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Why does every female vtuber want to be either a cat or just a girl with pink hair? There's no originality in these designs. Ollie probably has the most interesting design in all of hololive, even if she's a "cute" zombie and not a normal zombie.

I want a spider vtuber.

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>Why does every female vtuber want to be either a cat or just a girl with pink hair?
its generic. when you think of a generic cute anime girl, catgirls and girls with unnatural hair color are usually the first thing that pops in your head.

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It's CUTE stop asking

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Can you go back to /v/ you fucking low iq creature?

You are not human go kill yourself

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touch grass

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they want to fuck pink cat girls

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>I want a spider vtuber
I wonder who could be behind this post

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the most popular pink catgirl would never fuck anyone here, anon.

good point. girls with animal ears are adorable

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I've been expecting you.

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You want indies. There's that one moth vtuber indie that >>7127444 posted. A corpo would never approve a true spider vtuber like you want, because it's too unsafe.

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Juniper. She's cool. She even has a Cthulhu form. Even though her default form is a cute big tittied moth girl, she's probably the closest to a "gross" vtuber.

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There are only two pink-haired girls in Hololive

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And ten million outside of it. How many pink haired girls does Nijisanji have? I'm guessing at least sixty.

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I love this spider!

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Cause girls want to be cute and femine and appeal to majority? Only freaks want to be someone's oddly specified fetish like spiders.

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One of the most popular vtubers is a fucking pirate. How many girls want to be pirates?

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The best ones of course

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This is popular and sexualized image what you can see everywhere in anime and games. Meanwhile monster girls is niche fetish

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at least post manga form. ln is terrible

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idk she looks really cute in this form, but i like all 3 forms anyways, its only a matter of time before someone uses her likeness for vtubing.

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>I want a spider vtuber.
>you can't see her spider part
dumb retard

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Make her hang from the ceiling

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>cat or just a girl with pink hair
>Posts a blond fennec fox

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spiders eh?

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