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Cover sent CEASE & DESIST letter to an official artist of one of their talents, forbidding them from selling merch featuring the talent, AFTER the merch went on sale.
And somehow Anycolor is bad, huh?


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>Anycolor is bad

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>try to sell copyrighted material
> gets c&d letter
Wtf? This is so unfair

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No one has said Cover is good, just that they're not as bad as anykuro

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So how is this make Anykara less bad ?

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>Reading is hard

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That's not what they're saying. They're saying that the artist did not receive their guidelines for creating merch and breached those guidelines but it wasn't his fault because Cover forgot to send him the guidelines in the first place. They then asked him if he would cancel the merch sale. That doesn't mean he's forbidden. Only that this time there was a problem. Cover is at fault because they did not send him their guidelines for merch production. I also would add they should have just let him produce the merch anyways. However they have been polite about it and he can always produce merch in the future in consideration of the guidelines Cover has provided. Another point is that he really should have contacted cover if he intended to create merch of Gavis and ask for their guidelines which he also didn't do.

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Yes but they didn't tell anyone to an hero themselves

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It IP mumbo jumbo. Try the local lawyer

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I mean, it does sound like he wasn't given the warning that artists usually get.
It does seem like a fuckup on Cover's end, even if the dude should have probably shot them a message anwyay when merchandise is involved.

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I know you can't read nijinig so I'll make it easier for you

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Where's the cease and desist
This is just miscommunication

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bau bau b****

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>be literally the official artist who DESIGNED the vtuber
>no, you can't sell merch
btw, Pochi mama can sell her Reine mousepads and it's okay.

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I just read it and you’re right, OP is being a fag again

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Good. But seriously it looks like the artist can still sell in the future if she follows their guidelines. What does this have to do with nijisanji being dogshit though? Is Cover the only company nijinogs know?

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Every. single. day. nijifags set the bar lower. Can't you fucking read?

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Do you even know who you're talking about? If not, what are you replying to?

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Cover have literally said they will produce it on his behalf even though the merch drop was cancelled. Probably an issue with the seller he was using or something.

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nijinigs are not beating the "lowest IQ" allegations

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A Japanese company "politely requesting" something = do it or we sue. Doubly so considering this is someone who hopes to get paid work from Cover in the future

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>on his behalf
Except this time it'll be cover getting all the money, not the artist.

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See >>70135637
They were polite and have offered a way to get the artists merch produced and done properly in line with their rules.

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No C&D mentioned.

Artist clearly explained it was miscommunication/lack of communication on both ends.

Merch is a big part of sales/income for Vtubers, I can understand why they would want some level of control. It's most likely the type of merch being sold here - Daki, Keychains etc things you would potentially directly compete with their own planned merch sales.

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who tf is Gavis Bettel and what is her relationship to my wife Mumei

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who cares

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All Japanese corporations are like this. Evil to their core.

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PLEASE commit suicide

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I know anon, english is hard

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HoloEN is about to have it's own Selen arc.

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>No one has said Cover is good
Really? Nobody has ever said Cover is good, or called them a white company?

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Her merch falls within the guidelines.
It’s the other publicly traded vtuber company, so they want to take the heat off by making false equivalences.

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even kiara antis would call you retarded

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Kiara's been complaining about restrictions on what they can do since fucking day one. Are you fucking new here or are you just a plain dumbfuck?

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>japanese ccorporations are bad because she was complaining and doomposting about her recent doctors appointment
i dont get it

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Tons of Holo mamas' sell merch of their chuubas so it not that she can't, it's that they didn't send her the guidelines the rest probably follow

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Is the nijisister sperging because they got doxxed and outed as flips in reddit?

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I see it that hour again where the discord sisters raid happens.

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Yes it still is. The fact Wactor exist doesn’t magically make Riku the best CEO in the world.

For someone who says it’s a Nijifan it’s funny how as soon as your menhera argument fails we start to talk about Cover. Tells me who you really following.

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>Holostar shit
I sleep...

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> Company A is evil so Company B can't be evil, and if they are it's fine!!!!
Sorry this is not how real life works.

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>Cover did something bad
>Therefor AnyColor has their hands clean
Sister, that is not how it works. Whataboutism is not a good way to wash your hands.

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i can't keep up with all these psyops sister

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"do it or we sue" yes they can and have done it before

it's not exactly pocket change what Cover pays for getting full rights to these designs.

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>complaining when she gets a life of luxury
all she does is complain
you turn on the stream she is complaining about her burger not having enough sesame seeds on the bun or some shit like that
i dont get how anyone watches her

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You guys need to stop being literal fucking children. Somehow because it's cute faux anime girls the rules of the real world don't apply now. Every time it's the same old shit.

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women and fags

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Just desperate for a successful deflection thread I'd imagine

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ME ME ME syndrome, nothing new.

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what happened this time, I heard elira got doxed and terminated

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Oops, my bad, seems like it was some hard core kuro BL for one of the guys. The artist also sounds reasonable. Why are the western fans always such fucking babies though?

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So it seems like the artist was trying to sell an unofficial dakimakura or something?
Those are usually things that are anniversary or birthday goods drawn by the original artist in most cases. So it'd make sense that they don't want the designers releasing them themselves. It's unfortunate that this happened so late and not when it was announced.

