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I feel sad about how nijien turned out

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Couldn't have happened to a more caring group of people.

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Niji was bleeding shit way before Selen, I guess none of us expected how actually batshit crazy things actually were.

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It's absolute KINO. And it keeps getting better.

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I'm just glad she's out and I don't have to deal with another apology about how "management says I can't do X anymore"

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Considering who notPomu chose to associate with, we'll never get pic rel again. Top-tier banter and chemistry gone to the void.

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I saw it coming for months.

lol, no. at least not for that reason.

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>turned out
it was always shit, there's a reason why most people here have been making fun of them for years

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Yeah, I always knew Niji bad, but I didn't think they're that stupid

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Now that the dust has settled, what did she mean by this?

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Let it go
Few of them were worth it to begin with

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It was always like this and no amount of "but I'm not with niji anymore" will clear the miasma around ex-niji talents.

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more "caring". sister, people called out the clique and were already seeing the writing on the wall 3 years in advance. the game was rigged from the start

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dookiebird is a turd

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..then you lost to a turd

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As other anons have pointed out, they've been bad from the start. This is just the first time they've gotten their dicks smacked significantly for it.

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I'm not.

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At least the good ones are free.

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I'm still in disbelief at the reality of only getting 2%.

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2% is what they give clique members and big earners as a reward, Zaion was getting 1%

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it would have been a very different story if selen didn't survive, but she did

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all they had to do was get rid of Enna

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the throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks strategy was always a bad idea when dealing with westerners.

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And that's why you hire professional, fully salaried managers, instead of relying on "liaisons" and "interpreters" and "trusted people". Reap what you sowed, retards.

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Sarcasm is truly the kryptonite of ESL Asians.

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>Goes back in time and poaches your only English speaking JP manager/menhera whisperer

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It is sad, I was there when Lazulight debuted and I thought all three were great early on, really entertaining streamers that maybe could rival HoloEN.

But watching since that long ago also meant seeing the cracks form one by one. It was always head in one direction, destined to eventually come crashing down.

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oh nyo