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For the 283rd time, what is Ope?!
Also ENTER the Demon of Sound and Lover of Idols, Nerissa Ravencroft from Hololive EN Advent.

Next stream: TBA
Last stream (zatsudan)
Previous appearance (Q & A collab with Bao on Bao's channel)
Twitter Voices in Japan (With Fuwamoco and Kiara)

Jewelbird cover of VIVINOS - OTOMEROID
Cover of Nakashima Mika - Yuki no Hana
Archive of the struck down Moka - Lilium cover
Unarchived pre-Valentine's karaoke (Feb 2024)
Songs & Karaokes rentry
Cover playlist

>Useful Links
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@NerissaRavencroft
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nerissa_en
Art tags: #RavenCrafts on Twitter (Lewds: #depravencrafts on Twitter); RavenCrafts, Nerissa Ravencroft or ネリッサ・レイヴンクロフト on pixiv
Merch: https://rentry.org/nerissa_ravencroft_merch01
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>Basic introduction to the new Jailbirds
Debut Stream
Crunchyroll Interviews

>Tools / Creations by the /ope/ users
/ope/'s library
Collection of Nerissa's Sounds
List of recommended streams
Information regarding membership
Appearances on other channels & mentions

>General Tools
Current OP Template

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Hi baker

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Nerissa's booty busting butthole belching blasts of beautiful boisterous ballbursting braps, her gas gurgling giddily from her splutter gutter directly into my grateful nostrils, the pleasantly pungent putrid parps pleasing my pink protruding penis, her passionate plump dump pumping rump flooding my nose, mouth and lungs!!

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Nerissa's armpits

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File: 312 KB, 480x270, kiara sings german lullaby 1647395154406387716 [sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fwk1091.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're thinking voice tweets, android doesn't have them and they both have Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultras. Kiara did a voice tweet once with the work iPhone but I imagine it's packed away and not in her purse

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Oh makes sense (it doesn't, fuck twitter lmao)

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Smells fishy
Did she take Nerissa to a club?

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>The scissors are scissoring

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Say gex

>> No.71192047

Yeah, with me

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No it's a members inside joke an alias she used a year ago on the vip list for her oshi's bday concert, these tweets are saying she went again

>> No.71192186

KFP is lucky our lady only lurks 90% of the time and hardly posts on X

>> No.71192227

ooo makes sense. Thank you KFP-dono

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Rissa butt

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So this isn't just another vacation trip with her oshi, right?

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We'll never know

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Is sad that we even have to ask that because she's been so flakey

>> No.71192831

Wait is nerissa in japan?
How did she eat sakuramiko

>> No.71192835

Hello James Joyce, what exactly causes the correlation between linguistical competency and fart huffing?

>> No.71192847

There was an anon here before who said it best. Rissa likes to engage with things passively. She'll scroll and like things on X all day, watch dozens of hours of cutscenes, but voice tweets and playing games? Nah

>> No.71193252

Yes she's in Japan. She met Kiara and FWMC so far

>> No.71193363

For vacation or work?
Will Shiori and Biboo come?

>> No.71193483

No idea, she's autistic and doesn't tell us shit. I lean towards it being for fun and enjoying FES in Japan, but since Biboo was there recently some anons think it has to do with work (3D). We'll know for sure if Shiori goes anytime soon

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File: 439 KB, 1740x2048, @fuyudayoneh-1767603936813617522.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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At this point I want to believe it's for work. The most realistic take it's that she has some work to do there, but she's also taking free days to play around.

>> No.71194028

Being Jailbirds is suffering

>> No.71194059

I love my wife Nerissa Ravencroft more than anyone in the whole world

>> No.71194119

The cats are going to piss in her room again aren't they

>> No.71194235

Every time she ghosts us, they will. Based cats honestly

>> No.71194575

Little man was one of us all along.
She said he did it cause Malpha brought her cat over last time and he's very territorial.
I think we have to accept that Rissa sees streaming as work. She streams, does her part, and when it's over, she's out. It's not really something we can blame on her, and it's our fault to expect for her to tell us anything, like you wouldn't tell your clients about your private life.

>> No.71194632

While I have gotten that vibe sometimes, I also see her like and comment on everything that even remotely mentions her. So she is invested.

>> No.71194770

That's part of her 'free to do whatever she wants on her free time'. She's very self-conscious so she must love to read every thing related to her. But that doesn't mean she'll go out of her way to throw us a bone most of the time.

>> No.71194831

"You guys can live without me"

>> No.71194906

It's partially my fault for getting so invested and liking her. She works better as a side-piece you check in on once in a while when she drops the occasional cover or plays a game you like

>> No.71195254

I say this to myself sometimes but I don't watch any other streamers so it doesn't matter

>> No.71195286

Because she yearns for praise constantly. It's not for us, it's for her.

>> No.71195435

Maybe if you guys were more vocal on twitter about what you wanted from her she would do it.

>> No.71195654

Hmmm. What would the power of my first comment ever on an account made in 2011 be I wonder.

>> No.71195702

Nah, despite being a Kiara fan her personality and attitude towards streaming is far more like Ame.

>> No.71195712

She reads her live tag sacrilegiously. I made a new account that got flagged by Twitter as a bot and shadowbanned and she still likes and even retweeted one of my posts

>> No.71195811

If we try to forcer to be more 'open', it's over. It's something that has to come from her.

>> No.71195948

it's not "forcing", it's making sure she knows how her fans feels about the entire thing. She was shocked when people told her they felt ghosted when she went on the 3 days break and was surprised to know we're clingy. It's obvious she doesn't realize that shit somehow

>> No.71195994

and what exactly do people want from her? within her capabilities of being in an entirely different country across the world

>> No.71196085

We're not asking for a personal handjob to every jailbird (She's giving me one rn but that's beside the point).
A Twitter space/ Voice tweet would set a nice mood today for starters

>> No.71196272

Yea we have to remember there is really no one even close to as open as Kiara and that seems to be the standard we're looking for. She's very mumei or fauna-like now. Just gotta come to terms with it.

>> No.71196278

I don't think she was shocked. For me, it felt more like she was showing us our place, that we don't have the right to feel ghosted. She told us where she was going, and that was all we needed as interaction.

>> No.71196386

It went above your head then, go watch it again.

