stitches look quite exposed which to my untrained eye look like a weak point. It held up for two days of Fes however and it's not like I know anything about hoodie construction quality.
Both sides of the bearface on the hood don't line up, if you can picture it, separate by the main seam.
QC issue? Or did the guy model it off some artwork or screenshot where there's some parallax shit going on? Dunno.
It's either this or make one yourself which I saw only 2 wear during Fes. Might've just been the same guy I saw twice though.
Etsy one comes in black or pink.

The guy who sells it told me it was made so that the graphic wouldn't ever fade. I think they tried to do this by dying the top parts of a white hoodie black or something. The question is how faded the black parts will look after I wash it again when I get home.

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The microphone arm saga might be costing us streams in the immediate future. Sora's having trouble finding a good replacement arm.

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Well shit

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Well they put umbrella as one of the merch just because one of the song is about umbrella but it's not the main songs or the main theme of the mini album, also the umbrella has hexagonal shape to match the main theme "6"

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under my umbrella ella ella ella eh eh eh eh

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Stream soon

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Yep, more Undertale

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Undertale is filtering me bros...

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Me too

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>Sora doesn't get the disco ball
>she thinks she needs to spam shots to beat it

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Despite her best efforts, she won

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Is she close to the ending? I don't know a whole lot about this game.

>> No.71955329

No idea but I like this bgm

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I'm going to have a temmie ache from how cute Sora is

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Sora should be almost done with the first ending as she just needs to get passed two more bosses. However there are two (technically 6) more endings after the first one. So she still has a lot of stuff left.

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Thanks nerd

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So she’s stuck with the final bosses and now is trying to find cash and healing items

Somehow, she discovered some extra scenarios which is needed for the true ending that’s only possible in a 2nd playthrough

>> No.71957221

This is bad. Sora has no idea she’s forced to fight and kill the dude

>> No.71957401

Consider it her mini-Sans training arc.

>> No.71957570

People already told her, she knew, she just want to try if there is other alternatives

>> No.71957813

I'm watching casually from work, have Sora mentioned anything about doing the G-route? I assume she knows about it since she was clearing some Pacifist run requirements earlier, but idk if she has any intention of being evil.

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I want psycho Sora to do evil things to me

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Neutral End get!

>> No.71959653

>>71957813 (me)
Well I suppose she just answered my question. I suspected as much.

>> No.71959941

Sora might've bullied her kouhai now but she isn't that evil yet

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Very cute dancing idols

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Sora getting along with her kouhai!

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File: 1.12 MB, 392x532, Sora belly dance.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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For me, it's very cute farming idols

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This is sick. Is the outfit a reference to something?

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Thanks, anon. I hope Sora releases one for her birthday, but it sounds like a decent alternative if she doesn't.
I'm not sure if he was there in the 2nd day, but that guy who does 3d work for the EN girls wore that etsy hoodie around on day one. Even got to chill Ordan-sensei. I almost thought that was you!

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retro nun-nun

>> No.71976138

delicious rice ball nunnun

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me in the background

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>Presses B

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Gotta mash it

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I really like these MMD videos, I wish people would do more of them in general that aren't on iwara

>> No.71988511

I'm starting to tire of starstarstarting...

>> No.71990600

Sora love!

>> No.71990823

Hm that sound serious, as a doctor I would prescribe looping Star, Star, Start for another 4 hours

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In other news, Korone's calling her "Sora-chan" now!

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2 more weeks (or however long it takes past Keep Shinin' to get to 1M)

>> No.71995470

Everyone has their preferences so don't worry about it

They don't exist.

>> No.71998948

Huh, the concert is just a few weeks away

>> No.71999094

Sora activating Simple Domain!

>> No.71999133

Almost exactly 2

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will there be stream today?

>> No.72002137

>[EN] Sora: I played too long today, so tomorrow will be a short stream. I hope everyone of you can follow my stream.

>> No.72004139

Today's Konsome!

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She's working hard today

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>> No.72007820

Look how cute she is with so few pixels, now that's efficiency.

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do your papaya reps, it's almost at 500k

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Papaya! I think I've watched it so many times I know which part of the dance she's doing even when I'm not looking at the screen

>> No.72010357

My every waking moment is papaya... For Sora...