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It is a quandary
One one hand, Cover did stop unsolicited merch
On the other, Nijisanji did cause a member to try and take their own life, twice.
It's really hard to see which is the worst here.

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VShojo will save her. Japanese corporations are done in the West now that talents aren't afraid to speak up about mismanagement anymore after Selen.

>> No.70136240

>white company
Who the fuck says that? What is a white company even?

>> No.70136242

Why did they even bother debuting males if they were going to treat them and now their mamas like second-class citizens?

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pic rel

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>VShojo will save her
How come it took this long for vshojo to save her when she's been complaining every other month since she debuted?

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Kiara dumped a list of two hundred songs on an app process they made to request song perms on the first day it opened. In a power move the managers denied every single one of them.

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that's what they deserve

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please graduate and do AV already please

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Nijisisters can't read.

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Managers finally doing something good

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So she is as retarded as the retarded homo? Fucking hell

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Eh, to be fair, selling something at Comiket is different from selling the same thing on BOOTH. Redjuice also said he could sell IRyS merchs at Comiket, but couldn't put them online due to Cover's guideline. Probably the same reason, just that Redjuice was aware of it while Bettel's mama wasn't.
A better example would be Pochi who was able to sell Reine's merch online for some reasons. Probably had to talk to Cover first and got the OK

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didn't she do a wrestling one already

>> No.70136422

>sad, mismanaged, bullied and ostracized
>hated by tribalists whose oshi is the CEO because she has the audacity to speak out about it
Kiara is the Selen of HoloEN

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As usual, the ndf are sending their best and brightest ; their iq 39 shock troops.

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I remember when she complained about taxes in europe on stream
woman is retarded

>> No.70136431

Sisters aren't sending their best...

>> No.70136458

Most people like selen though

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No, it's not causation. You don't know that maybe a fujo took her own life but was also upset the fan merch stopped. Things that happen are coincidental. Was Anycolor responsible for her attempt or mental health? Only in broad terms, what the others that were accused say was bullying according to her was just them asking her to cool her shit normally. We won't know the details, but if true then you can't say that caused or even encouraged her attempt. Dumbasses twist it and deflect because they love drama. It's just companies being companies and only caring about keeping the production line moving. You could twist a story out of either one, and as you can see in this thread, they are.

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OP is a faggot.

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Sorry to burst your bubble but most people dislike Kiara

>> No.70136536

she's complaining about how she botched her channel and is stuck at low popularity, not that her company sucks, retard

>> No.70136538

Yeah, I laughed too. She said she's going to try again later though. I have to hand it to her, at least she didn't just go over her managers and make it antagonistic. Doesn't fix the horror that is the pineapple song though.

>> No.70136595

>go over her managers and make it antagonistic
she knows she doesn't have anything left in her life besides hololive so she doesn't want to get fired

>> No.70136594

>here's merch
>you didn't read the rules though
>yeah sorry but you didn't send them
>yeah our bad, can you cancel the merch drop so we can talk about it and sort something out?
>yeah sure
>okay lets come to a solution together to please fans

>> No.70136614

It's called "proprietary copyrights" - google it up.

>> No.70136631

>Doesn't fix the horror that is the pineapple song though.
her album was such a step back in quality, i think she got high off of her own farts due to the previous bangers she released and didnt trust the producers

>> No.70136655

Complaints too much but still love Hololive money.

>> No.70136708

get a job okabe

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So are most eggs just jealous sisters? It's weird how this thread started off with one thing and then was suddenly bandwagoned by nijibitches and now they're all hating on Kiara for some reason.

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>be literally the official architect who DESIGNED the house
>no, you can't live in the house
Dumb SEA.

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oh there's plenty of reasons

>> No.70136810

Man, you're so dumb. The world must make no sense to you.

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It's one of the homos. Cover should finally disband the whole Holostars branch.

>> No.70136919

Yeah, schizo reasons

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NDF is grasping at whatever they can get to make their black company look better

>> No.70136961

if they haven't done it already after the catastrophic armpiss flop they will never do it

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I mean, you dumb bitches tried bringing up Kiara to paint Cover as some evil company, but then after that didn't work, you just turned around and started shitting on her instead, lol.
You aren't exactly being very covert with your intentions, cupcake.

>> No.70137028

Basically perfect handling of the situation by Cover, I'm impressed.

>> No.70137031

>it just is

>> No.70137041

awww the globaltranny stepped out of its hugbox

>> No.70137061

I think he did it just to shit on Kiara. Which is based

>> No.70137085

Hi Nerissa

>> No.70137093

>Anycolor bad

>> No.70137148

>misinterpreting story even when having first hand account of the the one affected
Elira should kill herself.

>> No.70137192

There is a whole story in your head trying to make sense out of random people just talking past each other and making jokes. You're way too deep, you need some time off.

>> No.70137219

Seems very seafag; most of us non-sea hate the sea vtubers but you don't see us talking about it all day.

>> No.70137251

>just talking past each other and making jokes.
Watch your whore mouth. 4chan is serious business.

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So how much are you getting paid for this topic?

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Did nijien do something again? Cover handled this better than anycolor oh and if this becomes official daki merch, fuck it I'll buy me some Betsy.

>> No.70137313

>Nijiseethers are getting btfo so much they're resorting to "okay m-maybe Anycolor's a little bad, b-but your champion Cover is ALSO bad! See seeee, join us in nihilism!"

