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>streaming is her way of relaxing AFTER her other stuff
Are ENs just lying when they say they can't stream because they're busy with Hololive shit? Are they perpetually looking for excuses?

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Why do you need to ask?

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Mori is the one of the few that collabs a lot, she's the one that makes the most amount of songs, concerts appearances and etc . As much as she's boring she proves the point that the others in EN are just lazy(besides Kiara and the new gen)

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She has to sexually train new employees

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No wonder Vesper and Magni left. Sora raped them.

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Don't care, I'm just here to comment on Soda.

Her reasoning explains why her streams are very relaxing, it's contagious (๑ᆺ)

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wtf I can't make the nun nun face 0/10

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Mori, Kiara and Bae all deserve respect for putting the others to shame. Fuwamoco are still too new to add to the list but it's unlikely they'll slow down now they're in Japan.

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double face cunt, i know what she do to other member

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You do realize they do what they do because they are numberfags right?, they KNOW that they can't do the Gura and that's exactly WHY they struggle, if they could you better bet your ass they would do it, Kiara being probably an exception because her narcissism depends of her chat.

Mori in particular though?, she could have been there but she sabotaged herself spectacularly for years, must really sting.

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(๑ 'ᆺ' )

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That's basically what Mori said too, she does a fuckton of projects but streaming is relaxing to her so its not "more work" in her head.

Holos feel wildly different about their streaming job. I remember when Kronii explained that she played minecraft off-stream because having to entertain chat was killing her fun with the game lol.

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I do realize that you are coping hard as fuck

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They don't give off the vibe they don't want to be there and are forcing themselves to stream. I mostly avoid Mori these days but I occasionally watch Kiara and Bae and they seem happy and sweet most of the time. You don't get this sense of pressure from either of them, although Bae sometimes has a melty.

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notice how most of these lives outside of NA

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JP chat is generally quite dumb, but polite. EN chat are, well, you guys, redditors and discord fags.

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I'm guessing Soda has other company duties alongside singing/making music.

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Yeah, me.

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I can honestly understand Gura prefering to stream for KFP over the majority of chumbuds

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>other company duties

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KFP can be intense, overly zealous motherfuckers but they would literally eat Kiara's shit and die for her, and you know Kiara is into that, so it ends up actually working well as a relationship since both are insane in correlating ways.

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It seems like whatever recording work they have to do behind the scenes is super stressful or annoying. I've seen enough of them have melties over it, even the "hard-workers".
The lazy ones will simply not stream for a week instead.

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Thank you anon (๑ 'ᆺ' )

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Sora streams because she enjoys it. EN streams for the money.

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Kronii is a whore how did she made it in before pomu

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Me, all of them

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Pomu only applied for Myth, not Council

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Nothing against daisenpai or any of the jps, but tell me the next time they have to work with management half a world away and in a second language that you most likely only know meme words and phrases in. And when they can't just take a train to get to the studio and half to fly 20 hours to get to a country they likely can't understand the language of.

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>Has the slowest subscriber growth in Hololive JP
yeah I do believe streaming is her part time job by now

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I hate chumbuds so fucking much. Imagine twisting people working hard and enjoying their job into a bad thing. Truly pathetic.

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four years in a jp company and still no speaking nihongo?

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>totally a organic chumbud post

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Chumbuds always act like that and say shit like that. Stop trying to gaslight people into thinking all of the evil despicable posts made by chumbuds are all just false flag shitposting. It is just their true nature.

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Fuck off retard

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>they are numberfags
I wish every fucking chuuba were a numberfag, maybe they would actually entertaining or atleast streaming.
You think Fubuki isn't a numberfag? Or Marine? Are you dumb? Every normal streamer loves attention, every normal streamer is a numberfag to a degree, if you aren't numberfagging you don't care about your audience. When you see number goes up it means you are doing something right, If it goes down from the usual amount consistently, then that means you are doing something wrong and losing your audience.

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You want EN to stream in JP timeslots?

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Not really helping chimbuds case by being cruel, vulgar, and rude here....

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All me

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Sick of you fags. Kys.

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>relaxing by having the eyes of hundreds of strangers on you
Extroverts are terrifying

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I don't think they're lying.
The difference is simply what you pointed out: some people view vtubing as an escape and a privilege, especially if you're under Hololive.
Others view it as a job. Could be a job they really like, but a job still drains you.

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Confucius say "Find a job you really enjoy doing and you'll never work another day in your life."

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They don’t enjoy doing it numnuts

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Including Sora, I was Sora too.

