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what did she mean by this?

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Is Gundou JP version of Zaion ?

Was she treated like Zaion ?

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Gundou is as far away from being Zaion as possible.

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they were in the same prison after all

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>Sakura Aoi follows her
are they forming the Niji Akatsuki?

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She talked about her side having a clique a few days ago lol

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No, she's like a combination of Nyanners and Veibae.

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>followed by chihiro
doki won
>doki won
doki won
>doki won
sister narrative status?

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Don't worry they still have uh
Kson on their side. I guess. If you want Kson on your side.

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Topkek. Doki still hasn't learned japanese so if they're going to collab they'd need a mediator.
Poor Sayu though...

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Doki better start doing her JP reps

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>poor Sayu
Doki doesn't need a talentless menhera dragging her down

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Kson on Niji's side ? What are you smoking bro ?

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>Kson on their side

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Just dropped out of Palworld twitch rivals because Kuro and Matara are trying to talk shit about Doki behind the scenes.

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meds check

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>Kuro and Matara are trying to talk shit about Doki behind the scenes.

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Leaker said this shit would happen and wow what a surprise it did.

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Crazy that Nijidogs forced her to graduate because she made fun of baseball, the most dogshit and pathetic sport in the world

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This was revealed to me in a dream.

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Wait, so does that make 4 ex-jp members in Gundou's niji hate group now? I remember when it was just 3 of them shitting on niji

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>Source: my ass
got it

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So it didn't happen then, you just assume it did because someone on 4chan said so? Did I get that right?

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with how much heat niji just got for something as innocuous as supporting artists and getting blow out for being one guy'ed i'd be really shocked if people continue to push the doki narrative. You're essentially just signing up to be lynched even if you take a neutral stance. Who knows though retards going to retard I just don't see that being a path anymore.

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I think they might cut their losses. This is how niji has always operated, but now that they've hit a wall they have no idea how to proceed.

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was your source ironlung? because all she spews are bullshit

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clips or it didn't happen

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And by leaker I mean my piss on your forehead

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3/10 you made me respond

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zen, geega and mouse are still in it retard

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if they give her a superficial high five it gives them a good pr boost - if they say anything negative it drags them into a pile of shit. They've been completely silent or vague posting about toxic vtuber communities. I feel like the evidence is pretty stacked in one direction but if people want to be delusional that's fine. They're also under no obligation to care about someone they used to work with i thought people said it was odd she even included them in the vid considering they never did anything. They probably just don't care and don't want to get dragged for not caring.

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She scheduled Palworld before she confirmed if she was in the tournament you disingenuous shitstirrer. She's retarded not catty

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Niggas are making schizo theories on tweets? What the fuck this board has turned into holyshit.

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Imagine Sayu, Doki, and her do a collab

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>It was revealed to me in a dream and it was a good dream until I woke up.
>never mind allow me to clarify, it was not dream I was just picking the dingleberries out my asshole and of those dingleberrries revealed all of this to Me.

Oya Oya Narhudo ne nijiniggersan.

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She dropped out because she didn't confirm she was participating you

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Hah, that's a good one. Not tell us the one about the Argonian maid and the oversexed baron.

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She basically came back to Japan from a con in America, got caught up and posted 'jesus Christ wtf are you are you doing nijjers'

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>niji graduates
>united, friends, all bonded over their terrible experiences with their former employer, the niji akatsuki

>holo graduates
distant, occasional shitflinging, some legal action even involved, too disjointed to be an akatsuki

What does this say about each company?

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KSon didn't join the Palworld tournament because of a simple miscommunication.

>inb4 sisters go "read between the lines"
Roundhouse shitstirrers, curbstomp shitstirrers, slam dunk shitstirrers into a dumpster.

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No Kson just think she's too big now for something like this. Ever since she receive that yakuza gig she's been nothing but a smug bitch. Her massive inflated ego cannot be contained anymore.

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>the only ex-nijis who are supporting her are the ones that know fuck all about her
This is not a good look dookies. Wheres the Pomu, Matara and Kuro support?

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Bro, it's a fucking twitch rival, who fucking cares

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It makes sense why Pomu and frankly by the same logic why Matara and Kuro wouldn't openly support Doki. It is a shame to see though but frankly we don't know what's been said behind closed doors. I feel like Matara and Kuro supporting is on brand as well but probably just confirmation bias if they do it later though it'll be spineless pandering so kind of stuck now that there wasn't initial support.

