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how could she review shitpost with a spatula?

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She is cooking them.

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How could she even touch reddit. That stupid fucking whore needs to graduate

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>mfw the Japs are the doing the :^) face as well in the chat

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I don't like Reddit either but that's an overreaction

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>he's never seen shit posting with a spatula before

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She's gonna say Clap clap NEXT MEME
or use another?

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How can she fry the memes with no oil? She does it because she is Haachama.

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Give me the sticky I don't care if its pointless.

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imposible, the ninjiniggers and indieniggers would cry

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I watched that movie again just this year. Still holds up.

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It's bait. Don't give the honorary zhang any (You)s

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Well, footbros. Hope your happy.

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The retrospect was a nice touch

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She's nuts, she's lazy, she's forgetful. But she's not disrespectful to those who deserve it.

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This already sucks, I love it

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Not bait. Reddit fag...go back

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Starting with the right foot

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[EN] This will be Haachamachama quality so please set your expectations

Exactly what I expected.
2/10 I'll watch every week.

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This sucks 100 dicks.

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All me.

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Suicide us your only option, ms. troon.

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Fuck you newfag

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For all the shit this will be, the constant interaction with English will force her to get better at it and it will be more entertaining than duolingo.

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Stop studdering. Finish your fucking sentence T-T-T-Today retardchama

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It's a breaking in process. She'll eventually get better at it.

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a-are you the dicks or the sucker?

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One can hope

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I don't speak Aussie, someone TL pls

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Please understand, it's her first time.

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> Tier list meme
> Meant to be read top to bottom
> Haachama reads it bottom to top

Off to an excellent start.

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she has pariah tier english
chaos = chows

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Aussie dont understand aussie. Who can tl?

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This has rapidly turned into an english learning stream and frankly I'm cool with that.

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I was worried when she got stuck on growth spurt. I thought someone had to pull the string on her back.

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Did she pick random memes and figure she'll try to understand them live?

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>20 minutes

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>this meme is the entire stream

everyone gonna make their shit tier list memes for next week

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If this is how Haachama actually develops halfway decent English, I'll accept it.

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She went to the Bill O'Riley School of Performance Arts


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I see reddit dumbing down their memes even more in the future

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Who says it has to be an hour?

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She is truly the strongest.

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That one was pretty good.

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Okay, that Ame meme was kino

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creepy as fuck desu

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That Minecraft merger one was werid.

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this stream in nutshell

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Hey, it's another tier list/chart.

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I never watched Coco's plebbit reviews. Was there a single fucking good joke in any of those streams?

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Here comes Matsuri, watch her barely say her name and move on to the next meme

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it's reddit, what do you think

>> No.7037597

Actually yeah, but most of them came from the guests she had over than the memes itself

>> No.7037659

There were a couple (one was an old meme that was still pretty good). The main highlights of these are the interactions and reactions of Coco and whoever the guest was.

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It was more about Coco interaction with guests then memes

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Like >>7037597 says the guest interaction was usually the good part. Haato's going a bit harder on the charts than I remember Coco usually doing, and those were always the worst part by far.

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That dad joke was pretty nice.

>> No.7037759

go back, we 4channers don't want you here

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Hopefully Coco will explain that to her before the next one and she can schedule a guest for it. Maybe Kanata.

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No way she understands that bad pun

>> No.7037775

Fucking kek, no way this one gets translated properly

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This one isn't even a meme but she don't understand

>> No.7038016

Yes, chammers we're all impressed by Okayun's new look

>> No.7038028

4channers sounds like a shitty sports team

>> No.7038057

chammers your meme reps...

>> No.7038090

this is based we'll get another pepeloni moments sooner or later

>> No.7038113

Your not wrong but still go back redditfag

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shes cute doing this plus cute feet but she cant even compare to how coco did it

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That Irys double kill

>> No.7038262

This is minimal effort

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Painapu and talantula in pizza

>> No.7038314

Yep, it's literally monetizing her English language immersion training.

>> No.7038382

Haachama your zoom reps...

>> No.7038442

No one can see the meme kek

>> No.7038486

Imo almost any of the ID girls would have been better for this, being able to properly explain and also understand puns and memes more

>> No.7038523

Lol, that CGGO bomb

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Reddit is illegal in ID, seriously.

