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>Troon wants the world to accept him when he doesn't accept the world
Many such brain damaged individuals.

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inferiority complex

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Why does /pol/tards try to pretend to be outraged over racism?

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What an actual fucking lunatic

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>Why does /pol/tards

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I thought the most revealing one was actually his digust at how white people kiss. That speaks to a pure hatred of white people that I can't even fathom. Being able to distinguish a difference in how one race kisses vs another and to be repulsed by it--he honestly sounds like he has a mental illness.

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Go back retard. The dudes a fucking lunatic, they just said hello to him and he immediately gets defensive like they called him a faggot

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I assume it's a matter of reciprocity. Either everyone should be allowed to be racist, or no one.

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Like it stupid he has those opinions, but whites also pushed blacks into multiple continents, so like its hard to care.

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You're right

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As a slav, I agree. If a stranger here smiles at me and says hello they are probably some Krishna cunt trying to peddle their cow poo religion or something worse.

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>Whites did it

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Korean are racists and narcissist what's new.
I remember altare going off calling someone fat and ugly and was about to tell that person to kill themselves because some anon cheated on mario kart to make him seethe.

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is this his weakness?
we should greet him more then maybe he will kill himself that way
it would be funny if he kill himself because we greet him more

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Pretty sure he was talking about movies but still felt the need to make it about white people

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Why can't niji organ intestines go a day without causing drama?

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I would love to hold you accountable for what your ancestors did 400 years ago

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Because they think whites are the master race so it's okay for them to be racists but don't like to be on the receiving end of it. Just snowflakes really.

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Same thing here. You guys blame jews for things you did. Like saying slavery was jewish, there literally were not enough jews in the west to be able to sustain the slavery infrastructure at the time. Its just fucking stupid, its dindu shit

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>nooooo it's not our fault we dindu nuffin

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I dont know if you are stupid, but here is something more your speed.
Imagine the following:
You are in school, you hit Jim, you get punished infront of the whole school (so far its fine).
Carl hits Tom, nothing happens to Carl, in fact he keeps hitting other kids.
You get angry. If carl got punished you wouldnt be angry.
You arent angry because he hit someone obviously.

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You already do anyway. You fags even do it today, you never stopped. You keep pushing black shit everywhere. Dude the fucking Caribbean is a black area because of whites half of south america is filled with blacks. Seriously fuck you.

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Sure thing rabbi

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Whites finally get their comeuppance after centuries of evil. This is just justice anon.

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return whence you came

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Funny. Hope he doesn't tone it down.

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Hes redpilled on whites.

I wish jews actually controlled whites then maybe they wpuld have stopped from shipping millons of blacks everywhere.

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Dindu is a 4chan phrase thoughbeit. Maybe you should go back?

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More like PagPagtard

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They think racism is funny until it's directed to them.

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>Oi vey it's de goyim bringing in all the immigrants and blacks, amirite? Pass the matzo

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faggot probably got dumped by a white guy in high school and got laughed at by the entire school

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the first thing that showed up when I googled this is a tweet about BBC

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It would be a win for us of we can push this guy into a ukulele apology video.

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As you may know, the Niji subreddit notoriously went unmoderated for weeks to the point people were posting Hololive stuff (on top of the anti-Niji shitposting barrage)

However when the Uki yab got its spotlight and the frontpage was plastered with it, "suddenly" moderation got active again and was deleting those posts

People noticed the mod list is basically just one corpo account and the rest are the livers, including Uki. Putting two and two together, it became obvious Uki was deleting the posts about his own white people seethe. So now people are literally spamming Uki posts just to force him to clean them up.

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to be fair to the fag, lots of cultures hate being bothered in public. have you seen how the nords stand at bus stops?

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waaah mommy they gave me public roads and universities waaah

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>paranoid weirdo thinks random friendly old couple is plotting to kill him
this guy's a freak

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Whites didnt invent slavery you doofus.
To this day there is slavery in some parts of the world.

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>So now people are literally spamming Uki posts just to force him to clean them up.
big if true

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You don't understand they were bullying him as whites often do

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/pol/fags, if Whites are the Master Race™, then why do Jews run the world?

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Blacks, In fact, profited the most from the slave trade. the Kingdom of the Congo was made FANTASTICALLY wealthy by selling slaves to the Portuguese. The vast majority of slaves were sold to the west by blacks, whites just provided the shipping

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morals mostly

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If that not racist (according to sisters anyway) why is he deleting the post then

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Jewish satanic black magic

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Holy fucking shit lol. The NDF are screaming into the void here while their own subreddit is just absolutely getting dumpstered.

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This is true. Slavery always existed. It was mentioned on the Bible and every other scripture dating that long. Who do people think wiped the ass of Pharaoh Emperors Kings and Queen and indigenous chiefs? White just happened to get flag for it because they're the one who brought Africans into America. But they didn't invented the concept slaves always existed.

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The infrastructure was mostly black and berber, they did all the heavy lifting in capturing and packaging.

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>But muh innocent west africans kidnapped by evil whites

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is it like an ego thing or like millennials having hate crimes and race wars shoved in their face since they were little kids. What makes a man so psycho that he thinks people saying hi to him mean they are going to jump him

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>b-but whypeepo evil
You are so annoying.

