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>/corpo/ resources:

>What is /corpo/?
The number of vtubers managed by an agency ("corpos") or representing a brand ("mascots") has been growing recently. However, not all discussions can sustain individual threads. This thread strives to create a place to discuss the talents and mascots of corpo™s that are currently not discussed in other threads.

>Can I shill my small corpo oshi who already has a thread?
If your oshi gets talked about in a thread constantly, you may want to focus there! It's fine otherwise.

>Are former corpo talents allowed?
Due to the increasing number of graduated or retired talents, ex-corpo talents are allowed but please try to respect their other identities.

>Other Corpo Threads
idol: >>>/vt/jidf
EIEN: >>>/vt/eien
kawaii: >>>/vt/pkg
PixelLink: >>>/vt/pxl
PRISM: >>>/vt/ppg+
V-Dere: >>>/vt/vdere
Phase Connect: >>>/vt/pcg
V4Mirai + globie: >>>/vt/v4m
Small JP vtubers: >>>/vt/indie
V&U + KR vtubers: >>>/vt/vnug
VReverie Extended: >>>/vt/vrex
Tsunderia Extended: >>>/vt/tsunx

Previous: >>71682962

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Graduating on the 31st of march

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A whore was lost, two whores return... equivalent exchange?

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getting married

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nebi is one, what is the other one

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/corpo/'s favorite whore, Karrot.

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She's being cagey, as you do, but she's making vague allusions to her age and "there comes a time in life blah blah, etc." Got a boyfriend maybe? Set up for a marriage? Probably not bought out by some oil baron because she's talking about getting a new job. Whatever.

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REINA IS GONE ignore the description or the spoiler image

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And she's losing it.

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she was always a bit of a liar, the crying is real but some of the other things might not be

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The circumstances in question? All me

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Kiki is finally graduating? LETS GOOOOOOOOOO

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Kiki will always be based, I don't feel bad for you if you get scammed trying to buy some bitch's used chair on the internet. She was enjoyable on the streams of hers I watched and that's all I give a shit about

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I feel bad for Mirri, I'm sure she's going to pick up the worst of the kichains.

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We interrupt this Kiki schizoposting to bring you: literally Hu getting meta

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I hate her for littering my sub page with this

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sad cat

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Kiki news: she has been masturbating frequently.

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Not like we hear any of it

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I do

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Uh oh, Serafi talked to the grifter and is sharing her information now, vnuggies are not gonna be happy.

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And you'd be right, their thread's on fire.

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How do you people even discover these new corpos?

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it's the corpos themselves

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Why are you antiing Clara? Clara a cute hag! You are a bunch of mean niggers.

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i was just posting the funny haha /biz/ thing

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>karrot back
>nebi back and no one linked
>random new corpo linked
>fucking lawyer grifter drama about aa and vnu
>Kiki graduating
Why does shit randomly just go on fire in the small corpo scene sometimes

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>Kiki graduating
and that's a good thing™

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/corpo/ is always fun. It has action with less retards compared to other threads.

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You mean the catalog bait?
It's not even an anti, it's legitimately a shitpost kek

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It's just literally her "best friend" mod(lol) shitting things up

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Aegis was discovered by /VReX/ in the twitter following tab of anon's wife like a couple of days ago. We've been theorycrafting or if you prefer schizoing about it earlier (don't trust us we're clinically stupid). No idea about other microcorpos

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threadshitters are trying to turn the general against the corpo since notserafi streamed, they're failing everytime

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>nebi back and no one linked
It's not like anyone in /pxl/ cares much about her anyway but the tl;dw seems to be that her incredibly menhera power will now be channeled to the better because she's taking the most powerful meds cocktail known to man

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I don't know if that's enough

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Nebi was linked last thread. Don't give in to trolls. Corpos with individual generals naturally get less engagement here.

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where vnug

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It's over

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Thanks for posting Mikumi!

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dead. serafi won

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it's for the best

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>she's taking the most powerful meds cocktail known to man
Sir i dont know where you got your information, but its a HIPAA violation to disclose that shes been prescribed my penis

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black company, no one cares about it any more.

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Samefag or just blind

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It's not looking good vnuggies

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What do you mean? he told the truth, they should've never hired white trash who oshi's Pippa.

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>proof they tried to charge serafi for wages of staff-san

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black company

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Woozie... what did you get yourself into...

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No vtuber corpo lets you just leave your contract for free. They spent a lot on her 3D, music, etc

>> No.71752339

ads, debut, covers, 3d chibi, 3d model, MV

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It wasn't in the contract...

