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Most Nijisanji vtubers only have around 200k subs, but why? They're not less entertaining than Hololive at all. Not to mention the NijiEN, the new girls are actually below 100k subs, why do people not care about them?

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Japanese has like 120 million speakers. English has nearly 1.4 billion. If you want to get subs, you need to break into an EN audience. NijiEN barely has 150k subs, most from HoloEN, and the vast majority don't bother with NijiJP. Just look at Uto and Pikamee, they already have higher subs than 90% of NijiJP.

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How do we SAVE Kuzuha Channel from irrelevancy bros?

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Realistically, they are on a range with some being more or less popular than hololive members. This is reflected in their numbers of viewers. Hololive members have a higher sub count due, I believe, to two main factors.
1. They really blew up on the over seas crowd and as such, are the first vtuber group a lot of non-japanese people will see. Even when these viewers expand to watch other vtubers, they will probably still keep an eye on hololive.
2. Hololive is much smaller, so it's more likely that a fan of one member of of hololive will sub to other members. For some, it is a lot easier to feel like a fan of Hololive as a whole than it is Nijisanji, I could name you every member of hololive/holostars as well as most of the graduated ones, but I can't even name half of Nijisanji and I watch talents from both companies.

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Ask why the Hololive boom happened in the first place. They had at least two well-timed viral clips with western appeal.

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3. Hololive is a cult and when you join you're obliged to sub to everyone and hate nijisanji

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Funny you say that. I subbed to Finana two days ago. From there I was like, "I might as well sub Crossick, and Gundou, and Sara.

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Just how many Nijisanji bait threads are getting posted tonight? Did something happen to make the Holobronies insecure today or something?

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4. Most of us don't even understand Japanese so how entertaining doesn't really matter.
5. After the Hololive boom they barely collab with vtubers outside Hololive anymore to keep their fans inside Hololive.
6. The oversea fans are likely to be hardcore nerds who hate males.

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Because the shitheads at ichikaraHQ used to debut them like they were running a chuuba factory. They put in a little more effort in promoting the recent batch and it seems to have paid off.

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Vtuber watchers are trying to avoid sluts, that's why.

That's a pretty cult-ish thing to say, actually.

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oh no no no bros quickly we have to stream KING and buy his voice packs or else he won't be able to make rent

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nijiJP is mogging hololive's view for a week now due the new nijiJP batch

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Meanwhile pic related is shitting on everyone without even lifting a finger

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i like you anon

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By comparison, look how long it took for anyone in Hololive to finally break 500,000

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New JP branch is making them terrified and their Vsinger shit was a pathetic failure.

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Dude even 100k is a lot of subs for a corporate Japanese vtuber.

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if only kanae hadn't graduated... well he was barely averaging one stream a month so we should have seen it coming...

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I forgot that Roa hadn't actually graduated. I got confused when I saw her on the list but no Lulu or the other deceased.

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>They're not less entertaining than Hololive at all.
And this is where the cope starts.

They are. They are a snoozefest. Accept the fact that your world is not the reality and that you're delusional and have shit taste.

Posting a Pekora pic so you seethe even more.

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7.China influence causing Hololive to became more popular to westerns especially SEA fans
8.Hololive know if they debut EN liver as the first EN corpo vtuber they can get a massive success
9.Nijisanji did not prioritize more on westerners, instead they focused more on Japanese and Indonesia

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You babycry over everything, grow some skin already little snowflake

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Hololive was carried by hilarious entertainers, branding and Chinese clipmonkeys. In contrast: niji didn't get chinks on board, nor did they provide anything new or exciting to EOPS, nor did they become widely beloved in japan.

Niji is a jack of all markets but they don't excel in any of them, in part because they didn't have any female streamers who're outright exceptional and memetic as entertainers.

And say what you will about the antis, but they were right to be entitled. Vtubers live and die based on relevance, and a zerg rush of translated clips is the best way to accomplish this so long as there's something clip worthy in the first place. Niji just doesn't have the algorithmic magic needed to rise up.

There's also one thing everyone forgets about: HOLOLIVE HAS A SCHEDULE AGGREGATOR WITH THUMBNAILS! Nijisanji content itself lacks adequate discoverability, leading to a ghettiization of their chubas' fanbases and widespread ignorance regarding which chubas are even worth watching based on someone's personal preferences. This is a huge buff that people always take for granted.

