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Stream in about 10 minutes


Nadeshiko is your guildmaster, a witch princess who likes ASMR, history, chatting, TCGs, fighting games and you! She's a sweet multilingual Japanese girl, with talents ranging from ladylike to edgelord. Generally seiso, a little introverted, and very committed to idol culture.

>Keep up with Nade at
youtube.com/@NadeVODs (unofficial)

>Other links, design reference, misc.

>Other accquaintances

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Nade cute

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those who are on PC do the youtube links open windows mail for anyone else? The hyperlink has mailto:youtube..etc. I don't remember this being the case before, did a recent windows update fuck it up or something.

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No idea what could be the problem but youtube links work fine for me

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Probably a windows update thing then, i remember this not being the case too.

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>Did you know that you can make pipe bombs out of pressure cookers?

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Suffering from success

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Advancing in life. Will we have a teacher(?) stream for us one day?

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>Lots of opportunities in different places, probably looking into apartments in March

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>her job pay varies per month

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>Nade is starting to lag behind the internet lingo

Finally, get a taste of how ive been feeling for the last 5 years.

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>"I need to figure out what I'm doing with my life. Which is weird for me considering how much I do."

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>Scandal in friend's school about a guy who snuck into a hotel buffet at 8am, ate all the hash browns
>Claimed he'd been kicked out of the house by his parents and had to live off IKEA hotdogs, but was lying to look cool to girls

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>Nade promising weird stories about how chuuni she was

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it seems nade has to make interesting life choices and is possible moving
I hope she can decide without regrets

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She's growing up so fast ;_;

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Wanted to watch Mikans Nade jewelry VOD, but she didn't upload it, but some other's we're uploaded. Maybe she lost the vod, because it was 3 streams or something like that. That also reminds me that we don't know if Nade ever saw it, since it was done on her hiatus and she doesn't keep up at all. Hope Mikan wasn't upset.

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We get to experience Nade going from a social outcast highschooler into an independent successful adult

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I want to hang out with Nade as long as possible

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Nade's Fubuki cosplay looking good

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>nade will get more done in life than me in almost half the time

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Theres a real Nadeless future coming.
I hope the Phantasmagorian golden age isn't long gone, or hasn't even started for that matter. But seeing that the head of state has to have a side gig as a waitress doesn't instill confidence.
Did you really have to inject this realization into my brain too.. This woman is built different. Makes me think Nade is more of a conqueror than a sit-on-a-throne ruler.

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Nade love

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Nade is about to become a big girl for real

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She was fine before but i won't complain.

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MC got transported to an alternate universe where his oshi is a cyber-rave idol and totally unlike herself?!

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cyber-rave idol Nadeshiko?!!!

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We don't really need to bump these anon, she's not on often enough to warrant a constant thread. Just enjoy the brief moments with her.

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>She acts super cool and chill in concerts, but has a full time white-collar job during the day.
Probably would be wearing those cyber-goth masks on stage for anonymity.

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I will fix her

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>Ruins you in 5 seconds.

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>Nade ruining me
That's fine too

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Mikan starting a stream.

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>Now you're doing this in a cage above the stage.

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Cute Gyarukan

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Small price to pay to make Nade's show an even bigger success

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I know how she feels, but at least shes already locked in to her vn path. I really didnt know what to do or where i want to go, both after HS and after college. She will do what she does best, make a pros and cons spreadsheet and fill it up with every detail imaginable. Shell figure it out.
This is perhaps one of her few flaws from the viewers perspective, she’ll do just fine and she’ll do it by herself, which makes it hard to coddle her with words of support, cause it makes me feel like i’m trying to encourage someone whois already better prepared than i am. Which just feels silly and unnecessary. And she doesnt like to be looked down on. Silent Nade loving is suffering.

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Nade induced existential crisis

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Why did she make our one brain cell have this feature, theres not much resources to spare as is.

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Nade WILL have a good day today.

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