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You also have to remember we're men. They're all literally menhera women to some degree or other.
Aki and Azki are probably the least crazy, but everyone else? All those childless hags? It'd be a miracle if they were only a little menhera.

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This is the one of the main reasons of why I don't like the lazy ones, it isn't that I'm entitled and want 24 hours of stream daily, but they barely do it and when they do they feel forced, it's best to just don't watch it altogether if the person making the content hates it.

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every streamer should be a numberfag

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wow, she hates chat that much huh

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she is old enough to be her mom
it would be too weird, 10 years is max age difference

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It depends on the person and game you are streaming. I can see streams be stressful for some if they try to keep up the energy compared to someone who streams with a "chill" atmosphere. Also a difference between an organized stream where you collab or run some kind of event/program vs reacting to shit, or answering questions ala marshmallows.

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Why are numbermonkeys consistently the most retarded and most self-absorbed people /here/?

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I always loved Soras Minecraft interactions
I miss the Minecraft days.

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Even if you love something, doing it for 8 hours almost everyday is tiring, but vtubers are far from that besides the few ones that goes out of their way to do those things by themselves. No matter how much work behind the scenes they do I doubt they do the same as a normal 9-5.
Shion, Gura, Ayame, Choco and some others proves that you can get pass by doing the bare minimum, at least in hololive

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Wagahai likes mommy archetypes.

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Japs just have to take a taxi from their homes to the studio, ENs have to take planes and plan for their stay there. It’s literally that simple.
>but Gura!
Some JPs stream as much as her already so technically they are worse since they don’t have as much sponsored shit to plan

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>Are they perpetually looking for excuses?
congrats on redpilling yourself

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remember, the soda is just ~24 years old. just imagine her powers when she becomes a hag

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damn it I'm already into hag connect do t convert me

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>a screenshot of an old clip
>sea prime time
>holo vs holo

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>A German into scat

Every time.

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Tbf not just EN but a lot of other chuuba would look lazy if you compare them to Sora and you can look at her twitter to see her activities outside of stream which is way a lot more than most of other Holomem and streaming is also something that she really like because it's a way to casually interact with her fans, she often stream after she got home to relax while talking with her fans about her day

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You also have to understand that Sora knows what it's like to have to scrape for the Holo success. This shit doesn't exist without her being a literal who at one point. Other Holos just walk into instant success. JPs, and both cakes and hags in particular to at least seem to take it more seriously and actually put effort in.

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>Holo daisenpai vs Holo
Now this is a new low for the NDF

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Niji sis actually think Sora would approve of this thread, kek

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I don't know which one is the real rrat, some say sora was only 17 when she started hololive and others say she is a hag.
I don't know which one to believe because it changes a lot my way of thinking about ther

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>the other stuff

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There's some decent shit to support her being a hag if you dig into that shit, though Soratomo like to fight against that pretty hard for certain reasons rumao. Either way I want to fuck her senseless so it's all the same to me.

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Sora definitely doesn't support your tribalfaggotry

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Well, I get her age from her own twitter account. https://twitter.com/tokino_sora/status/1525516372629135361

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Yeah and Suisei is still eighteen.

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>Either way I want to fuck her senseless so it's all the same to me.

It's this simple really

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Who would you trust? The soda or a proven liar?

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Neither when it's all part of the character larp honestly. Her actual age is irrelevant though for the exact reason I stated earlier
>Either way I want to fuck her senseless so it's all the same to me.

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You bring up a good point. However!

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Sora is so fucking hot

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>hags in particular to at least seem to take it more seriously
Some real generational differences, seriously
My parents worked their asses off but they considered that to be normal like breathing
Looking at Gen Z today (9 hours a day is overwork!!) I only have more respect for older people above 40

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This has nothing to do with Sora's example and not only that, it's a naive and outright insulting way of thinking, working 9 hours a day some generations ago was infinitely more rewarding and worth it than it is now.

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You're right, it was unrelated, sorry about that
But you're coping if you believe the meme "work is for suckers"

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You are missing the point anon

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god I wish Gura did the bare minimum...

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I was just ranting, don't mind me

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>I did not DESERVE that
Was he calling daisenpai ugly? WTF

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Yes theyre lying. HoloEN are busy fucking me. Theyre sex addicts

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I like the part-time job - mindset most talents have. It's not like your merch and ticket sales depend on it...

