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Stupid fucking brat, proposing to Daisenpai like that... she needs correction for such disrespectful behavior...

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She already did... twice

Laplus is a masochist at this point

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Shitty brat needs to learn what happens when you disrespect your senapis... I'll volunteer... ToT

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Fuck off Laplus, you whore. There's nothing even remotely cute about you after you proved yourself to be a homocumdumpster. You're just a liar, self-entitled ultra-grifting cunt who needs to hang herself. You were never an idol and you will never be one. You're the very cancer that is plaguing HoloJP and i hope they will exorcise you soon. Im so glad things are not going your way and that you're sinking into irrelevance. You don't deserve your design, superchats, or any support from Cover whatsoever. Fuck, you don't deserve to be on the same generation with the other girls. Your very presence is repulsive and obnoxious. You degrade the other talents simply by being in close proximity to them. If you want to fuck your homostars so much, then go exchange addresses with them and let them creampied you 20 times a week. Oh, sorry, maybe you'd already done that ? Take it to the next level and become a hooker, you grifting whore. That way you'll get to suck even more cocks and fill your disgusting cunny pussy to the brim. You're a fucking wasted slot in the garden of HoloJP. In fact, you are the fucking rat crawling around in an otherwise heavenly abode. There are so many other good talents out there who would kill to get in and work their asses off. Yet here you are just wasting valuable space and unable to keep it in your pants, lusting for homobeggars dicks. You are the personification of wanting your cake and eating it too. I can't wait for your grifting ass to graduate so HoloJP can speed up its healing process. I watch with glee as your donos plummet and your non cucked members not renewing their memberships. Who the fuck would spend a dollar or yen on you ? Maybe sell them a penny apiece, so they could be used as kindling. Goddamn whore, sending you superchats is as bad as donating to the satanists, you veritable pile of monkey excrement. You are a waste of oxygen and other earthly resources. A gram of fucking weed is worth more than your cheap-ass, undignified existence.

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