>> No.7038571

But there not japanese. Japs would never

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Cover really oughta consider hiring Kanauru, the dude puts at least as much effort into his stuff as your average HoloGra episode

>> No.7038668

It doesn't fit her personality so it wouldn't work but I think aki would understand the memes more then Her lol

>> No.7038686

that sounds straightforward and boring. haachama's humorous misunderstandings and kindergarten english skills are way more amusing.

>> No.7038697

Jeez, look at all those Hachamas!

>> No.7038827

Haachama Transformation Fetish

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Definitely keep the expectations low going forward

>> No.7038930

>First impregnation meme

>> No.7038985

Does she understand why those 2 though

>> No.7039067

Does she have to think it's funny to understand it?

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Okay, this cookie fight is pretty badass.

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This is a fucking disaster but i love it

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Why are bringing up points no one even said you fucking retard white knight

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This blond idiot is charismatic as fuck. Its not the same as cocos, but its still fun to watch.

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My boy Yagoo decked out in KFP merch. Looks ballin'

>> No.7039605

I had a lot of fun, just smiling the whole way. It's so cute watching her trying to understand the memes too

>> No.7039700

pachi pachi

>> No.7039724

This has a different charm than Coco's. I have to wonder how this will go when/if she's adds guests to the equation.

>> No.7039725

Who shit in your wheaties, bro?

>> No.7039755

This was pure Kino. Chammers I kneel.

>> No.7039839

Overall she didn't understand much and was very minimal effort into it. If your desperate for content its ok at best

>> No.7039887

To be fair stupid makes me angry too

>> No.7039934

Obviously there are some kinks that need to be ironed out, but the charm of Hachama trying to read and understand the memes is the real star of the show.

I give it 3 tarantulas out of 5.

>> No.7039938

It would be a different energy for sure, with her and the guest both trying to puzzle together what the meme is about, instead of Coco just explaining it (even if she's wrong).

>> No.7040052

Honestly Haachama trying to piece together the memes is far more endearing and entertaining than the standard formula.

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Wow, now I’m 100% sure no-eigo Kanata would’ve done much better... or anyone else really..

>> No.7040192

I'm sure others could of understand it better but dont have the right energy for it

>> No.7040249

Kanata is cute but boring. Comedy is more Haato's forte

>> No.7040306

It was ok. Nothing to write home about but ok

>> No.7040327

Personally, I'd like to see Marine as the first guest and watch them both try to decipher and explain these english memes. Sencho has been really working on her English.

>> No.7040424

That's really the thing that made Coco so special. She was a pillar of confidence, even in when she had no clue. She would just make a decision and follow it without hesitation or an outward appearance of looking back.

>> No.7040436

You guys must be haatons...that was awful

>> No.7040655

Yes I am a Haaton and I loved every moment of it, brings a smile to my face to see Haachama laughing and having fun

>> No.7040684

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Akai Haato. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Haato's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into her characterisation- her personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Akai Haato truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Haato's existential catchphrase "Haachamachama," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Away The Pepelonis. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Yagoo's genius wit unfolds itself on their computer monitors. What fools.. how I pity them.

>> No.7040741

not a haaton, haachama's laughter is like music to my ears though. it was pretty amusing that chat had to help her understand a lot of the memes.

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Wasn't haato the first guest? Its just the natural flow of things that she has it now. She just needs to practice her presentation a little bit, and not dox herself.

>> No.7040918

She tried

>> No.7040922

Not for the reddit stuff but memes in general

>> No.7042038


>> No.7042538

Actually, this could be a good opportunity for haachama to have those collabs.

>> No.7042958

I think Hearto should drop the Reddit meme review and review instead the posts on this board, to branch out. Maybe invite guests and read out the frat accusations at them to see their reaction. You know make it an american show, about confrontation.

>> No.7044723

>You know make it an american show, about confrontation
You are awful, Haato.

>> No.7044880

The shit English and misunderstandings are part of the appeal.

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yeah about that image...Coco is not back...

>> No.7044946

Me? I'm awful? Oh yeah, how am I awful?