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vnug is this way >>71750488

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>Implying she'll last any longer than last time

>> No.71752605

Not feeling so good right now...

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If you get an unenforcable contract it's primarily the company's problem. For talents the main problem would be joining another eastern corpo.

>> No.71752880

It's Woozie, she'll leave in 3 months whether they like it or not

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jirai kei slut keromi!

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Seems like vnug is overall supportive of the company currently, I don’t really know what to think about the situation desu

>> No.71753697

Of course they are, they just had a new gen debut. Why would they want to be worrying about how the company might be shit right now

>> No.71753788

It's more that they dislike Serafi for bringing drama. I'm sure their tune will change pretty quick when more of the talents end up leaving.

The lawyer brought receipts, and the fact they are trying to charge her for everything they ever did with her, including labor costs, and the fact they haven't announced her departure/wouldn't let her graduate unless she paid the illegal charges, paints a very bleak picture.

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Serafi discredited herself way too hard with the Pippa shit and being flakey & stupid

>> No.71754056

no, it's just one mentally ill retard who hates pippa and transfers this hatred to serafi because they collabed once.

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Serafi was a giga bitch and should've been fired months ago

>> No.71754273

I don't even know how you get into conflict with sweet girls like Gen 3
Serafi sure is "special"

>> No.71754334

nothing of value was lost for vnug

>> No.71754390

Don't you know that she's literally satan

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>> No.71754453

What if Suri is secretly a bitch

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Serafi forged a fake contract to try and paint herself as sayu/dokibird. She's a massive whore and hopefully she necks herself in the next 2 months

>> No.71754487

I'd still want to have sex with her

>> No.71754525

Is this the invoice for her quitting?

>> No.71754594

Me too brother

>> No.71754658

It's part of it. That's the invoice and another column shows the (estimated) percentage of labor spent on her, so they're charging her for the overall combined labor spent on her.

>> No.71754800

LMAO that's fucking craaazy man, so I'm assuming she was the one who broke contract right?
I mean regardless I doubt that shit flies even under Korean labor laws, tho they're a bit insane about that shit in Asia.
Also if they are charging her for that wouldn't that mean that she could at least keep her model and channel?

>> No.71754813

Why can't she just pump, dump and leave for free after being a flakey menhera? this is bullshit!

>> No.71755040

Oh shit, Nikki is vtuber sister to Rhea, and Salmon

>> No.71755123

so true, sis.

>> No.71755199

Pippa living rent free in your head

>> No.71755238

The charges weren't included in the contract, according to the lawyer, so she doesn't even have a reason to dispute it legally, she is completely in the clear by refusing to pay. It's just blackmail to let her graduate, not even to keep the IP.

>> No.71755257

Oh I guess funnyman is giving her sloppy toppy here as well
I hope he's at least getting fairly compensated

>> No.71755383

And /vnug/Gers are defending this shit lmao, insane

>> No.71755510

funnyman i thought you died

>> No.71755597

Are "funnyman" and Pippa in the thread with us?

Let me guess, when you got fired from mopping the floors at jollibee's, they made you pay a million SEA pesos or shells or whatever it is you people use for money.

>> No.71755811

Have I not lurked enough, who the fuck is funnyman?

>> No.71755814

There was no firing, she flaked all on her own because she isolated herself.

>> No.71755868

funnyman is her "best friend" and mod who dropped the news on Discord about her leaving, currently doing his damndest to defend her non-existent honour

>> No.71755915

fired? cmon newfag at least do some reps

>> No.71755995

This dude is getting oneguyed by someone he made up in his head.

>> No.71756057

He's supposed to do reps about your life?

>> No.71756096

Doesn't make charging her for "labour lost" any better, retard

>> No.71756579

you can't be this retarded kid

>> No.71756630

some schizo boogeyman vnuggies invented to discredit serafi

>> No.71756654

why is this in /pxl/ OP if there's nothing in there, is there no way to get into watching Raki in current year when so many of her streams apparently were twitter spaces lost to void? I can't miss out on all the lore

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File: 262 KB, 449x499, 1704080411812270.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chiaki on Miel's stream

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>> No.71756900

So posting on the official company discord also implies that he is active on /corpo/. Got it.