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I think it's because most streamers never had real jobs before. The ones that do long streams many times a week often started streaming after their job to unwind

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>Aki and Azki are probably the least crazy
not sure where this goes on the menhera scale but still

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EN fans are some of the worst breeds ever. At least JP bros are funny

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Millenial western women grew up as a pampered protected class
They do not understand the meaning of work and dedication

>> No.70685666

Fucking yuck
Your kind is exactly why the game turned to shit
Everything since survival update has been a mistake

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She was really young back then, she just has the personality type that makes you go voyaging across uncharted ocean

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Okay casual.
I played since before the game had a name and I still like it.
The world gen now is like all the best bits of 1.7.3 betas combined with modern biome blending.
Besides if your whiny ass dislikes MUH HUNGER you can literally just disable that shit with a command block.

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>I played since before the game had a name and I still like it.
So you havent managed to develop taste after 14 years congrats
>The world gen now is like all the best bits of 1.7.3 betas
Nobody is forcing you to type lies you know
>Besides if your whiny ass dislikes MUH HUNGER you can literally just disable that shit with a command block.
Completely missing the point
Jeb and all Jeb supporters need to be fucking flogged
Theres a reason markus jumped ship after this autist kept turning his cozy retro game into 2013 survival slop

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You have lazy people on both sides of the pond and in every company. It's down to the individual's work ethic and also this >>70673132 is a good point.

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Gura does not plan anything for the sponsored stuff. Cover does 99% of the work and then asks her to record few voice lines

>> No.70687691

Japanese culture values hard work and always being busy, whereas (modern) western culture is about being as lazy as possible.

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you really want to see this hobby burn, don't you

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>Are ENs just lying when they say they can't stream because they're busy with Hololive shit?
It's probably subjective truth. They may do 1-3h Hololive-related work behind the screens, feel tired afterwards and call it a day. If I remember correctly, Gura said something about having a "small battery", which is probably true for most of them. From an average person's perspective, most of EN girls are incredibly privileged and lazy. Props to Mori for actually acknowledging that they're lucky, having plans for the future and actually working toward her goals.
Having said all that, let's not forget that there's a bunch of JPs, who only do the bare minimum, and still have no qualms collecting ojisan bucks whenever they feel like it. I'd say that the greatest strength of Hololive is also its greatest weakness; talents get a lot of money from merch, so farming SCs/memberships is just a nice bonus, which is exactly the opposite for Niji organs.

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daisenpai tsuyoi

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Pomu was probably accepted to Nijisanji before Council auditions were finished. I don't remember the timeline. Or she was rejected by Omegay.

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I think it can be true that all of the Holomems are extremely privileged AND that their work is exhausting.

I also imagine that outside of the company elements like stalkers and the such compensate for the lack of stress in actual working hours.

At the same time, almost all of EN are in the 0.1%+ of the income bracket and they should’ve known what they signed up for when they applied for the job.

I don’t have a ton of sympathy for them, but one of my New Year’s resolutions was to be kinder and more forgiving of others, so I could work on that

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matsuri already talked about this, they're lying to (you)

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Speaking of streaming to relax, which holo is the most likely to have diddled themselves while streaming

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>Are ENs just lying
yes, next question.

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>Are ENs just lying when they say they can't stream because they're busy with Hololive shit?
Even fleshstreamers hate streaming

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you say that but I think most vtuber fans are deranged and would huff their oshi's farts, which is why any criticism is treated as schizo

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Motherfucker the game was based on DF adventure mode, get the fuck out of here.

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The bunch weirdly enough is just gen 2 minus subaru.
Ayame appear and disapear whenever and unlike chumbuds they dont cry in her fans dont cry in the comment section anymore.

Shion has taken a break from the internet and we dont have a coming back date.

Choco also disapear whenever she want but can do pretty long stream when she want to
And Aqua appear like thrice per month atleast she's consistent.

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True chumbuds would quote Gura. During her YouTube game stream, she emphasized the importance of not getting overly focused on numbers. She cautioned viewers against letting these numbers dictate their enjoyment and prevent them from pursuing their true passions.

In contrast, Sora seems to prioritize creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in her streams, suggesting that she doesn't fixate on numerical goals. This approach positions her streams as a source of leisure rather than a purely professional undertaking.


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Literally the minimum amount that would keep most people satisfied is an hour or two a week. You'd have to be a CEO of a fortune 500 company not to be able to take two hours out of your week.

Barring some medical emergencies and some psychological breaks (like so bad they have to be hospitalized or something), it's mostly down to laziness. Playing video games for a living is not hard and I am tired of people pretending that it's like manual labor at a construction site.

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Sounds about right for Kronii

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duh retard

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Sora loves me

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Sora is the best

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Why not?

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He dunb

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you realize that that's not necessarily a lie, right? streams might not be how they relax.

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Consider Tenma of phase connect.

No, you're just not aware of circumstances.