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So uhhh....
Were all those horny sexual posts the males made during debut were management all along?

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they backfired so no, the livers have to take responsibility.

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Why are dramafags so puzzled by ordinary practices for corporations? Management having access to the accounts of all the talents is nothing new. Do you think it was the Holos themselves privating or deleting everything on their youtube channels when Mio almost destroyed Hololive?

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Remember when AkioAir debuted a minor and she wanted to have a cute showcase line and instead they made her say "I banged your mom" despite not being legally old enough to bang anybody without a pedophilia charge?

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Management tweeting out messages is a type of skinwalking that 3 years ago was not known to western vtuber fans. That level of deception where a manager pretends to be a talent is rarely seen outside of Japanese owned companies like NijiEN and HoloEN. Corpo bootlickers denied that reality until the Zaion leak despite their being times when it was obvious that someone else was using their work accounts.

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>tfw seeing management think anyone in the West wants to imagine sexy men.
Women can be sexy, men are supposed to be respected.

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so youre telling me that some Japanese salarymen wrote pic related?

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Most guys in the West were circumcised at birth so I'm just saying it's a possibility.
Foreskin is not something that ever crosses our mind.

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>Most guys in the West
In the US you mean, the rest of NA and Europe isn't as jewpilled.

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USA is not the whole west burgerbro

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circumcision is more common in japan than it is in england where he lives (not counting the muslims)

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Quick rundown?

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You have no proof whatsoever that holo does this. The only reason that rrat works for Niji is that they self-reported on like 10 separate occasions.

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Ehh, honestly they'd be stupid if they didn't. Having corpo accounts be also usable by managers helps a lot with the day to day shit like retweeting streams and coordinating things for obviously corpo tweets. Skinwalking however to say things like "sorry I gotta visit my family for exactly 14 days" is definitely something that's not common. Or if it is, it shouldn't be.

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Amerimutt spotted

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mysta was encouraged to be raunchy

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Imagine having a disgusting foreskin holy shit. Third worlders really are the worst.

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I'm sorry your parents were malicious retards.

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You're not fooling anyone, Goldberg.

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>Genital mutilation is good actually
Gobbled that jewslop up like a pig didn't you

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>unironically thinks cutting your dick skin is good for you
holy shekels

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Why are nijifags so obsessed with trying to convince people all their chuubas being dumb as fuck was somehow management?

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This is blatantly false.

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Foreskin fetish having 50 yr old ojisan typed these.

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Unironically? Coping.
I know I am. I really liked Enna and Elira. I would LOVE to be wrong about absolutely everything and that Elira was being blackmailed and groomed by a niji director or something and is actually a ball of sunshine.
Sadly, with knowing more about Nova now, I find that unlikely.

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>vox is obsessed with foreskin
the fuck? Does he think women are turned on by talking about peeling your foreskin back like a banana?

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(You) are not a westerner jewdas

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>most guys in the West
>circumcision is commonly done exactly in the US and nowhere else.

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only brown people circumcise their kids here in northen europe

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Oy vey...

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Gura pretty much said outright that management has been scrubbing their twitter accounts.

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I would not be surprised.

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If you look at Gura tweets in the past year more of them were skinwalker than Gura

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>fujoshitters were flicking the bean to what a gross jap salaryman typed
>fujoshitters were flicking the bean to what a $7 an hour poojeet typed

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To be COMPLETELY fair, as a professional Jew-hater, I'm certain I've talked about foreskin more often than him over the past couple years. Not in a sexual manner, mind you, but 3 tweets isn't TOO outrageous. How Twitter-addicted is the guy, anyways?

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Jesus Christ, what's wrong with Ohio?

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Or all the midwest. I knew Americans being circumcised was the meme, but I didn't think it was specifically the midwest. Here I was gaslit by /pol/ into thinking I was the weirdo for being an uncircumcised American

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I think the rate of genital mutilation is far higher in the US but since the border has been open for decades it just basically showcases the % of invaders.
Always has been a fag board with rainbow queer good for nothing feds

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i think its a joke anon

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There is Truth in this, if you remember it was Subaru's manager who deleted most of her vods when the perms issue happened she also talk about this in her ohasuba that those are permanently gone

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Probably the same people who thought Santa isreal

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>It doesn't happen.
>Ok, it happens, but it's just ordinary practice.
What's next? Skinwalking isn't ordinary, but she deserves it?

