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Good riddance

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This isn't my prescribed niji drama

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wrong kiki my friend, this is the pink one

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This is the one that offered up her old chair as a donation goal to some "lucky" guy, only for us to find out it actually belonged to her brother's male friend or something. Because he posted about finding a new use for his old chair on twitter.

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> eien project
> didn’t last forever

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>so basically she is a grifter i would say good riddence

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she's joining the coomer agency im guessing?

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This will have to do, the Jp stock market not open for another few hours.

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Sorry anon, drama is over until Darth Elira throws Emperor Riku down a shaft.
How the fuck do you get blacklisted from Phase?

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oh shit that might just be it

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>EN1 = Myth
>EN2 = Hope
>EN3 = Council
>EN4 = Tempus 1
>EN5 = Tempus 2
>EN6 = Advent

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>Filipino ballsack
>not Millie

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Niji has ruined me, without the feeling of a tight and wet niji yab I can’t feel anything anymore

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>Darth Elira throws Emperor Riku down a shaft.
She already did that. It's called the black screen stream.

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>Filipino ballsack girl
I thought you meant Filbert

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See >>71742050

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>ballsack girl
qrd? i'm a walledgardenfag

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Is this the cumchair one?

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Unfortunate. Her model was the only one that played into my chastity kink.

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Nah, Riku skirted that one, at best it's the equivalent of letting Han Solo get away to Cloud City. I think we're either in the calm before the storm or waiting for the final penny to drop. There's one more thing coming (and it's not going to come from that faggot False). I just feel the final act of this drama has yet to come.

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Maybe she should open a furniture store as a living, heard she's pretty good at selling chairs.

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Oh I though it was about the other filipino ballsack girl

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We expected for the kurokara stock to fall by 500 points yesterday and thought that will be the deathstar blowing up. Unfortunately, it seems Riku pulled some strings to stop the sale of the stock according to this guy.


I wonder how long it will last, but I expect to hear at least ONE more niji news by the end of this month.

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May be her best bet

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>latest Stars EN generation are so bland that even bait posters forgot about them

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>it seems Riku pulled some strings to stop the sale of the stock according to this guy.
anon riku didnt pull any strings its a stopgap jap law
>TSE sets a price range, known as the "Daily Price Limit", within which price fluctuations are limited in a single day.
>Daily Price Limits are set in absolute yen basically according to prices such as the previous day's closing price (Base Price).
>Under the current TSE rules, daily price limits are, in principle, broadened on the following business day (the third business day) if either of the following conditions is met for two consecutive business days:
>(1) The price reaches the upper (or lower) limit, no "closing auction at the limit price"* is carried out and trading volume remains zero; or
>(2) There are no shares traded until the end of the afternoon session, but some shares are traded at the afternoon session closing auction at the upper (or lower) limit with bids (or offers) remaining at the upper (or lower) limit.

It turns out the "stop loss" trigger is not only for the day it happens but for the next day as well, meaning it was still in place today (JST Monday)

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What the fuck is this thread? It's an absolute mess.

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people can't shut the fuck about niji for 1 thread I guess.

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Hope you're happy now mr "twitter post exposé"

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Looks like market manipulation by abusing market manipulation preventative measures. Absolute kino if true.

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The Kiki who got blacklisted is literally just /pol/ as a vtuber. Her and Pippa played a MLP game or something and she was super cringe because she thought Pippa was just as racist and retarded as she was

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There's a good chance that she could join Vallure considering Riifu and gen 1 were seemingly on good terms even after the yab happened. Grim as fuck honestly and you can consider the corpo dead on arrival if that's the case.

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Stock market is probably over, as fun as it is to dunk on Nijisanji value-wise is, the company isn't worth (that much) less than Cover Corp and it has a lot of potential for growth and maneuver. If it starts tanking too much large investors are going to start buying the stock and lighting a fire on Riku's ass.

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Wrong kiki, idiot.

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Pippa being a lying grifter is not as much of an own against kiki as you think it is.