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Kson hates pokemon stuff anon, even if it's adjacent

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Pomu has been doing nothing but talk mad shit about NijiEN and the organs still in there. She may not have said a word about Doki but it's obvious where she stands.

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she was fired for a baseball joke instead of a deez nuts joke

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>Niji Akatsuki

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>talk mad shit
Dookietard headcanon

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>Gundou's niji hate group
Why would Gundou do this after everything Niji for her!

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>they redebut in a new vtuber group called Nijitsuki

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how much have any of them talked about Nijisanji directly? I know Kuro and Matara have made comments like "wow it sure is nice having competent managers and being praised" but have any of them actually said shit about niji? they may be under some sort of NDA or non-disparagement clause as part of their severance agreement.

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Oh now is who care when the obvious redflag being waved in front of your face is brought up kek.

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Well no-one expected Niji to drop a termination like that or do a black screen stream but here we are.

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>btw here's my hyper specific retelling of someone who was bullied in a black company who I don't think you should financially support until they leave the company no real reason why i'm bringing this up
>btw I'm in Japan hanging out with all my friends! what's that? Nijiwho?
>Check out my clipper's other videos like "Anycolor is a black company" or "NijiEN is filled with bullies"
>btw remember that deez nuts shit? haha how dumb was that

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When did she mention the deez nuts? I'll believe a lot of stuff but everyone, even ex-Niji, has avoided Zaion like the plague, I don't believe Pomu's done any different there

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I think women's tennis has gotten pretty awful ever since gorillas became the face of it

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As they should, Sayu's a retard whose just jealous of Doki, anyone with half a brain avoids her and blacklists her

>> No.69758424

Just this morning she was laughing about deez nuts stickers

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kson definitely on the clique side. she will have a collab with uki in a few weeks. screencap this

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I would be surprised if she knows who that is.

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Oh, that just sounds like she was laughing at a joke. Yeah, that checks out, I thought the post was trying to imply it had something to do with Zaion. Neve rmind then.

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The funny thing is she's the only person in Vshojo who'll talk to Sayu and the clique hates her so just absolutely strange stuff going on.

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Gundou is a numberfag, that's why she's attaching herself to doki even though Sayu went through the same thing AND CAN SPEAK JAPANESE, because Sayu's numbers are not big enough.

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It's simple - she's team Riku.

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>no real reason why i'm bringing this up
She brought it up because that idol (who she named herself after) was graduating that day, and she went to her idol live.

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True, but she's got a shot at it, which Sayu never did. Sayu's career was dead a while ago, Doki at least actually follows Gundo while Sayu just got humiliated when she made that retarded reach out to her on twit

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Doki is also a numberfag she's ignoring sayu as much as everyone else.

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Then why hang out with Sayu so much? Literally appear in her lore video which not so subtly at all throws shade at her past life?

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Sayu's just an afterthought as far as Kson's concerned.

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Can you blame them? Sayu is like Silvervale but way, way worse. She's toxic to any chance of growth or reputation you can have outside like small Phase. I'm just waiting for their team to fuck up epically tomorrow on Rivals and sink their reputations even more

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That's not a reason, that's just you saying you don't know.

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Fact is all the successful Chuubas are gonna be numberfags to some extent. Of course they won't associate with losers like Sayu and of course you'll have leeches trying to get big off of them. That's just how it is in any entertainment industry.

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The same Riku who threatened VCR he would block all of Niji from VCR Ark if Kson was invited?

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Sayu is just a victim of normal fags harassment. She has a dark humor that obviously make normal fags angry. She gets hated for the same reason people who enjoys loli chuubas are hated for.

>> No.69759600

You have loli chuubas who collab with the big names, who talk with them and hang out with them, Sayu's persona non grata in vtubing outside Phase. It definitely isn't just normal fags, most Vtubers, and definitely all the major ones other than Kson, don't want to go anywhere near her or even be seen accidentally interacting with her

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it seems niji wasn't that much better on JP side huh

>> No.69760312

Kuro and Matara still fawn over their "friends". Matara did the whole elevator bit with Enna and Millie, they're all clearly friends. They might've disliked management and complained about them but they were complacent or worse about Selen's bullying.

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>No Kson just think she's too big now for something like this.
yet she dragged Henya into a Q2 Humanity contest.