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>when Mio almost destroyed Hololive?
Nijiniggers and their historical revisionist tactics go hand-in-hand, especially when they're the biggest culprit

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Quick rundown of what Mio did?

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>but I didn't think it was specifically the midwest.
The creator of Graham Crackers was a minister who was obsessed with keeping men from masturbating. He thought that eating whole grains (hence the crackers) and circumcision were the two most effective methods and was pretty successful at spreading his ideas from the 1830's onward. The states that were growing the most in those years, and didn't get invaded by Catholics later, are in the Midwest.

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Hololive used to play games and stream them without perms
Some say Niji fans were the one who reported this, but I haven't seen anything that show this
I would be happy to be proven wrong for this
That aside, even if Nijifags indeed report the streams, Holomems were fucked because they have no perms in the first place
>Hololive Production post that event
>A composer or someone that's involved in a game's production got mad and accused a StarsJP member for playing a certain game, but nothing happen because Holostars have the perm for the game
Case in point
The most unlucky Holomems from that event were Mio and Subaru
>Miosha's VODs got striked twice by Capcom
Getting 3 strikes in YT means your channel will be deleted permanently
>Following Miosha's case, the rest of the Holomems privated their VODs ASAP, but Subaru's manager accidentally deleted all of her VODs
But that anon saying Mio was the cause while she just got extremely unlucky is fucking retarded and probably got some info wrong

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Lol, first nijifags denied skinwalking and now everyone does it anyway! At least you admit it now. And it's quite different when they are using it to impersonate a talent who is hospitalized and suspended and they would later royally fuck over.

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nothing wrong, japanese companies acted retarded.
This all goes back to Nintendo demanding money in exchange for streaming their games, other japanese companies thought "Hey, if Nintendo does this then we can do it as well" and that's where the whole "You NEED perms to play these games" clusterfuck began.

Of course, said japanese companies decided to lash out against the first "threat" they saw - Hololive. This is how a ton of content from the first 2-3 years got deleted forever, to avoid any and all retarded copyright claims and strikes from japanese companies that don't understand the concept of "free advertising is good for business".

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You don't understand, bro. Nijiniggers mind controlled Hololive management to not asked for permissions to stream the game and then deleted all the VODs.

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Japanese really are just asian jews...

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God I hate Jap corps.
If it weren't for weeb shit I don't think anyone would give a shit about Japan.

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i think you are refering to PH

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>border has been open for decades it just basically showcases the % of invaders.
Did you actually look at the map? I know Americans are geographically illiterate but if you think all those American hotspots are immigrants when the Muslim capital of Europe France is green as 2022 Niji stocks then you are a fucking moron.

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I donated my foreskin for Reimu's eyelids

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Obviously ww
Jokes aside, sensible people knew that Holocaust were mostly because of management's fault and shitty corpo rule, and as a consequence they got fucked by copyright really hard
If they have perms then Holocaust won't happened
That was the trigger why Cover is ultra autistic about perms nowadays
In Holocaust's case, blaming Nijifags will only make us look petty and retarded
But Lulu's case is definitely Anykuro's fault
Girl just want to stream and they prevent her
Tch tch what a waste

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It always took one big corpo to ruin everything
>Apple removed the aux port
>Hey it works because people will still buy any products with the bitten apple logo
>Other smartphones' brands also remove the aux port

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came here for this

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>most guys in the west.
>Source my fucking asshole
USA stats are 50-80% (decreasing each year)
EU is 1-10%
There are 360 million US citizens and 746 million EU citizens

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Dont project your jew fantasies on the rest of us, only amerimutts are full of those roaches.

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Only amerifats suck jew cock so much they fall for their schemes.

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nah that's definitely him, he's made that joke on stream too many times

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Damn, korea really is an american colony.

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There seems to be some kind of a language disconnect there. That activity does not sound identical to actually pretending to be the vtuber. Sure both are possible at the same time, but it ain't the same.

