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We need to call ghosting what it is. . . emotional abuse — at the very least it’s a form of disrespect. The term ghosting makes it sound like a casual, emotional drive-by possibly involving a ghost. When in fact it’s a form of abuse which is minimized by the mere vocabulary that we use to describe it.

Ghosting is leaving a trail of broken-hearted and broken-spirited people behind who are becoming more like recycled trash than the actual beautiful human beings that they are.

People who have had the misfortune of being treated this way have been left with deep emotional and mental scars — not to mention spiritual devastation. They’re left with a wide-open gap of pain and a mind that has been warped by the whiplash of the sudden loss of someone close to them without explanation or closure.

It’s bad enough if you just started following a vtuber and they suddenly disappear, but when it’s your oshi, that’s an even bigger kick in the head.

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>chumbuds are mentally abused
Honestly that explains a lot of the schizo shit like picrel

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kek those poor souls

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These threads are hilarious, keep it up.

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Based, can't wait the love bombs coming. I will not survive the karaoke and soft talking.

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>Girl suddenly becomes distant
>Ghosts until you're not mad anymore
>comes back and love bombs you
Stop dating girls with depression then, idiot.

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Oh yes another one!

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I’ll give this a bump cause it’s good bait

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Take your meds.

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>emotionally abuse by Gura
Thats kinda hot actually

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Isn't this just Bipolar Disorder?
Also, I agree that Gawr/Alt Gura, the one chumbuds meme about, is legit emotionally abusive and a dick to hang out with. Unlike the stereotypical hard tsundere type that she's been stereotyped as. That's what she actually meant when she talked about who that is when discussing the meaning of Reflect
Though, I can't say there ain't people who can get into her. Just that she's not as pleasant as most people seem to think she is.

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chumbuds have to beg other hologirls for updates from their oshi..

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>emotional abuse
What are those meme "issues"?

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unironically hot. she learned from ayame

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Shit I want Gura abuse me so bad

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Ghosting actually happens, sometimes girls don’t wanna reject you straight up so they just never message back

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Gura doesn't have any true sadistic tendencies

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>Gura is emotionally abusive
and a massive cocktease as well

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based, i love it when a girl ghost me

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>calling gaslighting a meme issue

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Parasocial with Gura wouldn't be as good without the ghosting.

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You are making me diamond hard right now

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>Gura doesn't have any true sadistic tendencies
Gura kills innocent corn worms Anon. Crushes them with her bare hands just to watch them die. She even calls it "nice". She's a sadistic freak.

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Take your meds. These threads are great and OP should continue making them.

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She wants to tickle me until peeing myself.

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get these worms off my corn

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Anon is right, gaslighting isn’t real.

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Look at those things, can you blame her?

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Yes. You get paid thousands of dollars a month by retards to be an internet clown. Do your job.

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source ?

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Never mind. I'm a retard.

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Nice blog post, not gonna read your garbage. Though your shitty meme actually applies more to Haachama.

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>Dude Gura's so dark and gritty just like her song, hngg I'm gonna onions face :D

Gura's the definition of a basic bitch with BPD. If you really find this clingy for 5-10% then ghosting/uninterested for the majority of time Godly then just date any 18-29 American white girl with dyed hair and a very active twitter account.

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im grooming girls on tiktok, catch up to the new avenues old man

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I can't and will never have sex with Gura (because she isn't real) so I do not care if she has a shit BPD personality.
Hope this helps.

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>sheep poster
ah thanks for the reminder of my daily watame vod dislike

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Yeah no thanks. Twitter you just need an acount and picture, no grooming is worth having to make videos like a cringeworthy faggot.

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>Accepted his place
Seething into the void
Why don't you learn from the other anon, cuck?

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chumbuds either cope or become schizo, that’s just how it is

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stop projecting anon

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If you get a deep emotional scar over a vtuber not giving you updates over a few days then you don't deserve the rope to hang yourself with

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How fucking dare she. When my oshi cancels streams unannounced every single week it's so much better. I can't believe the fucking cunt Gura did it a single time. I will never forgive her.

