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In Jelly's 'Press the Button' stream, questions about saving humanity arose. Yet Jelly herself expressed a nihilistic perspective, suggesting utopia is only possible if all humans went extinct. She also mentioned that if being alone and penniless could prevent a global climate collapse, she'd choose to perish with everyone else.



Do you guys think she's correct or is there something seriously wrong with her?

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She should lead by example then

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My god she sounds depressing as hell.

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postin in jelly bread

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Well, she's an alien. "Destroy all Humans!" is kinda their thing, y'know?

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bro sadly this wasn't an act

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Its your fault as a man for letting women be exposed to nihilists.

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She said "we" though, her whole rant was pure nihilism too and that's a bit worrisome to me

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she's norwegian can you blame her

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This is now a Jelly thread.

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sounds sad of jelly. i must watch her more. could she be saved? prolly not...

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Jelly thread

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you realize that Jelly is full menhera like Pippa and Lumi, right? what man could handle that?!

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>Insert"norway meme.jpg"

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I just want to start my day by waking up early, brewing myself a fresh cup of Blue Mountain coffee, and adding a little bit of French vanilla creamer to it. Then I take my freshly brewed cup of coffee into the room that is adjacent to my kitchen. I had spent a painstakingly long amount of time transforming this room into the perfect habitat for Jelly to comfortably live in after I captured her and brought her back to the States. She notices me unlocking the door and entering the room. Jelly, already used to this routine, climbs on top of her desk and takes a squatting position as I place my cup on the ground beneath her. She then pisses directly into my cup of coffee, instantly enhancing its aroma and flavor. After a few seconds, she lets out a slight sigh of relief as the last few drops fall into the cup. Jelly then climbs down from the desk and returns the almost overflowing cup to me. I carefully take the cup and give her a kiss on the forehead as she blushes and then runs off to her PC to play Solitaire for the rest of the day. I take a small sip of my complete Jelly coffee as I exit the room and relock the door behind me, now finally ready to start my day. God, I love Jelly.

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Jelly is...

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Thats just Alice talking

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File: 1.02 MB, 700x700, go back to the jungle[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fn48fnb.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Climate collapse? Why nihilists use "le ebl climate change" as a justification for their nihilism?

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It isn't a Jerry stream without an existential crisis moment!
>My friends are getting married...and I'm here playing minecraft...oh god what am I doing with my life

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bring on the apocalypse

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Jelly my beloved.
Soon we will end it all. (In Minecraft. Literally)

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That's my oshi. Isn't she epic?

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Based, nowadays I am a fool that gets addicted on hope and high copium, yet this will always be based

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People weren't a mistake. The industrial revolution was a mistake.

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Is the text from a game?

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I am mad she changed her stream time to be after midnight for me. Why does she hate me in particular?

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Streamers shouldn't allowed to pretend they're lonely and dateless. Just go outside and a guy will ask you out. If girls with Down syndrome can get dates why can't they?

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Silly woman
How can it be an utopia if there isn't any human left to observe it?

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I'm tired of this midwit take

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Humanity peaked during the agricultural era.

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She's a comp sci major in SEA. I wouldn't want to date any of the people around her either, she's making the right choice by not being a slut

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the sound for those without the knowledge

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The "west" has been the mistake. The last 500 years the proof.

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Someone is in need of correction. I volunteer to 'press' her.

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>bro utopia is possible and anyone who doesnt think so is nihilistic and depressing!
be honest how old are you

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look at this jelly!

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She isn't wrong though. Look at Starcrafts Lore that was a rip off from Warhammer 40k. Mass overpopulation and turning the world into an industrial waste dumping ground is what will happen 200 years from now. Genocide will be the way and people are still being turned into low functioning resource

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So you believe wiping out ALL of humanity is the answer?!

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We need more Jelly porn

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shut up retard
shut up chink

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Looking forward to minecraft tonight.

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didnt hear her say that it was something worth doing. shes only saying that utopia is fantasy. shes based and pathological altruism pilled. shes saying its not a problem. a supporting argument she used was the example that to solve such a problem would mean extermination.

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Yet utopia without humans would be bad. Imagine an asteroid was going to hit earth, we have the technology to stop it from reaching within years, yet since humans would be gone now then the earth would be doomed with stupid animals and my cat would be meowing of why he isn't being fed

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Women are high empathy but only when it comes to themselves and their offspring. Everyone else can get fucked. This is why female world leaders are laughable.