>> No.71196405

She just got there within the day and already had date plans from the start, let her cook, and she literally gave us two voice tweets

>> No.71196556

I can admit that I have a different interpretation than yours and that both could be valid. Maybe I'm too cynic, maybe you're too optimistic.

>> No.71196575

Well yeah. It's almost 4am in Japan and she's probably jetlagged as fuck but I'm not putting much hope without some tardwrangling

>> No.71196734

We got two... from two non-Rissa accounts. And the dogs barely left her speak in theirs cause they know their fanbase wants to her them and not Rissa.

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File: 978 KB, 504x720, rrat-king-approaches-[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fntx0gt.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah, I see. It's going to be THAT kind of week round these parts.

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File: 1.72 MB, 362x600, Nerissa Give me more. Beg harder![sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fjx72fk.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I blame Nerissa

>> No.71196966

and from that we already have info that she's in Japan, met Kiara to go to an onsen for some sex, and met FWMC for some food.
That's already above average interactions that most of EN won't give us when they travel

>> No.71197015

I mean 3 solo streams in 19 days while knowing she was going to Japan, combined with her seemingly needing to be forced to do things for fans by others isn't great for a fanbase.

>> No.71197240

Like most people my first impression was she joined because of Kiara. Then I started watching regularly and thought she was pretty good. Now I've come full circle and remember she joined because of Kiara. It's the Rissa cycle should expect this will be how things go.

>> No.71197244

Having info is a thing, but my point is her drive to share. As I said before not sharing is perfectly understandable and I think she sees this as work and we are part of it. But that the audios didn't come from her account gives the impression that it was the others who told her 'hey, let's record an audio!'. And I feel pretty positive about it cause it's the as with Biboo in Palworld, she didn't try to progress until Biboo told her.

>> No.71197802

Only catalog niggers believe this

>> No.71198199

I don't she's ever getting those fraternal twins man, she used up a lot of her luck getting hired by the same company her oshi works for

>> No.71198569

Nah my semen can win

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>> No.71199470

I've decided these threads suck for people like me who have other things to do. Go play a video game or something, Jesus Christ. We know she'll stream, we've known since she told us she bought a laptop for this.

>> No.71199553

No shit anon, why would you be here in no-stream times if you had better things to do

>> No.71199669

But I'm at work I'm angy.

>> No.71199807

Honestly reread this from her perspective.

Some of you are acting like a jealous boyfriend. She’s under no obligation to share her day to day activities with any of us. Find something else to do for a while and relax.

>> No.71199832

did rissa like or retweet this when it was posted?

>> No.71199936


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Nah bitch I'll be here until I die

>> No.71199983

stfu Rissa, go do a twitter space

>> No.71200112

Go to sleep Rissa, is 4 am

>> No.71200722

This is what happens when you half-ass streams. All the schizos come out, justifiably so

>> No.71200797

Then just outright say, fuck you guys I'm going radio silent for a week instead of teasing us.

>> No.71201486

I already said it, this is just work for her, we shouldn't expect these kinds of things.
It would've been the same, vtubers viewers who come here are all needy.

>> No.71201574

She’s on twitter right now

>> No.71201592

retweeting tits

>> No.71201806

That's like saying she's breathing right now

>> No.71202261

why did miko take their arms?

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>> No.71202449

i want her to kill me, just straight up murder me

>> No.71202725

I just want her to ride my face

>> No.71203064

I want her to have an autistic rant after which I reassure her that everything is fine and then we'll have some sweaty babymaking sex'

>> No.71203296

Because they're not in America now so they no longer have the right to bear them.

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How long could you last during her paizuri?

>> No.71203813

All day

>> No.71203902

With her current stamina, infinite time.

>> No.71203926

Realistically speaking, how long would HER stamina last

>> No.71204161

I wish Rissa an outdoors kid who makes her play around all day so she suffers from lack of twitter and sun exposition.

>> No.71204364

Paizuri is boring and overrated. One of those things that's only done in porn.

>> No.71204521

kek good one

>> No.71204780

What's the matter you don't like porn tropes that should have died twenty years ago, it's "COOL"

>> No.71204866

There are homosexuals in this thread right NOW and I'm not talking about the fembirds here.

>> No.71204868

No need to announce your sexuality like this, fag

>> No.71205072

I remember there was that one gay sapling a few months ago, wonder what happened to him

>> No.71205193

NTA just because something translates well into 2D art does not mean the same thing in reality

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Paizuri can feel amazing, it just depends on the size and shape of the tits and dick. And some positions work better than others

>> No.71205345

That might be because you're a dicklet
Also don't go and pretend you ever got anything from your body near any women's breast that wasn't your mothers anon

>> No.71205393

You've had bad paizuri

>> No.71205507
File: 275 KB, 1858x2048, @anyacchiiii-1767665183340601490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.71206264

It does not make a lick of sense. Does nothing for the woman and makes both parties look ridiculous it's been meme'd into existence.

>> No.71206667

sounds like you give bad paizuri sis

>> No.71206830
File: 288 KB, 1365x2048, 5db23c11504c5b4cdb855771ca411816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some women have sensitive nipples and/or may get off from pleasing the man. Even so, I only care about my pleasure and paizuri feels great. The only thing that's ridiculous is when a woman has a pair of big fuckable tits but they're unfucked.

>> No.71207037

fembirds owe me paizuri

>> No.71207204

Worth noting that using the phrase paizuri (yes I know where I am) points to it being fake & gay. No one does this normally there's even a real name for it in English.

>> No.71207243

>Does nothing
>An erogenous zone
>Your peen doesn't make women wet

>> No.71207321

you're on an anime forum, no one is going to call it a titjob when there's a hot hentai term to call it

>> No.71207501

Precisely, people on an anime forum see it all the time so they get tricked into thinking it's a real thing.

>> No.71207728

Arguing about breasts here is a moot point when Nerissa is an ass guy I may not agree with it but I must show deference to her belief in this matter

>> No.71207914


>> No.71208002

Not unwelcome, but I would have expected more Fuwawa/Rissa given they obviously are hot for each other, I guess ladies just like the contrast.

As for the crazy going on, I am surprised there are actually people who were expecting Nerissa "'Do not perceive me' is one of my favorite phrases" Ravencroft to have constant Twitter Spaces when she goddamn well said in two days we'd get more info. I swear, other than the baiters, some people don't actually listen.