>> No.71757158

because 4chan is some secret site only few have access, not the gotcha you think it is faggot

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hades had her chibi debut yesterday

>> No.71757258

Get help

>> No.71757260

pixel extended

>> No.71757359

cute, try again next time

>> No.71757363

Lets see what the other VNU girls have to say about this black compa-

>> No.71757391

Hard to defend a bitch like hers just look what she posts on Twitter and the people she associates herself with. You'll find no sympathy from 4 chan or even normal people. Absolutely sweet bitch that's everything wrong with vtubing. And no she's not like Sayu, Sayu was ostracized for making "offensive" jokes and making sisters mad because she was a "pick me". V&U should e glad they are rid of this stupid bitch that wasted everyone's time and money. Once belonging to the streets, always belonging to the streets.

>> No.71757398

didn't know Chiaki was such good friends with Miel

>> No.71757488

Suri saying she has a supportive manager, does not change what the company is doing to people who want to leave for any reason.

>> No.71757533

"they won't help with analytics"

>> No.71757568

I apologize, /corpo/

>> No.71757664

Why are they like this

>> No.71757699

I don't want any drama, I just hope that Tomomi isn't affected by any of this because she deserves the world

>> No.71757822

Serafi can talk her shit all she wants, her dumbass flooded discord, twitter, reddit and 4 chan with her sob story right during debuts showing clear malicious intent. She lost any supporters had might have gotten by being a massive selfish bitch about it. She didn't even stop to think what this might do to the girls in the org. Thai isn't doki trying to lay low or Sayu being publicly roasted and slandered in a public statement. this is a vengeful spiteful bitch wanting to watch the world burn with her.

>> No.71757971

I'm not sure why vnuggers are using Serafi as a distraction.
She provided proof that the corpo is not a good corpo to sign up with, since it uses blackmail to try to get their way and refuses to respect their IP or talents. You should be concerned for your oshi being next in line, instead of flinging shit at some menhera like a retarded monkey.

>> No.71758009

sure thing funnyman

>> No.71758010

the left sidebar on twitch recommending streamers seems to actually work pretty well, too bad I only watch Nina on there, I wish youtube had channel recommendations too, not just videos

>> No.71758111

I mean if you want to be ignorant and ignore all the flags pointing her out to be a massive bitch go ahead. I didn't see other girls try to drag down other girls and communities on their way out, but look at this girl, she clearly has no regard for her peers and actively hates them, which makes sense given the story being spread about her off collabs. Give me another situation where a talent rebelling against the company decided to drag other girls into it

>> No.71758203

I get recommended live 2views on my homepage

>> No.71758205

have you considered she's mad about the company being dickheads?

>> No.71758213

She specifically mentioned not to bring any of the girls into this, retardchama, and to keep supporting them if you want to. This is an issue with the company itself using bullshit documents to blackmail her.

>> No.71758226

The corpo literally blackmailed her, and she has receipts. Going on a public offensive is the best response to blackmail.

>> No.71758284

Oh ya so that's why she did all this while some girls were trying their best with debuts? That's why she brought her little army out to the 4 chan and discord during this time? Bullshit. Completely malicious and you know it.

>> No.71758370

Best response is to drag down the girls who have been planning this debut for months and harass their fans on discord and 4 chan when v&u didn't even make a public statement about it. She's throwing a bitch fit instead of handling it legally because she want to go scorched earth and ruin it for everybody. God how noble

>> No.71758462
File: 663 KB, 1170x1714, IMG_2718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.71758483

It's really pathetic how you serafi fucks are spinning this nonsense. She has no choice but to target the girls debuts and the girls in the company when it was the company sending her a bill, she wasn't even called out publicly, so why not handle it privately if not to ruin the careers of her peers? Not to mention her mobilizing her little army to cause a shit storm. Disgusting behavior.

>> No.71758502

None, head empty.

>> No.71758510

so the faggot got laughed at in vnug and now he's trying the same shit here, lmao

>> No.71758522

thats usually what happens when you try to end the contract early, no? its not like they even fired her or anything and she decided to go scorched earth on her own.

>> No.71758561

Me too,, me too,, ;w;

>> No.71758608

I do too but it doesn't seem trustworthy at all, it keeps giving me vtuber twitch vod reuploads with sub 100 views that don't have anything in title or thumbnail related to what I usually watch

>> No.71758698

Desu I think the /kuro/sisters are going hard on this one because the yume+ drama didn't take off

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File: 108 KB, 851x753, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the company seems to be indonesian. one mallow asked them if they can apply even if they werent from indonesia (they said yes)

>> No.71758734

Whatever the intent is, it doesn't change the corporation is entirely responsible for their conduct in how they treated her. If they didn't want to sabotage their girls, maybe they shouldn't have given her legitimate ammunition that she could use when it was most harmful, eh?

Stop being bootlickers. Love and support the girls, not the corpo.