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>Grim as fuck honestly and you can consider the corpo dead on arrival if that's the case.
Unless she's specifically the NTR-themed brat chuuba. It's possible to roll with the yab if she's going to be in the literal pornstar chuuba agency.

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I like how this is the first image of her in this thread.

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I'm tired of sad news, I demand more happy news! Fuck 2024!
Also good luck to Kiki going forward!

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This is happy news.

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Wait what the fuck, so it doesn't fall AFTER the day?
Well that contextualizes a lot of things. I thought it was a bit weird that Riku had THAT much power, despite the connections he had.

I am not sure about the value of Nijisanji, simply because of their Q3 report. Riku made it clear that he was in for a quick buck and his entire strategy works around in constant growth and attempting to tap new markets. If growth is stunted, that is exactly the timing the investor needs to pull out.
The EN growth, even without considering selen because it happened on the tail end of the Q3, was stunted and if I remember right it was like 40% lower than target threshold. Riku did not even have good answers or showed leadership for the situation when asked questions on it.
Also, Niji did tank to cap in the first hour of opening on friday. If I was on the fence before I would have jumped ship by now unless I was some Stock bro trying to scheme with shorting stocks

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If you faggots want to discuss stocks so much why are you doing it in this thread?

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blame jannies, they delete all containment thread for the better or for worse.

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>pyon chan
Fucking what? I dare you talking like that, twat. Or I'm gonna squash your head and stuff that fucking slash into Peppa pig grifter mouth. Don't you dare talking like that about our kiki.

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>all those dead posts

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I wish I could find the clip of Kirsche reading the story on this, the
>and instead you get... filipino ballsack
was one of her funniest lines

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did anything come of eien after riifu and the chair thing or are they lingering in microcorpo purgatory forever?

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Good luck with that kek. She'd be a 1view shitter just like her Kiki persona was drag Vallure's rep to the mud just like she did with EIEN. Anything she touches is doomed.

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I can see her joining Vallure, but there is no way it will be an ntr theme

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nah not really. i tried to get into the rest of eien cause of riifu, but i checked out of eien when riifu fucked off, personally. the rest of eien make it a certified microcorp sadly

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Riifu is apparently still on good terms with her and they've done R18 roleplay together before. Also she originally was going to have one of her ASMR friends be one of the chuubas in Vallure but she backed out. So one of those models was intended to be a nepo hire...

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So why does everyone hate this one?

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Welcome to Vallure

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please Riifu no

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What did Riifu do, anyway? It's been so long I've forgotten already.

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It was her brother, her mod and her top donor are different people and all involved with her so it was actually worse than what you're suggesting.

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dime a dozen whore

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Eh it could work. There's a distinct difference between GFE and e-whoring. Right now she's trying to do slutty GFE, but just needs to be a whore if she wants to succeed

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whore (complimentary)

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I just started watching her dota streams too...not like this...

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As the anon that exposed the chair tweet, it's worth adding that the paypig who bought it also had been following her since early 2021 (she debuted in 2023). He knew of her...9 year situation...and still paid thousands of dollars for it. Anons /here/ jumped on the chair thing because it was funny and because Pippa mentioned it, but no one truly knows if it was hers or an old friend's ball sweat-drenched chair. I also found out that 80% of her biggest paypigs followed her to EIEN Project. She recognized ALL of them the whole time and pretended they were new fans. They tried to blend-in with the rest of the fans like some fucked up cuck inner circle. They literally had their own private cuck discord for Kiki.

When one of her actual new/fresh fans found out the truth about Kiki's actual situation, bare in mind she was HARD GFE, these paypig fans that followed her dragged him back in and turned him into the biggest paypig pathetic cuck I've ever seen. How messed up must you be to see a man come to his senses and drag him back into the dirt.