>> No.70137460

I'm going to blow your mind sister--but both companies are horrible with their JP corpo autism. But of the two of them, Anycolor takes care of their talents the least. At least with Cover Corp you are putting up with JP Corpo autism to make a big profit--but with Anycolor you are just getting harassed to suicide. So there is a difference.

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I love Koyori!

>> No.70137561

>wraps up things as professionally as they can
>makes sure the artist doesn't feel betrayed
>gets them some kind of deal
FUCK YOU COVER BLACK COMPANY!!! -pinoy/cn sister


>> No.70137595

Putting aside the fact you removed like 50% of the actual story to better suit your narrative, Anycolor isn't bad because they have managerial mistakes (every other vtuber corpo has them) but because of how they react and adapt to those managerial mistakes. Take the Selen situation, for instance: sure, it probably would have never happened were it not for how ineffective management was, but all the steps they took after the incident- believing the private legal document Doki sent was a public notice that they had to get ahead of, the horrible black screen stream, the stealth suspension, the "we're not owned!!! we're not owned!!!" IR, etc.- all of it only exacerbated an issue they could have easily recovered from and completely incinerated any goodwill they have from the outside. Single, isolated fuckups like this are unfortunate, yes, but extremely forgivable, especially if you handle it gracefully. People only have issues if you consistently, repeatedly, and inexplicably keep fucking up over and over and make no attempt to turn things around

>> No.70137599

>architecture mention
>"no, you as the mama of your Vtuber can't live inside your Vtuber"
You know what anon, you're onto something.

>> No.70137607

So it's coming out just later on? Man such a horrible company!

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Pochi sold merch from Comiket on Booth. That's how I got my Reine booba mousepad

>> No.70137614

>source is a globalnigger screenshot
why are holobronies like this?

>> No.70137677

>And somehow Anycolor is bad, huh?
Doesn't have to be one or the other, stupid

>> No.70137694

Keep dancing for that card

>> No.70137700

get a job and you won't need those steam gift cards sister

>> No.70137744 [DELETED] 
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Ummm holobronies?

>> No.70137829

>What is a white company even?
Uki's worst nightmare.

>> No.70137848

Dear Anycolor PR team, this is how you conduct business and handle PR in difficult situation.
Take a long good look at how this has been handled. Professionally like a business. There is no 3 page letter from Cover outlining the artists mistakes or a black screen stream throwing the artist under the bus. There was a problem, they acknowledged their part in the problem, came to a professional agreement that benefits both parties.

Now compare how you handled your PR business. Like a bunch of bitches in a high school playground. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. You are professionals, act like it.

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>> No.70137871


>> No.70137947

>Cancelled because of the breach of guidelines
What merch did he sell? 18+ one? or is it have cover logo on them?

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I think it’s a euro-woman thing. I mean women complain, but all of the European vtubers I know complain about EVERYTHING. There is always some small fault with something.
I like Kiara by the way, and watch her vods on the regular. It’s just a funny character quirk. It’s not like she’s “French” or anything.

>> No.70138090

Don’t you have some teeth to get pulled Pippa?

>> No.70138105

Global is an underaged KFP discord groupchat and any real hololive fan here should disavow it

>> No.70138147

that's rich coming from a nijinigger LOL

>> No.70138159

>basic bitch valley girl stacy
>personality quirk
i think you mean mental disorder

>> No.70138241

It sounds like he already got the money.

>> No.70138424

Mumei is everyone's wife

>> No.70138481

this art is so flawed, I hate that fucking tummy with an ugly navel, which makes it so flawless bros

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Incorrect, she's only mine.

>> No.70138574

Nijisister, whorotrannies will dismiss anything involving negative happening to holostars. Your best bet would be to deflect with something good happening to holostars while pretending it's preferential treatment

>> No.70138649

Do you just append it on the end of your lines, like "Carthago delenda est"?

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File: 1.96 MB, 2820x2160, 1709043644397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh no that's horri-
>its about froot loops man

>> No.70138838

Not that anon, but I'm going to start doing that now. Cover should finally disband the whole Holostars branch.

>> No.70138972

>The artist also sounds reasonable
Idk man. I thought him going on and on about how ashamed and sorry he felt about it was too much lol. It was a fucking pillow case and they're letting him sell it just a bit later just relax lmao, he sounds like a dramafag to me.

>> No.70139124

You have to take into account that all artists are mentally ill, this was a very levelheaded response compared to the shit you sometimes get.
>Mizuryu Kei

>> No.70139136

>HoloEN is about to have it's own Selen arc.
That is an exaggeration but Kiara wanting to be someone else does sound like that Magni comment about his work uniform. At least half of the EN talents have issues with the Hololive system where they had zero input on their designs and most of them likely wanted cute models.

>> No.70139150

>official daki merch
Sounds like thats whats gonna happen, wait if its official does this Bettel gets a cut now?

>> No.70139385

I am from europe and I can tell you its not a euro thing

>> No.70139488

This is it though. Like I understand that she has complaints. But seriously all of the clips I see about her has her complaining about something.

I have never seen her not complain. It's like she goes out of her way to find something wrong.

>> No.70139587

>And somehow Anycolor is bad, huh?

>> No.70139765

This dude can be a little bit of a menhera so he might be overreacting

>> No.70139812

OP is a nijifag and can't be bothered to fucking read the simple statement regarding the C&D given to the artist.