This girl is awkward, weird sometimes, and her brain makes her overthink what should be obvious choices, but she tries to keep to her word. Any of the smart Jailbirds chilled and waited the couple days, the silly ones are pining every two seconds.

>> No.71208021

Does it even do anything for the man? I doubt tits can feel "tight" no matter how hard you squeeze them together

>> No.71208108

Just imagine Rissa hotdogging you and I think your mind will come around to ass being just as good.

>> No.71208144

Sticking out my cat for nerizzler (for her to pet)

>> No.71208287

After watching some more of the Bao collab Rissa specifically said she was working on a lot of projects right now. What projects these are and how much actual work is involved is unknown. She said similar things about the voicepacks which isn't very reassuring

>> No.71208326

And she said "No new projects cuz I need some time for myself" kek

>> No.71208384

>when she goddamn well said in two days we'd get more info
And that info is probably things we already know from Biboo's schedule. A multiple day watchalong. Woohoo...

>> No.71208443

It's not expecting it, it's being disappointed. And while she has all the right to not say anything, for some people it's a hard pill to swallow when you have the rest of Advent being very active even when out. And Kiwawa who's her oshi.

>> No.71208559

If she has time to watch lengthy videos and even all the FF7 cutscenes, forgive me, but I think she's full of bs.

>> No.71208597

No that's the "me time" she was talking about. She didn't lie

>> No.71209018

It's maybe 1-2 hours of work on music a day. Her screw ups with software make me wonder how much of the production work she does and how much she offloads onto other people.

>> No.71209211

I don’t doubt that she does work hard, but I suspect that she isn’t very productive, as in efficient. It likely takes her more hours and energy to complete tasks than it does someone like Kiara. Not making excuses for her, I’m among those who want more from her.

>> No.71209340

Yeah, I feel the same way. I highly doubt there's some major awesome project coming down the road that she's spending hours and hours of work on every day. I'll be happy to be proven wrong, though

>> No.71209411

The social media brainrot probably doesn't help. Works for 20 minutes, spends 30 mintues on discord and X, repeat cycle

>> No.71209543

That lack of focus is pretty evident
>Room still smells like cat piss
>Well time to start painting

>> No.71209600

Yeah, there is even research showing that “task switching” is far more mentally draining than it feels in the moment. Add in the poor sleep and it’s not even a joke to say she is functionally retarded.

>> No.71209675

She streams for an average of like two hours most nights. That leaves plenty of time in the day to do other things. Granted it wouldn’t surprise me if her perception of a long day of work is a bit skewed. Constantly being at home can fuck with your sense of time. On top of that, she probably is overly critical of her own work, which makes any project take longer.

>> No.71209811

Rissa should play Alan Wake 2

>> No.71209826

I think people are restless cause it's been a while since she did a karaoke.

>> No.71209869

When I heard her tell that story about painting her room I knew she was one those people that's constantly self-sabotaging. Impulsive and scatterbrained. 'Oh, now I have to paint my room!' 'Oops, I'm causing more work for myself because I didn't plan anything out!' I have some family like that and it's intolerable, they're always coming up with harebrained schemes and overcomplicating things

>> No.71209911

it's an accumulation of things including that, for sure.

>> No.71209981

I'm still listening to her karaoke playlist till now....

>> No.71210157

I miss IP count

>> No.71210294

Things I think Rissa does well
>Genuinely seems to enjoy being in Hololive
>10/10 Karaokes
>Genuinely seems to give a shit about feedback from her fans
>Streams usually 5 times a week
>Has shown improvement in starting on time, fixing technical issues, reading SCs etc

Things I feel she could improve
>The week of collabs wasn't great
>The out of Hololive collabs are a miss for me, I understand she was probably friends with some of them before Hololive but some of them are just using her for clout and she's still in the small streamer mindset so she feels honored when she should be wary.
>Gaming isn't her strong suit. I understand Hololive has perms issues but man are there some shit games. And she's not a gamer which I understand but she could work on zatsuing then during the game.
>More karaokes would be nice. One every 2 weeks was good but I think it's been a month since the last one now.
>For the love of God stop getting fucking one guyed by grays who are just there to troll. You always read the most negative shit. Stop fucking watching clips of yourself, EN clip channels attract the worst kind of people.

>> No.71210489

I agree with most of this but I'd like to add something. She really needs to increase her zatsu topics. Talking about her day is lovely and all but it will never fill more than an hour. It's a common theme in every holo to talk about their previous collabs in the zatsus since they can't do it mid collab and not after cuz fuck Cover

>> No.71210550

She usually streams for around 2 hours so I think that's enough to fill the time.

>> No.71210667

Nah he's right she runs out of gas well before that.

>> No.71210731

What should she talk about?

>> No.71210871

I don't really care if the collabs are out or inside holo, I take them as a chance to see other people I don't watch cause I only watch Rissa.
I also disagree that she's not a gamer cause she can properly learn and pick the mechanics if she takes the time to read. The problem is that she's too hasty and self-conscious.
Not like she dipped 10 minutes after the collabs ended before anyway.

>> No.71210965
File: 168 KB, 350x350, 1707460513778971.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just like the other anon said she runs out of gas way earlier than that. I start noticing lots of dead air and "ugh" sounds to fill it, it's very noticeable.
Also why are you asking what should she talk about when I literally gave examples

>> No.71211036

Might as well suggest other things for her to talk about then. Sunday she seemed to run out of steam kind of early, staying up until 4am and waking up early didn’t help. However, she still didn’t seem to have much to talk about.

>> No.71211045

She likes games for the story not the gameplay. She'd rather watch all the cutscenes instead of play the FF7 games. She's done it for both remakes. She looks up guides to games beforehand instead of playing them blind. Her favorite game is BG3 and she basically likes the visual novel parts and struggles with combat even on the easiest difficulty. Other games she clearly wants to get through them as soon as possible.

She's not a gamer, probably never will be, and doesn't want to be. That's fine but then she needs to improve her zatsu.

>> No.71211187

While there are definitely people raiding Advent threads, but lack of focus isn't something that is entirely untrue. Her stories just tell me her schedule has to be an unholy mess that isn't entirely mapped out.

Like I instead of a set schedule, I'd predict she has a list of things she needs to do or have done, and because she is a bit ADD, can't organize it into a fine list so a lot is more set of her pants progress than neatly organized. So rather than not telling us, what would be hilarious is if she barely knew it herself half the time.