>> No.71758822

She doesn't have to, and VNU has nothing on her either. It's much better to shame the corpo than to pay for lawyers. Deal with it.

>> No.71758867

I do support the girls that's why I don't support this bitch serafi trying to sabotage the girls. It's clear you don't support anyone but serafi, simp

>> No.71758908

kys dramafag

>> No.71758936

Don't worry, Serafi will be the one that has to "deal with it" not me. Be prepared to face the consequences of causing a shit storm. Your community will love it I am sure.

>> No.71758989

I don't care about VNU or Serafi. But it's clear to me the corpo is abusive and you're defending it because of some personal grievance you have with her, it's pathetic.

Not drama if there's proof of literal blackmail retard.

>> No.71759019

I'm assuming no whores can audition, mashallah

>> No.71759115

Well said

>> No.71759116

The fact that she tried to do the maximum damage to the girls is exactly why everyone in /vnug/ is against her

>> No.71759137

>Screenshot gets posted
>Most anons say that it looks pretty bad for them without mentioning Serafi at all
>Suddenly there's 10 anons shitting on Serafi 20 minutes later

>> No.71759212

She's a massive grifter and bitch. I don't care if she is in the right she deserves to neck herself.

>> No.71759239

and outed as someoen that doesnt know shit about the situation but still talking shit, thanks for wasting everybodies time.

>> No.71759257

multiple things can be true at the same time
for example, the next two statements
>serafi was sent the invoice by v&u to pay, her lawyer told her to ignore it since they cant touch her anyway
>serafi isnt liked, and even actively disliked, by most anons

>> No.71759262

>proof of blackmail
because your favorite faggot said it was right? fucking waste of air

>> No.71759283

spot on.

>> No.71759290

You mean a screenshot from a fake contract?

>> No.71759385

spot on of what, the same people are spamming the post everywhere, thats the context, just ecusse you arent part of the community being harassed by Serafi doesnt mean that the context doesnt exist. you are joining in an ongoing conflict snd serafi fags were losing so they brought it to other generals

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File: 86 KB, 339x622, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what other corpos are in the audition process without people debuted yet?

>> No.71759476

You would sound more believable if you knew what you were commenting on retard-chama.

>> No.71759480

Nice tf2 logo

>> No.71759510

I've been a /corpo/ regular for the last two years. Just because I don't watch VNU on the regular, does not mean I don't "know shit". I know VNU expanding like niji looked suspect and now the Serafi is being slandered here in a raid, I can see it's systemic to the corpo as a whole.

see >>71752064
You can't rewrite history.

>> No.71759553

You're a massive retard. That isn't blackmail.

>> No.71759588

>pay us or we won't let you graduate
Ok asslicker

>> No.71759608

"Hey I want to leave my contract prematurely. What? You want to charge me for things that were spent for me like music and 3d models and my 3d chibi?! Wtf this is blackmail and extortion!"

>> No.71759637

The charges weren't even part of the contract kek, so yes, it is blackmail and extortion

>> No.71759649

an image from only one side without the whole context, see this is why you should cease to exist

>> No.71759671

>I know VNU expanding like niji looked suspect
literally the very reason why they are charging her, a good corpo would have all that shit covered as an expense but they probably can't afford to lose more money, take into account the fact that they're forcing the girls to blow up in shorts and that only gen 3 got 3D...it's very obvious now

>> No.71759746

Suddenly NexStage, Bond EN, etc aren't looking so bad, are they girls.

>> No.71759765

You're arguing against a brick wall

>> No.71759784
File: 6 KB, 383x100, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i can't even find them.

>> No.71759800

Anon your spelling reps

>> No.71759829


>> No.71759842

context: serafi decided to break contract and leave corpo. the corpo has non annoinced this yet and just sent her a bill allegedly. serafi then goes scorched earth on her alt and sends her army to shit up v&u discord even sending her best friend and sending people to shit up 4 chan. all this unprovoked, not considering the girls in the compamy trying to debut and do their regular streams have nothing to do with her leaving. you can see why this level of malice and timing to sabotage girls that have nothing to do with her have us real angry. theyve been spamming their shit non stop too.

>> No.71759932

why doesnt she target the company, why is she targetting the girls community places? seems real shitty of her. extremely self serving selfish behavior

>> No.71759933

>just sent her a bill allegedly
the bill has been posted, we have seen it, this is not alleged

>> No.71759988

it is alleged because the bill is not yet confirmed real, patience. i sm not saying its fake, but evidence needs to be vetted first

>> No.71759990

>only gen 3 got 3D
fucking kek, gen 1 and gen 2 have 3D models about to debut you fucking dramafag, at least do some fucking reps if youre trying to shitpost

>> No.71760069

She considered the debuts and decided the best time to start all that was during Gen 5's drop. She's disingenuous and delusional, she thinks she's the next Dokibird.

