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Is coffee good for you?

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Oh thank you Me-chan. That's very considerate

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shut the

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i like this new ritualpost

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I want to fuck Tenma

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Sex with hag

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anon discovers ritualposts

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Based Tenma and/or coffee chad

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I wanna massage Tenma's huge ears

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Only if you take it black. Like your taste in women.

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You’re taking up valuable catalog space. Post this in /pcg/ so I can actually see it

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Well, is it?

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Tenma, you have an addiction. We need to talk.

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Imagine if all the managers in all the companies got together and came up with the idea of dosing all the employees with meth each morning because it would make them more productive.

That's coffee. I'm not kidding, look it up.

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So what happens to me, an employee, who doesnt drink coffee or tea.

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Love the new Coffeema general.

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You hope you're naturally at least as productive as your fellow drugged workers so you can meet the same quota, or you get fucked.

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>Catalog space

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Tenma is good for you and me

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Coffee give me the shits

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i want to drink a cappuccino with airi's coffee and her breastmilk

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At a certain point the boost you feel from caffeine is just staving off withdrawal and not doing much else

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I want to pick up Tenma Maemi and use her as an onahole

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Caffeine isn't anything like meth completely different drugs. Adenosine antagonist vs dopamine agonist*

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How did tenma become so based and wise?
Is this the power of being an old hag?

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>Our daily Sakana ads.

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Is the coffee from fishman actually any good?

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Some flavors are good. People like Nasa's and Lumi's. Cost and freshness are major issues with it. If you don't mind paying that much as a novelty, make sure you live near the origin points.
If it's just to display with there Valentine or Birthday merch, w/e.

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Where's the invaders 2 coffee you fuck.

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tenma's sweaty armpits are good for me

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>Lust provoking image

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>tenma thread
>not promoting her streams

Come on bros, I know we're all dumb muscleheads but still

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I think it's the power of not giving a fuck

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Coffee is like drinking a worse version of tea, and that's incredible because tea is already horrible.
It's like fucking Pepsi but worse and Pepsi sucks.
So no, Coffee is not good for you.

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Never enough, I say.

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It's a nice break from all the dramabaiting and number shit I see.

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