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i agree and it sounds to me that Jelly would also agree. again, lack of utopia isnt a problem.

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Knowing people, we'd probably end up killing each other before the asteroid hit instead of stopping it.

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Much preferable to have men who have empathy only for themselves and not even their offspring.

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This is the type of shit you keep in your general, why are phasefags like this? You're spamming these retarded threads because you know there's a bunch of terminally online phaseniggers who will bump these exact type of threads to infinity

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Jelly is an honorary holo.
Nigger this board is not called /vtg/, people are free to post threads of their oshi at any given time.

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She is autistic and genocidal, but also weak like a kitten- you could lay on top of her and stick your massive 4 inch dick in her 3 inch vagina and she wouldn't be able to move.

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>The industrial revolution was a mistake.
this, but agricultural.

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If she didn't have some crippling mental illness that makes her unpalatable outside her anime girl mask she wouldn't be in PC.

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She's only like 20 kek.
>friends all married
Such is life in jungle manlet country.

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This is not true and I know it's not true because american parents relentlessly don't give a single fuck about their kids.

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Humanity is objectively the worst thing for the planet on the planet naturally. This isn't some nihilistic or "ohhh soo deep" thought either. If you have any brain capacity and look at what humanity has done in just the past 100 years you would understand.

It's not about moral relativism, it's simply fact that humans are bad for the planet.

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Unfortunately for you what you think is 'men not having empathy for you' is actually 'men realizing you are a bpd whore who will ruin their lives' and avoiding you.

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there are men who care about the civilization of the larger group. That doesnt mean it is selfless, but it leans toward the geater good of all. Men are both more competitive and more team oriented - give them a village and its the men who care about creating an honorable legacy (for other men to witness their greatness) within a lasting organization. Can you really not see how men are motivated differently, and how those unique motivations work out better for an entire village? That said, when you put multiple villages in a confined space, the lines become blurred, the motivation falters. multicult isnt a challenge to what drives men to create good for all - it is the antithesis to it, like a kryptonite.

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imagine using her white panties as a coffee filter

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Thanks, but I would like to have the knowledge

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True, based and man pilled

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without industrial revolution, we're more likely to be uneducated, overpopulated, wipe the forest for agriculture then fucking died from natural disaster.

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didn't say anything incorrect

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Looks like I have a new oshi.

We can discuss Owlman together.

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I share the sentiment

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>wonton whore

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having watched the clips, you're misinterpreting her and the questions considerably.
she never said she wished for the destruction of humanity, nor did the questions say her choices would result in such.
therefore, you have not earned an actual answer to your question, because it is based off a false premise in the first place.

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I still think the last one looks weird, Jelly has no chin and her fridge ass body.

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If it killed me and everyone else here then sure

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Utopias are impossible.
Nothing wrong with not wanting to die poor and alone.

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kek based Jerry

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You couldn't be more wrong. We are in a Jerry thread

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In my bedroom

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Please tell her to come back

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>Hey guys let me prove my thesis by citing this completely fictional made up bullshit.
Use empirical evidence nigger

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it's not that hard

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Anyone got a source on this image?

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What a retard.
Human beings are most likely the only living things in the universe actually capable of observing it and acknowledging its existence. You get rid of us and there's effectively nothing.

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Classic Jerry.

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The world is bad because you exist. Prove me wrong.

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A normal person!

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Thank you!

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OP is misrepresenting jelly's arguments. I know, I know, on the internet? crazy right?

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Used or unused

>> No.70178229

use your head anon, it just wouldn't be special if it was unused

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Thank you.

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Used of course. Especially after she's spent a considerable amount of time in her mud hut without access to clean, running water.

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She's either suicidal or just won't put her money where her mouth is.

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She's not wrong. We're still animals after all and any technology that reduces that would erase our individuality.

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I miss her so much it's unreal

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Just as long as I get to push her uterus button with my penor

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honestly, I think jelly might be one of the few chuubas to have been truly touched by the 'tism. Maybe the 3 hour solitaire streams are a bit. Maybe quitting modded MC streams so she can play other expert packs offline is just a phase, but there's no way someone sane would do either the awa5.0 or the awawawa karaoke stream

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>Phase girl is menhera.
Why this needed a topic? And I’m speaking as a Phase fan.

>> No.70180694

oh, you didn't know? Antis create threads in the catalog and then pretend they are Phase fans; they do this to piss off other fanbases, so other fanbases then have an excuse to hate Phase. This is what the scribes call "false flagging".

