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>kissed Novelites at the end of most streams
>suddenly stopped AFTER Valentine's

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Elira termination deflection thread

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It's so weird, I thought she loved us novelitebros. And on valentine's too

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Kys nijinigger

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The full moon was this past weekend, make of that what you will

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she's doing it on purpose
she's perfecting the girlfriend experience and taking it to a more realistic level

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Soon KHHVs will know exactly what they've been missing out on, realize they've been dodging bullets and feel better about themselves.
What a saintly woman.

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First time I'm actually invested enough to care about being proven right. Novelites get to share the cuck corner with deadbeats and kronies

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I've been a bad boy, this is my punishment

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Only rape correction will fix this transgression...

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Nerissa being the pre-debut Shiori plap plap poster will never not be funny.

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Meds sister.

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Tumour weeks sis

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So has anyone documented these Shiori "Why does she hate her fans" threads? Because I think we're at 5 or 6 by this point.

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Gura stopped streaming after valentine's

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It's funny because everyone SAID shiori would be the one to male collab
But instead it ended up being Nerissa, and she's already done it three times now

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She hates ME specifically

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How can she be so powerful

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More like Niji in general

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Kill me yourself, coward.

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No, ME.

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I made this post

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That's weird. I'm still getting kisses on my monitor. Maybe it's a local problem, anon. Have you done anything recently to anger or disappoint your Shiorin? You wouldn't do that, right anon?

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don't say it loud

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kisses today

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wtf is this console faggotry-like behaviour. stop posting

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what is the point of this thread?

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She's becoming too powerful.

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Twitter trannies don't want to leave, now tourists make a huge percent of the board, and they repeat the same thing others say ad nauseam just to feel included in le 4 chan culture

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putting the /v/ in /vt/

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Not your friend/GF

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>Conveniently ignores the one she's done and the footsies touching
Thinking nijinigger thread? Who you deflecting for this time champ?