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purely economic factors

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>Why does /pol/tards

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>turns the Caribbean black
>turns half of south america black
>brings blacks to north america
>but dude roads

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When have they ever not been hypocrites?

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ultra kek

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>What makes a man so psycho that he thinks people saying hi to him mean they are going to jump him

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>im very moral
>proceeds to commit genocide and enslave a a whole race
Why are whites like this?

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To be fair, being black is a step up from being native american lmao, but also blame the west african rulers who slaved them and sold them into slavery in the first place.

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dangerously based for redditors

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>blame everyone but the people who actually brought them over

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>enslave a a whole race
You mean buy slaves from west african slavers who where selling them?

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>Muh genocide
>Muh enslavement
Blacks enslaved each other to sell to the Portuguese. They carry just as much of the blame for it

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It was the more moral thing to do.

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jdon my nuts

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You can blame whites as well, however don't try to ignore the fact that nogs enslaved other nogs and sold them into slavery to each other, arabs and whites.

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>own all of hollywood
>make more movies about the civil war, white on black slavery, civil rights movement with racist white people, and WW2 le ebil nacis than anything else in history
Why are narrative controllers like this?

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>makes funny pictures
>this somehow leads to them controlling whites
I guess whites are not the master race they thought they were

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I like how Asian lesbians kiss more than white lesbians. Am I racist now?

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You fucked up the filename you retard.

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As a non-white, i can tell you that jewish-ism is just a religious sect of whites.

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>Asian lesbians kiss
you have my attention now

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>no goy, propaganda is not a thing!! They are just funny pictures telling you that your race is bad and we juden are the best!!!

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>how asian lesbians kiss
I prefer how white people kiss myself tbqh.

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>be faggot cock slurping meido
>delete anti unicorn thread
>leave this /pol/ colony up

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elites control every race, not only whites
what do you think creates enmity in the mind of blacks and other races? the propaganda

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Nijisanji is a /pol/ company.

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the worst (or best) thing that can happen to uki right now is when actual racist people go to his chat or twitter and make some really fucked up racist comment about white people. he either has to appologize and say he's not racist or double down on it and not hide behind his 'jokes'. or he can ignore them and they continue to use him as a figure to spread their hatred for the white man.
honestly cant fucking wait to see what he does.

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Why are whites so fragile kek?

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I don't know why basic politeness is something so baffling and beyond the pale for these people. Give them a compliment and they look at you like you just kicked their dog.

>> No.69759981

Because whites are like George Joestar from the begining of episode 1 of Jojo

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>I'm just wandering around and this old BLACK coupl says hi to me
>I'm sorry? We don't know each other
>What the fuck do you want from me.

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Crackers are brittle

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Why are asian holes so vulnerable?

>> No.69760069

My dick isn't fragile
*cums in you*

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break me daddy

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You're not supposed to talk about who funded the ships anon.

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>niji organ becomes the face of asian supremacism
please make this happen it would be so funny

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/pol/ here. This only proves us right. In fact, it makes perfect sense to us that uki would be upset about this aspect of whites, because our high social cohesion and low crime rates are just as foreign and strange to him as our evenhanded justice system and republican social hierarchy.

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Trying to assign the blame of racism to one race or another is asinine. Slavery was an institution that permeated society, at all levels, and was upheld and perpuated by people of every race and creed. Whites have no more blame for it than black or berbers or arabs or anyone else.

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I pretend to be outraged, but I actually couldn't care less. I mean, I slightly enjoy his and brownies itt seething and coping with the fact that they will never be main characters of the world. I do it for fun

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Don't get me wrong, /pol/yps are indeed seething faggots, but Uki is 100% bonafide racist. He's a piece of shit who basically just makes being Gaysian his entire personality.

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>Slavery was an institution that permeated WHITE society, at all levels.
There FTFY. Slavery wasn't a thing outside the white world and no, accounts written by old white men aren't proof of slavery happening anywhere else.

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the only race that enslaved and colonized half of mankind was the white one also started 2 world wars and created the nuclear bomb that they dropped in a minority country (japan) not even in germany

>> No.69760632

Whites only say this shit because they invanded half the world and place the americas were left holding the bag.

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Uki is indonesian btw, when have white people ever do anything to him?

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>main characters of the world
Lol. Maybe you were at some point milk man.

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I thought he was Korean or Chinese

>> No.69760832

OP image makes it seems more like he wants to complain about being persecuted, but the people around him are too nice to give him a chance.

>> No.69760841

I'm sure he is korean living in nyc

>> No.69760846

>why does

>> No.69760859

Indo chinese

>> No.69760866

>small, gay, into anime and brown
His childhood must have been hell. It is probably trauma over being bullied

>> No.69760873

you can blame the jews if you want, but you might not like how people will react to it

>> No.69760908

You'd rather be the main character of a gay imaginary show?

>> No.69760934

Why is he watching other people kiss in the first place, does he have a voyeurism fetish?

