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Why is everyone so thirsty for her?

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Why are you gay?

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You are just jealous that the Holomems can have actual date with Sora and not you

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Rule of Acquisition number 33, it never hurts to suck up to the boss.

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why are you not thirsty for her?

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That was uncalled for

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queen of iwara! ambassador of sex!

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Why are you?

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You aren't? Unfortunately I'll have to diagnose you with faggot

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Why not? I am too.

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the more pure something is........ etc.

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obvious sora lewd baiting i will bite

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>he doesn't know

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Hololive is a lesbian company

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you two homo faggots can kiss.

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ah... huh.... nice.

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iwara 100%

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iwara queen is not a meme

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Theyre yuribaiting to keep up kafabe.

But also Soda seems to be an actually adorable person irl so they want to hang out with her, but are kinda afraid of pissing her off somehow, or were. Last year was very good for Sora's friendships it seems.

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Does she have any insect vids yet?

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>iwara thread
>no iwara links
c'mon cough em up.

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>He lives in a mud hut and has never experienced a cute girl next door.

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It's the whole "forbidden fruit" thing endemic to the human condition. Few things are more desirable than that which is strictly prohibited.
Also her tits are "sexy" big, but not "comedy relief" big.

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Do you have eyes?

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not really thirsty more like they wanna leech off her clout

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>doesn't recognize when people are acting
You might be autistic, OP.

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Ew no

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What is Iwara mean?

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If you aren't, then you are a giant faggot among the other faggots in that pic.

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Stop being gay

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Please forgive OP. He's too into cocks.

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Well, they should drink more!

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she's the eldest in hololive

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>He doesn't know

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Oh god I wanna see bugs lay eggs inside her and then they hatch and crawl out of her pussy

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Oh man I knew Ao was bad news when he (she) joined. It's been nonstop dates and sweaty sex with Sora since debut.

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Maybe OP is a sister.

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Sauce pls

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Less dancing shit and more FUCKING, iwara, come on. ONE JOB.

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please respond