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You will not forget me, right?
I was Pomu

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NO! You are Pomu! Not "was!" "Are!"
Just like how I am Pomu!
We are Pomu!

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Ngl i'm gonna be pretty sad if she gets left behind due to her break.

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Don't worry about Pomu too much. There is a reason why she always had loads of gachikoi. I hope that one shitposter will switch targets after 3 weeks but he probably won't either.

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Pomu deserves the best.

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I will never forget about my fairy wife. Knowing she'll be back in 2.5 weeks is much easier than the uncertainty I felt when she graduated back in April. POMU LOVE!

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Who is that girl? She seems a little familiar; I wanna say she collabed with Elira or Finana from LazuLight once? Or am I thinking of a Prism collab?

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Are you trying to piss me off, anon? Cause right now you're starting to piss me off right now, anon!

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I know its hard to remember and deal with, but we have to accept that Pomu died during surgery. I wish I could've given her a grand goodbye during her last zatsudan stream.

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What happened to your bangs, Pomu?

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Pomu? I haven’t heard that name in a long time…

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K, see you on Pomu's minecraft stream next month.

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now that the dust has settled, yes, pomu does have the worst fanbase

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ill just get another oshi

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fuck off already

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It's just a routine surgery. She'll be fine. You people worry too much.

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I know pomu faggots are saying they will love her no matter what but a woman with no tits and scars on there is objectively unattractive. same way a military guy with his face melted off returns.

no one likes them anymore. atleast relatively less than before.

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She's a 2D fairy and will still be a 2D fairy after her surgery.
Who cares about her roommate lmao that's not why you watch her.
Pomu will be fine

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She’ll still be Pomu when she gets back doomposting faggot

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someone needs to make a pomu version of that one amelia one

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*that one amelia webm

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how will iforget you if every pomu schizo in this board spams pomu in every single fucking thread

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What's this new trend of terminally ill chuubas? Is this Make-A-Wish Foundation fuckery or something?

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/vt/ talks about you often but I like your leaf dragon friend a lot more, sorry

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Even if Pomu removes her ovaries too, and says "fuck it it's not like I'm a woman anymore anyway" and gets a fake penis via plastic surgery, I'll still love her.

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If people forget about her in that small span of time then she was never that interesting to begin with.

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Have fun with no titties

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Can't she just get implants? They can be bigger than ever.

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This one?

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I'm no expert, but quite a few of them became vtubers after struggling to do accomplish some other goal first. That or they wanted to do things like sing, dance and entertain, but were held back by physical/emotional constraints, like lung problems or GAD. It's not really a new trend, it all depends on how you're defining illness.

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Anon-kun in charge of deciding the objective nature of beauty and attractiveness. Not just for him, but for everyone on the planet. Your grammar is fantastic as well.

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Forget about pomu, feesh is live.

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Some anon in the past couple of months quoted some legal statute requiring insurance companies to cover breast augmentation surgery for mastectomy patients, so, if true, she’ll only be as flat as she wants.

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>objective nature of beauty and attractiveness
there is an objective metric to beauty. no amount of your "abstract" LARP is going to change that

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That's what clothed sex is for.

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Since you're desperate for a (you) here you go.

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difference is women are loved unconditionally, men aren't

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Maybe if you got rid of that old yeeyee as haircut, you might get some Finanas on your coochie

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fair enough since men do indeed have a wide range of attraction to different females which is not the case for women.

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I would assume someone that got their tits removed often times gets breast implants. Though, breast implants are never as good as natural.

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>I would assume someone that got their tits removed often times gets breast implants. Though, breast implants are never as good as natural.

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Women naturally want people to like them, so if they're hiding behind an avatar, it means they have emotional and/or health issues. A normal women would rather stream with their face.

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What if she's getting breast implants instead?

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She probably is.

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I can't wait for Pomu to come back in a few weeks with huge tits on her avatar.

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It could be a hysterectomy instead of a mastectomy.

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By that I mean she's probably getting implants after the mastectomy.

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Where did this mastectomy meme come from?

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Who the fuck could possibly forget about pomu
She always does her best to smile for her fans even if her shit is fucked
I don't even generally care for weebs or japanese media beyond vtubers but her love for japan is so earnest and real
I hope she gets to go on many more trips to akiba

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From what I understand from things I've seen, Pomu's mom has had breast cancer multiple times and it runs in her family because of a genetic mutation. So Pomu is getting a preventative mastectomy.

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Kiara is hyping up Pomu right now on her superchat stream.

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With a catchy name like Pomu? No never.

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I mean there are plenty of people who like flat chests, and scars are borderline fetishized these days.

There is such a thing as objective beauty, but I'd recon a good 30% of beauty is subjective.

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>He lacks critical information

>> No.7154582

I dont use outliers to talk about majority, sorry. dont reply to me again, worthless tranny.
I use majority as a metric for objectivity.

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People are treating this like a Hololive hiatus where they dip out of reality but she's probably going to tweet and shit through it, interacting with all the members etc. Sounds dumb but that alone probably means she won't get left behind in numbers etc.

This is too earnest for 4chan

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You're watching people hand-selected by talent agencies for their ability to entertain and relate to the audience aspects from their real lives. Everyone does and always had shit going on, vtubers are just more inclined to share it

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>pomu comes back
>different voice
>lel it was cause throat surgery

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how tf do people know what surgery she's getting? i mean, that's a rhetorical question, this place is full of creepy fucks who probably hunted down her irl social media and all, but still.

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What is "routine surgery"?