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american education is a disaster

>> No.69761088

Brain rot + muscle memory. He probably says this shit with 0 conscious effort. Has been brain washed so much thinking that wyte pepo are evil and assumes that is the norm. Doesn't not realize he has become what he hates.

>> No.69761091

>brown people unable to understand that /pol/ wouldn't exist if browns like Uki didn't exist
The man who shoots you in self-defense is merely acting in his best interest. But the time for words has been over for a while. Gotterdammerung.

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Bigotry shouldn't be tolerated in a professional setting

>> No.69761153

Somewhat off-topic, but taking into account the "Germany-First" policy of the Allied Powers during WW2, had Germany lasted longer, they would've almost certainly gotten nuked first. Wehraboos always cope when faced with this.

>> No.69761245

You'll be telling me it was white people who went raiding up and down the niger river with guns rounding up hundreds of thousands of slaves to sell. Is that what your pop-history led you to believe? It wasn't the whites who dragged Africans kicking and screaming from their homes

>> No.69761335

no I mean american aducation makes it look like slavery was a uniquely american thing

>> No.69761353

Question for you then
Are people from portugal, spain and greece white?

>> No.69761381

does he get compensated for his janitorial work?

>> No.69761425

I wonder if he had/has an /r/hapas account. Simu Liu posted on reddit and says similar things.

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why cant they just shut the fuck up
what compels them to keep saying/doing stupid shit

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his white dad walked out on his indonesian mom

>> No.69761578

This one in particular?
Gay Newyork fuccboi

>> No.69761611

So do something about it lmao

>> No.69761694

Fragile egos.

>> No.69761856

Why can't you learn English?

>> No.69761859

I see

>> No.69761925

Usually for indie content creators that have a decent following, the only people that matter is their audience. People attacking him are not his audience and even if he placates them, how many of them are going to follow and watch his content? However, he's part of a corporate group or as he prefers it, "family". His drama isn't just his, it can quickly become everyone's. Just look at the fallout from the whole self-inflicted Doki-termination debacle. Fans of other members can and will sour on him and can make collabs very awkward too. Unironically one of the better arguments to be an indie creator.

>> No.69761956

The whole Caribbean is black snd natives had to pay the price for your fucking autism, so that's my answer.

>> No.69762125

Lol. The other fans love him. Look at the replies only this place is angry at him everyone else is celebrating his "owning" the troll and will probably shower him with supas when he streams.

>> No.69762184

because it's over the pettiest shit

fuck the racism aspect, that is secondary to some faggot having a melty over 'hello'

>> No.69762247

>making up shit

>> No.69762255

needs a sound version on wsg

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And uki wouldn't exist if people like you don't exist.
Also you won't do jack shit. You're a 350 lbs basement dweller. The best you can do is complain about hollywood nigger in xitter because you know you can't do jack shit

>> No.69762431

not even the most hardcore /pol/tard would react that way over a black man saying "hello" to him.

>> No.69762437

Hitler was a serb. Serbians aren't white.

>> No.69762507

It's pretty obviously a 4channer in xitter.

>> No.69762586

/pol/tard cries and rages at black character in movies anon. They also make up elaborate murder fantasies in their mind

>> No.69762695

Unironically this is why people like Nina despite her probably having drank way more of the kool-aid than Uki.

>> No.69762703

No wonder he has this seething hatred for straight white men.

>> No.69762774

>/pol/tard cries and rages at black character in movies anon.
That's a little different from someone saying "Hello" on the street.

This meme >>69757753 was suppose to be a joke about how /pol/ gets triggered at the stupidest shit because it's hyperbole. Instead uki genuinely acted that way in a manner even the worst /pol/tard wouldn't do.

>> No.69762833

Nah, underaged girls love him, you can see comments under his tweet fully supporting him. Thats who you get when you pander to kpop stans, they die for you.

>> No.69762899

this dude is a weirdo lol

>> No.69762963

>And uki wouldn't exist if people like you don't exist.
>people like you
uki IS that kind of person, literally and functionally you walked in on the middle of him typing a real life /pol/ shitpost. He's just a hot swap between brown and white skin, and thinking that makes a difference.
reminder most of /pol/ are brown spics.

>> No.69763042

>brown and white
sorry, *yellow and white

>> No.69763088

Uki was making a joke you retard.

>> No.69763138

>i-it's a joke!
Sisters how do we let Uki in on the joke?

>> No.69763172

>Slavery wasn't a thing outside the white world
'Slave' 'slav' and 'slob' all originate from the greek/arabic word 'sklabos' for east european whites.

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File: 1.03 MB, 891x582, _The_White_Man's_Burden__Judge_1899_(cropped).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he makes distinctions between the lesser races

>> No.69763243

So Uki was poltard tier. Good to know. Why are you pretending as if poltard was better then

>> No.69763305

enna and kyo also were making a joke and if they made more jokes they would get shitcanned. kyo probably got fed up with all the white hate at nijisanji and left desu

>> No.69763329

It was? Because it seems like he was just telling everyone how irritated he was that a cumskin talked to him. If it's a joke, where's the punchline? Where's the part where he goes "Ah hah hah but enough about white people"?