>> No.69761292

>phasebegging out of fucking nowhere
like pottery

>> No.69761333

Kuro is a fucking a criminal who committed federal crimes via tax evasion. That don't stop them from interacting with him, or even them hiring him. How is he any different than sayu.

>> No.69761737

She was unironically fired for hurting the feelings of the Japanese people.

>> No.69762009

It is simply true. Only hope in hell sayu has of ever joining any sort of corpo would be Phase, no other Corpo would take her on ever

>> No.69762124

Least obvious femcel.

>> No.69762127

Kson just wanted to leech of henya numbers. Kson is washed she fell from grace a long time ago and the only reason she's relevant again is because she sucked the right dick for it.

>> No.69762146

The moment selen's termination came out kuro posted on his main acct (or maybe his alt acct) just shading niji, seconded with shoto saying smth about how being indie is actually a great thing

>> No.69762319

Probably because they all just don't like her

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Please don't compare my precious sweetheart bratty hag Zaion to that political lgbtq+ whore Gundou who can't stop talking about how many people she slept with. Gundou is what would happen if took all worst traits of vshojo streamers and combined them together.
Newfag monkeys here seem to think she was fired for baseball joke but reality is she was the biggest yab machine in Nijisanji for years and it's a miracle she wasn't fired in 2020 or earlier. If anything, the fact she was allowed to stay in the company so long was one of main arguments for how unhinged and free Nijisanji is compared to Hololive. Lots of people felt relief when there was finally a good excuse to get rid of her (angering millions of baseball fans, national sport of Japan, when Nijisanji's biggest event every year is Koshien).

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Sure but he also put out a post all about how he's sorry for the innocent people who are just doing their jobs and will get hurt. He also doesn't follow Doki at all, she doesn't follow any of his accounts and Shoto was happily flirting with Uki yesterday.

>> No.69762626

>turned into
how new

>> No.69762715

and that's why I hope she stays indie. she doesn't need your "help"
there's a slight problem with your theory: Kson didn't stream it, only Liica (on yt) and Henya (twitch) did.

>> No.69762716

Sorry dude its true. Nobody who isn't already a nobody like Silvervale touches Sayu with a 10-foot pole. Kson's the sole exception

>> No.69762838

They never talked to each other and don't have common interests. Shitting on old company might be a good conversation starter when you meet someone at the pub but not when you stream in front of 5k+ people.

>> No.69762859

Sure, I don't really care if she joins Phase or stays Indie, whatever works best for her. Just a fact that she has no prospects of ever collabing with any big names in vtubing outside Kson's weird pity thing for her

>> No.69762874

Anon I understand how it might make sense for them to appear to support each other publicly but it would probably just give Anycolor more legal ammo in the form of "NDA violation" bullshit. Keep in mind that Sayu is STILL at least trying to keep up the "one girl" facade.

>> No.69762955

Doki hates her guts. Sayu's a fucking menhera, Doki will never be retarded enough to waste time on her

>> No.69763051

Sayu still just reached out to her and clearly isn't being invaded by Niji so that doesn't excuse it. None of them even gave a twitter comment like Sayu did.

>> No.69763059

wtf is this akatsuki thing btw, all I can find is some random indie chuubas with that surname

>> No.69763066

literally it's
>just let out my loudest voice of today
which sounds stupid in English but it's not specified what kind of voice, did she gasp? did she laugh? did she say awww shit nigga? the japanese are a mysterious race and leave this to your imagination

>> No.69763104

lmao, even
poor attempt, sister

>> No.69763163

right but I'm asking if he or matara have actually said anything negative about Niji by name. From what I gather he hasn't said anything negative about Niji directly, which suggests some sort of non-disparagement clause in the severance agreement.

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>Kson's weird pity thing
they're actually friends and met in meatspace quite a few times

>> No.69763324

>but reality is she was the biggest yab machine in Nijisanji for years and it's a miracle she wasn't fired in 2020 or earlier
Unfathomably retarded take. """"""yabs"""""" like Gundou does are unironically the only reason to watch Niji chuubas.

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>nijidrama thread
>ESL numberapes have to make it about kson for whatever reason
she is too powerful

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If K and M have anything to share to help save Niji's rep, they should do it once the shitfest clears. And use their vtuber monikers and not 4chan leaker anonymous bullshit.