>> No.70139875

OP is just a inexperienced intern, please anderstando.

>> No.70139884

I'm almost tempted to believe this is a falseflag because anyone with half a brain cell would see that this only looks good for Cover

>> No.70139946

It is kinda weird that HoloEN doesnt have a single normal genki girl, my ojisan soul doesnt get healed by anyone of them. The closest one is Biboo but she is too kusogaki for that. I just want a girl that is happy, happy to be there and happy to entertain, and it is weird that I need to go to small corpos for that

>> No.70140057


>> No.70140171


>> No.70140231


>> No.70140569

Call us when Cover tries to hide a suicide and re-selling her voice pack after they decide to terminate her, and as if thats not bad enough resell her voice pack next to the person that harassed her

>> No.70141333
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seems like a fuckup on their end

>> No.70141426

Cover good
AnyColor bad
Simple as.

>> No.70141548

> i dont get how anyone watches her
Blue dorito is the ONLY reason, and Myth unity
She's the "real one" inside holo, so her audience is extremely disconnected from the rest of the girls

>> No.70141791

Oh I recognize her LMAO
On Bettel's new outfit stream with a 'old Bettel and better Bettel' skit, she went on a menhera twitter streak apologizing for making a bad first outfit and that she wasn't fit to be an illustrator

>> No.70141859
File: 1.05 MB, 1000x1000, Gavis_Bettel_-_Portrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Gavis Bettel
I have never seen this dude before in my life

>> No.70142127

>No one has said Cover is good
lmao even

>> No.70142131


>> No.70142325

1. Cover said to artist to change the one not follow the guide and let the artist start sell it again...
2. Do the change and let cover sell it and the artist will get % from the price each item get sell...

>> No.70142686 [DELETED] 

wtf, frick cover
how dare they..
yep, she got blinded with hype
and just another one to list of "thousand of times the nijis use the Homostars as a deflection", AFTER crying about tribalism in the /mans/ thread
but unity, amirite?
read the OP tweet, nigger

>> No.70142780

wtf are you trying to say?

>> No.70142807

>I agreed to do this together with Cover
But nobody will read the long tweet because of zoomer attention spans

>> No.70143062

>On Bettel's new outfit stream
It wasn't a new outfit. Someone other than his artist mama made a model for his twin brother and he made a joke poll about who was better, the viewers wanted to troll him and voted for his brother instead. His artist took it seriously because of the language barrier

>> No.70143193

the guidelines are public however....

>> No.70143209

Was it ever explained to her?

>> No.70143234

Fucking kek. Entire essence of the tweet is that they're actively working out a solution now and there's mild annoyance but zero friction. Truly devastating.

>> No.70143307

I thought this was going to be a doujin goods thing, but it makes sense because it's an official artist.

>> No.70143311

Literally three days ago there was a thread on how tolerant and permissive Cover's policy is when it comes to fanworks.
So that was a fucking lie.

>> No.70143341
File: 72 KB, 1290x708, 17949475520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.70143349

>FAN works
Illiterate SEA.

>> No.70143396

Is it time for the daily kurosanji deflection thread already?

>> No.70143462

I would definitely buy this merch it looks good

>> No.70143465

Yay! Less merch in the world! Wahoo! Companies using copyright rules to surpress doujin culture! I love faceless corporations! Yahoo!

>> No.70143482
File: 110 KB, 750x634, IMG_2597.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah. She still took it way too seriously though

>> No.70143490

not even a threadreader

>> No.70143492

God, Fuwawa is so fucking sexy. I love Mococo the most, but if we were married it would so hard to hide how aroused I am by her sister.

>> No.70143496

>the clown fag gets a daki PRODUCED AND SPONSORED by cover
>somehow this is le bad
poor guy
the absolute horror of free money...

>> No.70143519

did you even read the rest of the thread nijitranny? >>70135637 >>70136594

>> No.70143548

in english next?

>> No.70143566

Read dumb nigger read >>70135667

>> No.70143608
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stop selling our sleeping pictures, pero!!!!

>> No.70143625

>cover gets to sell his art
>nothing indicating the man himself gets a single dime

>> No.70143671

>Source: my ass

>> No.70143695

neither is bad
western niggers like that cunt and you trannyggers are just really uncivilised

>> No.70143698

Prove he gets any money out of this.

>> No.70143760

>makes claim
not how it works nijitranny. you claim he won't get a dime, prove it.

>> No.70143805

You're the one making that assertion. The reality is he is still creating art which will be paid for by fans or by cover. Cover always pays artists for their work in merch. Do you think the artists who do merch don't get paid? Oh wait you're a nijihole so that's normal in your shitcompany HAHAHAHAHAHA!

>> No.70143806

>Stole the artist hard work and make it their own merch

>> No.70143839
File: 437 KB, 596x492, 1639792653820.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What am I supposed to be looking at? The Cover is stealing his pillowcases under the guise of it being their IP?
Yes, that is what I claimed initially.

>> No.70143875

>producing it for him means he gets nothing
NijiHOLES once again proving that women shouldn't be allowed the right to vote because they're fucking dumb.

>> No.70143922

the dicksword and their phones are here!