EIEN Project is arguably one of the worst EN small corpos. Filipino scum to the core. They knew everything about Kiki after she was exposed in /eien/ last year in May, and they fully had her back because the CEO loved Kiki (the CEO is a female flip whore...literally). Their CEO once said she was creampied and couldn't feel a thing.

The worst thing Kiki ever did was secretly bring her 9-year 'friend' into a game she was playing with her fans and he teasted them in the game's chat calling them cucks and she was laughing at them. The paypig circle all knew who he was, but the rest of the fans had no idea their oshi was laughing at how pathetic they were. Again, EIEN's current CEO knew all about this and did nothing.

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And Kiki is whore (derogatory), I gather?

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You got it.

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Good riddance I guess, hopefully she isn't trying to pivot to vallure

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>>71756990 basically:
kino scottish whore, just left one day. some dirt was kicked up in regards to her contract and steam account or some shit, but i didn't really pay much attention; kino scottish whore was no more
dead on

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Riifu was well within her rights to leave as the riiflings found out later.

>> No.71757509

>EIEN Project is arguably one of the worst EN small corpos
just save Blaise, Kilia and Skye, everyone else is not worth it, burn it down

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yeah, sounds like she made the right call. i miss her but eien's a shithole

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Does she have a presence at/in relation to VAllure, or is all behind-the-scenes? (Is it just rrats? I'm a bit of a believer, so I like getting second opinions.)

>> No.71757802

Riifu? It's literally her corpo and she'll be a chuuba there.

>> No.71757851

The head whore has unambiguously said that she finds she owes the other members of Museia, and would sign any of them on if they wanted it

>> No.71757929

I want her to sign this Kiki girl just for the meltdown it would cause, it's not like riifu is any different from her lol

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Eat shit

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Is this the key cooch girl? Jeez, what a design

>> No.71758101

>she'll be a chuuba there
I knew it was hers, I didn't know she was going to be a VTuber there as well. I'm interested in seeing how VAllure will play out, though.

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how so?

>> No.71758161

Actual woman mindset

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That's actually pretty funny. Unicorns and gachikoi deserve to get fucked with.

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Not only that, but she has a boyfriend that would openly talk in her chat as well as she had a PL that openly mocked GFE before becoming a GFEtuber.

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I can smell your roast beef flaps from here

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nah, vtubers that takes their supporters and viewers for granted and treats them like shit should get the rope. that doesn't mean you have to be a doormat, but defending indian tech support scammer-tier behavior is niggerly at best

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i support executing both her and anyone who considered bidding on that chair

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Nice bait retard

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And I'm the pope.

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They're both fucking not you.

>> No.71758855

they're both sucking me off right now thougheverbeit

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This part was never anything but schizo conjecture. It's merely been parroted so much by retards exactly like you that it's now taken as fact.

>> No.71759150

Your Holiness, didn't know you were into vtubers, may I ask your oshi?

>> No.71759151 [DELETED] 

Even if the chair thing wasn't real (which it probably was) it doesn't excuse Kiki's behavior as a GFEtuber with a boyfriend that talks in chat as well as shitting on GFE in her past life.

>> No.71759572 [DELETED] 

It's tiring how catalogniggers keep mentioning the only thing that was never confirmed, when she has done even worse shit
>invited her bf in her lobbies and laughed at her viewers
>let herself groomed by a viewer
>left her boyfriend after 9 years of relationship to start one with that viewer
>ghosted her regular viewers for the past 3 months after that

>> No.71759710

and her co-workers seem to have no problem with this? interesting company

>> No.71759745

Bad take. You never want to let grifters into your community; even if they are currently grifting people you dislike. It just leads to bigger problems down the line. It's like inviting snakes into your house to catch rats.

>> No.71759871

Yuko parallels

>> No.71759907

Good. She was the worst one in the company.

>> No.71759943

Zumi is good

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based retard

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Yes, the Keyunny

>> No.71763161

We don't know how much they know.