>> No.69763425

Keep coping, sooner you accept Doki isn't a retard like Sayu the better. Just go back to watching your pathetic indie drama bitch while Doki's getting actual success and higher numbers than Sayu will ever see

>> No.69763531

What, you actually like Silvervale? Sorry then for you nobody else does

>> No.69763663

Kson on Niji's side ? The same kson who's been blacklisted by niji ? What the fuck are you whaffing about ?

>> No.69763955

This is an intervention. Stop being obsessed with drama and focus on watching your oshi's streams instead.

Don't become a sister or a SEAfag. Watch streams and do something constructive for your oshi's community. You can save yourself today!

>> No.69764054

No, even Doki didn't say anything about niji directly too, always referred to it as "my last job/my previous job" so yeah maybe NDA's were put in place

>> No.69764202

Why are the NDF pushing that kson is pro-niji???
What's the motive?

>> No.69764266

They are getting desperate.

>> No.69764308

Is this what gen Z is like...

>> No.69764406

>right winger prefers pedophile to gay
What a surprise.

>> No.69764431

It's their most ridiculous yet, kson has literally been persona non grata by niji, what the fuck are these bitches talking about

>> No.69764580

>Sayu's career was dead a while ago
It's kinda undead now. She's in solid 4view territory, had 3k CCV across Twitch and Youtube when I dropped in a few days ago.

>> No.69764696

Can't you see that the streamer who talks shit about and is blacklisted by Nijisanji is secretly on their side? It's so obvious I don't even need a source.

>> No.69764914

Yeah she's okay for small indie, but she's got no growth potential cause she'll never be able to collab any higher or get more eyes on her thanks to bigger Vtubers sending raids and shit. She's at a dead end, Doki has basically infinite growth potential and has literally everyone lining up for a piece of her

>> No.69765026

Just letting you all know that a more accurate translation of NotGundou's tweet would be "I let out a loud voice (scream) today."

>> No.69765090

Well sister, I can tell you her NDA is expiring soon. Maybe she'll have a good chance to get some more eyes on her soon :)

>> No.69765370

God, I love how much you are seething.

>> No.69765425

>he doesn't know about one of the most iconic "villain" groups on anime
Fucking zoomer retard, I bet he only know reddit shows like Frieren or Bochi

>> No.69765599

Nijisis, I thought we hate doki? What happened?

>> No.69765609

It's honestly funny seeing femanons desperately trying to spin that Sayu is doing poorly.

>> No.69765876

Yeah, drama, because that ever works great for Sayu. Sayu's fans should want her to stay away from drama, she's not Doki, all Sayu ever does when drama comes around is shit herself and make a big mess then cry on twitter and vanish for a day or two

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Love seeing her make it, love seeing those faggots seethe almost as much

>> No.69765964

What are you talking about? Doki's great, Sayu's a talentless menhera

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She's literally doing so badly she's crying about it every second day. This morning she said herself that she thinks she's totally alone and that no-one important will ever collab with her

>> No.69766170

No, they're right, Silvervale sucks. Thank god they kicked her out of VShojo

>> No.69766237

Silver anti here. Silver isnt even toxic to growth, shes just THAT menhara that even desperate 2views would rather give fake blowjobs to an asmr mic for an hour than play party animals with her for 40 minutes.

>> No.69766238

>be me
>stop watching anime in 2008 when it all goes to shit
>avoid shonen shit because it's fucking retarded
>somehow get called a zoomer because of this

>> No.69766368

Silver absolutely is, she fucks up every single thing she does and gets absolutely shit views even when debuting new outfits. She's a fucking joke and VShojo dodged a bullet when they fired her ass

>> No.69766375

My "wat" is because pointing out that the other anon is a seething femanon obviously has nothing to do with watching or liking Silvervale.

>> No.69766407

Now silvervale sucks? You faggots were calling her based and sucking on her used blood encrusted tampons during pikamee Harry Potter drama. You faggots are so fucking shameless.

>> No.69766451

Count Doku and Count Doki heh

>> No.69766479

What the fuck are you talking about? Only retards were doing that, Vshojo actual fans were always team Froot

>> No.69766497

She's menhera and can't see what she has. But it's fine. My penis will save her.

>> No.69766537

What penis? You have been castrated long ago.

>> No.69766605

castration takes the balls off retard. the word you're looking for is emasculation.

