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I miss her bros...

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>all those videos
>nostalgia hit

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I miss her too. All that we can really do is hope that she feels safe again.

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I just want her to be happy.

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Who is this? I'm gonna do some research into who this is. I can't wait until they stream next!!

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Based and checked. Fuck the unicorns. Fuck this stupid idol culture. Fuck all of this shit that made her quit.
Also fuck the Holonigger jannies for not giving her a sticky while Coco gets one.

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>double dubs
I hope she comes back like Sasaki Saku

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You know in "The Book of Bantorra" where the characters explore the lives of the deceased through books left behind after their deaths? It's like that.

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Coco did a lot more than lulu did

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Lulu still deserves a sticky for being a pillar of Nijisanji.
At least.
Besides, that retired VOMS got a sticky and she's less prominent than Lulu.

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This doesn't explain anything. She just apologized for giving them weird hope but that's no indication that the possibility of a return is out of the picture.

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It's not supposed to explain anything, it's just Sasaki saying she's sorry for giving people hope when she knows that vtubers don't choose to graduate lightly. Sorry that she made a hasty decision in the past.
She's a special case and you shouldn't expect others to do the same.

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>She's a special case and you shouldn't expect others to do the same.
I guess... I mean... *sigh*
It's just painful.

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I'm still seething

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I miss her voice

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>being a pillar of Nijisanji
You mean pillar of EOPs lol

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She is ok anon. You should check her roommate's twitter. She looks happy to me.

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I'm slightly surprised these threads are so rare.

I'm a tatsunoko at heart, but Lulu was genuinely interesting, and I never really got the chance to get into her cause I found her too late.

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Would put on Covenant ring and plunge headfirst into her abyss.

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Post Lulu

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>She's japanese

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You never know, maybe she might come back one day.

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I think the fact that her real name was already exposed was the problem to constant death threats coming her address. She should change her name or come with stage name and start over her vtuber career.

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I miss her so much, hopefully everything is going fine in her life.

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The fact that she isn't streaming won't stop her stalkers, but it'll help her be able to move without schizos triangulating her location due to bike noises. I miss her, but I'd rather never see her on stream again than see her get hurt by a schizo.

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cute girls holding large weapons is such a great genre

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She is unique

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There is no idol culture in niggersanji EOP nijinigger

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I took her for granted, painful mistake

what was their problem anyway? antis related to room/vtuber or actual degen like in perfect blue movie

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Antis + idolfags related to her roommate + general schizos who will take any opportunity to hurt someone who's dox info is being spread

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With the internet and all, I wouldn't be surprised if people simply did it for the you's, if bullying famous women was a thing overseas, we'd see it happen to Gura&Co. too.

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I don't think I'll ever be able to forget her, it's been almost a month since her graduation, but it still feels wistful to think about her. She was always my oshi, but it became crystal clear just how much she meant to me now that she's gone. She really was one of a kind, and I don't think anyone will be able to replace her ever. I just hope she's happy with what she decides to do in the future, for her sake I won't give up on my own life either, not just yet.

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>He lacks critical information
I'm not talking about Nijisanji. I'm talking about Lulu you fucking retard.

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>I took her for granted, painful mistake
The streams I missed out on will haunt me till the day I die.
Is it too much to hope that one day she'll come back? Maybe as an independent? Granted I would wish she could come back as Lulu but I'll take anything.

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It will never be the same, never be
The character worked too well with the soul

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I'm surprised this exists. But a welcome one.
Lulu Love!

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Dead hours thread.

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I will never forgive Japan for letting menheras harrass Lulu, even when justice was eventually served. It's just not enough to stop those fuckers in hiding from doing it to other vtubers too.

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Her case is a textbook example of why doxniggers should be euthanized on sight.

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Like the other anon said, even if she did come back, it wouldn't be the same, although I would watch her anyway. But I don't think that can happen, if she started streaming again, her stalkers would most likely be able to track her down again, and the whole ordeal would start again. It really is sad, but if she's safe, it's better this way.

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>her soft voice
>her unrelenting determination
>her insane choice of words

No one can match her bros…

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Some part of me still keeps waiting, but it'll be fine. Kon...

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I struggle to understand why they do things like that to begin with. I'm far from the shining example of mental stability, but I still cannot get the mindset behind sending death threats to someone that's just trying to entertain you.

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I think I understand what you mean. It still kind of doesn't feel real when I think that she really is gone. I've been wanting to watch some of her archives, but I haven't been able to bring myself to watch them yet. I suppose I just need some more time to get over the pain a little more.

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she started a new social media account with a new avatar

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I don't think its bannable to post it. You're not looking into her past you're posting her future

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Like, new account as an individual or new potential vtuber project?

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It probably isn't a bannable offence, but you could try posting it but running through a decoder once or twice first.

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She's gonna be in HoloJP Gen 6. Moruru 2.0

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Why would she join a company with arguably even worse protection for their talents than Nijisanji?

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She's been more active on her previous Twitter account and even replied there to some obvious Lulu's fans (fanmark, profile picture, bio etc.) that wished her happy birthday.

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Ah, so you meant that. Yeah, I've been checking her old twitter every now and then too, didn't notice she was replying to obvious Lulu fans though.

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To get more bucks

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top Nijisanji Livers make just as much if not more than top Holos

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Good night

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I was at peace with her graduation until i realised im never gonna see her play elden ring...

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