>> No.71760110

Why is there so many black company bootlickers in this thread? Honest inquiry

>> No.71760132

its funny how many drama fags that didnt even do basic research on the situation are talking shit. and this lawyer is very suspect, look at his last 20 videos and name one that is s legit legal video. the ninisanji one was reviewes by more reputable lawyers already, but alot of the videos he puts out are simply drama and clout chasing, not real legal analysis.

>> No.71760182

And your law degree came from where?

>> No.71760189

its because this situation is sctually a bit different, Serafi was the aggresor in all this. and she targettes the girls, not the company.

>> No.71760239

>situation is sctually a bit different
Why are you a black company bootlicker? Honest Inquiry

>> No.71760271

i don't like serafi

>> No.71760284


>> No.71760290
File: 229 KB, 622x337, fees.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's hilarious that you claim the document was alleged but then go right back to say the raids on the community and her shitting on girls are totally real without any proof and with her going on record asking her fans not to bother the girls, you hear one thing and twist it inside your head to another entirely new thing.
This is VNU's comeuppance for using blackmail to extort someone.

Maybe VNU should have let her graduate like a normal corpo instead of letting this giant issue hang around during their debuts, no? Are you vnuggers gonna explain why she's not graduated/terminated yet? You're clowns.

>> No.71760314

are you telling me videos on nyan cat, the "crimes" of pippa, and random vtuber slop is a reputable lawyer channel? he doesnt even cover real cases.

>> No.71760379

Not an answer.

>> No.71760422

>Serafi was the aggresor in all this
is she charging the company with money or what

>> No.71760426

? she left the company. what do you mean graduated or terminated, she quit. it seems like you sre very confused or trying to push serafis agenda. and you showed your true colors by showing disdain for the fanbase, hello serafifag

>> No.71760439

That "invoice" is fake. Serafi made it herself to accuse VNU of blackmailing her

>> No.71760460

Having to admit that the corpo you like might bad is pretty hard

>> No.71760476

no she is operating a harassment campaign against the vnu community.

>> No.71760495

something tells me that there's some funposting going on here on either side
anyway enjoy your drama

>> No.71760506

nta but you are purposefully being retarded now lol

>> No.71760555

Not according to VNU themselves.

Is that why she's still part of VNU?

>no proof
At least Serafi showed her receipts to a lawyer.

>> No.71760562

the end argument of all of this, lol

>> No.71760591

I'm starting to feel that some anons are being paid for engagement or per post.

>> No.71760609

by the way even though i am talking all this shit sbout serafi and talking like i am part of the community ill let you in on a secret, i am actually just a bored phase connect fan. serafi still a grade a grifter and bitch though lel. i only knew about v&u literally 2 days ago

>> No.71760610

>extremely self serving selfish behavior
Got it right on the money, that girl managed to ostracize herself by being a self-absorbed menhera bitch (which is a feat of its own, given that all the other V&U girls are exceptionally nice, both to their community and each other).

And now she’s trying to sabotage her former employers out of sheer spite, even having the gall to compare herself to Dokibird.

I wouldn’t trust Serafi as far as I can throw her, and her claims are nothing but self serving lies (Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if her grifter of a lawyer didn’t doctor her contract to make it seem worse than it really is). She’d be lucky if anyone wants anything to do with her after this.

>> No.71760690

If she didn't want to target the girls or cause harassment, why do any of this shit on the day Gen 5 dropped?

>> No.71760708

I can tell.

The more you retards talk shit about Serafi, with how wrong you are about everything else, I have no right to trust your word. If you got proof, show it, but any proof won't change the fact VNU is a black corpo.

>> No.71760765

She tried to leave before her contract expired, retard.

>> No.71760773

It doesn't matter. Why did VNU give her the ammunition to do this?

>> No.71760819

Why don't vnuggies post anything that disprove what she said and posted? Why is it only calling her a bitch over and over?

>> No.71760829

...Yes, you're allowed to do that.

>> No.71760879

Because they have nothing. They're doing exactly what Nijifags did to sayu

>> No.71760915

doesnt matter thst i purposefully sabotaged other people, cause them snd their communities totally wont retaliate right? thats where she got lost in the sauce, she would have had way more s
allies if she didnt antagonize the community

>> No.71760935

V&U could literally say "yeah they are lying" like how Idol slayed any rrats about riro right from the start

>> No.71760985

v&u not saying anything because they dont want to put a black cloud over their new debuts. serafi would never

>> No.71760998

The alternative would be two talk about it in the week or two before the debuts, which could be worse.