>> No.69766810


>> No.69766882

Stop coping you dumb fuck. You know you can just look at archives and find all those fucking threads of you faggots worshiping silvervale and shitting froot as well over her LGBT grift. Get the fuck outta here with that. You aren't going to rewrite history you disingenuous cunt.

>> No.69766945

>this is what Frootrannies actually believe

>> No.69767219

Just go the fuck to the Vshojo thread right now and look for yourself retard. Yeah, there are some losers who still support Silver and they threw a fucking fit over her getting fired but no one really cares, Silver's gone and good riddance fucking bitch

>> No.69767359

>Nothing can stop us at all
Bitch you almost stopped yourself. Twice.

>> No.69767453

Now this is the kind of unity I like.

>> No.69767527

Narutards get the rope

>> No.69767535

She was terminated for a fucking baseball joke. Make of that what you will.

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Ram-ku is the only argonian that deserves to live. gas every other one. that is all

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Studying Japanese is one of her original goals so she's probably working on it as we speak.

>> No.69768113

>you can just look at archives and find all those fucking threads
You mean catalogfags who arent even clipwatchers? If vshojo viewers believed this you would find it in /vsj+/

>> No.69768126
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>no one posted the clip of Sesei laughing her ass off at Nijisanji getting flamed
Here it is

>The blame is probably 60-40 on management... well .. [laughs more] ... 70-30 on management

>> No.69768145

She's literally gone out for dinner with the mangaka of Hajime no Ippo after that shit, so I don't really think the Japanese people care about it that much

>> No.69768245

Having watched Sayu a decent amount over the past month, I don't think she's nearly as bad as her reputation here and elsewhere seems to apply. Classic outrage culture at work I guess.

>> No.69768265

>Shitting on old company might be a good conversation starter when you meet someone at the pub but not when you stream in front of 5k+ people.
Are you kidding? That's a 50k+ viewer stream right there

>> No.69768360

Dramafags get bored easily and quickly leave. Negative streams alienate people who could be your longterm audience.

>> No.69768461

I have about as much faith in her learning Japanese as I have faith in Chinami learning English

>> No.69768538

That is bullshit and we have literally seen how bullshit it is the past two weeks. There's no need to make up weird complex reasons why Doki avoids her, like the rest of the Vtubing scene she just doesn't like Sayu

>> No.69768710

Reach. She just wants to chill and play games for a living. Distancing yourself from people actively involved in drama you want to move away from makes perfect sense.

>> No.69769274

It's not bullshit at all. Doki went from 120k to 30k to 10k and will soon be 5k streamer just like she was in Niji, maybe a bit higher simply because she was exposed to a lot more people and her design is less garbage. Drama is a powerful burst but isn't good longterm content.

>> No.69769340

she wasnt a 5k in niji more like 2-3k most of the time

>> No.69769477

>Isn't the NijiEN drama insane?
>I know I shouldn't really talk about it but I will

ok that made me laugh

>> No.69769533

>retard expected her to be a 120K streamer
Dramanig IQ is low

>> No.69769592

She had 3.5k average, plenty of streams above 4k. But I guess "5k streamer like in niji was too charitable".

Did you reply to wrong post, moron?

>> No.69769752

Oh no no no, sisters our response??

>> No.69769756

Yeah this destroys the rrat

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>It's not bullshit at all. Doki went from 120k to 30k
Legit question, are you a fucking retard?

>> No.69770099

>Doki went from 120k to 30k to 10k and will soon be 5k streamer
jesus christ how can be the sisters so bad at this

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>> No.69770300


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>and her design is less garbage

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File: 463 KB, 1042x651, Ramku had seen much but never gets used to it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.69770740

Tick Tock

>> No.69770866

Don't shit talk Bochi she is literally me

>> No.69770882

She means that dramabird bitch needs to calm down.

>> No.69770958

>that long as fuck link
Not gonna click your virus website, retard-chama.

>> No.69771026

>Using windows or a phone in 2024

>> No.69771103

>Niji Akatsuki
Wakaten dayo

>> No.69771188

Only drama shitters and fagoons are shitting on sayu.

>> No.69771297

Hi sister.

>> No.69771319

Your larping is cringe, Nijikek

>> No.69771378

Seething dramashitting fagoons you love to see it.

>> No.69771449

You lost Nijifag, everyone hates you more than usual

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>> No.69771577

OK sister.

