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Is coffee good for you?

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We had this thread yesterday. So I guess not, you have obvious dementia.

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sex with the loli hag

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Yes. but I can't drink any right now because an infection left me with an inflammed stomach lining.
I miss it every day.

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oh no, it migrated from /fit/

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>tenma's fans really are all /fit/izens

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lolibaba sexo

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makes me shit more

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I've been on coffee for almost 15 years now. Without it I can't function, so yeah coffee is good for you

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it makes you poop water

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No, it cause brain damage.
Drink mineral water instead.

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I've only seen clips of Tenma, but it seems she and chat purposefully pick fights with each other. Is that true or is that just clippers trying to push their rrat?

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tenma stop shitposting and suck my biceps

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Basically... yeah they shit on each other every time during stream, but in a kind way... yeah it's kindness

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it's real and it's just banter and harsh love

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Drink car oil for a testosterone boost

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Like all clips about anything, there is truth to it but not quite as much to the degree they portray because clips focus on those moments. It's in good fun though.

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I find Tenma funny but not cute
Like I wanna hang out with her but not bone her
She's one of the boys

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You're gay dude

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As long as it's not your last cup of coffee

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I feel the same but I wanna bang her.

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>nijiEN implodes over a cup of coffee

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I see her more as a kind of harsh pervy aunt

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This is gonna be controversial nowadays..., but I've always seen Tenma like a top tier nijiJP style vtuber, but in english.

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>pagpag connect
Buy an ad

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I think she's funny and cute
I wanna hang out with her and bone her

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I have ADHD and no medication, so it's my only option.

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>sexually harrasses her audience
She's a monster, she must be stopped

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She can harass me sexually all she wants

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she would be hotter if she was like 65

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I watch phase Connect after jacking off to not have any lewd thoughts on the sad girl brigade.

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but where's the coffee? off topic.

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It's a natural stimulant, good for concentration, blood flow and circulation, digestive stimulation and fatigue.
It isn't good for obese amerilards or just amerilards in general as their hearts are under too much duress from being filled and surrounded by fat from their diets and having high fructose corn syrup injected into their every food item.
Considering many phase fans are lonely obese americans I consider phase coffee to be a bad business move and an ethically noble pursuit.

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Coffee is honestly a poison worse than tobacco.

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Yes it is good for you, it's one of the healthiest things you can drink that isn't water or milk. Make sure to add some honey and milk to your coffee for the proper Peaty experience and optimal energy production

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I stopped drinking coffee because of phase.

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Nope, you aren't replacing the water you pissed out so you're shortening your life through kidney damage, all so you can work better at your job that would love to replace you with a woman and would probably give you a raise for becoming a troon.

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>not wanting to bang your bros

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I want a cup of coffee brewed with Airi's piss.

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>aren't replacing the water you pissed out
Not true. Coffee hydrates you more than it makes you pee

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True in the sense that they're aggressive and make fun of each other, but Tenma's chat never /really/ fights with her and she's very happy with her fans.

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>not drinking water with your coffee for maximum hydration and pissing like a horse
what a dull existence

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How do retards like you lack the basic capacity to good stuff they hear?

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Not true at all. Try only drinking coffee as your only liquid intake all day and see how you feel.

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Why would someone draw and animate something so ugly?

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Fine 10ma, you can feel my post-workout biceps and chest, but first you must eat ALL the eggs

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>to good stuff they hear
anon did you have a stroke or are you just really brown?

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You can pretend:

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>ask /fit/anons if I can gain muscle with one big full body workout once a week
>they say no
>do it anyway
>gain visible muscle
How big can I get like this as a natty? I need the rest of the week for cardio, I'm still chubby.

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I'll be honest I think I might be dislexic

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I drank 7 yesterday amd I feel weird I think I have ascended

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The idea is to distribute your muscle workouts so that you don't overwork yourself in a short period and cause damage or injury. Plus your body only has so much material to build muscle with available at any one time so working harder doesn't necessarily mean more gains. It's better to work consistently and slowly build up intensity over time.
Beginners always make the mistake of going too hard at the start and then struggling to keep up the habit. If for whatever reason you absolutely can't do strength training more than once a weak, stick to low-intensity stuff and play it safe. Like it's never bad for you, but if you get it into your head that you should pack everything into a few hours you're just going to hurt yourself and find an excuse to backslide to fatlife. You're better off with a routine you can see yourself still doing in 10 years over a routine that will get you huge in a month.

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You realize you lose water just by living your life and doing stuff, right? Coffee might not dehydrate you overall, but the diuretic effect means it doesn’t hydrate you as much.
So of course it would be bad, because every cup you drink hydrates you only, like, half as much as water, and your pace is slowed down by how often you have to go to the bathroom.
If drinking one or two cups of coffee instead of water affects your hydration levels to the point it’s a health problem, you’re already not drinking enough water to begin with.

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Do you think that if you drink coffee you aren't allowed to drink water?

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I've been at it for over six months, that's how I've had visible muscle growth. I've gone from utter skinnyfat (was already sedentary then lost what little muscle I had dieting) to slightly above average musculature.
I do three 12-15 rep sets of 10 exercises in one day that hit every muscle group and the specific muscles I care about. If I haven't slept well sometimes I stop and do the other half of the routine the next day, but I usually keep up with it just fine and I've only had one strain which was in my first month of lifting.
Taking all this into account, then, you're saying I can get to a decent size like this? I do two high protein, caloric surplus days (lifting day + day after) and five days of deficit, I can't really lose weight otherwise. Eating 1000 less calories (measuring all my food) than what the calculators say should be my daily intake and doing 600 calories of cardio on all five of those days only loses me a pound a week, my metabolism is glacial and it's slow going even when on paper I should be starving. Scheduled to have my thyroid checked out.

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i had 3 cups already today and still feel like i'm about to die

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I don't give a fuck if is good or not. I will drink it every single day and you can't stop me!

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>Drink mineral water instead.
And get kidney stones instead retard

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I only drink 2 or 3 cups of water per day and im 28. Should i expect kidney failure in the near future?

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I miss tech Shrek

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Anon you have to increase that. I try and do at least a gallon of water per day.
t. had a kidney stone and never want one again

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>at least a gallon of water per day
>a gallon(3.7 fucking litres)
>at least
You live in a desert or what?

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I think Tenma was just ans correct about chicks with dicks.

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>Tenma speaks out against futas
>Uruka suddenly has a problem with Tenma
makes you think

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Yeah, makes me think Tenma is going to Falcon Punch Uruka's hyperactive ovaries like a Mini-Me verson of Captain Falcon.

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Temna the kind of woman to abuse her entire fanbase, then let them all cum in her.

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Yes, but if you go up to 6 or more cups a day, it's been shown to have a negative effect on health.

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Uruka just wants some dick, doesn't matter if it's from a man or a woman.

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>go up to 6 or more cups
That's somewhere between 480-720mg of caffeine. Who the fuck is drinking this daily? Barring weirdo atheletes trying to catch a heart condition at 38, I see the caffeine content in those pre workout drinks

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Depends. How large is your daily dose?

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Black-company office workers I guess lol. Detectives and flight-tower operators too maybe.

But yeah, that's a fuck ton of caffeine. Not worth it

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500 is pretty normal.

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tenma's sweaty armpits are good for me

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Fuck coffee, what kind of vodka do you think is Tenma's favorite? Has she ever said?

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Plastic bottle 120abv. Probably koskenkorva.