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I'll miss her.
August 16th.

Also let's not doompost and saviourfag, she actively discourages it. Her surgery will go well and she'll be with us again in no time since she'll recover quickly.

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I have a confession to make. I stopped watching when i learned about the surgery, because stuff like that freaks me out. I cant watch knowing she is missing her, you know.

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not a pomu fan but I wish her well.

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I like Pomu!

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Here to wish Pomu a safe surgery and the thread to stay positive

t. Holofag

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Anon, I'm pretty sure Pomu had already thought long and hard about this. This isn't something done on a whim. She could just not do the surgery but it's not a risk worth taking considering her family genetic background.

It might be tough for her to get used to life after surgery, but it's not something that we should be constantly concernfagging her about. That's her & her family's job. For our part, it'd be best to welcome her back and hope that she's recovering well, while carrying over the same chat vibe pre-surgery.

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Love my fairy wife! I really need to rewatch the Akiba Tour stream (past the intro). It was so much fun watching her get excited and geek out over all the stores and maid cafes in Akiba. You can tell she has a real passion for all these otaku things.

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I don't watch her, but hope all goes well

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close, I was a holofag, now I'm just a newfag 4channer who doesn't even watch more than 30 minutes of stream on BOTH niji and holo despite subbing to all NijiEN and all Holomembers.

I guess I could sub to more nijis so that I'd be more niji than holo, but.. not yet.

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I'll miss her but at least we can look forward to both a stronger Pomu and eventually a Pomu who can stream full-time.

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Just watch whoever you enjoy, don't be a tribalfag and if you can't watch full streams, then damn, watch clips or just tune in from time to time as long as you enjoy watching the stream, just don't force yourself to do shit. Also don't be a fag when people call you a clipnigger.
You like Pomu? Good for you, go watch her
You like that Holo? Don't just give up on her, catch what you can
You like that Indie? Well, she needs your support more than anybody desu

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actually good advice, thanks anon

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you can start here, go watch 9 hrs in a bit less than 5 mins

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Honestly don't compare the numbers. The only reason I subbed to holo more is I love the interaction between the holos. I also like pikamee, and am warming up to pomu, penguin, and flowerchama. Tribalfaggotry for anything other than comedy sake is stupid.

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>off-topic TMI incoming
actually, the reason I keep calling myself ____fag in multiple posts is because of my unresolved childhood trauma with bullying and the learned band-aid-like defense of "if you insult yourself, the bullies won't find it as much fun anymore to insult you and they will kinda go away". getting called various kinds of fags a few times here brought back my old habit. but yeah, thanks. I don't unironically enjoy being a tribalfag or care about numbers, but I'll try to keep this advice in mind.

maybe lurking truly is better than posting

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I was a big fan until yesterday's karaoke.

I can't believe she would ignore her company and sperg about kiara for like 30 minutes. Also that apology was nonsense.

Sorry Pomu. I wish you the best for surgery but yesterday showed your true colors. Maybe graduate and apply for HoloEN wave 3. You'll probably be happier there

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You didn't watch the karaoke, fuck off back to Global

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someone explain to me wtf is going on, what happened in the twitch collab?

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>pic related

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What a faggot. Good riddance.

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>I cant watch knowing she is missing her, you know

No it's not a double masectomy. From the information she has provided she has hereditary breast-ovarian cancer syndrome due to BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes. There's a higher percentage of ovarian cancer, thus removal is recommended.

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Freeze them eggs, Pomu. I'll get to pollinating them soon enough...

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You're retarded. You have a double mastectomy first and when you no longer want children have the oophrectomy done.

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Whatever you say :)

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Actual doctor here, the surgery is to install a tail because Pomu thought it would be funny.

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