>> No.7045002

Reading my shitpost. Inviting me on the show.
You just wanted to make fun of me. You are just like the rest of them!

>> No.7045133

The sole reason and premise of meme review is gone, reduced to ashes

>> No.7045180

You don't know the first thing about me, Haaton. Look what happen because of what you did. What it led to. There are schizos out there. Bait threads about my graduation are rampant. You're laughing. You're laughing. Matsuri is now labelled as mentally unstable in this board.

>> No.7045206

I know!
How about another yab, Haato?

>> No.7045231

And y'know what? Haachama is the most qualified to carry on Reddit Shitpost Review.

>> No.7045316

Nah, I think we've had enough of your yabs.

>> No.7045400

What do you get when you cross mentally ill /vt/ shitposter with Akaihaato channel that abandons him and treats him like trash!?
I'll tell you what you get! You get what you fucking deserve!
*final yab sounds*

>> No.7045410

don't narrate a joke, then tell where the funny parts are and do a fake laugh at the end. GO BACK TO YOUR HIATUS. Every 3rd class comedian knows that's a no go.

>> No.7045523

Honestly, it was as good as any other recent meme review other than EOPs are probably salty Haachama didn't speak their barbarian tongue much. Would watch again.

>> No.7045561

did you watch any of Coco’s shitpost reviews?

>> No.7045582

This was honestly the most enjoyable meme review I've seen in quite some time. Probably the only one that came close was Amelia's. I'm not even trashing Coco either as I actually liked her weekly show but I guess I was getting a little tired of her formula. Having a new host made the whole thing feel a lot fresher and I think Haachama did a great job. Now I wonder if this is only a one time thing or if she will keep doing it and bring guests on like Coco did. We will see. If she does keep doing it I think she should make it a once in a while thing kind of like how Kiara does Holotalk. I think Coco doing it every week is what led to the show feeling boring and formulaic.

>> No.7045595

keep crying faggot

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>> No.7045621

Yeah Coco doing them weekly + no copyrighted materials kinda led to the ledditers just spamming tier lists and other low effort shit. If there's a gap, that means there's a chance to make some actually ok funny stuff

>> No.7046304

Some clips and the fatcat episode. i am no fan of that dragon. Coco was never funny she was saved by superchats and her collabs. So someone recreating her on a solo run isn't going well.

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File: 1.37 MB, 220x227, 1612925829161.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The audacity of this clipnigger...

>> No.7046605

>Coco was never funny she was saved by superchats and her collabs
Wrong. Tribal 4chan vs. reddit BS aside, Coco Kiryu was probably unironically the best entertainer in hololive. She was able to project her personality in several languages, not simply communicate in them. I love Haachama and think she did a good job, but she might benefit from a regular co-host with more proficiency in English.

>> No.7053088

>EOPs are probably salty Haachama didn't speak their barbarian tongue much
I think this is the main reason they're mad

>> No.7053202

coco's sense of humor was unironically awful, readit aside

>> No.7053735


>> No.7054221

Your oshi is a clipnigger. Everyone is watching clips and they mention it.

>> No.7055266

i agree, love her or hate her, she stood out in the pile of the same shit.

>> No.7056543

This. It's supposed to be a review, not an explanation or breakdown. Coupled with her doing it alone, not speaking much/passable English because she's been slacking on eigo reps, and not being very funny aside from pretending to be retarded, the entire stream was a flop.

Coco carried it by being lolsorandumb and making it into a collab carousel. Chama doesn't even know what she's doing, or bring anything new to the table. There's no soul. No creativity. No extensive EOP pandering. Meme review died with Coco, and KanaCoco only set chama up to fail.

Chama doesn't need hand me downs. She needs her own drive, inspiration and hobbies. Until she finally figures herself out and shares that with her viewers, her art will continue to suffer.

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I miss coco

>> No.7058238


She just winged it and it was still honestly more entertaining than most meme reviews because of that. The videos were actually the best part and something I do not remember Coco doing hardly at all.

I don't understand all of these overreactions from y'all. This was the first time she has done it, she will learn to make it better if she actually desires to carry on the legacy. The fact that she just ended up skipping through the stupid tier list when she realized how shit it was shows that it will be better in the future. Hopefully, no tier lists at all.

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