>> No.69771744

Do better.

>> No.69771796

Cope and seethe.

>> No.69771884

>mass replying
It's Kurover.

>> No.69771937

OK sister.

>> No.69771989
File: 5 KB, 246x205, asdgf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.69772107

Or it never happened lul

>> No.69772131

I don't think it was even a particularly offensive one either, like wasn't it the typical japes any spirited sportsball fan would do?

>> No.69772161

Her latest stream was 18K you lying cunt.

>> No.69772217

No I must defend my mentally ill bird. If I don't she'll bring out The Third Attempt

>> No.69772309

That's literally all she knows lol. At least she doesn't use "attempts" to gain sympathy.....oh wait, that's a good idea

>> No.69772319

You seem confused. I just like to fan the flames as this shit company and everyone in it collapses under it's own yabs.

>> No.69772324

kson is literally a Niji anti. If anything she hates both the clique and doki since its Nijifag infighting.

>> No.69772334

Japanese sports fans don't banter like other sports fans would. If you talk negatively about baseball in Japan, people will treat you like you killed their parents in front of them.

>> No.69772382

>everyone hates you more than usual
Oh no, now all the people who already hated us are going to hate us more. Instead of hiding their hatred of us they are going to... tell us on twitter lmao.

>> No.69772401

She's actually not a bad girl. She was just put into a situation that she couldn't handle--a lot of people couldn't--and people like you will never ever forgive her for it. It's disgusting. She did nothing that deserves what she's had done to her. Nothing. Far worse people have been allowed to continue their lives. Someday everyone who has hurt this girl will get what is coming to them.

>> No.69772464

I was there in the twitter space when she said she wasn't interested in and doesn't watch male vtubers. Top Kek.

>> No.69772517

>ignoring all those artist who will never draw NijisanjiEN ever again
>ignoring all those normalfags that will avoid Nijisanji thanks to dramashart exposure (Asmon, False, ect)
>ignoring some merch companies that will avoid collabs with Niji (or lifting collabs like that PC case one)
Ignoring reality isn't healthy btw

>> No.69772764

not an attempt, but she did say in her "one girl's story" doc that she felt like she wanted to end her own life.

>> No.69772782

Don't forget some day one members tapping out too.

>> No.69772812

Phase is not too far behind NijiEN--and closing fast. Not a bad corpo to be collabing with if you are Sayu.

>> No.69772976

Honestly who gives a fuck about Kuro OR Matara? Everyone keeps talking like Doki needs their approval--when she was bigger in the vtubing scene than either of them have ever been. Matara was a flop at NijiEN and Kuro has always is like third choice in his own gen. Doki was the most famous NijiEN girl who was known all over.

Why does she need THEIR approval? The only ones at her level in Vshojo are Henya, KSon, and the Mouse. Fucking sick of hearing about Kuro and Matara. No one gives a fuck about these people.

>> No.69773033

Alternative point: KSon has never been bigger than she is right now. She got put in a fucking Yakuza game. Her PL could only dream of something like that.

>> No.69773123

There is no evidence that Doki hates Sayu. Absolutely zero.

>> No.69773375

>follows gundou for some reason
>does not follow sayu

>> No.69773506

I remember when everyone champion Nina to be nerissa because of Kiara. Some people do care about her.

>> No.69773512

>They barely interacted when they were on Nijisanji
>expect them to be friends or enemies based on Twitter follows
Go back to r*ddit, dramatard

>> No.69773549

Undeniable proof. Checkmate dramabirds.

>> No.69773552

Tell me about the deep Gundou/Selen friendship

>> No.69773623

Nothing, just random follows
>expecting Doki to know Japanese and be friends with a Jap that has 0 EN knowledge

>> No.69773675

You have to be at least 18 years old to post on this site

>> No.69773677

That's right, she's going out of her way to connect with ex-Nijis she has literally zero connection with... except for Sayu

Really makes you think!

>> No.69773771

>this means she hates Sayu
Based retard, this is why they call you Nijisister because your brain works like a teenage girl one

>> No.69773781

Yes, clearly she hates her guts.