>> No.7157895

No one knows for sure, people just speculate based on hints dropped by Pomu and her past life

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Simple deduction leads it to being a preventive mastectomy due to breca1 or 2 gene. This surgery is rather routine, the probable oophorectomy she'll undergo in a couple years is more problematic, healthwise.

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A cancer preventative surgery over genetic issues is basically either getting your breasts cut off our your ovaries taken out.

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Already forgotten.

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I miss Pomu.

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I miss Pomu

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I miss Pomu.

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Pomu died on the way back to her home planet

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I can't believe pomu is fucking dead

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She was the best Pomu there ever was or will be

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I'm Pomoot!

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No... I remember you, Pomu. Because you remembered me back then.

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>Random indie that probably has never seen more than 2 people in chat
This is some shit promotion

>> No.7166921

And she keeps talking about Nijisanji, what's up with that?

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Haha look, it's Poot!

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pomu is a kindred spirit

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What's the deal with her, she got tit cancer or something?

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Whenever you feel lonely, just look up to the stars. That bright one there? She's Pomu. And she's always looking after us.

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Anon, the Majority is often wrong. the Majority thinks stupid shit like xxxtentacion and Billi Eillish being high art. The Majority is also far less strongly opinionated than you: They are willing to put up with a few Objectively unattractive features if the whole has other attractive features. In fact people are statistically more attracted to people who are flawed in a way that they don't mind since it means that they have less competition when going for them. Finally, Statistical outliers DO matter wether you like it or not. People can, and will, meet statistical outliers, and some one like Pomu is especially likely to come into contact with them: Otaku in themselves are a group of statistical outliers.

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How is she going to feed our future children without milky mammaries?

>> No.7178336

>future children

bad news

>> No.7178409

past children?

>> No.7179876

This is what faggotry looks like.

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Won't they at least leave her womb in place? They could freeze her eggs and then put them in later.

>> No.7180020

Hmmm wait what if pomu is so humble she went lesbian because she doesn't want to disappoint a guy by not being able to have children?

>> No.7180117

For one we can't see her, and for two mastectomies don't require that you have no tits, you know that, right? It just means your tit won't be natural.

>> No.7180187

Big pomu energy with big pomu breast implants LETS GOOOOOOOOOO

>> No.7180381

>be me
>wake up with the feeling of impending doom
>check twitter
>Pomu went to hospital one hour ago
Umm it's a coincidence right?

>> No.7180427

Shhh, go back to sleep.

>> No.7180475

Sorry it was just me under your bed, go back to sleep its all ok.

>> No.7180555

There is like 1cm gap under my bed

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Pomu is such a sweet girl that I can see her doing that. Not likely mind you but possible. She was most likely at least bi judging by her insane obsession with maid cafes and other bishoujo-centric interests.

>> No.7184830

Never forget how Pomu lusted after and groomed her EN buds behind the scenes.

>> No.7184875

>pics of what a womans chest looks like after a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy
Oh boy, that’s gonna leave a mark. Artists are gonna have a field day with that one

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I doubt she's going huge. She'll probably just get the same or her girlfriend's favorite size. Maybe correct the asymmetry at most. Why buy new bras?

>> No.7185015

No man is ever going to want her now.

>> No.7185490

With Pomu's usual luck, her ex girlfriend probably died or something

>> No.7187891

Will boob jokes become verboten in her streams?

>> No.7188646

It could have been worse. She could have started identifying as a man as form of cope.

>> No.7189637

So how long do you think it'll be til her next tweet if everything goes ok?
She tweeted 5 hours ago when she left for the hospital. I dunno how long it takes for the surgery to happen, or how long the surgery would be tho. And I'm also guessing she'll be unconscious for a while after the surgery.

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anon, you need to get over it, she's gone. faking twitter posts won't bring her back...

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Imagine actually waifuing and simping for a dyke. baka

>> No.7196062

If only there was a way to increase your breast size through surgery, I wonder

>> No.7196588

only nijiggers

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She looks so peaceful.

>> No.7200829

Is she really going to die? Seems pretty extreme for a tonsil removals.

>> No.7203294

If you have to get them removed there's probably a risk.

>> No.7203586

>the Majority thinks stupid shit like xxxtentacion and Billi Eillish being high art.
they actually do not think this. the way they're pushed by globohomo with botted numbers doesnt mean they're majority opinion.

>> No.7205449

I love Pomu and I'm glad his gender affirming surgery went well!

>> No.7206354

The kind of surgery that an OR at a large hospital is probably doing at least one of every single day all year round, and even residents can reasonably be trusted not to fuck up, like appendectomies.

>> No.7206486

Any time you're getting general anesthetic there's a >0% chance you just won't ever wake up.
Anesthesia is nowhere near as exact a science as they want you to think it is, and anesthesiologists have the highest drug abuse rate and suicide rate of any medical specialization for a reason.

>> No.7212176

touch grass

>> No.7213661

Pomu doesn't drink so at least the anesthesiologist has an easy time

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post your yfw when pomus final yab was that she eats cunny and not her surgery

>> No.7218106

>tonsil removal
Who is spreading this rrat about tonsil removal? She's already mentioned that the surgery is for cancer prevention because of a genetic predispostion and tonsil cancer is more likely associated with smoking, alcohol, or HPV unlike breast cancer and the BRCA gene

>> No.7219390

Based Pomu

>> No.7222344

not women with melted faces

>> No.7222543

As a straight guy I don't get why people obsess over maid cafes. The girls are average-looking and the costumes are weird, not to mention the annoying food-serving rituals.

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