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Can we all appreciate how he didn't understand how schizophrenic he sounded when talking about that elderly couple?
You could just post that one clip and people would question it. A joke has to have a punchline, and that "joke" didn't have one. He meant it and said it with his whole chest.
The pond that is Uki's mind has been utterly poisoned by his tik-tok echo chamber. Its fascinating. Can't wait for the doubling down arc.

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File: 1.13 MB, 1277x719, jack.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Slavery wasn't a thing outside the white world
g8 b8 m8

>> No.69763412

A white man definitely fucked something or someone he wanted, possibly even all of his family members. Pretty funny.

>> No.69763417

I'm not. I'm explaining that even /pol/ would find his behavior pathetic. He's not just a /pol/tard, he's lower than they are by a wide margin.

>> No.69763442

>This meme >>69757753 was suppose to be a joke about how /pol/ gets triggered
that meme is older than /pol/ newfriend

>> No.69763519

sisters i'm not feeling too good

>> No.69763521

Who says I'm a /pol/tard

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>And uki wouldn't exist if people like you don't exist
True, because they rely on societies built by white people to survive. Without us pampering them, they would all die out in one generation.

>> No.69763643

Turns out if you make a great product nobody cares about the race swaps. Imagine that.

>> No.69763650

>/new/ wasn't a real board
/pol/ isn't the first political board on 4chan, newfriend.

>> No.69763671

>though replacements
its literally a soijak thing, disregard anyone who says it as a faggot

>> No.69763770
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how does that relate to my post in any way?

>> No.69763773

you are unironically right, because in his country of origin they would probably execute him for being a fag.

>> No.69763785

I thought these people only existed online as caricatures of "sjws"

>> No.69763789

If you hate my god Nijisanji you are /pol/

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>tik-tok addled queer who acts like a sassy woman is hit by reality

You love to see it

>> No.69763861

>the joke is being repeated time and time again
Anon... I don't think he's joking

>> No.69763863

see >>69758016 and quit being such a retard.
kys, (You) are the racist here.

>> No.69763878

It was created on /new/, which is the precursor to /pol/, do you have a point or just want to argue semantics on shit you read on ED? I'm not here to get in some oldfag contest.

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>> No.69763901

what makes racism against white people funny? I don't get it, is it because they're not brown?

>> No.69763973
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go back holy shit

>> No.69764064

The joke is that they get to say it. That's it. Its currently morally okay in certain circles to be openly racist against whites because they were the oppressors, not the oppressed.
However, once that escapes their echo chamber its obvious not everyone thinks that way and they have to suffer the consequences of their own actions.

>> No.69764092

I find it kind of funny that I saw this live learning about Niji and just considered him as a jilted gay weirdo. Maybe it's because my cousin is gay but a media professional I just considered Uki small minded and forgot him.

>> No.69764149

>I don't like these people who aren't like me. Their perfectly normal actions seem bizarre when viewed through my eyes
>that's it, that's the joke
>please clap

>> No.69764208

Do twitter replies equal consumption of his content? There's a lot of unrelated parties jumping in right now, so we'll see if you're right about SCs. But like I said, it's a'ok if he was indie. The issue will be whether the audience of the other members would be a'ok w/ it too. If they are, that's cool for him. He should continue.
Well, I hope those underage girls send him supas.

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>> No.69764278

>once that escapes their echo chamber its obvious not everyone thinks that way and they have to suffer the consequences of their own actions.
So... when's that happening to Uki?

>> No.69764284

Saw this compilation of clips, with him talking shit about white people, the particular episode with the elderly REALLY stands out. Imagine if he had said it about black or brown people, then /pol/sters would find it epic - and the Twittertards would be outraged.

People like racism, I think that is really what it is desu.

>> No.69764303

Actually true, it's legitimately funny that old couple could possibly have died by now and they're still living rent-free in his head.

>> No.69764359

Retard, there are millions of slaves in India TODAY.

>> No.69764365

Right now retard, look at this thread. Then look at the drama videos. Then look at the Reddit threads. Then look at the Reddit threads being deleted. Then come back tomorrow to see another thread about the same thing.
Think before you post, holy shit.

>> No.69764397

This, gay communities can't 'get away with it' anymore because they have to varying degrees achieved equality (fair treatment /consideration) in popular culture. Their previous form of protesting activism reached its peak years ago and everyone treats them now as an average bunch of people who behave like greedy fucks. It's only the last couole of years normalfags have started to tell them off and correct their attitudes since it all systematically stemmed from hate and vitriol.

>> No.69764488

I honestly hoped Bonbon would be more confrontational there.

>> No.69764510

I don't care. I just want Nijisanji to suffer before it dies and this seems like a great vector to achieve that
Though admittedly it's always funny giving cancel culture freaks a taste of their own hubris

>> No.69764518

>the consequences
>mean threads on /vt/
So nothing. Gotcha. Where's the suspension/termination? Or even an apology?

>> No.69764532

You’d think they’d be more aware with how many Jews and people married to Jews worked on the Manhattan Project for express purpose of wanting to use it against the Nazis.

>> No.69764575

I just realised something.....if Uki has a Reddit account chances is that he also post on 4chan

Uki is that you? You know that you can always go back to your brown shithole, right?