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I dont watch niji but why are you being a faggot?

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>they didn't have any female streamers who're outright exceptional and memetic as entertainers

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You clearly don’t watch nijisanjis enough or think that they’re not beloved in Japan, hell they’re more fucking popular there.

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Don't mind me, I'm just posting the best Niji.

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How is it physically possible to keep up with all of these people?

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Take your pills.
Yes not all Nijisanji are entertaining.
But not all Hololive is entertaining either.

Outside Pekora/Fubuki/Aqua/Korone early hololive was full of generic boring ass girls.
Haato was so fucking boring she actually changed how she acted and played up more for EOP meme audience, Rushia is boring as fuck but gets by entirely on yandere GFE, Marine is boring and nobody actually gives a shit but reddit loves that she said she was horny a few times. Matsui "haha pee loli pee she's a pervert" and Subaru just played games with old men. The rest was generic idol trash.
Don't act like Hololive is full of interesting talent, half of them are only relevant because of a few chink meme videos and "because they are hololive"

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you're not meant to. you just watch a handful that make content you like. eventually through your oshis' collabs/friendships you will come to learn more names and faces but you're still not meant to watch everyone in nijisanji. and by the way that picture doesn't have the foreign branches.

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This. Nijisanji never bothered catering to the EOP/overseas audience or encouraging their girls to do so. Their growth is almost entirely natural and JOP-audience. Hololive saw the potential of appealing to them so did a heavy push to get that audience before ENvtubers took off.

Anon, early 2019 Nijisanji and hololive clips where more or less even. It's entirely chink clip monkeys pushing out so many clips that they started to get more popular.
And every holonigger ignores the influx of fans they got from doing a collab with english gacha, acting like a game that had more players than the girls had subs didn't increase their clip views thus subs drastically

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200k subs is still significantly better than 99% of indies will ever achieve. Anycolor isn't struggling and probably never will as long as Vtubers remain relevant.
As for why they can't match Cover's girls (and specifically the girls), it's just brand recognition. Before 2020 the two agencies were roughly equal, but Cover had people making wacky funny clips of Miko and Korone that went viral right as most of the world were trapped in their homes with nothing to do but watch chuubas for hours a day.
Niji missed that wave and is stuck playing catchup. It's not an issue of quality, it's just the nature of brand marketing on the internet: it's better to be lucky than good.

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This will never fail to make people seethe

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Regular high schooler boy Mashiro...

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>>they're regular people
>>and they act like people
gets me every time

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I literally don't know what a single fucking Niji is like.

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>goes out of their way to present themselves as an idol talent company first and foremost

>literally calls themselves LIVE-rs because they're just virtual people live streaming, doesn't put pressure on talents to adopt idol culture, more laid back and human instead of overproduced synthetic garbage that tries to chase irl idol shit

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They're people and they act like people.

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and i've never actually watched hololive outside of korone clips. it's okay anon, we're all into different things.

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>Most Nijisanji vtubers only have around 200k subs, but why?
Much less clips with subs.

Your clippability directly influences subs and English viewership.

>Not to mention the NijiEN, the new girls are actually below 100k subs, why do people not care about them?
Hololive established a large English following in the west, and then released holoEN in response.

Niji didn't have such a sizable following in the west when they released nijiEN. ichi tried skipping some steps.

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Because Nijisanji sucks, they aren't entertaining, and the company doesn't pay them. Just bad all around.

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Kanae has 700k and made $90,000 on his birthday showing an overlay off.

Subs don't matter. Flare also makes a shitload more than people with more subs.

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bow before the power of Leos.
>1.3 mil views on his first stream, the first day

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Hololive didn't have the EOP boom until after they opened applications for EN

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Kenmochi regularly pulls 10k-20k live viewers despite lower subs than literally most HoloID members...

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kanae is a good example because he pretty much gets a bit more than half of kuzuha's live viewers but his chat is (usually) mostly green names and he gets tons of superchat money. his fanbase is very dedicated.

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You're lying to yourself. I was being bombarded by hololive by EOPs before EN auditions were a thing, and some of the first contact many people had with VTubers aside from kizuna ai was either Miko saying nigga or asacoco.

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Most Nijisanji members both look boring and have boring personalities, so most people aren't interested in them.

>> No.7058334

They opened applications for EN because of the EOP boom.