>> No.71211229

Touching on previous streams is a way to pad time. Mom was a big deal, did she say anything else or did Rissa want to express more thoughts about it? Nah don't dwell on it just move on. Seems deliberately opaque about future plans. Just bounced to Japan with a day's notice and left no schedule.
Also worth noting I think she took the advice of "stop reading SC's nonstop during zatsu" and twisted it into "never do an SC reading stream." Not the same thing.

>> No.71211308

I wonder if she was told not to talk about that stream because of the little oopsie her mom had?

>> No.71211387

She got pretty good in RE8 as she progressed, and was able to learn the basics of LC. I'll agree that she doesn't want be a gamer and there's no point in forcing her, but saying she can't be as if she was on the dogs' level is too much.
I think she just decided to playing it safe. Adresses SC of relevance to the conversation, big ones, or the ones from regulars. She also uses them as a clutch when she runs out of topics. She must think a SC reading stream would be recieved poorly after the incident.

>> No.71211397

mamamia fine.
She had a week of collabs, she could spend 10 minutes talking about each game, what she liked and didn't like about the games, what she thinks of her collab partners since they're all her friends. She should have talked about her Mom's debut, that shit shouldn't have ended there at all.
She could include us more in her schedule planning, at least tell us in advance (not 1 hour before) that you won't have a schedule. And in weeks where you'll have a schedule how about you take opinions for games? I've seen lots of holos do it, Shiori literally brings out the schedule spreadsheet for member streams and takes advice.

>> No.71211442

Nah a big deal that happened to others

>> No.71211541
File: 366 KB, 498x457, GIedZ5wboAAUh_m.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss OPE girl...

>> No.71211546

Biboo is learning a song for karaoke in member stream. I'm envious of pebbles...

>> No.71211568

She doesn’t do SC reading streams because she can’t be assed to learn how to use the app to read them from history.

>> No.71211671

You want Nerissa, the girl that is always thinking chat is lying except when she's getting one-guy'd, that won't take suggestions while she's playing Palworld except from Biboo, to consider us? For her schedule? You're crazy. You're better off sending a SC to Biboo begging her to tell Nerissa if she wants to try something new.

>> No.71211669

Adding to that, maybe talk about the FES that'll happen? Nerissa's my first oshi that I watch regularly, and I have no idea what the fuck is that FES except that it's a big 3D event. I imagine advent brought buttloads of newfags as well so that would have been a good topic for that short zatsu she did after a week of drought.

>> No.71211735

This but unironically, in a non bait way.

>> No.71211753

Well, those are definitely good suggestions. As others have said though she isn’t much of a gamer. I think she would do well to talk more about the subject she’s most interested in, singing. Maybe giving her thoughts on various songs, newer anime OSTs, analyzing lyrics with chat.

She really needs to lean more into her personal interests.

>> No.71211794

Bringing out FES would've connected to her trip to Japan, and you know she thinks we're a group of criminals who can get a ticket plane to follow her trough continents so she needs to be secretive.

>> No.71211802

>the girl that is always thinking chat is lying except when she's getting one-guy'd
I fucking hate how she does this. She never trusts us but will definitely read the negative comment and take it to heart. Fucking depresso mind.

>> No.71211863

Could you imagine...
Just a contingent of jailbirds SCing one of the other Advent members asking them to ask Nerissa to try some things

>> No.71211888

That's true, but it's 100% on her not us. It looks like a big fucking event in the holosphere and it makes her irrelevant by not talking about it. That aside, she's in Japan now and we all know, will she talk about it aside from the mandated collab Biboo already talked about days ago?

>> No.71212198

>Shiori literally brings out the schedule spreadsheet for member streams and takes advice.

The two are at opposite ends of the spectrum, its like not understanding Rissa is a people oriented introvert and misunderstanding a low social battery as not caring and comparing her to Kiara, who loves absorbing more and more energy from attention. Shiori is very specifically organized with spreadsheets, charts, mapping out things on paper, but her home life and diet is a mess even alone and relatively untethered.

Rissa is meticulously adept at taking care of herself somewhat (has a strict skincare routine, keeps to the diet to her detriment in it makes her hungry and fatigued)and would be better if she wasn't cramped in the house like she is where her OCD in how her kitchen and living area is organized. That OCD deteriorates her mental state even though she loves being with her family.

Unironically, if Shiori and Rissa were roommates, they probably could help balance each other's flaws a bit.

>> No.71212278

Might just be me but I think her mindset during streams is a little bizarre. They all put on a mask to some extent, and I suppose I prefer the ones that are more relaxed and sincere. She dips into it sometimes though like excitedly going off about Twilight to five other people is genuinely moe, or hearing about Kiara talking about her. On the other side of the same coin there's stuff like the guy who left the Astarion comment the other day. She went full cunt at the drop of a hat before she regained her composure.

>> No.71212301

That guy was a fucking spic grayname who cares about him. People like that should be shut down.

>> No.71212362

I agree with >>71212301, those assholes just comment to say 'lmao my taste is better than yours'. No one likes fags who think they have superior taste.

>> No.71212540

Apparently her, that was one of the most genuine moments I remember from her in recent memory. Getting mad in these situations isn't good. Gotta learn to roll with it playfully or rib em back otherwise people will get wise and start to rage bait her.

>> No.71212607 [DELETED] 

Nah fuck third worlders. They don't deserve any playful banter.

>> No.71212637

People keep mentioning the Astarion thing, but regardless about how you feel about the guy, the person who made the SC knows she is gaga for him and wanted to provoke a response. Putting your foot down is not being a cunt, its saying where you stand, its not like she told him to fuck off. Plus, I think people forget the girl was bullied literally her whole life, if you make jokes like an ass, she's gonna treat you like one. She got years of pent up bullied kid energy and she ain't afraid to use it on assholes.

>> No.71212643

Yeah, I have no issue with her take, buttt it is another prime example of one-guyed

>> No.71212651

Funny that Nerissa and Biboo are both at opposite ends of "thinking about the content" whenever they do stuff.
Biboo tends to over do it with how she'll constantly do thing "for the content" and run small jokes into the ground like killing people in LC or how she tries to add short quips during the text parts in gartic phone.
While Nerissa tends to worry too much about how she'll look if she fails at playing games so she never lets people use higher difficulties, won't even risk failure attempting to do anything other than run around in Palworld, or even play Smash Brothers normally. Overcoming failure is what has made lots of streams have a satisfying end for viewers in lots of the other girls streams.