>> No.71761106

Ah, so they're going to disprove her in 2 more weeks?

>> No.71761146

or they talk it out privately. you know, like what v&u is currently doing right now? they havent even called her out for multiple breaches of contract yet because theyre being professionals

>> No.71761185

They were hoping she would disappear quietly like the twins

>> No.71761247

If the contract was as bad as Serafi claimed, other girls would have spoken up about it by now. For fuck’s sake, not even Liora (who for information is the biggest doomer in VnU) had nothing bad to say about her contract. You’d think she would have said something by now, but she didn’t. Serafi antagonized her former employers and sent her personal army on vnug, this place, Discord and reddit to try and turn people against VNU and did so mere hours after their new girls’ debuts in an attempt to sabotage them. It doesn’t paint a nice picture for Serafi in the slightest, and your cries of “muh black corpo” doesn’t change the fact that there is provable malice and tortious interference at hand here.

Imagine trusting a one-sided story peddled by a known grifter who milked the AkioAir drama for his own self-aggrandizement.

>> No.71761284
File: 95 KB, 252x218, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

like she never left

>> No.71761294

well staying quiet is stil workong because it makes serafi look like a cunt for not keeping on court and taking it out on other peoples careers. i am sure thats great for networking and public image

>> No.71761371

You guys should make a /kuro/ thread and hash it out.

>> No.71761376

>provable malice
Then sue her for defamation retard.

>> No.71761393

Talking it out publicly with a blackmailer? How delusional are you? Did you see the bills they wanted her to pay?

>> No.71761420

You mean the fake "Bills" she made up?

>> No.71761439

the company is trying to hash it out before destroying her. calling them a black company doesnt mean they actually are and want to annhilate her

>> No.71761491

>before destroying her.
How long are we going to be waiting for this?

>> No.71761502

Where did Serafi say the contract was bad? It wasn't in her stream or in the things she gave LM.

>> No.71761517

sending an invoice of upwards of 400k USD doesn't inspire confidence

>> No.71761586
File: 424 KB, 985x418, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

from being no one to being discussed in 4 threads

>> No.71761622

6th attempt, retards came to corpo because they can't do shit on vnug

>> No.71761661

mods should do their job and ban posters of shit that's not vtuber content

>> No.71761675

Of course it'll be easier with people who don't actually watch and have knowledge of how things usually have went

>> No.71761704

well i gotta work now, hope you enjoyed me slandering serafi as hard as possible, and i dont actualy watch phase i was kidding. i am actually a male vtuber watcher, lets go avallum :)

>> No.71761763

She gave the contract to the grifter but he declined to show it because it contained doxx information.

>> No.71761843

Lmao, guys stop mean things, youre making anon cry

>> No.71762371

serafi not a vtuber true

>> No.71763050

Serafi the character still officially exists, but there is no associated vtuber. Does she go in /a/ or /tv/?

>> No.71763171

on /grave/

>> No.71763211

Not yet. At least not until VNU puts her to bed.

>> No.71763294
File: 580 KB, 1711x902, 1682622859452307.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looking for a partial archive of Menace's vods: Sept 15 - Nov 7 2022. I know its a longshot, but I'm putting it out there just in case someone has them. Unfortunately these vods aren't on her YouTube channel. I'm not posting in /jidf/ because it'd be off topic.

>> No.71763387
File: 286 KB, 1920x1080, GI-lCwFXAAApomL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Watch my Latina Moth Wife play Mario Sunshine!

>> No.71763886

Unless you or the company can provide evidence that the receipts Serafi provided are fabricated than it really doesn’t matter whether you think shes a bitch or not, the ball is in V&U’s court now.

>> No.71763961

They make some great designs

>> No.71764175

she's back? guess her ethotting didn't turn out too profitable?

>> No.71764189

How does that site even works?

>> No.71764305

no idea, feels like some epic joke since I couldn't find anything about it in archive either

>> No.71764317

she will be whoring and vtubing

>> No.71764406

I wasn't sold with Salmon, but Rhea has one of my favorite uoh design. Seems like that's more their style.

Also keeping an eye on this cute predebut unicorn from the same mama

>> No.71764519

so kiki is in pixellink gen 2 right

>> No.71764541
File: 244 KB, 1149x1077, reddit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was looking up some more information and it turns out Aegis-Link is holding regular updates on Leddit. The founder u/Kacho_Yoei began by asking the virtual youtuber subreddit about advice on starting an agency a month ago (full post not included), and yesterday they began with u/Aegis-Link.

