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now that the dust has settled, why did she do it?

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greed and sociopathy

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Looking at her books right now I think she may be innocent.

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Check her financial books.

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Narcissism + being cornered

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did what? she's innocent until proven guilty and so for there hasn't been any substantial evidence of wrongdoing, the black screen stream was clearly management mandated so she can hardly be blamed for that

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reminder that even after
>assuming the role of defacto manager
>bullying coworkers
>getting her friends into the company
>manipulating sponsorships and events to favor her
>trying to pretend she is the victim when she bullied someone into suicide attemps
this useless bitch still can't get the same numbers as everyone else. She is a useless and talentless waste of life and should kill herself.

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Too late I’m already blaming her

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>The dust has settled.
What in this board convinced you it’s over? As soon as one drama ends, nijisis or NijiEN are raising another.

Hope for them they don’t fuck up Petra. Or Petra doesn’t fuck herself up at this point.

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>innocent until proven guilty
maybe in a court of law anon, but not on an online forum dedicated to the maintenance and restoration of 16th-century albanian architecture

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Bold of you to assume that this board cares whether she was forced or not.

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>Habit of using people
>Dark Triad or other illness
>Path of least resistance once the ball got rolling
Often times, evil is very banal. It is not some grand master-plan. She was just a lowly person, making continuously bad decisions, because that is the behavior she picked up as a reckless kid. The problem with being reckless, when you are an adult with responsibilities, is that others end up paying for your shitty behavior. Welcome to adulthood Elira.

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Because, mon ami, foie gras

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She's japanese and they hate chinks. Simple as

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Management knew she was the clique leader and chose her to do the black stream on her channel and take the heat off of other mems and become the scapegoat "villain" in this story. Sure, other members are still being harassed but Elira has become the face of the NDF movement.

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Has she returned to streaming? No
Has the financial damage been revealed yet? No that comes in 2-3 weeks

The dust has far from settled

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I dunno about you anon but there's still a shitton of dust in the air

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It’s sad that the sisters can’t see that they’re only making things worse for their Chubbas.

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Guess that means Enna’s next

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How come notPomu isn't following Doki? She's following Maia who is really good friends with Elira..