>> No.71212680

Just thinking about the things we're waiting to see that Rissa (+ others) has in pipeline:
>orisong (maybe going for better visuals than normal? Maybe more than one song?)
>cover with Reine (perms hell?)
>cover with other individual Advent members (unknown how far into any of these they are)
>cover with Calli maybe?

>> No.71212826

The astarion comment reaction funnily enough only happened because she keeps getting irked at often seeing that exact sentiment on BG3 twitter which she can't help but browse oh so much.

>its not like she told him to fuck off.
She essentially did and that was a great thing. Now if only she could give the same treatment to "Aradia is my true oshi" fags.

>> No.71212967

Not possible. Being an ass with no good intention is different from the pseudo-tease chat does with the Aradia topic. She cannot just say fuck off to them cause she also loves her sister.

>> No.71213160

nta but the fags that spam that are also asses with no good intention, they just want a reaction.

>> No.71213263


>> No.71213274

Loving her sister doesn't mean she should tolerate this shit from her audience. Considering her inferiority complex I'm sure she gets no joy from having the one big success in her life being constantly, needlessly "ironically" attributed to her sister's presence.

>> No.71213320

Fair and fair. It's still a hard maneuver to tell them to fuck off, imo.

>> No.71213346

Nah fuck that faggot

>> No.71213352

Biboos three karaoke streams will have matched Rissa's solo stream count over the same time period.

>> No.71213608


>> No.71213620
File: 2.73 MB, 480x848, 1710101273181813.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't get caught up thinking Rissa being jealous over her sister is a one way street, we'll never really know.

"Oh you just got back from your European + tropical vacation and BOTH the cats used your room as a toilet? What are the odds, that sucks!"

>> No.71213659

Not only that, but its not actually malicious, just the usual Hololive fandom beating the dead horse into undeath. She knows the score with the memes because she loves memes. It just also pricks at her because she has that inferiority complex and honestly hates being bullied like that, which chat literally doesn't get until she about to cry for real. So it ends up with us getting 1 step forward, but then thoughtless, heartless, or malicious comments mentally take her ten steps back. You can feel it from her and as someone who likes her a lot, its painful. Feels like the strides to bolstering her self-confidence get absolutely decimated everyone other week by an idiot.

>> No.71213793

I think that's why she buys her so many gifts, she feels guilty of her success? Her sister is an incredible singer, but she's playing to crowds of like 20 people.

>> No.71213880
File: 2.21 MB, 442x600, Nerissa Yeah, lets go! Fuck yeah![sound=files.catbox.moe%2Ftahhr8.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Blogpost Rissa my beloved

>> No.71215062

Nah, Aradia flatly said she didn't want the same exposure, that rrat wouldn't even make sense. Partly because she most definitely sees what comes with that money and why, and its people being absolutely obsessed with you. I genuinely think she saw what would happen and is having none of that. For her or her hubby.

>> No.71215162

We already taught her to ignore ARS meme currency, I have hope we can teach her to ignore grey oneguy shitters before she gets turned into a lolcow

>> No.71215218

She doesn't want to be an anime girl streamer for sure. But I don't think she wants to be a lounge singer singing in cramped dens and living with her parents for the rest of her life either. Or maybe she does, but I doubt it.

>> No.71215278
File: 688 KB, 1080x1080, 1695612108023383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss the old Rissa, straight from the Go Rissa
Chop up the soul Rissa, set on her goals Rissa
I hate the new Rissa, the bad mood Rissa
The always rude Rissa, oneguyed and cold Rissa
I miss the sweet Rissa, zatsu and sing Rissa

>> No.71215358

Nerissa isn’t rude, you fags are just sensitive.

>> No.71215535

The ONLY way is curing the persecution complex that comes with her traumas, which isn't so easy. I mean, the girl thought if she was at a con, her fanbsse might stuff her in a car and cart her off. And that was after she got to know the audience which was pretty slobberingly loving at that point. It will just take time.

>> No.71215623

I wouldn't say rude, but she's been noticeably a bit touchy lately. I wish she would actually be rude and tell the people shitting up chat to fuck off, that would be based.

>> No.71215695

>I mean, the girl thought if she was at a con, her fanbsse might stuff her in a car and cart her off
She's not wrong.

>> No.71216248

I would kidnap Nerissa if given the chance, yeah.

>> No.71216318

What are these traumas people speak of? I see people say how she got bullied, but have not been around long enough to know what for. Sometimes she gives off major “I want to be a princess” energy, which is a bit immature.

I don’t think anyone has gotten under her skin deep enough for that. Or at the very least she restrains herself.

Doesn’t every female vtuber have this fear or at least should be wary? I don’t think Rissa does anything that explicitly attracts the crazies to her fandom.

>> No.71216405

Not that I disagree with your overall point but I think you're underestimating the kind of places Aradia sings at. She's not singing in front of thousands but she sings at some pretty nice places and popular events.

>> No.71216460

Dude every female who isn't hideously ugly has this fear/should be weary. Hell even the ugly ones are just one blackout drunk guy away from rape.

>> No.71216533

Some faggot is gonna turn this into bait but I'll say it anyway: Mori exists

>> No.71216541

Nerissa could find her own place and sustain herself with her career if she wanted to. I don't think Aradia and her husband could say the same. Yes it's nice to live with family in some ways but you also want to fuck in a different house than your parents.

>> No.71216757

Rissa said they are home cause she asked her to be with her for a bit.

>> No.71216852

Sometimes I wonder what aradia's husband does all day considering they haven't moved out yet and their room is apparently a mess and constantly drenched in cat piss. Isn't the whole point of having a husband to have a man who can provide?

>> No.71216892

True. But we also don't know exactly what made her and her husband move back with her parents. We know they want their own place again but with the houses as expensive as they are I don't think we can draw any conclusions regarding their money situation. Rissa is an exception, she has a job that's better than most.

>> No.71216970

I know she said that but really how true do you think that is? She might just be covering for her sister. How many of your siblings would leave their marriage and own place to move back in with your parents and little sister because...she was lonely?