>> No.69764578
File: 273 KB, 670x900, 1707799455781598.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not a poltard and I still think Uki is disgusting. His whole personality is "I'm gay and asian", no wonder that bitch has no views and needs to farm twitterclout to stay afloat
I watched his debut and even gave him a chance a couple times, but his streams are 80% dead silence. How the sisters stand it, I don't understand

>> No.69764581

Racist retarded sister, go back to whatever Discord (You) came from.

>> No.69764621

He's been doing it for years and quite a bit of viewers.
Those "people" like in this thread agree with him and won't drop him over this. He will face literally 0 consequences.

>> No.69764656
File: 395 KB, 720x870, 1708581453725215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.69764678

You intentionally ignored the drama videos bit, didn't you? And the rest of my post?
Its already escaped /vt/. JP sites are starting to talk about it and the post has well over one million views. This is the consequence. He might not ever apologise, but you have to be a special kind of retard to ignore what's going on outside of /vt/ right now.

>> No.69764702

It is blatantly racism toward white people, just because you are a seething retard, it doesn't change the fact. Niji liver organs always pull the racist card, no one like hypocrites.

>> No.69764769

he seemed pretty nervous to me

>> No.69764834

Anyone who thinks that a race of people "did" anything needs to go back. Actions are taken by individuals.

>> No.69764870

Forget the racism, who the fuck gets annoyed like that over people smiling and greeting you?

>> No.69764950

Yeah I don't think he was okay with it but I'm tired of seeing people who are not okay with it just sit there and let it go unchallenged.
Consider the consequences for the company, not just him.

>> No.69764987

Link to this stream?

>> No.69765030

"White people can't cook"
Elira: WHAT?!

I think she was genuinely offended.

>> No.69765050

>You intentionally ignored the drama videos bit
The people who don't watch him and would never watch him? Must've really taught him a lesson, huh

>> No.69765085

>His whole personality is "I'm gay and asian"
>How the sisters stand it, I don't understand
They actually unironically like this. Thank (You) for giving male chuubas a chance, anon.

>> No.69765110

Old people too. Imagine an old couple passes by you and greets you in a friendly manner then complaining about it on stream.
That's a genuine schizo.

>> No.69765157
File: 7 KB, 246x250, 1447963097109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've never spoken to a wall before.

>> No.69765246

No shit

>> No.69765289

IMX it's relatively rare for Canadian-born Chinese to be racist against white people. SEA, on the other hand....

>> No.69765297

>"hello, nice day we're having."
>"fucking white people" - thought the well adjusted individual

>> No.69765335

Reminder that Kyo was forced to publicly grovel in apology for saying koreans get a lot of plastic surgery, lmao

>> No.69765371

damn, they're finally taking notice of their subreddit? Things will finally quiet down for a while as they ban users.

>> No.69765375

>Enna was forced to apologize for black people chicken joke
>Kyo was (somewhat) forced to apologize for Korean plastic surgery joke
>Uki gets away scot free with shitting on white people multiple times
I care about the situation for the same reason that I think the Zaion termination list is bullshit when multiple livers have done the same things and have gotten away with those things. Hypocrites get the rope.

>> No.69765440

It's some faggot raging that someone said hello to him.
If you don't think 4chan would've been mocking him if this happened circa 2004 you're a retard. But I know you're not a retard, at least in the sense that you think that prior thought, you are still totally a retard otherwise; you're just a shitter shattered sister trying to shift the issue.

>> No.69765460


>> No.69765468

It's probably because you don't want to acknowledge your imaginary consequences amounting to nothing. He's been saying these things since debut and even during collabs. The fanbase knows he does it, management knows he does it and nothing has ever happened.

>> No.69765495

But surely a joke about black people and chickens would get approval by Niji, right? It's a joke after all

>> No.69765543

Fags have been coddled and pandered to way too much the last couple of years, they need another decade in the closet or so to act normal.

>> No.69765568

Hating people you feel inferior to, is a coping mechanism. He will never walk happily down the street with his partner, while greeting strangers.

>> No.69765587

Crazy because that's way less offensive than this

>> No.69765611

Uki and 39iq about to link up

>> No.69765613

no. uki literally is a mod there and is assblasted that hes getting a pushback for his blatant racism.

>> No.69765643

>white couple says hello
>black guy tries to kill you
I think one is a little different than the other

>> No.69765652


Whenever someone doubles and triples down UNPROMPTED like Uke does, its a projection thing. How often do you guys need to learn this lesson? I'd bet a quid on him jerking his tiny dick to raceplay.

>> No.69765658

There are literally open-air slave markets operating is Libya as we speak. And yes, it's niggers selling niggers. Again.

>> No.69765723

For a master race you guys sure cry a lot about some random anime boy tweets.

>> No.69765832

a bit inappropriate maybe but also somewhat factual.
they really do have one of the highest amounts of plastic surgery done and the world's highest income from those industries.
people fly out there to get plastic surgery from surgeries that cater to foreigners.

>> No.69766131


>> No.69766367

Does that mean that buckbrocken buttboys in the streets are supremacists in the sheets?

