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The biggest ever concert in SEA is coming
HoloID mogged

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Nice clique you’ve got there

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Cancelled last minute, Ethyria+Elira got fired.

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Someone hold up a sign asking who the bullies are

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>glorified live 2D karaoke

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Dramafags BTFO
Antis BTFO
Leaker larpers BTFO
We're so fucking back.

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They can't unironically be thinking that they can do a bigger concert then Vivi:ID cruise with fucking 2d models.

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what are the chances of the full lineup making it to the date without a graduation?

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why are you seething

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Clique confirmed

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I know I'm saying this to a holoboard but you're way overestimated holoID's popularity here

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Why is she the only one not wearing her outfit? It looks almost like she's a manager or something.

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can they beat two Holos just talking to fans?

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I wonder how many X's there will be before it happens.

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>Biggest SEA concert ever!!!

Ogey... and?

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good to know that アリスインプロジェクト, polygon digital and konosaki media support racism and pushing workers towards suicide.

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>you're way overestimated holoID's popularity here

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Your mission anon, should you choose to acept it is to eliminate the listed members of the clique. As always, should any of you be caught or exposed, the rest of /vt/ will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This thread will self-destruct in three days. Good luck, anon.

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>saying this to
>you are way overestimated

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That's not fair anon
They also gave us quality voicelines like ara ara and hi honey

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>Tazumi we're getting reports of bullying and racism, can you please do something about this clique bullshit

>Tazumi: You want 3D concert? Your wish is my demand, Demon Queen Elira

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Kobo alone should be able to defeat that group. Still send Zeta to shadow her just in case

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I think it's hilarious there's a not 0% chance when NijiEN does 3D in JP they might end up using Holo studio because other corpos booked all the other studios months in advance

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>the only concert Nijisanji ENGLISH can afford is to do it in SEA
NijiEN in shambles

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Yeah they have to perform in SEA because the only fans left are SEA who barely fucking understand English so physically can't comprehend how garbage the branch is because they can't pick up on nuance in this language.

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elira, finana, and luca are all just live 2D mockups cause they don't have promotional art for anything besides their defaults (besides I think obsydia 2nd outfits?)

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nice of them to give cover a month head start so people will still tune in to holofes

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You wish.

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Congrats? Indonesian here and I don't even know there's a competition to dethrone Holo ID. Good luck with your biggest concert while I enjoy my local oshi.
Win win for everyone right?

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>That color palette
It's like a collection of Spider-Man villains plus evil grandma on the left.

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>biggest ever
Happening in 2 months, when the lineup of members for that doesn't have their 3D confirmed yet?

Reminder that HoloID got a 3D live in AFA just last year.

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No refunds!

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I don't know any yabs about Shu. Is it even possible to be a clique member without one?

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who ?

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If Singaporeans are dumb enough to pay for this concert, which is nothing more than a live2D karaoke on a big screen, then lee kuan yew will claw his way out of his coffin and smack every single one of them. Shameful.

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Can you even enter as a white person without Uki suffering from a panic attack?

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By what metric?

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>live2d karaoke shitfest

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He's too boring to have yabs. Hardcore Elira simp.

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It's probably prerecorded slop. Uki wouldn't be caught dead in the presence of white people.
Also white people aren't going to Singapore for a fucking Nijisanji concert.

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Ewiwabros WE ARE SO BACK! eat shit dokifags

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I don't even know anymore if nijisisters are just that retarded or if it's another phasefag falseflagging

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if it's less than 50 sg bucks for like 2 or 3 hours, i'd go
death to dramafags, antis, and people who make conclusions without any concrete evidence

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my nigga malaysians paid rm500 for a nijien 2d concert last year

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>vivid cruise
This shit flopped so hard that there was zero discussion on the board about it at all
Did the 3d concerts even happen? Why were there no clips or webms posted like we see for holofes?

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Based, a true fan

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fucking disgusting, it better be free

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So now we knew the full members of NijiEN upper echelon.
Anyone who's not part of it is 1 foot outside the door already.

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Anon, literally any vtuber event looks like a flop if you compare it to holofes.