>> No.70143943
File: 587 KB, 1045x794, 1652678549166.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no they didn't: [proof]

>> No.70143952
File: 570 KB, 700x618, dragon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>which will be paid for by fans or by cover
Prove that assertion, you hypocritical faggot.
Not once has he mentioned being paid for his time, merch or investment. Thus, I assert that he is not getting paid

>> No.70144015

>prove that assertion
Cover pays artists who create merch for them. You fucking dumb cunt. Are you stupid? Do you think artists make merch for cover for free? Are you retarded? How fucking dumb are you? How are you so stupid you can't even formulate such simple realities in your own mind?

>> No.70144037
File: 74 KB, 516x574, 1630072138688.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You've never once mentioned I'm not fucking your mom, thus I assert that I am fucking your mom.

>> No.70144075

Prove he doesn't.

>> No.70144091
File: 140 KB, 343x450, sageBear1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>can't read
>quadruples down
damn you jungle people are stupid

>> No.70144115

i assert that you are a faggot

>> No.70144134
File: 204 KB, 432x410, 1629977966429.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even if they do pay him, of which there is no proof of, he's now getting a cut instead of 100% of the profit. So the 2% he's now making results in 98% of the money being stolen.
They are stealing his work under faggoty IP bullying.
They bullied a timid japanese artist using threats of legal action instead. That's so much better right? You corporate cocksucker.

>> No.70144170

I would assume a) there's been a change in policy between pre-existing mamas and newer mamas regarding online sales (possibly at shareholders request), or b) pochi was fierce when negotiating her contract where others were naive. Also the way the guy handled i was very professional so I don't see the issue.

>> No.70144239

>even if
You've literally made that up in your head you stupid fucking hole. This is why you're a fucking dumb bitch. This is why your parents fucking cry about you at night. Because you're a fucking moron. You don't know what he's getting paid or what cut he's getting. Cover has the rights to the IP and are allowing him to produce merch that he wants and get money for it where previously he was just breaching their IP guidelines and could have told him to pack up and leave it at that. The fact they are helping him proves they're better than you garbage pedovox black company because those fucks don't even pay artists! HAHAHAHA!

>> No.70144253
File: 2.45 MB, 2048x1206, 20230206_234626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not that anon but I see no real issue, Pochi tends to draw like that so perhaps I'm just used to it.

>> No.70144283
File: 144 KB, 850x1197, __selen_tatsuki_nijisanji_and_1_more_drawn_by_craneace__sample-f475ba6a9bf6342930b94f9b3da35713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>read this evidence that proves nothing
I did. It proved nothing.
Prove it, faggot, instead of just restating the point.
And yeah, I'd totally prefer getting paid 2% by Cover rather than getting my 100% cut that I would make selling on my own, all because some stupid faggot lawmakers decided companies can extort small business owners with copyright.

>> No.70144284

Cover has always been fair when it comes to things like this. I mean, they wanted Kay Yu, who made HoloCure purely as a fan work and non-profit, to make HoloCure official so he could get paid for it. If anything, there's nothing that indicates he won't get paid. I understand you sisters are desperate though because unlike your black company Cover is capable of admitting when they fuck up and willing to sort things out, as opposed to Kurocolor who only doubles and triples down.

>> No.70144326

>They bullied a timid japanese artist using threats of legal action instead.
what fucking "bullying" and "threatening" are you talking about you fucking disingenuous piece of shit. this is how dealing with IPs works all over the fucking world. cover gives very clear guidelines so that people can monetize fan work which is already better than 99% of corporations where some will sue you to hell and back if you so much as post shit online. they even acknowledged they fucked up by not letting him know properly >>70141333. wow such bullying, sounds like a fucking nightmare to work with, are you fucking retarded?

>> No.70144342

You made the assertion that they aren't getting paid, the burden of proof lies on you.

>> No.70144375

How about you prove he doesn't instead? The burden of proof is on you, sister.

>> No.70144376

Yes so technically is better for him.

>> No.70144410
File: 565 KB, 750x3262, x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.70144423
File: 66 KB, 112x112, 1631469504809.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>So the 2% he's now making results in 98% of the money being stolen.
Lol you slipped up here and made it obvious you're trolling (as if the Selen pictures weren't enough proof). It was funny until this point but let's see how much longer you can keep it up.

>> No.70144477

>p-p--p-p-p-prove it!!!
You stupid cunt. I've asked you a simple question about 3 times now.
If you think this guy gives his art to cover for free and gets nothing out of it you're a moron. What incentive would anyone have to create art for cover? Are you saying they don't pay their riggers or character designers too?
I know you are from niji and think that ugly pedo vox is good to schlick to you disgusting ugly bitch, but for once use your fucking brain.

>> No.70144496

Feel sorry for the guy over what was a sincere misunderstanding but yeah, the way he handled it is extremely professional. Niji will literally drive a liver to suicide and terminate her while shilling her merch.

>> No.70144531
File: 773 KB, 635x635, 1629247614693.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's neither evidence for or against that they are getting paid.
However, even if they are getting paid, it would just be a cut of whatever the artist would make selling normally. Meaning Cover is stealing money from doujin creators through IP extortion.
Even if you think that's okay because you love large companies bullying private citizens, it goes against the narrative prevalent on here that Cover is hands-off and permissive when it comes to fanworks.