>> No.69766493

yeah they're rapists

>> No.69766513

As a gay-fag top who have plowed both black and asian bottoms. This is accurate, a lot of them love the master-slave dynamic, and saying outrageous shit for attention.

Would not the least bit surprised if Uki unironically cruises for white daddies on apps.

>> No.69766512

Damn I want to pound his fucking weak asian boypussy as he cried calling me a white scum colonizer. The fact I could probably snap in half his entire fanbase of 13 year old chinese girls makes me diamond, they could come at me 1 by 1 and I'd just knee them while fucking their precious zesty asian fag with his gay hair.

>> No.69766530

Europeans would have laughed at you for ever entertaining the notion of them all being the same "race". I fucking wished Europe would've never done a colony. Now half the world has an easily exploitable inferiority complex over people with funny looking eyes and beautiful natural hair colors.

Have you SEEN the incel movement?
Yes, unironically.

>> No.69766563

Horseshoe theory...

>> No.69766662

Yeah authoritarian extremists are all BDSM bootlickers who love to please daddy (whether that be the State, or the Great Leader). Best believe that Anon.

>> No.69766748

It was never known outside his fanbase. I didn't even know his name until this week. Now you have multiple dramatubers directly covering it, along with Reddit and Twitter. I personally had a brief back and forth with a 'starlight' or whatever his fans are where she was shocked to learn her oshi was racist, and I sombrely explained all the terrible things he's said over the years. She was thoroughly taken aback and may have dumped him by now, which seems to be how his average fan is likely to react if they find out what he really is. I'm curious to see his CCV graph as the knowledge spreads, and it absolutely will in this current environment.

>> No.69766752

The anons are right. There are many Asian gay boys who go to Europe and the USA and basically sexually harass any man they see and living out some weird sexual colonialism fetish.
Uki is no different, he just hates himself for his fetish and tries to cover it up by pretending to hate whitey instead of wanting their cock inside him

>> No.69766801

it's also the same for foids and white men. all KILL WHITEY on xitter, but then it's "call me a gook nigger while you slap me, daddy"

people who make race their personality are truly weirdos

>> No.69766842

The worst thing about this is that it allowed there to be /pol/ threads here.

>> No.69766904 [DELETED] 

Shitskins reading this:
How does it feel to live your one life on Earth as a DLC race?

>> No.69767010


>> No.69767062

You proved me right snowflake.

>> No.69767088

Considering the amount of racist trannies and femboys, yeah.

>> No.69767103

100% this is my experience. People who are REALLY obsessed with these things, are so for a reason. Same with closeted fags who rant about their homophobia to mask the closeted feelings - its common behavior really.

>> No.69767381

>white man finds his dad voted for Joe Biden decapitate his father and then displays his decapitated head on YouTube.
>white man finds out his father took the vaccine stabs his father to death over 50 times.
Sure whatever you say cletus.

>> No.69767472

>constantly express how humanity sucks and I can't wait for it to go extinct
>secretly wish I could just have the power to make someone happy
I didn't need this sort of revelation after waking up.

>> No.69767481

excuse me anon Uki is enby please do not use he/him pronouns

>> No.69767509

>People like racism, I think that is really what it is desu.
People like taking strong positions in general. For many it's a form of self-validation.

>> No.69767654

FYI, white supremacists have an asian or brown wife so often it has become an in-joke in the scene.
Alice Weidel, head of the far-right party AFD in Germany, is a lesbian women living together with her black wife in Switzerland.
Humans are surprisingly predictable in their weirdness.
Authoritarians loving the dominatrix spiel is a tale as old as time.
Of course it's not always projection. Some people are just dickbags through and through.

>> No.69767800


>> No.69768058

>white man does the bare minimum
i wonder why nijien is almost all asians if white people are so privileged

>> No.69768092

>It was never known outside his fanbase.
>I personally had a brief back and forth with a 'starlight' or whatever his fans are where she was shocked to learn her oshi was racist
Nice fan, doesn't even watch her oshi's stream lol

>> No.69768168

Shut the fuck up

>> No.69768222

AFD isn't 'far-right' or anything close to it. Their only thing is they want an end to unchecked mass immigration. And no, that isn't a radical position, you've just gaslit yourself into thinking that.

>> No.69768292

>implying I didn't already know that.
Let me correct my words:
'Far Right' in context of post-Merkel 'Schland.

>> No.69768352

in the first case his dad worked for the government so it was likely the lesser evil versus letting him do his job

>> No.69768443

>far right
lmao stop overdosing on reddit

>> No.69768457

I know it doesn't look like it since we're seeing condensed compilations, but it's not *common* for him to let the hatred out. It's more like maybe once every few months. I'd bet the majority of all but his most hardcore fans have never actually seen his outburts.

>> No.69768547

what's with these retards that they get offended over small talks and polite greetings? is it a zoomer thing? they all clam up and seem to want to stare at a wall than say "hi, how are you?" and acknowledge the people around them. it's bizarre

>> No.69768722

>Alice Weidel, head of the far-right party AFD in Germany, is a lesbian women living together with her black wife in Switzerland.

I actually lol'd

>> No.69768773

Some psychologist invented the term microagression and 50 years later, anything that vaguely makes you uncomfortable is grounds for punching someone in the face.