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Are you retarded?

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the funniest thing about this picture is that all the tl;drs above will never be as entertaining as the highschoolers of nijisanji

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>muh laid back humanity
>zero clips, members are completely indistinguishable
Was it worth it?

>> No.7058349

just say you don't speak japanese it's ok

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>superchatting someone who will never remember you
>you're just a statistic to them, a faceless nobody in a sea of thousands
Was it worth it?

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Holy based

>> No.7058462

>doesn't put pressure on talents to adopt idol culture
You faggots are so stuck in your bubble you cannot detach the concept of a vtuber and idol

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Ichi had a golden opportunity from the moment HoloEN was announced to, if they wanted to, get their foot in the door and try to ride the wave. The audience was there, all they had to do was take a bit of risk.
Instead, they thought that rebranding their failed India branch into "Nijisanji English" was a great idea and would surely catch on. Never mind that the Anglosphere has a sharply negative opinion of Indian accents, honed over decades of dealing with outsourced customer service and tech support. It smacked of a corporate move and it absolutely was.
Then they tried to get it right with Lazulight, actual English speakers with neutral accents, but now they are well behind the curve. The Vtuber boom was petering out by the time auditions wrapped in February, and had mostly subsided by the time they debuted. Now they're stuck fighting for mostly the same audience as HoloEN, you can see it in how many KFP name tags and Gura avatars are in the chat in any given stream.

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>implies tl;dr overdesigned bullshit above is better than JK design
I'm literally fucking seething JK design is PURE SEX

>> No.7058550

>They go to school
No, he skipped it & busy playing DotA 2.

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Every time people criticize Nijisanji they always say "boring" "doesn't pander" "no views" yet their shows get 1 million views every time
I guess Japanese people really like watching boring stuff lol

>> No.7058591

It was a long time since i saw someone coping with
>muh smaller and recognizable fanbase

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i feel so bad because fukahire art is actual sex and i like dota but that kid is just so incredibly boring i'm unable to get myself to watch him

>> No.7058904

God damn I didnt know fukahire did a VR boy. I wish chinese didn't filter me
Or bilibili for that matter.

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>don't read or thank superchat
>don't have membership
These are the weird things that some Nijis do, notable ones are Mito and Touya. They like to pretend they're above Hololive by doing these stuffs. Also, some of their girls, like Hisui, are trying really hard to upset their fans for no reason, going on and on about 'I don't need you idolfags so fuck off' and stuffs, she's shooting herself in the foot but she's probably thinking she's superior than Hololive by doing that.
These vtubers and their fans have this elitism bullshit going on, thinking they're above Hololive when their numbers are owacon dumpster fire.

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>pretend they're above Hololive
Mito likes Hololive and Kenmochi is a huge Hololivefag (actually likes all vtubing)
Hisupi's antis hate her because she doesn't keep up the senpai kouhai shit or act like an idol and she's right to tell them to fuck off, that isn't who she is.
Why do you think doesn't copy Holo= against Holo? You'd be seething if Nijisanji was just Hololive2. Please understand that Nijisanji is just a collection of streamers: gamers, idols, hobbyists, singers, whatever Chaika is, etc.

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Japan does not have a good image of streamers.
As a result, V-culture itself is full of old otaku with a reputation as a "virtual cabaret".
They can't tell the difference between Niji-sanji and Hololive. And they are only too happy to burst into flames.

Secondly, the main otaku forum in Japan is Twitter, and Twitter has a very strong rotten girl presence, which makes it easy for Niji-sanji men to be protected and women to be abused.

Furthermore, 5chan is terrible.
A newcomer to Nijijiji, who is rumored to be the reincarnation of Aloe, pointed out that "4chan likes Aloe, so all the users of Hololive will be taken by Nijijiji!
I'm not sure how many times I've seen this post, but it's more inaccurate than holo-global.

The decent ones escape to Futaba Channel and live quietly.

The reason why they are still alive in Japan is that Nijiji users are extremely averse to other languages and insist on calling Hololive "a bunch of crooks who flatter foreign countries".
The Koshien project and APEX project are symbols of this.