>> No.70144566

>artists give cover official art to sell... for free!
>i know because that's how niji does it

>> No.70144835

obvious shitposting aside, are there any big companies that just let you sell official merch without them taking any cut at all? after all even sites like steam who are praised to hell and back over their pro-consumer and pro-dev practices take like 30% from sales.

>> No.70144837
File: 340 KB, 437x475, 1637282512922.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think artist's material gets used for free by Cover often, in stuff like thumbnails. But I won't argue that point, because paying for thumbnail art is something only the most starving artist tumblr faggots care about.
In terms of merch, they likely get paid, and I think it varies whether they would make more from the exposure of being official, or more from being independent and keeping all their profits.
However, Cover is provably forcing artists into arrangements that may not benefit them by using their threat of IP law. In addition, he has lost whatever profits he may have made from participating at that event, so yes, he did lose money that they are now trying to steal from him.

>> No.70144857
File: 361 KB, 1008x1338, 1701705588021106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can we just sage this thread already? NDF used to be fun to be argued with, this one desperately trying to straighten a wet noodle

>> No.70144910


>> No.70144915

sites like steam are praised to hell and back over their pro-dev practices
That's not true at all. They're considered one of the lesser of several evils, that's about it. Most devs prefer itch or gog.

>> No.70144957

>Phase rent free in KFPedo's heads

>> No.70145003

Who the fuck cares? Hope they terminate all these failures

>> No.70145006
File: 988 KB, 1978x2048, FbZc6_CVEAEF2T8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I said provably you ESL monkey. Yes, it's an english word. Look it up.

>> No.70145095

There's a gif I really want to post but its pretty obvious that you can't read.

>> No.70145101

The absolute state of niji bootlickers in this thread

>> No.70145111

I mean that's how business works. He could have drawn whatever the fuck he wanted on those pillowcases, but he drew Gavis Bettel, the popularity of which is due potentially more to the human behind the avatar and the relationship they have with Cover than the design itself. If it was a talent and not the corpo taking issue with it we might be having a different discussion. Remember how Coco used to complain about her merch cut?

>> No.70145150

You don't own your creation as an artist when you're contracted by a corporate body to make it for them.

>> No.70145185

anyone who isnt a seanig knows that cover corp is a black company

>> No.70145199

Congrats, you made me click on something Homobeggar related
Kindly kys
OP is a faggot

>> No.70145394

In that case the artist gets an one time payment commission for the artwork.

>> No.70145497

true and real, pacquiao

>> No.70145512

You do own the art but you do not own the IP or any commercial rights to it.

>> No.70146062

the same company that btfo some shareholder about giving the talents too much cut? that's right sister, and selen suicide never happened

>> No.70146124

Errr... I feel like the audience Steam has more than covers the higher cuts they extract from the devs - there are way more games (indie or otherwise) on Steam than you'll ever see on GoG. Heck, most games, indie even, see more frequent updates on Steam than they do on GoG.

>> No.70146211

No one cares about homos, not even management lmao.

>> No.70146250

>thumbnail art
No one's talking about thumbnail art you stupid bitch. We're talking about sellable art. Art that is going to be sold. Are you fucking dumb what the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.70146563

don't care

>> No.70146661

retarded sister

>> No.70146897

Cover was always the real black company

>> No.70146908

They cannot use her art commercially without licensing it with the artist because even if they own the IP, they do not own the specific artwork. They have to set up a contract with the artist for that specific artwork and the artist can bargain for money for it.

>> No.70147234

Senzaki is a woman

>> No.70147373

negligible post

>> No.70148454

Also the reason they can use fanart for thumbnails is that you enter an implicit publishing license agreement with them in accordance to their fan creation guidelines when you post fanart.
Strictly legally speaking, you would not be allowed to post fanart of a character you don't own, even if you own the artwork itself, as you do not have a publishing license to the IP. Cover waives that in return of getting publishing rights to your artwork in their social media, so they're trading their license with yours.
The exclusive commercial rights to the fanwork are not included in the guidelines so they have to specifically buy it off you if they, say, want to make merch from it.

>> No.70148466

I think she should have sex with her son on stream.

>> No.70148706

Both lesbian

>> No.70148974

He is the boyfailure homo and basically the most popular EN mantuber right now. He kinda panders to women that grew up on tumbler but he's still a funny stooge in general.

>> No.70149009

This is obviously a deflection thread, what kurosanji did this time now?

>> No.70149073

Elira became active again on Twitter.

>> No.70149365
File: 897 KB, 4096x2226, GCLU9dPaoAAf_9F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mito regularly sells Fubuki stuff too

>> No.70149502
File: 195 KB, 1588x864, F-jg_dgbIAA_2ew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not just at Comiket either, Taiwanese conventions too

>> No.70149624

Least horny and the only sane Anon here.

>> No.70149640
File: 282 KB, 2000x1342, 1680661030152948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's literally for the main mama's or papa's they ask them to just tell them ahead of time if you're making something so they can say no if it happens to be something they planned or doing for merch so there doesn't end up being two of the same thing being sold officially.
Other mama's have said this before they just run it quickly through them about making and selling it since they're the official artist to cause this problem. Weird thread.

>> No.70149728

so what you're saying is Cover is planning to release official homoen dakimakuras?

