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Massive gains will come to you if you work for it.
Today is the day you make a change!

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Went to the gym today, did some lifting, got some protein.
My traps hurt but I'll keep going for Jeff and myself.

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I am doing my reps. Went heavy into balance training too.

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Thanks, Jeff.

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Liking this dude is no longer just a meme

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Jeff McBiceps, I kneel.

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Jeff will unite us all in gains. I believe in him

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>everyday i grow stronger

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I kneel, Jeff-sama.

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based fitness bro. we're all finna make it if we believe in each other.

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Noted, Jeff-sama!

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Using the 'absence' of drama to gain is still dramaposting, but keep up the gains all the same
Just make sure to visit an endocrinologist and such as necessary too.

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the savior /vt/ needed but not the one it deserved

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he is the fabled brotuber

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Good life advice.

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genuinely based

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Squatted at my work gym. With the light returning after winter im starting to feel motivated to pump again

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i've been out of the gym for 1 month now, Jeff-sama motivated me go back and keep lifting.

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Thank you jeff for protecting us.

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thank you for the motivation jeff-sama. I kneel

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you know what, he's a good influence. i respect it.

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is this like on /pw/ (or formerly /asp/) where anons post the undertaker wishing the viewer a badass weekend/holliday/etc

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what the fuck do you mean /asp/ became /pw/ it was added last week
>changed in 2021

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>>changed in 2021
no fucking way

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I guess it's time for me to go back to the gym

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>/vt/ has a positive opinion of a male tuber

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Holy based

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>the only male vtuber that /vt/ likes happens to espouse masculine virtue
>in an industry where the other males are overwhelmingly homos, trannies, digital drag queens, femboys, and thirsty gooners

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doki must collab with this dude
it might just make her thinner

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I still seethe that that goddamn autismo terumi made the aspiring vtuber thread and stole /asp/ from the ding-dong diddly based true /asp/ chads.

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Jeff inspires me to finally get fit...

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Now this is chuuba who deserves a panel.

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based jeff mcbiceps
man goes from shy to confidently holding up his phone to show jeff the improvement

absolutely motivational

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as far as I know she's not fat she's just ugly. thankfully we don't need to care about RTX here

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I'd still fuck her

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Based Jeff McBiceps. Actual bro.
Never give up bros, we're all gonna make it.

I forgot /pw/ was even a thing until the time the recent Vince drama happened and went to check /asp/ and was like "what the fuck where'd it go??"

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we're all gonna make it bros

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You are damn right we are. Jeff willing

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Pretty sure he was going to stream again today (Thursday)

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go for it!

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>dont be gay
it really is that simple

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Have a buff day anons

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The first step in change relies on you, anon

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I’ve squated so hard that my thighs don’t fit in most of my old skinny pants anymore. Today is leg day again and I am MOTIVATED

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I like my women just a bit ugly, they have self-esteem issues and depressions instead of the psychotic breaks of the 10/10s

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I'm sorry Jeff-san, I've let you down..

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Do your fasting and keep the fat off even if you can't hit those weights bro

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>out of shape
>do squads
>jeff does 1000+
>get tired after 30
i need to work on myself

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Does he actually make /fit/ streams? Wondering if him or any other chuuba are good to listen while working out

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He did squats yesterday, goal was 300, he went for 1000 after, pushed it to around 1040 before his legs gave up. he would go until he vomitted or his legs gave out
I think later today theres another stream.

Has kino playlist for working out.

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anons, is Jeff the legendary brotuber?

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>empowers his bros with positivity
>offers his advice and coaching expertise to weaker bros
>is NOT bara
>is strong but ugly, humble
I think we found him

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Yeah he seems pretty genuine and has just the right amount of self depreciation, gonna see what happens tonight. He already has pretty decent tracking gear but it would be cool to see how far he could take the model in the future if he has funds

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Heff is a cool guy, i learned a few things from his channel to improve my workout. However, I will never eat powders mixed into eggs and yogurt. Sorry Jeff, I do like eating real food.

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It's okay anonbro, just making sure u eat enough protein through ur meals is what jeff wants. Keep up the grind

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Just eat yogurt, egg, meat in separate meals and you good. Jeff is just at a level of protein requirements where he has to go hard on the intake

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Since we're here, how to improve deadlift? I've been stuck at 90kg for a couple weeks.

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Yeah, he needs a general. I'm thinking /swole/.

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I guess i can start with a couple of questions
1) How many reps at 90? Has that been the same every week?
2) How many hours do you sleep on average

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. /swole/ /workout/ /jeff/ are ones i have thought about so far

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Getting back to the gym after a year off tomorrow thanks to a brain scare. Might actually watch this dude

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And nobody will watch his stream.

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I saw all the 1000+ Squats live. Ill be there tonight. You are welcome too brother

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Hold up, I think you're onto something.
The only other male vtuber I really liked was Vesper, especially his "camping/survival" stories. Most of my non-vtuber subscriptions are DIY, martial arts, and whatever you call the SsethTzeentach/MandaloreGaming circle. I think that Altare would be more entertaining if he went 100% violent psychopath instead of just hinting at it.

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What the fuck did I stumble upon

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He has a training stream today right? I think I might try to work out along with him.

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His twitter does say tues/thurs/sat for live workouts

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next thread OP should add Jeff's schedule, who knows, it might help

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Can a lanklet with no equipment follow through?

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I'm pretty sure he accommodates for that, giving separate instructions for the people that don't have equipment. Even then if he is similar to a irl online personal trainer it probably will be a lot of stuff with just body weight.

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the only male vtuber that is not gay

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Dude is a shining light, I'll check him out.

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Late reply, 2 sets of 5 reps. I can only do 2 or 3 on a third set. I tried 100 but could only do one set of 5. And probably 6 hours. I have trouble sleeping.