>> No.71764570

fuck no. i will anti fatcat if he does that

>> No.71764774
File: 557 KB, 848x485, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Astarte Claret is being a depressed whore again https://twitter.com/FaithyFade_/status/1769852461299187771

>> No.71764834

Please tell me Serafi is going to EIEN rather than Phase Connect

>> No.71764915
File: 142 KB, 934x692, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ah shit, here we go again

>> No.71765010

/pxl/ up >>71764984

>> No.71765046

More likely Vallure

>> No.71765101

she's going to my bed

>> No.71765168

Tomoe's uwu voice is like Nebi's voice

>> No.71765265
File: 758 KB, 859x618, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.71765391

She's going nowhere. Everyone knows she's a turbo menhera whore now. She couldn't even keep a normal part time job for two weeks let alone being able to hack being a corpo vtuber

>> No.71765434


>> No.71765465
File: 28 KB, 722x344, lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it gets worse

>> No.71765546

>Don't harass the talents! By the way I'm going to stream and shit on everyone on the same day new talents debut from the company lol

>> No.71765581

Why is it so hard to run a company without being a dumb retard

>> No.71765784

Astarte is the retard, dumb bitch wont shut up

>> No.71765825


>> No.71765964

she's in pixellink gen 2 retard

>> No.71766007

You can have all the plans and good intentions in the world. If you hire a few menheras and they start getting catty with each other, it’s over

>> No.71766220

In the AmberGlow case they casted Astarte who's a menhera and a retard

>> No.71766281

She's a massive whore that should've killed herself years ago

>> No.71766494

Autistic, Bipolar, Depressed Retard.
She's fucking stupid, nobody cares if she was bullied, she deserved it.

>> No.71766834

Apparently the fee’s weren’t even IN the contract.

>> No.71767448

What the fuck is wrong with you people???

>> No.71767781

/kuro/ in full swing

>> No.71768027

reminder, Astarte turned 19 while in the company. she's a literal child

>> No.71768055

Most are inexperienced managers and chuubas aren't known for being particularly stable.

>> No.71768084

Theres nothing wrong with putting dumb bitches in their place. they should shut the fuck up

>> No.71768252


>> No.71768599
File: 168 KB, 1280x720, 1709602515417291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Raein Minecraft

>> No.71768786
File: 407 KB, 507x777, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.71768929

/pol/ raid

>> No.71769027

we got raided by black company bootlickers from /vnu/

>> No.71769189
File: 347 KB, 1704x1595, Vicky @0000000_illust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Vicky chattin on Twitch

>> No.71769382

Yume+ has been pretty decent so far, my expectations weren’t that high but all the members seem to have their own unique appeal, hopefully they escape /micro/ hell.

>> No.71769532

tranny detected

>> No.71769605

Maybe it is a /pol/ raid after all

>> No.71769803

Shut up funnyman, you lick Serafi's boots hard enough to make Nijisisters blush

>> No.71769814

same here, also i need to breed the joat

>> No.71769826

some phasenigs watched some faggot and came here to talk about shit they don’t know

>> No.71769914

This one? >>71761704

>> No.71769978
File: 147 KB, 1280x720, 1700189247477620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Professional yapper is live and ready to yap a lot while playing minecraft

>> No.71770057

She should take those boots off so I can lick her feet

>> No.71770102

not even trying to beat the allegations, are you

>> No.71770807

one grifter talking out of his ass

>> No.71771904

Is it over?

>> No.71772287

same here too, ive been lurking in their streams, i definitely see the appeal. kind of wondering why its taking so long for the other girl to debut though

>> No.71772643

anonss, does raein stream appear on your subsctiption tab? it doesnt show on mine, if it werent for the post here i wouldnt have noticed it

>> No.71772644
File: 24 KB, 589x121, Screenshot from 2024-03-19 01-55-54.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>71772287Looks like her main PC is out of order

>> No.71773310

i honestly think her model's rigging isn't done. she's the only one that hasn't shown a moving preview. though she said she'd explain so i'll wait for that

>> No.71774057

Thankfully for Kicucks it is

>> No.71774743

well you've got your answer

>> No.71774892

damn this could have credibility

>> No.71774911

Yes, no more foreign vtubers after 2024.