>> No.69774576

It is pretty obvious Doki doesn't like Sayu, her outright ignoring her being one of the only ex-Nijis to reach out to her makes it obvious. Doki doesn't wanna be associated with that loser

>> No.69774975

Doki, all of Vshojo and every single one of her ex-Indie friends who made it big are too. Cyu was sitting on a story about how bad Niji was for ages and when his friend got terminated he ghosted her but when Doki got terminated he jumped at the chance to whore himself out and get points. Face it, Sayu's a fucking loser, she has no friends and all the big Vtubers hate her

>> No.69775189

Nope. You dramastarving fagoons hate her.

>> No.69775253

...on my head

>> No.69775368

Sorry that's just how the situation is and she knows it. She's despised so much that even with all of Niji crashing and burning not a single person worth a damn has even spoken to her yet

>> No.69777663

kson should just stay away from mike and collab with delu, then add rica and henya to the mix later.

>> No.69778163

It‘s scary.

>> No.69780739

Gundou chihiro and doki are forming a team

>> No.69781317

Precisely because of what niji did to her

>> No.69781414
File: 56 KB, 480x480, 1681860376087351.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Enna keeps losing subs

>> No.69783444

>500k by the end of the year

>> No.69785125

I thought Delu had too many Chinese mods/paypigs to make direct interaction with her feasible

>> No.69785371

look at finana's current ccv if you want a good laugh

>> No.69785582

I think pomu doesn'tfollow anyone from niji on pl, and both kuro and Mata have friends in niji they have better chemistry with than doki?

>> No.69785680

Don't question the inside pitch.

>> No.69785881

She had a couple "learning" streaming, the bet with Luca, talked about getting a teacher, but that was all over a year and a half ago at this point. Why would Doki have any reason to learn at this point? She should want to rid herself of anything to do with the country

>> No.69786242

nope, the only two cooked are the racist and the guy that plagiarized, God I hope the drama channels have something abt the piece of shit for April.

>> No.69786497

she deserves it

>> No.69786844

It's just dramafags bitching that those two aren't throwing any of their previous associates under the bus like Sayu, Doki, or the tranny. It's a bit suspicious that they won't go for a superficial "you go, Doki" or something, but considering that they might still be in contact with people within Niji on friendly terms, they probably just don't want to ruffle any feathers.

>> No.69789408
File: 118 KB, 463x453, 1621740157179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so this is what aging feels like...

>> No.69790335

Fuck the feds, though.

>> No.69790728

no, that's not the problem. delu clearly showed that she respects kson. it's the mike thing that makes it awkward between the both of them.

>> No.69791042

>federal crimes
Isn't he British?

>> No.69791078

are you a cute femcel?

>> No.69791310
File: 72 KB, 463x453, 871A6AC2-35BE-47E4-B1E2-86863822AC16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>followed by notchihiro, one of the OG, 1st gen jp

>> No.69792012
File: 778 KB, 1055x1506, sensei.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hmm, what could she possibly mean by this?

>> No.69792300

>it's the mike thing
To this day I still don't understand what is up with that, did Mike go full menhera on Delu or what?

>> No.69792476

fucking twat my wife is not a talentless menhera.

>> No.69792721

This is the most obvious falseflag I've seen today, and there's some pretty bad ones. Get some sleep, anon. Doki wouldn't want you to be so mean to people.

>> No.69793950

Unity going well is it sister?

>> No.69796803

i'm interested now

>> No.69800294

she sucked Kiryu Kazuma's Like a dragon cock, im happy for her.

>> No.69800657

>She got into a Yakuza game as a porn model
whew. So she's now as big a name as your average none-penetration porno star.

>> No.69800891

There are nude mods already. She's moving up in the world. Soon the SFM porn...

>> No.69801790

Left wingers REALLY shouldn't be throwing stones about pedophilia, you don't live in a glass house, you live in a fucking glass neighborhood about that.

>> No.69803702

Masterful baited ser

>> No.69803792

>Her dream was to be a cam whore in a video game
Do women REALLY

>> No.69804529

>Committed tax fraud
Holy based

>> No.69805301

She gets to CANONICALLY fuck her oshi. Don't tell me you wouldn't do the same Anon.

>> No.69806500

She's doing her reps, she's playing with Uto already and if she starts playing with TSB she should gain a bit more.

>> No.69806716

>Dramafags get bored easily and quickly leave
That's when it's optimal to do a collab with Sayu. But it may be a while, with the upcoming release in Mar/Apr, kek.

>> No.69806806

When did 5 view not be amazing for an Indie?

>> No.69806979

numberfags should be hanged

>> No.69808288