>> No.71216986

I think the counterpoint made to her even then was that security is fine at cons usually for guests, even lower tier famous people. For instance, I met Sonon and Yuffie's VAs Aleks Le and Suzie Yeung one year, and Kikuko Inoue another year at Otakon, and both had the same level of security.

>> No.71217075

>But we also don't know exactly what made her and her husband move back with her parents
Nerissa asked Aradia to move back in. She’s talked about this before.

>> No.71217131

Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s Covid related. We will probably never learn enough about them to know for sure. We don’t really need to either.

However, I do wish Rissa didn’t gloss over the fact that she occupies the master bedroom in the house.

>> No.71217262

You seriously write like you're autistic so I'm going to lay it out for you. Often times people will lie about things to spare another party embarrassment, such as being a married couple moving back with their parents because they can't afford a place of their own

>> No.71217319

To be fair, their mother iirc Nerissa says she has ailing health like being harder for her to move around now. So maybe she wanted help since their parents are getting older and Nerissa isn't exactly Miss Powerhouse, beyond loneliness.

>> No.71217407

That bedroom part is news to me

>> No.71217461

I remember her saying she likes having Aradia close by so she can easily invite her to do stuff but I don't remember her saying she moved back because she asked.

That's very likely. I already know more about her and her husband than I'm comfortable knowing.
I don't understand the significance of her having the master bedroom. Is that just the biggest bedroom in the house?

>> No.71217566

Why do you speculate about shit that ultimately doesn’t matter. Why is everything a conspiracy to you?
Nerissa said that’s the reason, no reason to dig into it unless you’re a raging schizophrenic that can never take anything at face value. Move on.

>> No.71217568

this is what the lack of Rissa does
retards are now writting pages of fanfiction about her family situation

>> No.71217687

To be blunt, everyone in the country knows how hard it is for our generation to get houses of our own, so that is more a matter of course. You want lack of tact? See Wawa with outright saying her sister's room looked bad to an audience of thousands.

>> No.71217710

All the sisters are having sex with me.

>> No.71217766

I wrote this

>> No.71217809

It's not schizophrenic, I'm just not so autisitc that when she says she buys her sister gifts because she cant affored nice things that money is an issue. Also Aradias husband works at night and not many night jobs are high paying.

>> No.71217847

She mentioned it briefly when talking about painting/redecorating her room in Sundays zatsu. A few of us in chat were a bit surprised, but she paid it no mind.

Yes, the master is usually considerably larger than most other bedrooms, with a nicer bathroom, and in some cases a walk-in closet. Older houses not so much, but most newer construction, last 25 years, it’s more significant.

>> No.71217966
File: 244 KB, 850x1063, 1671557888638807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to go back to discussing paizuri

>> No.71218026

She called her manager a she until she let it slip in heat of the moment because she knows it might upset some viewers but you think she wouldn't say something more tactful than my sister and her husband are broke as fuck so they moved in with my parents to spare them some shame?

>> No.71218073

She might be using simply because she might need the extra room for streaming and her parents don't need it. I imagine a proper streaming setup takes a fair amount of space.

>> No.71218098

fwmc met with Nerissa

>> No.71218242

My dick met with Nerissa

>> No.71218305

Nerissa should sleep with 2 dogs


>> No.71218442

Rissa gets the master bedroom because she's the breadwinner of the family, simple as

>> No.71218637 [DELETED] 
File: 42 KB, 400x400, AhmL-APe_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yo jailbirds! I just made it inside Nerissa

>> No.71218801

Hey I'm back, you fags still biting bait and shitting and pissing yourselves about nothing in here?

>> No.71218856

That has to be something, going from a childhood where anime was made fun of, to now making more than the collective family combined. Must blow their minds.

>> No.71218963

I want Nerissa to blow my mind

>> No.71220141

Sex with Nerissa in the konbini store

>> No.71220710 [DELETED] 
File: 247 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's Nerissa did with yours truly! Me!

>> No.71220836

Nerissa's personality is changing. Idk if good or bad

>> No.71220921

>nerissa fucked fuwawa so much that now thhe dog can't even move

>> No.71220943

I don't think. If you percieve a change, it's most probable her getting more relaxed and being herself, instead of her changing.

>> No.71221041
File: 219 KB, 350x350, 1705717103267376.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why Octavio? Explain me your shitposting angle kiddo

>> No.71221074

I’m sure she has valid reasons, it was just a bit surprising to hear.

While that could be true I don’t know if she’s paying that much in rent lol

>> No.71221168

Wait is she staying at their new place?

>> No.71221181

>sisters are so bored they are just posting of topic stuff

>> No.71221310

Most probably it's that and that their parents are getting old. Climbing stairs get harder as you get older.

>> No.71221350

I thought that was Merlin from FGO lmao

>> No.71221448

no, nerissa yobai'ed them

>> No.71221483


>> No.71221544
File: 141 KB, 852x1286, @BlaParky-1767718131357880349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.71221561

owe me paizuri

>> No.71221705

Should make me their househusband

>> No.71221804

rissa made them on topic now

>> No.71221846

No joking I'd be the best househusband. I can even bake.

>> No.71221851

Most likely someone new or who didn't pay attention to streams, we've seen a few lately which isn't surprising given the frequency of her sub acquisition. More fame mo problems.

>> No.71222313

I’d marry baker

>> No.71222725

dogs had fun with Rissa
they had dinner together

>> No.71222739

Are you sure? Baker is vegan.

>> No.71222852

She's officially a furry now.

>> No.71223362

Octavio was the only homo she followed and they're both in Japan right now

>> No.71223421


>> No.71223483

Nice try, but I'm also in Japan and we're having sex all week.

>> No.71223566

That Merlin wannabe? Me
The Anon above me? Also me
I'm every male or female that had, is having or will ever have sex with Rissa

>> No.71223567

That’s fine

>> No.71223627

Homo posts are off topic, report and ignore

>> No.71223662

Kiwawa stop, the poor girl doesn't have as much stamina as you.

>> No.71223716


>> No.71223780

Genuinely shocked.

>> No.71223803

damn bitch that's too much of a close call, I almost went to sleep

>> No.71223827

She loves us!

>> No.71223847

Ok, now I'm a bit more proud of her.