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Do you faggot called wwe a black company too? Nijisanji contract is a carbon copy of a US wrestling company contract.

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Please andastand
The IQ round this part is kind of low

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god I hate my fellow "europeans"

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>OP asks whether males hornyposting were all 50 year old ojiisan salarymen skinwalking
>turns into debate on circumcision
The fuck you guys are on?

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>Most guys in the West were circumcised at birth
No, it is a far less common practice than you may believe outside the US. Widespread, non-medical circumcision is largely the result of puritan Evangelicals trying to stop boys from masturbating.
Of course, the Jews (and Muslims) also practice it, because it wasn't easy to wash your cock as a nomadic desert civilization.

It is a very specifically American thing.

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No, the corpo I work for doesn't manage my social media accounts at all

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>You have no proof whatsoever that holo does this.
The shill tweet from Ina's Hololive account when she lost her work phone in the middle of that 3 month health break, the curious statements made by Gura about management using her twitter account, and the Japanese style return message from Vesper after that suspension when he was fighting with management over his model redesign. The completely healthy RM tweet from Sana after her graduation, that Cover deleted over a dozen of her VODs with no explanation, and how Council were making cryptic statements about how fans would never know her side of the story. The EN branch was having contract issues and there was a reason the EN project manager was replaced and Yagoo started attending their meetings.

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because you are not in pakistan anon

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Your account is a work account or a personal account?

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>the west
You mean US. In EU its 10% or less... us is 50% or more. US is just a 3rd world country that practices genital mutilation. Disgusting.

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Kiddies never see a contract before

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I mean yes, people absolutely do

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i think it's fucked up what you guys are doing in gaza

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Futaba and NicoNico used to have tons of threads only to harass Hololive, and both were Nijisanji turfs, places where Nijisanji were highly praised, just like Hololive is here. NC faggots went even harder with entire campaigns against easy targets like Korone for playing a large number of old games back then, there must be videos of the Gran Turismo harrassment still around.

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The illegals don't just stay in the border states they move around. Look also at the huge numbers of foreign born people that move to the US legally as well. If anything the red spot is such a shithole the invaders would rather move elsewhere with more opportunities (gibs)
>france and ngubus
I wouldn't take infinity nigger France statistics too seriously since they are forbidden to document the ongoing genocide of their native population through stats.

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QRD on Nova’s actions? I always see that one screenshot from 4chan but no other information

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I mean....yes? Lmao. Did you not see the recent Vince text leaks where he was outed as a degen?

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All I know is her shitting on Mocca on twitter for some comments about the importance of debuts.

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She's Elira's PL, was known to be a rotted cunt before her debut as Elira, was in Hanamori group (not a chuuba agency, just a bunch of friends), where iirc Millie's and Enna's PLs were before they debuted in Niji. Also, there was some talk here way back then about Mint (Pomu's PL) and Nova, and her eventually finding out that Nova's a contemptible snake.
I don't remeber shit from back then (because I wasn't into chuubas back then) but my guess is that she's joined PLEnna in harrassing Mocca for some very inoffensive tweets Mocca posted about practicing streaming and getting the hang of it all before debuting as a vtuber.
I gauge that they did it to stir shit and cause drama for the hell of causing drama, iunno. they're women, they're evil by nature, so it makes sense to me.

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The fuck country do you come from? Nobody is supposed to be allowed to access your company accounts. Not even IT. That's how your company gets phished.

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Are you retarded? Management run twitter accounts for celebrities are the norm from Vtubers to Hollywood stars. If anyone believed that every tweet was directly from their Oshi 100% of the time they're genuinely retarded.

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It’s the reason why corpos are so insistent on permissions. Capcom nuked Mio’s vids so Holo went into dmg control over it

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A social media manager is not the same thing. For instance, only the social media manager has access to the account and nobody else. This is to minimize security risks. So, if John Cena has a social media manager, then John Cena has no access to the account. Additionally, social media managers are responsible for what they post, the responsabilities for Wendy's media manager writing "NIGGERS" is not on Wendy's, but on the account manager.