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>is actually a HoloEU member

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(you) have my attention.

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Do we forgive her now? Did she end up flirting and being a whore or was she actually fine during the male arc? Any more male collabs since or was it just a phase?

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Is this the sausage girl?

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Shut the fuck up dramafag

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sexo com hostess

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I will NOT let myself go back and be cucked again by a gyaru

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You never gfw gyarus
And then leave them.
They are fuck buddies
Not gfe.

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Guy in the pic is her master

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She was never going to be your girlfriend

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Choco is my gyaru wife, Ririka was my gyaru gf. You wouldn't understand.

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And I love her for it. Let's trade FWMC for her.

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Anon, I respect your commitment, but that is not a path I could ever take myself. Ririka is the CEO of sex, and is therefore my gyaru wife, despite her girlfailures. I would not be able to fuck Choco 24/7 (or even sleep in the same bed) so I'll pass on her.

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I would exchange FWMC for ririka

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Rent free

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I thought her folks were from Nipponland and just worked overseas?

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no they moved to europe when she was still young and they've been there for how many years already.

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I can't detect any particular accent in her English so I doubt she was that young

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The VOD got deleted because youtube is retarded, but it was in her English only stream yesterday. She's visiting her parents for a week and she said they live in Europe. Her parents have lived in Europe for over 10 years and they can speak English.

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Valid questions and it looks like she’s over it.

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>10 years
Sounds like that thing where japanese parents fuck off as soon as their kid is old enough for highschool. No wonder she cooks like that.

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the hostility to your questions makes me believe that she does flirt and hasnt stopped

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This desu.
Her English streams are great though

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is she the only Holo with an Iron Vertex rig? cause the difference is night and day compared to the others I've seen so far.

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Only with Ao-kun

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Oh, she did an English stream and I missed it? I assumed she went to America, not Europe. Her accent is pretty thick, so it couldn't have been that early in life.

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also she said she might not be able to stream while in EU because her bedroom isnt soundproofed there

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Ririka my love, please sit on my face

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it was this stream
she forgot the stream was unarchived

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Nah, she meant it to be archived, but youtube bugged out

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EN is actually curse