>> No.71223862


>> No.71223888 [DELETED] 
File: 143 KB, 850x1016, __octavio_holostars_and_1_more_drawn_by_y0ake__sample-8cb020e84c978208bdf8f9ce5d2aa5f7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that topic that's on topic? Me

>> No.71223951

Imagine being so brown and stupid that you can't even figure out who someone is following on twitter

>> No.71223992

Then when's the next one? hm?

>> No.71224000

Blessed be! Wife on the Telley!

>> No.71224127
File: 224 KB, 1280x720, 17013559936570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just report and ignore

>> No.71224198
File: 1.66 MB, 1264x1080, 098dfsfjhk435.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was betting on little if any guerilla streams. Her improvement is showing again! Does she love us after all?

>> No.71224345

Dang time for a snack and more water.
Wawa appearance is a given, also she'll probably be eating too.

>> No.71224381

Are they staying together? We'll find out soon I guess.

>> No.71224384


>> No.71224422


>> No.71224449

Yeah she's improving all right, I'm glad she'll put an end to my and other's schizo ranting today. Hopefully the stream is fun and says what happened all day

>> No.71224503

>simping for someone that's not Rissa in /OPE/
Disgusting. Vomiting-inducing, even.

>> No.71224570

Rissa wants Jailbirds and Fembirds to get married. I'm just fullfilling her request

>> No.71224829
File: 1.03 MB, 1552x1552, 1706666418530284.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck your sleep schedule brother. We bear the curse of the EU

>> No.71224927
File: 209 KB, 1920x1080, 98f7ddshfsdkjf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's because we're coming off a period where her zatsus were growing stale and the general stream quality has been declining imo. Then, she's off to JP suddenly, and we're left wondering wtf is going on. Looking forward to this stream

>> No.71225125

Yeah I know, I was pretty annoyed as well

>> No.71225269

True, not a euro but I'll bear in mind that my struggle is merely a fraction of yours...

>> No.71225454

I'm expecting some scuff if it's her first time using the laptop after the setup. Will be fun

>> No.71225494
File: 2.31 MB, 848x716, wife starting[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F1lgk9i.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.71225542
File: 1.77 MB, 1381x1080, 2upVeYhx0g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.71225562

Kiwawa already trained her. I think... I hope...

>> No.71225860

oof. The mic

>> No.71225879

Air in mic, feels good

>> No.71226036

"A Holomem"

>> No.71226039

>with a holomem

>> No.71226066

>A "holomem"
Just say Kiara why is she so sneaky

>> No.71226116

There are like 8 ENs in Japan right now

>> No.71226123

>There are many scheduled streams
>I don't know when
>No schedule
Jailbirds, our oshi is....

>> No.71226174

She's such an idiot and I love her

>> No.71226193


>> No.71226233

Like I said, her normal itinerary is fucked. She is our pon oshi. Ya'll malicious bums were wrong.

>> No.71226265

I love this tiddy raven so god damn much

>> No.71226339


>> No.71226357

Okay it's official business. I swallow everything I said in this thread and will commit seppuku

>> No.71226394

>have you molested Mococo yet?

>> No.71226417

Same. But you need to be my second.

>> No.71226422

I’m a dyke

>> No.71226424


>> No.71226446

I almost SCed that with the exact wording. Glad she saved me and answered it

>> No.71226515

Twitter spaces LET'S GOOOOO
Rissa slaying the entire thread in one move

>> No.71226524

Twitter spaces confirmed

>> No.71226533

>Twitter spaces
Oh nice she's learning

>> No.71226542

>Twitter spaces
>She got the hints from last thread
I'm so proud

>> No.71226556

HOLY F even X spaces? We all need to commit seppuku with >>71226357 Forgive me for doubting you Rissa

>> No.71226602

She's /here/ and nothing will convince me otherwise

>> No.71226673

She loves me for being her only believer here

>> No.71226722

She's cuter than usual tonight...

>> No.71226739

you /vt/ birds are funny. You've been burned by other streamers before... but Nerissa is just built different. Nerissa will provide.

>> No.71226754

No doubt now

>> No.71226768

We've literally been burned by her the last few months

>> No.71226889

I could see her liking Octavio, he's a huge flaming kween.

>> No.71226968

clearly the mystery holomem in this konbini situation.

>> No.71226974

Nerissa comes /here/?

>> No.71226986

Imagine Rissa and Kaela, the 2 tallest holomem, in Japan at thr same time, towering over everybody else

>> No.71227000

>She's only streaming now because she's afraid to go outside

>> No.71227016

I’ll be her “escort”

>> No.71227024

No, people are just crazy.

>> No.71227026

>Let's talk about FES
>Talking about the Biboo collab
Okay it's 1000% confirmed she's here

>> No.71227042

Or so you think

>> No.71227103

I do, and you can't prove she's /here/

>> No.71227109

I highly doubt she does though it seems more like someone else relays to her the general sentiment going on here.

>> No.71227114

You thought she was literally there just to fuck Kiara? I mean half true

>> No.71227116

Because she's not talking about a girl. The only non-jp talents in Japan are the ones who live there + Kiara + all the Holostars

>> No.71227171

It's obviously not a female talent yeah but she has the tact to not mention names at least. She's a good girl

>> No.71227187

Hope she doesn't get sick, she doesn't have immunity to nip viruses.

>> No.71227192

Imagine being this dumb

>> No.71227199

You're better than this, you know to not bite that absolutely retarded bait

>> No.71227250

Louder Rissa, blow your nose all over my face

>> No.71227324

I wanna drink all of her juice if you catch my drift

>> No.71227353

Bro, if she was with an actual Holo she would say so, she posted audios or tweets about everyone one, but there's ONE that she won't even mention by name? Like get real

>> No.71227354

After she said nose juice, it sounds really gross.

>> No.71227360

Gura, Ame, Ina, Kiara, Fuwamoco, as well as the ENs that live in Japan are there. Some ID as well. Some homonigger baiter that doesn't watch Hololive wouldn't know that though.

>> No.71227387

You don't even watch Hololive faggot

>> No.71227478

No seriously she's cuter as usual today. I'm barely holding back from going full gosling

>> No.71227489

>"she put it in her bag"
She call the holomem with whomst she went to the Konbini a "she" and it wasnt a JP senpai. It was likely just Fuwawa, but only Fuwawa, no Mococo

>> No.71227514

If it was any of those she would just say so anon, just like she did about meeting Kiara

>> No.71227570

No, she wouldn't. You have no idea what you're talking about, fuck off back to your homo, niji, phase whatever thread you normally occupy.