>> No.69768900

bravo anon, best use of that template I've seen yet. he's suc a thin skinned piece of shit

>> No.69769003

not sure how much i agree. i don't watch him but i've seen him "white people lmao!" a couple of times just through collabs with people i do.
i also always find it weird that he's so willing to speak up for his white jokes. he's often quieter than his collab partners because he does his soft boy voice but he's never not excited for those jokes.
he's never seemed decent anyway, his collab attitude in collabs with other nijiens sucks.

>> No.69769008

>Killing our own fathers is fine as long as it suits our narrative.
Sure man. Make all the excuses in the world.

>> No.69769193

I knew i shouldn't have enslaved those blacks 200 years ago kek

>> No.69769202

Because they lack moral inhibitors. Most upstanding White men of good character aren't fond of using dubious means in order to get ahead. There are of course exceptions to this - in every race - but for Jews it is pretty much a standard personality trait.

From Sodom and Gomorrah to the Weimar Republic to modern day America and Israel, Fucked up Jewish behavior has been on full display to the world. Normies are afraid of their mommies calling them "racist" or whatever though, so most peole notice it but won't say it out loud.

Fun fact: Israel's average IQ is just under 93, while the US - a country full of people that don't eve speak English - is 97.5. So next time someone tells you that Jews run finance and media because "they're smart" instead of the real reasons, nepotism and conniving, you can remind them of this.

Also Uki Violeta is a mentally-ill 5' 0" slanty troon.

>> No.69769327

>commit genocide
>enslave a a whole race
pick one

>> No.69769370

theres a lot of arabs in israel tho

>> No.69769438

Isn't it great that nijisanji has people like this representing them as livers.

>> No.69769446

>reddit spacing

>> No.69769584

>Sodom and Gomorrah
Jews didn't exist at this time.

>> No.69769649

It's literally that image with Rushia and Aqua (yes that's not the original I don't care).

>> No.69769881 [DELETED] 

>far right
You're a fucking retard, that's for sure.
Unlike whites, jews have no morality and generally are narcissistic manchildren. They are selfish and self-destructive as fuck and don't care about their own tribe, while whites do. I'm not even being /pol/tard here. This was proven throughout history. If you open historical sources other than mainstream media or wikipedia, you'll see. History is repeating itself all over again and you cant do shit about it.
They are pretty much social parasites who are no different than black people, except they are more self aware and cunning, and have ability of critical thinking, but generally they can not make long term decisions as jews are all about "every man for himself" mantra. All they can do is kvetching and pilpuling and strawmaning the shit out of everything so they always come out on the top and you are portrayed as racist and misanthrope.

>> No.69770092

>Jews don't care about their own tribe
>Also they secretly run and control everything because they keep using nepotism to put each other in positions of power and they coordinate to rewrite history in ways that benefit them and
I guess I'll stop noticing things. About how fucking retarded /pol/ is, that is.

>> No.69770208

What? Was Abraham not a Jew?

>> No.69770325

At least read the book if you're going to larp as religious.

>> No.69770327

While they are technically united by their shitpost religion, jews strongly dislike each other and always try to fuck each other over for money.
He wasn't. He was father of the 12 tribes. Big difference.

>> No.69770343

blacks enslaved other blacks, the jews bought them and brought them to the west

>> No.69770481

Young black men represent 2% of the population and commit 63% of violent crime

>> No.69770872

Because they are appalled by how lame his reason of outrage are.
He should be raging at secret white people cabal ethnic cleansing the world with their space lasers and bioengineered diseases designed to kill anyone who isn't white and straight, like a proper schizo like them. At least then it would be funny.

>> No.69771007

I don't think he means slavery. He means the REAL crime, which is there was a literal entire continent spanning two hemispheres that had ZERO blacks, until timmies got here and went 'hmmm these pristine virgin lands sure could use several million africans murdering and looting through them'.

>> No.69771287

Makes sense

>> No.69771364

This is acceptable if he also makes fun of gays and asians.

>> No.69771494

he doesnt

>> No.69771538

there's his 'only pasty white people would look good in this outfit' thing if that counts (it doesnt, arguably just looks more racist and self-hating kek)

>> No.69771876

>lives in a white nation
>WHAAAAA!!! White ppl bad
ok cool then just go back lol

>> No.69772090

Asian fragility

>> No.69772220

Apart from better sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health … what have the Romans ever done for us?

>> No.69772405

>To be fair, being black is a step up from being native american lmao
you must be black to even believe this lol

>> No.69772408

I mean, slavery WAS jewish. Who do you think owned the boats?

Sure, it wasn''t ENTIRELY jewish, as many blacks in Africa enslaved their won people to sell them to middle easterners and whites/jews. But for such a small group, they played a big role

>> No.69772516

Reminds me that clip with ''Too Many Finns''


>Moves to Finland
>Too Many Finnish people

>> No.69772565
File: 918 KB, 1618x1050, 1708551336267105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.69773261

You're a retarded subhuman but I will spoon feed the answer to you.
Racism is fine. The problems here are that:
a) He's raging about white people while living in a country built by them.
b) Our society currently has an absolute 0 tolerance policy towards racism, unless it's racism directed at White people.