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That's all I can get

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Dude, Gura has streamed 11 times in the month of July. To put that into perspective, Ame does 2.5 streams for every Gura stream, Irys has more streams even with the collab embargo, being busy with songs/socials and having her channel created in the middle of the month and Ms. 5% has streamed twice as often. It's a fucking joke.

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I know fuck that stupid bitch Gura amirite.
How fucking dare she have family and pc issues doesn't that fucking cunt know her place as a streamer?

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Gura graduation soon, chums

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it's because her family issue but you mentally deranged fuck will never understand

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Most of Gura's fans are already mentally damaged pedos, so who cares really.

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Saying that she doesn't stream because of family issues is as legitimate as saying that she doesn't stream because she gets rammed by her boyfriend for weeks at a time. You can't prove either of those. Fact is, she doesn't stream.

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imagine getting the easiest well paying job you'll ever get at your education level and throwing it away

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stfu anon she's not like that, she's just misunderstood and it can't be helped because chumbuds are at fault, we deserve it. Maybe if we did better she wouldn't distance herself. But she isn't malicious she's a very nice girl. she's a good girl at heart, we just have to be patient and do better. How dare you talk badly about her though, you don't know her at all.

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>We chumbuds
>Posts gosling
Why does Teamates always bump their own bait threads?

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Pathetic cumbuds

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>amesame collabs
>chumbuds spam gf shit
they ruined everything

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>Emotionally abusive relationships
That's the thing anonchama. You are not in a relationship with Gura an you will never be. She only cares about your money. You really need to stop being delusionnal, because the only one who is abusive is you to yourself.

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Gosling is for every fanbase, newfag.

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I wish she cared more about my money, this bitch is coasting on a high pay job that is not going to be there forever. Seriously, she's going to regret one day that she didn't make more

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senzawa returning in 3...2...

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You can smell the parasocial shit from here

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OP is a virign WaifuFag.

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I love how you fags criticize gura's stream schedule but give ayame and shion free passes to stream once a month.

>> No.7186071

ooh that's a good one

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Yeah, we should teach her a lesson and like...spank her butt on something.

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I don't. Gura is a hard worker compared to Ayame.

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Gura's ghosting because she's fat and lazy, while Shion has depresshion and Ayame's too busy working in Shibuya

>> No.7186297

will never happen, but holy fuck, would the shitstorm be glorious.

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>my internet cartoon that I think is my wife didn't stream on time, I think she's emotionally abusing me and disrespecting me
Nuke the US at once.

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why are western fans so cancerous

>> No.7186660

moe isn't a concept we have in the west and the audience is still figuring out how to respond appropriately. japanese have like fifty years of idol otaku's mistakes to learn from.

>> No.7186782

America is a mistake.

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Go back to twitter.

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This sounds like the beginning of a cancel brigade.

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Am I getting this right? You're all having a meltdown because her computer broke for a day?
Leave the poor girl alone. This schizo shit probably scares her.

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>victim complex engaged!

As a chumember i wish you all roped yourselves.

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>Gura is abusing me

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I unironically think it's possible for the return considering Kiara's situation and the fact Gura publicly stated she wants to do a podcast without worry of censorship.

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Love bomb me, Gura!

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>Gura publicly stated she wants to do a podcast without worry of censorship
The fuck does she have to say that would even be worth censoring? She's clearly very cautious about such things because she always seems uneasy on stream like she's not sure what she's allowed to say, but I always assumed that this was just paranoia.

>> No.7190939

Imagine being so selfish that you want to force your chuuba to stream and be unhappy, rather than just finding something else to do until she comes back

>> No.7191002

she probably just has a bunch of dirty jokes she wants to make but is too scared to do them in her regular streams.

>> No.7191084

She wants to make a speech that would make Hitler blush.

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I'll never forget this moment

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Take your meds

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>japanese have like fifty years of idol otaku's mistakes to learn from.
But do they?

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bro if shes worried about censorship on a podcast, she wants to say shit that she would be restricted to do because she’s the face of hololive

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