>> No.71763223

Good, gunna miss ewww posting though..
Well at least there's still Yuko Yurei

>> No.71763259

phasekeks are so fucking retarded

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Ewwwko Ewwwrei

>> No.71763319

Literally a Yuko, but worst

>> No.71763336

Someone keyed her already, did they?

>> No.71763358 [DELETED] 

The actual true part about the 7 years thing + what her PL said, + the open dota cuckoldry is way worse anyways.
Not sure why the chair thing is the only thing people repeat

>> No.71763442

nahh, yuko is worse than that

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Only if Kiki gets gangbanged by NRA members

>> No.71764274

Yes, vtuber assholes should get roped. But the vast amount of fans who support dipshits despite being bad for a community should get shot as well.

>> No.71765316 [DELETED] 

yes her brother. Her bf is a different guy, she played dota with him on stream during the same donothon where she gave away the chair pretending he was just another viewer.

>> No.71766210 [DELETED] 

>let herself groomed by a viewer
>left her boyfriend after 9 years of relationship to start one with that viewer
>ghosted her regular viewers for the past 3 months after that
Sounds like pregnancy

>> No.71766474

The only good conclusion

>> No.71766643 [DELETED] 

Wait you're telling me I had a chance to fuck her even if she had a bf?

>> No.71767021

Cool, now go and support her, she will need all the support she can get

>> No.71767107 [DELETED] 

Just dug through the archives. This bitch really did drop a 9 year relationship for a viewer holy shit. How low can this whore go and why are people watching her??

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>> No.71767362

How rich are you? Depending on the answer you probably have a chance on basically anyone except "maybe" holos (and I say this because they make bank too not due to ethics).

>> No.71767416

Hope they stay gone

>> No.71767523 [DELETED] 

If you cant NTR your oshi from her 9year bf do you really love her?

>> No.71767538 [DELETED] 

If the door has been opened for her to cheat on her boyfriend that her viewers are probably hoping she will cheat on her current boyfriend for them.

>> No.71767731

Imagine if she does join the brothel company and goes for the netori angle.

>> No.71767871 [DELETED] 

First, wrong kiki.
Second, the story is wrong. Aussie kiki was a pawn and a casualty of the first cyberlive wars. Menace and Lumi were responsible for her downfall. They didn't even target her specifically, she was the collateral damage.

>> No.71768174

so, she is joining whorepo isnt she.

>> No.71768197 [DELETED] 

uh?, care for a qed anon?, pretty pls?.

>> No.71768383

I hope she's fucking off from vtubing for good, but we could never be so lucky.

>> No.71768410

I thought she left like 4 months ago what

>> No.71768415

Eien gen1 is proof of why lewdtubers need to be quarantined and that they can't work alongside regular vtubers. At least the more seiso side won.

>> No.71768456 [DELETED] 

It's just schizobabble. There are other reasons Kiki is despised on this board but you can't talk about them because she has her own personal janny.

>> No.71768487

you kiki is a woke shit

>> No.71768611

Was Kiki even a lewdtuber outside of her design?

>> No.71768650

This should have been a Chris clip!

>> No.71768709

She did at least one lewd/porn or almost porn audio like discount Fauna did.

>> No.71768735 [DELETED] 

Kiki was a Lumi-friend and Menace leaked dirt of Kiki to make Kiki look bad in order to hurt Lumi.
The details of that dirt are well, you could write a book about the fall of cyberlive. Do your reps.
The main takeaway is that in the aftermath, Kiki's entire friend circle blacklisted her and she had zero collabs for 2 years because indie vtubers are commies and Kiki was nazi-coded. The indie vtubers continued bullying Kiki until Pippa created Flavr who were also nazi-coded and flavr girls were the first ones to collab with kiki and associate with kiki publicly. This broke the stigma. Now Kiki has a new friend group of nazi-coded pickme-tuber cunnyfriends

>> No.71768767

Everyone Gabe touches (Kronii not withstanding) dies

>> No.71768772

Might as well share a link if that was the only thing she ever did.