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Women are high ingroup bias, not high empathy.

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Jelly beans!!

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Humanity won't last more than a few decades anyway so it doesn't really matter

>> No.70188247

Lame and laughably wrong.
>there are men who care about the civilization
IE themselves and “rules based order”. Welcome to prison. Where there’s “greater good” for them alone.

>> No.70188435

>bpd hick losing her mind

>> No.70188550

seethe femcel

>> No.70188606

Shes based and redpilled.

>> No.70188811

I don't disagree with you, yet I think you're missing one thing
WHITE men care about themselves and “rules based order”. Welcome to prison. Where there’s “greater good” for them alone.

>> No.70188858

Based, I should start watching her now

>> No.70188904

Fucking alien cunt should go back to her planet. I bet she doesn't even pay earth taxes.

>> No.70189227

>>there are men who care about the civilization
>IE themselves and “rules based order”. Welcome to prison. Where there’s “greater good” for them alone.
shit take. you clearly yearn for the mud huts.

>> No.70189277

Hi Uki

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Humanity could all collapse and die right now and it would only be a net positive for the planet.

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Jelly just called herself my girlfriend and then executed me with a bomb. See you in the afterlife nerds.

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Broken sad girl, she'll probably be way less nihilistic and misanthropic if she got a husband

>> No.70192423

but will you remember Jelly in Heaven?

>> No.70193513

What is a positive for the planet what does that mean?
If you had any actual understanding of the history of life on the planet the earth doesn't give a fuck life Will continue to persist no matter what we do and continue to exist long after we leave, the reason that one should concern over the state of out planet is in regards to our survival and enjoyment of our planet.

>> No.70193975

it's the common anti-natalist view most females (and leftists) have, not surprising at all

>> No.70194088

>suggesting utopia is only possible if all humans went extinct.
Oh please, the next dominant species that takes our place would do the exact same thing. A conflict free utopia can't exist in a world of finite resources.

>> No.70196311

This retarded nigger can't even accurately paraphrase three minutes of clips he made himself.

Nice bait though.

>> No.70197231

blah blah blah all the other responses are a bunch of gay words I don't want to read
I'll keep my answer simple:
rape correction needed

>> No.70200724

Bratty Jelly needs BONK correction.

>> No.70200910

Atheist thought leads to people regressing to meme nature worship shit.

>> No.70201229


>> No.70203935

Bratty hag Jelly will realize the error of her ways after she gives birth to our child

>> No.70204276

Change their color and it would look the same.

Humans have lived by their own power at all stages in history. Kropotkin point out some them. Not all people allowed kings to rule them

>> No.70205133

Atheists are left with philosophical debates on the limits of science. Do we buy into hard predetermination or make room for free will?
Is the universe headed toward a heat death or some other entropy or collapse, or is it eternal?
Nature worship? We came from it. How is truth regression?

>> No.70205398

Her model is basic as fuck, both the art style and costume but somehow I really like it ,especially her face, idk why.

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>is there something seriously wrong with her?
She ended up in Menhera-Connect. How is that even a question?

>> No.70209086

Many vtubers bear the touch of the 'tism. But very few have this specific strain of male STEM autism - with a few drops of SzPD for the extra flavor.

>> No.70210178

Sometimes simple is best.

>> No.70210314

It's well rigged, and all the facial expressions wired into the model are great.

>> No.70210336

My nigga Jumbo Jerry

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File: 1.90 MB, 640x720, JellyWah[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F5jhn6l.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will now deposit a Jelly in this thread.

>> No.70211142

thats based though??? i dont understand why are people concerned

>> No.70211198

I will make myself completely indifferent to Jelly, so that I don't forget.
Then I can rediscover my love for Jelly in Heaven once again!

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If you think that's sad, you should probably meet "Alice".

>> No.70211749

Humanity is also objectively the only hope that life on Earth has to survive beyond its biosphere before the oceans boil away.

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Good morning /jelly/

>> No.70211906

>IE themselves and “rules based order”. Welcome to prison. Where there’s “greater good” for them alone.
stupid bitch doesn't realize prisons consist of mostly low iq dudes with personality disorders and/or troubled upbringing and can't be compared to the average working man.
women are retarded and you are a good example of it.

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Good Morning Starknights. I love Jelly!

>> No.70213609

>Jelly believes the world would be better if humans were wiped out
cute kayfabe

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