>> No.71774957
File: 600 KB, 855x476, 1680539022077529.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lillian Katamari

>> No.71775096

Why don't people like Serafi? She was entertaining when I watched her. and she seemed popular. Is this a

>> No.71775597

Pretty much. And she said bad things about their corpo

>> No.71776568

Serafi was probably the one that got me interested in V&U again. I liked Liora, but with Lofi’s game choice filtering me and the memoryholing of the twins I kinda moved from them.

>> No.71777221

no worries, my dear trashpan.

>> No.71777734

I don't like her because she's mentally and emotionally unstable. I remember seeing her meltdown when some viewers jokingly comparing her with Amoria. Normal person would just ignore it or laugh at it instead of throwing fits.

>> No.71777951

Back that shit up somewhere else if you don't want to lose it. RIGHT FUCKING NOW
>t. vrexie

>> No.71777975


>> No.71777984

She quit before her contract’s expiration, got assblasted when she had to buy out said contract and now she’s trying to sabotage her former employers by making a stream to try and turn people against them right after they debuted their 5th Gen (and I’m not talking about days here, I’m saying she did this mere HOURS after the debuts) and leaking her contract to a known grifter, on top of sending her personal army to shit up this place, vnug, reddit and Discord in vain attempts to turn the people there against VNU as well. She even had the gall to call VNU “Baby Nijisanji” to grift off of the Dokibird/Selen situation.

Point is, there’s solid evidence for malice and tortious interference at the very least, and Serafi’s gonna be lucky if anyone who isn’t FunnyMan (AKA her main simp) wants to get involved with her after this.

>> No.71778218

Mummeh isn't that stupid

>> No.71778327

(me) I misremembered, not comparing her, but peple jokingly called her Amoria, and throwing fits telling people not comparing her with Amoria.

>> No.71778355

>Ciccino, Miki, Meimi all streaming at the same time as well as my indie 2view
I've hit oversaturation anons

>> No.71778471

NA night is always full

>> No.71778484
File: 244 KB, 702x427, Screenshot 2024-03-18 222814.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my yumi+ fav watching my vnug fav

>> No.71778496

Trashy pee pee poo poo abrasive loudness isn't my jam

>> No.71778517

I still can’t understand why these girls do that kind of stuff, especially if the corpo isn’t actually doing anything bad and they just want exposure,,,it disturbs me a lot as someone who’s aiming to even be in the position to be a part of a good corpo :( why throw away your position like that is beyond me

>> No.71778591
File: 90 KB, 304x240, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mion shorts 4nite

>> No.71778654

Alright all of that is shitty, but I've seen on the few times I've gone to /vnug/ people getting assblasted about her before any of this so it's kind of hard to take anyone getting mad now seriously when theyve shown theyve already had it out for her.
You post on 4chan.org

>> No.71778895

She stated that she would hire any of her former genmates on one of her streams.

>> No.71779022
File: 287 KB, 1448x2048, ukfyuk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mie zatsu
Mono mario kart

>> No.71779050

So because some 4 chan chatters hate serafi, its okay for her to sabotage her former co workers and harass unrelated parties? makes sense

>> No.71779093


>> No.71779192

Genuinely retarded

>> No.71779474

what are our thoughts on Mie? Shes friends with whores and shes a progressive girl, surely shes the type 4chan hates right?

>> No.71779513


>> No.71779615

Didnt say it was ok but I'm not gonna be on your side when you've shown to shit on her for retarded reasons before. Boy who cries wolf isn't going to get any sympathy.

>> No.71779832

i am not part of the V&U community and i wasnt dedicated enough to do my research, i just know that general current situation. i guarantee you most people on these boards are not V&U or Serafi simps, they just like drama. Theres a reason V&U couldnt even keep up their own general until now

>> No.71779892

Chiaki walking dead
seems like a pretty busy stream night across the scene so maybe talk about those instead of drama

>> No.71779958

>until now
They keep their general up more often than /pxl/ does. The last time it died was because they wanted to bake a gen5 themed op

>> No.71779966

>I don't like her because she's mentally and emotionally unstable
So shes a vtuber?

>> No.71780053

OP recommendations? Preferably a chuuba that hasnt had one or at least not in a while

>> No.71780136

green cat

>> No.71780306

es new pan

>> No.71780345

Kerby (ex piituber)

>> No.71780623

she's always been a bit of a shitpost vector for various reasons but she's also a known menhera and had some odd things surrounding her that called her character into question even for people who liked her
generally I still hold the opinion that she's a talented streamer and like her singing but there's good reason for feelings of dislike or indifference to have turned into something more potent

>> No.71781319

she belonged to the streets and hung out with the slut groups of the small company world
i will never forgive haewon for introducing me to that group and wish i only knew about her