Needless to say, if he publicly displayed this kind of racism towards literally any other race he'd be fired within 5 minutes and never would never be able to find work ever again.
I'm sure you think this is fine because you are an anti-white racist piece of garbage and you subhumans have been getting away with it for a while now but White people are waking up and the day of reckoning is nearing so get your ass ready because shits like you and Uki are going to be having a very bad time.

>> No.69773495

Going to add, if he's actually Korean, he owes his entire existence to white people. If it weren't for the US, he'd be a pebble pusher in north korea right now.

>> No.69773556

lol sephardic jews literally owned sugar plantations on brasil which were the most profitable.
slavery went towards prohibition once jews were expelled.

>> No.69773622

who owned the slave ships anon? what were their names?

>> No.69773672

He's not actually gay. He once had a girlfriend and she left him for a white man. So now he's "gay" and hates white people.

>> No.69773728

>his dad left his mom
>his girlfriend left him

>> No.69773890

You know you are wrong anon.

>> No.69774126

>who never created any Civilization on their own without aid from Arabs or the Portuguese
Native Americans were able to create grand civilizations rivaling Europe without things like wheels or animals. Meanwhile blacks had access to those things and still couldn't figure out how to farm. All humans but Blacks and SEA can build civilization.

>> No.69774279

Based Mumei, no wonder shince she's white.

>> No.69774412

Also, some of the big players in the Confederacy were Jews who wanted to protect their massive agricultural industry. There is a street in Recife, Brazil, called ''Jew's Street'' (in the native tongue). This was the central slave trading hub of the region.

I wonder why they called it ''Jew's Street'' /s

>> No.69775439

There were countless founding fathers who wanted to free their slaves but literally couldn't because they were inherited with mortgages to jewish banks, and if the mortgage wasn't paid off then they didn't have the rights to even free them because they didn't wholly own them.

>> No.69775877
File: 68 KB, 576x507, 1702968483516520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Native Americans were able to create grand civilizations rivaling Europe

>> No.69775930

>grand civilizations rivaling Europe
it was so good they had one conversation with the spanish and decided it was shit

>> No.69776170

>>im very moral
>>proceeds to commit genocide and enslave a a whole race
this is every human in history fucking ever, do some history you complete charcoal faggot

>> No.69776293

could he stop repeating his unfunny 'jokes'

>> No.69776319

after he gets terminated maybe

>> No.69776902

ok, justifying this anon's statement a bit
certain native American civilizations did have pretty advanced urban and societal structures. people often forget that the aztec's capital had a population of nearly 400,000 at its peak, bigger than london and Paris during the time period.
so yes, in some regards, certain native civlizations did rival europe.
however, as stated, native Americans were not monolithic. much of the more advanced civilizations in the Americas were in central america/south America (incas).
north america did have nations like the Iroquois (which was more of a bloc of tribes rather than a nation state) and the Mississippi civilizations (which had pretty sizeable cities of upwards to 50,000). however, none of these were... unified/centralized like the European states were at the time.

also hur durr Africa.
africa did have some pretty impressive nations, from the Aksum (predecessor to Ethiopia), the Mali, Songhai, Dahomey, Kongo, etc.
but the problems that natives Americans faced were also there for the africans. much of the coastal African nations adopted a slave trade based economy, which collapsed after slavery was banned in much of Europe in the early 19th century (nations like Dahomey and Kongo especially suffered). meanwhile, others failed to modernize due to lack of centralization, capital/resources to use to drive industrialization, etc.

>> No.69776982

disease, and the fact that the aztecs were hated by all its neighbors, basically led to the aztecs to collapse.
people forget that these neighboring tribes provided upwards to about 100,000 warriors to topple the aztecs. combined with disease, it wasn't a contest.

>> No.69777145

bro it wasnt even their inventions. They got that shit from a previous civiliation that got their shit from "star people" aka aliens or "the watchers" from the book of enoch if youre religious. They used similar symbols to what the egyptians used and build similar structures.

They also all have stories of giant people which is basically these aliens/watchers having kids with the humans and having nephilim

>> No.69777233

i mean, the mayans did similar pyramids and they preceded the aztecs by almost a thousand years.
turns out, pyramids are just stable structures that are fairly simple in terms of building. it's not a surprise why they're not unique. there are pyramid structures everywhere, from the Mississippi to Africa to China and even the Himalayas, IIRC.

>> No.69777641
File: 50 KB, 493x368, srthhrtshrtshrthsrt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean, you dont find it weird that they are all on a similar geographic line? This picture doesnt even have the pyramids of China (Xi'An)

>> No.69778029

True, except for Italians. They deserve it.

>> No.69778044

I can't say I'm specialized in that field, as that wasn't what my history degree focused on.
but it could be a number of other reasons, such as climate, more centralized/advanced societies that existed in those places (nations with money and manpower to burn do giant projects)
most pyramids world wide were used for religious reasons or for massive burials. since pyramids are the easiest way to build tall and imposing structures, not too surprising why they might be more common in terms of design worldwide.