Finally, "Is Niji JP interesting if you know Japanese?" But even if you understand Japanese, it's not interesting.
It's better if they can speak Japanese as well as they can use it.
Most of them are as good as Nabimama or Guramama.
If you think I'm lying, you have to watch APEX, but it's a pain.
If the number of concurrent connections is a little higher, they can be placed in the lower tier of holo-lives.
At the top, Tsukino is a negative Marine captain, unable to collaborate. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on, but I'm not sure if you'll be able to.
Nuit is Subaru, who has deteriorated and has no collaboration.
Gundo is Choko-sensei who makes problematic comments.
The singularity that cannot be replaced by holo is the stray cat that went to the hospital with washcloths on her nipples. Annoying.

As for the Niji men, I have never understood why the fujoshi like them.
I find the voices of Kronowa and Tsurugime unpleasant and totally unacceptable. So I can't even try to make an accurate judgment.
It is said that the most popular among men are Maimoto and yasiro, which is certainly somewhat better, but I think it is a reasonable number of registrants.

It's best not to refer to 5chan or numbers for a while during Koshien. It is a transient event.
From there, it's "Niji-sanji is awesome! Hololive is over!" But it turned out last year that things will return to normal once Koshien is over.

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>lost 2chfag is anti male and believes chronoir has majority female fanbase
of course lol
please go back

>> No.7059581

>A newcomer to Nijijiji, who is rumored to be the reincarnation of Aloe

I don't recall seeing a triangle in Nijis latest wave.

>> No.7059624

he's deaf and drunk on rrats and thinks lain peterson = aloe

>> No.7059625

i'm gonna start a rrat that Leos Vincent is Triangle and nobody can stop me

>> No.7059859

I know. Apart from them sounding nothing alike, it's kind of hilarious people think she'd join Niji, when it was Niji schizos who drove her to literally attempt suicide.

>> No.7059963

Some on 5chan fussed about it as the reincarnation of aloe.
I think I saw a thread about it on 4chan and was taken aback.

I didn't think so, and "so what?" I think.
I am offended that some on 5chan have repeatedly written that 4chan is also talking about it being aloe.

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kys in japanese

>> No.7060026

Found the schizo.

>> No.7060109

found the correct anon

>> No.7060171

I'm not exactly sure where Niji gets their talent, but most of Hololive's member (at least more so from Gamers onwards) were already experienced in the field of entertainment.

>> No.7060215

The exact same place as Hololive, or any other company, apart from a few outside cases they are all former content creators in one form or another. Usually NND or someplace similar.

>> No.7060216

Yeah, I literally don't know what a single fucking holo is like either

>> No.7060244

it depends. some nijis were already content creators (streamers, utaite, voice actors,...) and others had virtually no internet presence before joining (or at least not one that JPnikis have figured out yet).

>> No.7060319

Mito watches Hololive and even said Hololive's 3D is the best on stream before, and that was during her peak where she gets large numbers pretty much everything she did. Kenmochi also watches Hololive and even flashed his subs panel having Korone on it fairly recently too. And Mito doesn't have membership not because she wants to be above anyone, its because she doesn't want to discriminate viewers by thinking some of them are better than the others just because they pay her every month, same goes as to why she doesn't want to read superchats. She was even scared of turning superchats on before for the same reason.

>> No.7060408

look at this 5ch jap cockroach
two nukes weren't enough

>> No.7060414

Quantity over quality, anon. Their content are kinda low effort but it's not really that surprising considering they don't get paid wages and some of the do this part-time only.

>> No.7060495

All of hololive were NND's camwhores/ASMRwhores

>> No.7060499

holy shit they weren't kidding when they say everyone who calls mito by her last name is a fucking ハゲ, go back to where you came from you fucking waste of oxygen

>> No.7060538

>reply to bait
summber child

>> No.7060583

I want to read what 4chan writes on 5chan/futaba.
Anyone got some screencaps?

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My first step in this vtuber world was actually with Nijisanji, I used to watch Ars and also Banderas. Since I didn't know shit about chuubas I got influenced by youtube's algorithm, so I started watching holos instead. Nowadays I only watch my indie chuuba though.

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I did not screenshot it.
I think it was the thread when she delivered her first chat.
Also at that time I saw a post or thread on 4chan that said something like "they think Niji's new Aloe". (I went to 5chan for that).

>> No.7061528

The recent batch received the same amount of support the last one did and less support than Valz. You may be right that frequency affected things but the support did not.

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>fujoshi run twitter and Nijisanji
Do Japanese fans really

>> No.7062613

if only it were true

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