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ιƚ αʅʅ ɾҽƚυɾɳʂ ƚσ ɳσƚԋιɳɠ

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What? Return to monke?

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Meds now

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it all returns to ringo!

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no, it all returns to the void from which this universe emerged. consider the following passage from the Tirumantiram:

When You know the Void
And the light in that Void
Your mind shall be strong as a chistle of bronze;
After having tasted of the nectar
I saw the Void
With goodly Nandi guiding;
Beyond, I knew not. (Verse 839)

life emerges from nothing. but this nothing is a positive entity similar to how zero is a symbolic entity which represents nothing but is still distinct from nothingness (because it has certain mathematical properties that nothingness doesn't have).

we are returning to that void which is our most precious mother.

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Unironically this

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i have understood nothing of what you just said.

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Are there video games in the void?

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it am returns to notxing

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the void is not simply nothingness. it is the primitive substance from which everything is made. you and i are both made out of void-stuff. atoms are made out of void-stuff. everything in the universe is made out of void-stuff. the void is imperishable and it created everything. consider the following passage from the mundaka upanishad:

As a spider sends forth and draws in its thread, as herbs grow on the earth, as the hair grows on the head and on the body of a living person, so from the Imperishable arises here the universe (verse 1.1.7).

yes, there are video games in void because the void contains everything. everything that exists was created by the void.

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