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for one of holo's designated singers, she doesn't really have any good original songs...

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"Another World" is a good song anon, what are you saying?

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For one of Holo's designated singers, she isn't very good at singing.

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I like Knock It Out

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anon, it's hard to hear the audio replay when your deaf

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implying he knows that she’s deaf in one ear

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>fucking ass

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ear hort

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This sounds like a banger to me, even if it's just a remix

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ass is in the ass

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beethoven was completely deaf. whu is this an excuse?

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Watch concerts

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leave my oshi’s ex wife alone shes doing her best

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Great example

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>Beethoven was deaf
LMAO, yes, Beethoven at some point in his life was deaf. Not in his music-writing days though.

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She gave up on singing years ago, realizing it was easier and more lucrative to cater to parasocials.
Cunny model, fake Yuri Bait and a disease to inspire pity, she had the perfect combo she just had to add idolfagin to make parasocials feel identified.
Now she enjoys the good life, doing the bare minimum while milking her loyal fans.

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she's a great singer, her covers are excellent, and she doesn't do the "catchy" originals
that's exactly what I want in a singer
she cares about what's good, not what's popular

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Nigga, He composed ode to joy completely deaf, with a fucking pencil in his mouth.

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That's sort of how I thought of Towa and Suisei. They aren't bad at all, they just don't sound particularly standout. Towa is very capable of sounding very distinct but doesn't usually pull out that tone from her part in the Ochame Kinou cover, for example. I would consider Marine, Roboco, Okayu or sometimes even Lui to have better range or vocal control. Although I could understand Lui not being everyone's cup of tea, I do feel strongly about the rest being more skilled singers.

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I started hating her after the Minecraft meltdown, imagine being this crazy and unprofessional over a mere male voice.
She's unironically deranged.

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>Holo vs Holo

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Nigga you dumb. We're talking about Hololive singers here. Of course it's a Holo vs. Holo.

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she literally is deaf, you massive faggot

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two other people in her gen are better designated singers in the first place

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Chuukuu no Niwa is pretty good. From her latest releases, Start Up, Happy People, and Oracle are songs I can't stop listening to.

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when she's in her element she sounds godly, but when she branches out i think she's not very good. i heard her singing suisei's soiree and i genuinely thought she sounded... bad. she really does a good job in her own concerts though.

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I hope this retarded phrase becomes autoban one day. You niggers can't even use it correctly 99% so it wouldn't be a loss anyway.

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I'm more into instrumental focused music so I don't have a particularly strong opinion on singing voices, but I think her ability to hold a note is pretty impressive.

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Kino art

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>cares about what's good
her original songs suck donkey dick, anon. she strings together the most generic chord progressions, melodies and writing decisions that are popular nowadays and especially prominent in anime openings and doesn't do anything unique or original with them whatsoever. Her most decent track 別世界 is literally a dollar-store Eve song. None of her strengths as a singer are present, and this is true for every single one of her original tracks.

t. ex-kanataso

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>t. ex-kanataso
Seethe. Current Kanataso is better than you.

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Nigger doesn't even know the fanbase name...
This is just jealous seethe.

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Kanatan has the most pathetic antis.

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I like Tokusya-Seizon Wonder-la-der..........

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>her original songs suck donkey dick,
do you unironically believe complex chord progressions are so important in pop music if you arent a pedantic cunt.

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You homobeggars never get tired of being caricatures

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I'm a Lui oshi but she's far from having better comfortable range and vocal control than Towa or Suichan.
Same goes for Senchou. I love her songs and zatsudans and she sounds great in her songs that are tailored for her and other songs that fit her because she has a great captivating voice, but she's nowhere near Suichan skill-wise.

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I like all of them

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Aren't they all designated singers?