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I didnt even record cus I was busy doing penlight shit
I can say with experience that the Singapore event wasn't sold out tho. A bunch of jews were reselling tickets and I saw some still up for sale 3 days before event.

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>biggest monkey gathering ever
>a glorified karaoke stream

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Bad bait. At least there are actual white people at their concert.

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Why are they all doing poses and expressions and Luca is just there like a stock image?

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Don't show that to Uki, he may pass out from seeing even a single cracker.

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I can already hear the Boos...
but srsly, I think only die hard fans will come to this.

And also tf elira will actually come?

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They don't have to be physically present

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I mean, Selen was still advertised for a while before she was removed.

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Why are their color schemes so blue and yellow?

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you know they will cancel this last minute, right?

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Anycolor couldn't be fucked to commission group art of all the members who are participating so they look like a cohesive group and not a mishmash of old promotional art. See here >>69891351 how it's supposed to be done. Cheap motherfuckers.

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>The biggest ever concert in SEA is coming
You should pay more attention in english class also when they beat picrel than we can talk.

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Wasnt this a confirmed scam?

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What part of that is wrong, "EOP"?

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You cant find any info on this online and someone emailed the "sponsors" and they said they arent working with nijisanji

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every SEA anon that bothered to attend this should cosplay as riku

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Exactly. Singapore is Hololive country

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> No tweets from Virtual Rhapsody before this
> Polygon Digital and Konosaki media (sponsors) do not exist
> Basic art thrown together from pre-existing art
> Noone at Niji retweets the post

Isn't this a giant scam?

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i guess it's just a ruse and it literally costs $0 to put up the booking on an official Singapore convention center website.

fake news, niji actually dead right?


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because it's not available on streaming, retard

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Isn't Sonny a white male? How can Uki tolerate standing next to that absolute subhuman?

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Ah yes, last time we had a 2D VTuber sing in a convention it really worked out well. Can't way for clips of it to be posted on Twitter.

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Sonny is a diversity hire

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nijisisters shat on that thai rando for 2d karaoke meanwhile nijien did the same thing in malaysia with an even more horrendous price and not a single complaint.

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Can you just make up sponsors to give something the air of legitimacy? Shouldn't there be consumer protection laws in place against this?

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I noticed everytime nijis make fun of holoID something bad happens to them

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Finana had art made by her mama with that outfit. Not sure about Wiwa

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that couple is a bit overkill for them, calm down

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sg used to be niji country in 2022

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>a cunt
>a retard
>a bitch
>a lapdog
>Shu's cool
>a sexpest
>a racist
>Sonny's cool

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I hope they disband

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>no Anya

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I can't wait for the tomatoes to stain the screens the Livers are broadcast on because Nijisanji forgot Singapore is an English-speaking country.

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COVID really helped in getting those PRC shits out of our country

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>Sonny's cool
>even Valve hates him

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brown living creatures cannot stop winning

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You are asking too much of a 3rd world country

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>5/8 on that line up on suspension

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Except Singapore is like Hawaii for Chinese billionaires.

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>3rd World country

But politically speaking, they are basically China Lite, granted.

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There is.
The bigger red flag here will be what ticketing agent they use for this event, because typically in Singapore events usually use Ticketmaster. If it doesn't use Ticketmaster and instead it uses some literal who ticketing agent, it's most likely a scam.

>> No.69897673

Quick google brings up Polygon Digital, but the logo is different.
Konosaki Media only has a twitter account that has only tweeted the event and there is no link to their website or anything

Looking likely to be a scam

>> No.69897739

The biggest red flag is nobody from nijisanji tweeting or retweeting it
But then again, fuck their fans. They deserve to get scammed out of every penny

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A complete set with a black and white background and some termination papers is always a plus

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>Even in Singapore you can't escape ticketmaster
I fucking hate that company so much

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>elira started her vtuber activities on May 2021
>3 years later, nijisanji still hasn't made alternative promotional art
what the fuck

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Billion dollar corporation, puriisu andasutando.
Riku is saving up for a bigger yacht.