>> No.70149781

The purple clown man is probably get one I would be guessing

>> No.70149883

Nothingburger, probably shitstirring OP or deflection. Both cover management and artist had a small failure in communication, probably more on cover than the artist, but whatever, they apologized, promised to take care of merchandise and offered the artist a deal to make up for it. Literally no one loses much in this situation other than it being a little annoyance.

>> No.70149938

>ndf tries to deflect
>makes cover look fair again
How do they keep losing

>> No.70149988

The only thing Cover could've done even better was if they paid for the refund fees instead of Senzaki

>> No.70150006

I don't like that type of tummy, but that's what makes it better for me, I am not sure how to explain it, it's like you see a trashy girl and you just want to fuck the shit out of her.

>> No.70150009

To be fair they should have sent to the artist guidelines to them, but also to be fair it's on their main website.

>> No.70150048
File: 144 KB, 664x945, s-l1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You just got to get as big as Wada Arco and Cover won't fuck with you.

>> No.70150112

Wada just follows the guidelines that have on their website. Also my god Wada loves Kronii like she's her real daughter

>> No.70150114

It's so cute when girls over correct themselves. It is a girl right?

>> No.70150220

Yes, it's a girl

>> No.70150448

Cause fair practices look bad for Cover's norm to them so they have to point it out to get anywhere.

>> No.70150457

Specifically a married hag

>> No.70150683
File: 75 KB, 307x225, 1707213077674909.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You think she starts apologizing constantly after putting on bad performance with her husbando?

>> No.70150969


>> No.70151037


>> No.70151082


>> No.70151210

Reading for the guidelines I was either too big of a merch drop making it business rather then hobby or the work looked too official meaning people could have thought it was. Both situations cover behaved fairly in asking her not too continue with it. Frankly this situation was just an unfortunate mistake on both parties that shit happens sometimes. Not every situation has a clear bad guy sometimes things happen and they are working to try to fix the issue whatever it may be.

>> No.70151298


who cares? It's all worthless anyway.

>> No.70151380

>chatGPT summary

The notice is an apology from an individual who had planned to release merchandise related to Gavis Bettel but had to cancel the release after discussions with CoverCorp. The cancellation affects those who had already purchased the merchandise. The individual explains that they were not informed of CoverCorp's precautions for doujinshi activities for character designers, which led to the issue only being raised after the merchandise release. CoverCorp requested the cancellation politely due to the merchandise not meeting their precautions. Both parties agreed on the cancellation, and the individual expresses regret for turning an exciting time into a disappointing experience, acknowledging their responsibility in ensuring sufficient information sharing.

The individual outlines the steps for the cancellation process:

Cancellations will be processed automatically, with no action required from the purchasers.
Refunds will be issued by Booth, expected to take a few days, with the individual covering the refund fee.
Purchasers are encouraged to contact through Booth's message function for any special circumstances.
Additionally, to make up for the cancellation, CoverCorp plans to produce and sell Gavis Bettel's pillowcases, and the individual will change the illustration for Senzaki's pillowcase to another item for future sale. These plans are still under discussion.

The individual ends by apologizing for any inconvenience or discomfort caused and commits to preventing similar issues in the future.

>> No.70151778

>Cover sends artist a letter
>yeah we fucked up, you'll need to pull the merch from sales
>BUT we'll cooperate with you to release replacement merch
Sound like they made a (not insignificant, though >male) mistake, however they are trying to solve it professionally. I'd be more pleased with them if they released a statement themselves, and they also at least partially reimbursed the artist, but this by itself isn't horrible, definitely not as catastrophic as Anycolor's fuck ups.

>> No.70151933


The difference between that and a certain other announcement about "she broke the rules" is that Cover was upfront that it was THEIR fault for not clarifying what the rules are and are apologizing for it, unlike the Black Company that never admits fault for anything.

>> No.70152077

>two thousand views under the most popular corpo in the world is the most popular homo

>> No.70152839

who cares? it's a homo. it probably sold only 10 copies anyway

>> No.70153150
File: 81 KB, 128x170, Gooper3dGlass-1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thumbnail art is pertinent to the discussion because it's an example of artwork that Cover shamelessly steals for their own corporate purposes.
>uh, just by existing we own your works of art
>Strictly legally speaking, you would not be allowed to post fanart of a character you don't own, even if you own the artwork itself, as you do not have a publishing license to the IP.
Oi mate, you have a loiscence to post your kid's drawing of Gumshoe Gooper? Moight have to contact the jannies if ya don't cough up that picture your kid drew that's magnetted to your fridge. After all, you don't have the (((publishing rights))) to draw a goldfish wearing a hat.

>> No.70153392

based, fuck artists.
also I've never heard of "Gavis Bettel" but that sounds like a homo name so nothing of value was lost

>> No.70153596

>He kinda panders to women that grew up on tumbler
Maybe like 20% of the time. The other 80% of the time, he panders to fans of og gaming youtubers like 2012 era let's players (which makes sense considering his pl). It's why he still has a lot of straight men watching him.

>> No.70153606

NTA but are you selling your kid's drawing commercially? Then that's illegal. It's why bootleg merch of eg footballers is also illegal. I'm really hoping you're trolling.