>> No.72011100

Eternal papaya.

>> No.72012749

Another 500k in two weeks, huh.
We're going to fail our girl, tomos.

>> No.72013161

Getting a Sora orisong to 1M is hard, most of Hololive's fans don't really care about her music so it's up to Soratomos almost entirely to get it there.

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Nunnun coming in hot!

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>> No.72022226

Papaya ad

>> No.72022353

Those people watching, can we count them as MV views?

>> No.72022446

Meanwhile me stretching my neck and not trying to look up her skirt

>> No.72024415


>> No.72024542

500K Papayas!!!

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>> No.72025756

Papaya love!

>> No.72026293

Someone on /holoX/ thinks that Sora gave the best performance during holofes. I feel embarrassed as a Soratomo since I haven't watched it yet.

>> No.72026680

Another papaya short soon!

>> No.72026837

Her HoloHoney performance was absolutely amazing and her group song with Iroha and Flare was super nice as well. Her normal solo performance is free on the day 1 stage 2 vod on youtube if you haven't seen it already, I don't think anyone here will say she gave a bad performance, but I know some would have perferred a different song.

>> No.72027662

Yeah she keeps picking the more emotional slower songs for Fes, which is an interesting choice for a high energy event.

>> No.72028408

I wouldn't describe HoloFes as high energy event but the flow for it usually from high energy then more emotional song which is pretty much just a common sense and exactly why people think the song doesn't suit for opening that Sora also agreed but she has her own reason to pick Yukkuri hashireba which she explained during her after Fes zatsu

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The mini-album is so good...

>> No.72028681

My love for Sora is volatile. It goes down gradually for a while and then it spikes whenever she releases an album.

>> No.72029699

One day, I will find someone to replace Sora but high-pitched vsingers are a rare breed, even rarer that vdivas. For now, she's unique.

>> No.72030085

But where is the stream?

>> No.72031543

Purposely haven't watched it or can't find a source to watch??
VODs up, torrent up. Litterbox is dead but do you need a reupload?

>> No.72032046

>Purposely haven't watched it
It's not like I was avoiding it. I simply don't care about Hololive as a whole.

>> No.72033342

Not sure how I feel about being 100k of those views

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>> No.72037784

Now that it's been a minute, what's everyone's thoughts on the album? Any favorite tracks? Did any of the new songs make it into your top 5?
I think it's a solid listen from beginning to end, though I like the middle tracks more than the beginning and end.
Contrast with Sign, where I like every track but skip around and don't usually listen to the full album.

>> No.72038373

I don’t have strong opinions on the first and second songs but I really like the rest. Some of the songs make me feel like I’m in a 90s bar while listening to a woman sing.

>top 5
Sora is not the only vsinger that I listen to. There’s so many songs I like that it’s impossible for me to make a top 5 list.

>> No.72040106

I don't like Rolling, Loading!!

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I for one like umbrella posting in chat

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Poncho song and merch next please

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>> No.72045792

Where are we going

>> No.72046568

sex with ankimo

>> No.72047494

>sora merch: abu grahib edition

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Into the star star start listening chamber. The acoustics are out of this world.

>> No.72053924

Too soon, anon, too soon...

>> No.72054608

We need to be more like Suisei general

>> No.72055588

What's that like

>> No.72055749


>> No.72056713

Link to the short since you forgetfultomos forgot to post it when it went up

>> No.72056918
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Also, choose your Sora

>> No.72057830


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>> No.72061690

Sora 4 for me.

>> No.72065094

3 and 4 are the best for me.

>> No.72068052

2 or 3 for me

>> No.72069023

Sora can't stretch...

>> No.72070004

Very cute though

>> No.72072645
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>> No.72074428

Sora yoga never forget.

>> No.72074920
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>> No.72075509

one of these is me but i won't tell you which

>> No.72078122
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>> No.72078848

Today's konsome, a short and maybe a stream later tonight!

>> No.72081894

Hey it's me

>> No.72083797

Physical tickets sold out, huh? I'm happy for her. No stress Sora!

>> No.72085386

Stream Spar- I mean Star star start