>> No.71227591

Holy shit you fags are reading way too much into it. The wife is on stream, cmon now

>> No.71227605

If you go that far doubting her, it could even be someone not from holo. Easier to lie that they're a holo.

>> No.71227684
File: 1.47 MB, 1223x1080, 809sadjaksdhnkjas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop taking bait wife is talking rn

>> No.71227697

You can't even get the facts straight. The other members posted on twitter that they met her. She wasn't the first to say she met anyone, which is how most Holos handle opsec. You literally don't even watch Hololive.

>> No.71227705

It's probably someone who arrived but didnt announce her arriving in JP, so probably an ID like Zeta or Ollie

>> No.71227718

Yeah, I'm thinking maybe someone like Onigiri, but since she's there onHolo bussines and knows people are burnt out on external collabs she's just keeping it ambiguous

>> No.71227728

She's fucking dying already... Japanese colds are known for being lethal in anime.

>> No.71227788
File: 440 KB, 565x406, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.71227807

No. Ina is my guess.

>> No.71227811


>> No.71227831

just hope she doesn't get caught in the rain, she's fucking dead if she does

>> No.71227852

Throw it in my mouth Rissa

>> No.71227899

She has avoided them like the plague, that was a management follow

>> No.71227945

Nose Juice? No thank you!
Brap Splatter on the other hand...

>> No.71227948

Why are you replying moron, she doesn't even follow him. Not sure why that faggots shit isn't deleted.

>> No.71227982

>What would you even do with a used tissue
Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to, Rissa

>> No.71227983

Been reporting for a while now. Gotta post some PL shit to get the jannies here kek

>> No.71228008

She's so cute and knowing that I'll never be able to talk to her like she talks with Kiara is killing me...

>> No.71228068

Fellow jailbirds, i want an honest answer. With her scoliosis and her other back issues, how well will she actually be able to dance in 3d?

>> No.71228090

I wonder if Rissa's irl look is not known well enough that she could got to Expo, of if management goes full schizo with everyone. I know everyone gets to go a few days beforehand when it's empty. But, feels like she could to Fes easily.

>> No.71228105

she really likes to bait jailbirds to test limits and push the envelope on how degenerate they can be

>> No.71228131

Anything from her hips down is okay. She just has to dance with a straight back.
She is very well known. But she could always wear a face mask

>> No.71228132

She'll be fine. Asian dancing is all arm swinging.

>> No.71228154

She won't need to do elaborate dances, see Mumei's performance last year

>> No.71228171

It's just her upper back that's fused. She'll be able to dance just fine if she works on her stamina.

>> No.71228208

I believe she can do basic idol dances. Maybe even something a bit more complex too. No break dancing though

>> No.71228219


>> No.71228221

Wouldnt that look like a stick? Could she give us sexy hip dances like Aki?

>> No.71228236

She likes to tease and see just how desperate they can get, it makes her feel wanted.... and it makes me able to be a horny degen without felling bad about it, we both win

>> No.71228253

Kiara is gonna rape her.

>> No.71228353


>> No.71228357

Kiara confirmed she lays eggs

>> No.71228409


>> No.71228417

Kiwawa likes to put eggs on her ass confirmed.

>> No.71228437

Same fellow bird, same.
She should just meet Marine too already.

>> No.71228443

Jailbirds, your oshi is gonna be sexually trained by an Austrian chicken....

>> No.71228477

She already has been

>> No.71228486


>> No.71228495

The 3D model will look good she has long thin legs

>> No.71228552

You there baker-dono?

>> No.71228634

She's hornier than usual today

>> No.71228632

Those thighs are mine

>> No.71228669

She is gonna fuck kiara later today ofcourse she is horny already in expectation of it.

>> No.71228708

Is she ovulating? She’s extra horny and her voice seems huskier than normal.

>> No.71228732

Sorry malebirds, she's mine

>> No.71228742

Jesus, she's really lovebombing us...

>> No.71228749

the fan model is decently thick, hope the official model does good

>> No.71228754

well she did have to go to the store for a certain reason before leaving...

>> No.71228785

Aint it interesting how she sleeps better when Kiara is in her proximity?

>> No.71228806

FWMC said they met Mori
big chances Rissa also met her

>> No.71228821

Tickling Nerissa's cloaca

>> No.71228875

Yeah, with my cock

>> No.71228893

Land of the rising sun is a lot less moody than USA in the winter

>> No.71228897

Birds flocking together

>> No.71228909

she will, soon

>> No.71228940


>> No.71228955

No, also in the Maldives and when she was still in Austria at Kiara's place she also said she slept better.

>> No.71229005

Looks like Baker-dono isn't here so I'll prepare another emergency bake. Tell me if you're here though I'll delete it

>> No.71229015

sex is exercise. Helps ya sleep

>> No.71229050

Kiara is just going to abandon Nerissa when she get's bored like she did with Reine

>> No.71229065

There's till time

>> No.71229104

Reine...you should of went in for the kill in the Maldives.....

>> No.71229103

Yeah I just type it out and wait till it's close to 10(5)

>> No.71229111

Let's be honest, it'd be the other way around, the chicken squawks, but can't walk the squawk, I'll beleive it when I see it.

>> No.71229153

Unironic catalogtranny opinion

>> No.71229166

I feel like Reine abandoned Kiara. Nerissa would never abandon Kiara.

>> No.71229187

I've been reading this for 7 months

>> No.71229206
File: 92 KB, 850x1275, 1692490290921725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.71229207


>> No.71229219

You have to be extra retarded to think this

>> No.71229244

ummm i just got a huge boner from that goodnight kiss

>> No.71229283
File: 1.39 MB, 889x1080, 890sdhkjdhskaj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe she's just been stressing about traveling, she's the type to do that. This is back to form Rissa zatsu and it's delicious

>> No.71229323

yurubros how are you holding?

>> No.71229351

New bake

>> No.71229379

Rissa and Wawa are just friends, Reine actually, unironically wanted to fuck and that really scared Kiara

>> No.71229395

Arigathanks baker-sama

>> No.71229528

thanks chef

>> No.71229675

but nearly every sexual interaction it's been Kiara initiating it to Nerissa, so how does that work?