>> No.70154102

then why did he make his fan mascot a pink humanoid fuckdoll with a cutie mark tramp stamped on its thick juicy thighs

>> No.70154367
File: 203 KB, 1712x1963, st08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You misunderstand. I was replying to the thumbnail art argument, where people posting art on public forums for free are now liable to have their art used for thumbnails without their consent.
To use an example, say you were an avid Famelira before all this stuff broke out. You made drawings of Elira and posted them, and then Elira came out with her fifteen minute hitpiece out of nowhere. Even if you disavow her and feel betrayed, Elira and Nijisanji can still scrape your images for their thumbnails, thus saving money on thumbnail art whil3 portraying you as somebody who still supports them.
How is that ethical?

>> No.70154489

A cease and desist is a warning moron

>> No.70154836

So let me get this straight, the artist tried to cut out the actual vtuber from a cut of the merch sales?

>> No.70154913

>without their consent.
Cover has public guidelines explicitly saying what artists' art of their talents can/will be used for, and artists follow and accept those guidelines when they decide to draw and upload art of Cover's IP. It's similar to how you accept terms and conditions when visiting a site or install a program. This is how the world works. Dunno what alternate dimension you've come here from. You can go ahead and denounce these practices and call them unfair, but that won't change they hold true and are generally accepted.

>> No.70154965

no, retard

>> No.70154987

Asmon was right, at the end of the day Japanese vtuber corpos really can't be trusted.

>> No.70155163

are you retarded

>> No.70155668

>And somehow Anycolor is bad, huh?
I've got a better word. HOWSABOUT
As in HOWSABOUT you neck yourself, faggot.

>> No.70155763
File: 88 KB, 593x530, mmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>artists follow and accept those guidelines when they decide to draw and upload art of Cover's IP
I didn't sign anything. All I see is some faggot company telling others to obey their childish playground rules.
>This is how the world works.
Yeah, for this brief period in human history where black companies like Cover have domain over free expression.
But it's not how the otaku industry was founded, and certainly not conducive to fanworks creating a doujin environment around the brand. It's corporate.

>> No.70156124
File: 100 KB, 677x686, 1692252057154902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This in most terrible try at shitposting I have seen in my life. This is just someone pretending not read half of the shit in the original posts of the twitter, almost all of the pots here and making sure to reply with images of Selen.
Who the fuck do you think you're following with this thread?

>> No.70156672

Shame for the artist, at least a mutual agreement might be reached.
Very fucking few companies would even attempt to go that far.
With the likes of companies like Rockstar royally shitting on their modding community (and now buying some of them out and the retard community at large celebrating it as if they will get that shit for free? lmao fuck off, enjoy paying for your game "mods"), seeing stuff like this with Cover is a breath of fresh air.

I've still not forgiven them for the entire Mel mess.
No, not the thing the newfags only know about Mel, I mean the manager shit. No wonder she went off the edge and got herself fired.
Or the mess over HoloCN.
But they're one of the least bad groups in vtubing, that's for sure.

>> No.70156907

I don't disagree with the first 2, but other than Subaru's situation how the fuck is the holocaust their fault?
What you can definitely say is that they've improved, seeing how all the actual bad stuff is from years ago.

>> No.70156919

Kill yourself, Artiafag.

>> No.70156991

And Kronii loves her back. She asked her manager if Wada could come to the studio to watch her 3d stuff but Cover didn’t have any regulations for that since no one else had asked about doing that before so it was sadly shelved

>> No.70157288

>it's okay he panders to roasties and basically faggots

>> No.70158554

plenty of them are happy girls, maybe you just don't like them

>> No.70158637

Realistically they should have had a proper lawyer to know IP law.
It's Japan, the country is backwards as shit. They should have known better when it comes to streaming while accepting money.
None of us like it, but still they should have known.
I didn't like pogtia.

>> No.70158682

Honestly sick of these companies and their gullible bootlickers. Wish my oshi was an indie again

>> No.70158703


Is this really the best sisters can do?

>> No.70158907

>cover shamelessly steals
Name me one time Cover has stolen thumbnail artwork. I'll wait.

>> No.70158968

Mori - terminal teacher voice
Kiara - terminal complainer
Gura - Doesnt stream
Ina - low energy and streams shit
Ame - doesnt stream, angry goblin

IRyS - kinda what I am looking for
Kronii - low energy doomer
Bae - homocollaber, sees her audience as 5 yearolds, grating voice
Mumei - semi low energy autistic weirdo
Fauna - semi low energy comfy vibes

Biboo - happy but too kusogaki
FWMC - just not for me, not normal girls
Nerissa - doesnt fit
Shiori - doesnt fit

I am talking about a regular happy feminine girl that is happy to entertain and the closest to that is IRyS which has some problems but I'll give you 1/14

>> No.70159096

Nijisanji deflection thread that got solved instantly by cover...
You should find new content sis ...

>> No.70159101

No, I must pwn them no matter the cost, how else will they know their place below me?

>> No.70159438

Go watch jp if you want a boring milquetoast girl

>> No.70160034

Absolute cope.

>> No.70160106

Like I said in my original post, I go to small corpos for that

>> No.70160715

Oh look. Apples vs Oranges.

>> No.70161025

>equating third party copyright violations with internal struggles between talents

Anycolor is several times worse here

>> No.70161088

>Nerissa - doesnt fit
This birb is looking for a husband

>> No.70161441

Oh so now you're stickler for the rules?

>> No.70161716

It's the power of having a good reputation, even during this it's clear that they admitted the fault and took a steps to rectify it by selling it themselves.