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change my mind.

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Does /vt/ opted on sucking yagoo's cock now??

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Jap sama is, Yagoo is homobegger

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Jap sama is, Yagoo is homo

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Yagoo is just Riku with less public fuckups. Make no mistake though he does fuck up.

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Not a Yagoo dickrider but that's just flat out wrong, he cries when a talent has to graduate, meanwhile Riku pays tard wranglers $7 an hour. It's a world of difference the amount of care these two have for their companies.

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>Does /vt/ opted on sucking yagoo's cock now??

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Always has

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This board has always been full of mentally ill fanboys.
Granted Hololive is the only actually good vtuber group, and by all accounts Cover is a great company, but the way they worship it is console wars levels of weird.

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>Granted Hololive is the only actually good vtuber group, and by all accounts Cover is a great company
that's all i needed to know, thank bro.

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Yagoo had his fair share of fuck ups, but he never made the same fuck up two times. The difference between hololive and niji, and by extension their CEOs is one of evolution vs devolution

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More like Steve Jobs. Unironically

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YAGOO is a God, he's not a CEO

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ceo worship is cringe

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Seeing this level of adoration from the public, especially on 4channel is unnevering.
What is your secret, Tanigo Yagoo-san?

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Yagoo is the Lisan al Ghaib for EOPs

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return whence you came

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SEAfags and ads. Worshipping someone for simply doing their job just because everyone else is fucking awful at it doesn't make it any less weird.

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seething nijisister thread

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*baus down

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Why does this man even enter your thoughts when there are cute vtuber idols you could be thinking about and supporting?

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>This board is full of fanboys
>btw Yagoo's group is the only good vtuber group and his company is great
Anon please. Some self-restraint if you're going to pretend to be impartial

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so true seasister

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>Change my mind
Why would I want to? You are correct.

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>REEEEEEE males!!!
>also worships a male

I don't want dudes anywhere near my vtubers. Period.

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Estrogenic post

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He's more like the Gabe Newell of vtubers, he just doesn't have the fuck off money he has to do whatever he wants

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Why does YAGOO wear that robe during Fes? I assume it's some JP tradition thing?

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I believe in Yagoos dream and his competence in matters of Buisness

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Riku knows of Yagoo's saviourfagging tendencies and he has already tricked Yagoo into propping up his crashing stocks on monday. Yagoo will prop up AnyColor's stocks only for Riku to dump his shares and escape the situation leaving Yagoo with worthless bags.

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Yagoo does seem pretty cool for a CEO. Takes care of the talents, even if they don't perform very well and seems to take a long term approach to making the company successful and get the trust of the fans

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He's not just pretty cool for a CEO, he's pretty cool period.

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Amazing, yagoo-san. This is the height of vtubing.

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He is Vtuber Moses

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I wish more vtuber agency CEOs would worship him
there'd be a fuckton more smiles protected

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The Cult of Yagoo shall prosper as it was written so it shall be.

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>Yagoo is the Messiah for Idol Vtuber Fans
Fix it for ya

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He doesn't know. Yagoo was under praise and memeifying, long before /vt/ became a thing.

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He's the new Miyamoto. A bright spark of light in this dim world.

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men want to be him running the company
women want to be in his company.

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perfect harem

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This is a holoboard

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just be good

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Cannot believe how easy it is to bait people

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