>> No.71768930

>Kiki aka Kiki Pyon

>> No.71768941

The girls had alt twitter accounts and it was posted openly either in her or green woman's twitter. I have no idea if its still up. From what I remember, it wasn't remarkable.

>> No.71769008

this fucking guy has the most cursed taste for chuubas

>> No.71769082

He's just a cuck, it's not that deep.

>> No.71769175

she's terminally online and her entire personality has been groomed and imprinted into her by some of the worst 4chan posters

>> No.71769188

Wrong Kiki, but since it's already here, I'm going to ask anyway. Does anyone have an archive of the legendary Pippa, Lumia, Pandora and Kiki collab?

>> No.71769381


>> No.71769515

hey I'd bring all my cuck friends to watch her if she embraces it, she'll be at least a 2view

>> No.71769705

honestly, if she can get me off, I don't really care about the other drama. isn't that the whole point of these lewdchuubas?

>> No.71769852

Vtubers turned me into a cuck, so I'd watch that.

>> No.71769912

Would you pay for the Patreon?

>> No.71769937

Guess my rrat was too big and juicy to escape containment.

>> No.71769968

the first letter of her surname is being covered on purpose? all I can read is cockheart

>> No.71770050

Why the fuck are you acting like there was a war of seiso versus unseiso chuubas in eien?
Kiki was supported by all of her friends in eien.

>> No.71770060

If it's about the rabbit then it's off topic.

>> No.71770136

Only if her content stands above others in terms of lewdness. All these VAllure girls are gonna be fighting for coomer attention.

>> No.71770166

Ntr is very popular . Just gotta do it right

>> No.71770304

wasn't one of the other whores teasing brap stuff? brapfags would go nuts

>> No.71770560

Not that I've heard of. There's only one brapper for me and she's been blacklisted from joining because she's too unhinged.

>> No.71770691

I haven't heard of that but if they managed to capture the one and only brapgoddess somehow I'll kneel. At least until she implodes the company an hour later.

>> No.71770846

haven't found a dedicated one per se but seen there's a couple of ones that brap during ASMRs

>> No.71771515

About fucking time. Though I am surprised she left on her own instead of through some new yab.

>> No.71771916

thankfully mel hasnt even auditioned so if she was for some reason not blacklisted, which she probably is, you cant get into something without auditioning. imagine being such a lazy and smelly neet that you cant even audition in the first place…

>> No.71772041

the overcooked collab? you can find it easily on archive.org but it's not legendary it's just boring, they're all very inexperienced and that isn't even the pippa collab where kiki gets a little racist

>> No.71772128

i cant keep track of all these Filipino ballsack girls!!!

>> No.71773280

With this new development it is likely that she's not joining VAllure

>> No.71773339

God I fucking hope not.

>> No.71773751 [SPOILER] 
File: 46 KB, 149x327, KikisFL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or that it was planned from the beginning

>> No.71773835

She's joining VAllure.

>> No.71773931

Where else would she go? She's not going indie and she's not gonna make bank with her mediocre pixel art

>> No.71774055

She's bunking up with the sugar daddies in her top secret Discord and will never stream again

>> No.71774130

good. I normally don't care much about small corpos and fucking up out of innocent incompetence, but IMO Eien was set up the way it is deliberately and it'd be justified for them to completely collapse.

>> No.71774550


>> No.71776874


>> No.71776908

>nazi-coded pickme-tuber cunnyfriends
also based

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That should've been me not him

>> No.71778867

Good lord please share

>> No.71779463

Riifu if you’re /here/ please hire her on as a separate entity and please bring on fresh new cunny to VAllure

>> No.71779578

bye bye ballsack sweat girl

>> No.71780512
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Come home, Kichains

>> No.71782408

Riifu please, you better not fucking do this to me.

>> No.71782683

please don't her horrible fans infect zenya

>> No.71783330

I been watching her GFE ASMRs, pretty good. Have not seen her being lewd though.

>> No.71783510
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Yfw your legacy is the ballsack smelling chair