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God I'd love to know what porn this woman reads and watches. She gives off severe girl-next-door nympho vibes.

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She wants you to jack off to her

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She needs you to jack off to her

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Sora sex!

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Bondage and gang rape

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oh, i can tell you what she reads: 392427

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Interracial, NTR, Cuckold, Prostitution

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>he doesn't know

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Probably into bbc porn. Japan women have weird fetishes.

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A dyke, just like every other holo

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it's not an request

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Not true in the slightest, she's talked about her taste in manga with Iofi. She's a yumejoshi anon through and through, she wants to be the woman fawned over by a group of ikemen

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Which member of Hololive do you reckon Sora has scissored with most?

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Sora has probably spent the most time with A-Chan so my bet is they've slammed their clams together the most.

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They probably scissor every chance they get.

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>Women's favorite
wtf I'm a woman?

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Everyone wants to fuck and lewd Sora

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Anyone got that webm of Sora in her Hoshimatic outfit doing those sexy poses?

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>ASMR countdown
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zlc0brUvcOo&t=3567
>3D erotic
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEc6ERUv3jQ&t=1947
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNEC926a4g0?si=CVyJa6b2S62BiBOu&t=2739
>VA erotic
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96my7Hk4_1E&t=5600
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qd5HBpoOIJA&t=1735
- https://twitter.com/tokino_sora/status/1739605981653549210#m

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This doesn't apply to Japanese people. Their top tags are five different types of cuckoldry.

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>an request

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Big thanks to Suisei for giving us the chance to see Sora do this.

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I should watch streams more

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She's into pegging, CBT, and unprotected h*nd-h*lding

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>picking on small typos
you must be real popular when it comes to party invitations..

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why would i go to parties? people fucking suck

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She's probably really into that popular jp amateur genre where girls hook up with their gaijin penpals when they visit japan and recording it on their phone camera.

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What a slut. When's my turn

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She doesn't watch porn because she has sex with her husband (me)

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Imagine Sora innocently walking up to you, getting right next to your ear and whispering "I want you to masturbate to me tonight."

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okay you guys know what to do
release the iwaras

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I posted his

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poncozione is the go to

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>Trans male transgender more popular with women
that should give you a hint to not take this list seriously.

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Transmale means female to male. Mtf is what's more popular with men.
Look at all the women drooling over Ao, sometimes tomboys/women in suits are pretty popular with women.

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When Hololive collabed with Shueisha the chubas gave their manga recs and Sora picked this trash isekai where the MC bangs his assistant in like the 4th chapter lmao. Nice to see that she reads ecchi trash too.


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This dude is cool. His Sora works always get me so erect

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why is there not a single doujin of her?

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Shes pure so she doesnt do that, she doesnt even know what turtleshell bondage is

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i hate to say it but crossdressers get a ton of pussy, although quite a few of them are just degenerates instead of trannys

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Sora doesn't watch porn. She has like 40 women she can sex at any time.

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I already do.

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poncozione iwara chad anon thanks

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Hold up ive got one. It wasen centered on her but there was an AMAZING Doujin I read with her in it. Marine gets into some Koyo-labs stuff and gets a penis for one week despite having multiple collabs and knowing she cant control her libido. She ends up raping Subaru Miko Mel and a few others. Right before the week ends she ends up running into Sora and is barely able to control herself because....ya know its friggan Sora. Turns out Sora actually heard about what happened and used the Koyo-labs formula as well and as the Dai-Senpai decides to punish Marine herself for her crimes via Futa on Futa rape. Its amazing and yes she does the line

Afterwards Noel is also pissed about her violating Shuba and jams a mace inn her ass in a pst-credit scene. Its great 10/10

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So many girls want to have a taste of Sora-chan.

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Sora is not sexy, she's the white bread of Hololive
very plain and normal

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I don't get the appeal of ikemen tomboys like Ao-kun.

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She doesn't watch normal porn, she just furiously finger-fucks her pussy while watching soratomos cumtributing her pictures

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>World Trigger
>Oshi no Ko
Suisei has good taste.

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somehow i believe this

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Very delicious bread

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>YWN have a happy and loving relationship with the girl next door

Ha ha....yeh who would ever want that...who would want to come home to a happy and emotionally stable woman raising your children right who are all happy to see you and love you unconditionally. Knowing a sense of peace beyond anything you thought possible and understanding the meaning of "family" for the first time and as the years wear on it never fading because it was real and genuine before dying a fullfilled life surrounded by loved ones centered around the life the two of you built together. Who in their right mind would ever want this one thing THIS ONE DAMN THING that you can never have in todays sordid and disintergrating world where even the atoms of those dreams were taken from you years before you were even born and even wanting that form of contentment is shunned hated and spat upon by that same modern degenerate world that dirty dances on your digits hanging onto the edge by fraying threads of sanity and wonders why you are on the edge in the first place.

Ya know something like that

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Those are usually the most perverted

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Jacking off to the girl next door is normal and healthy

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That's a nice description, anon. Why don't you back it up with a source?

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only if she says nun nun while asking

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>Women aren't into Trans Males
>Forgets Vox exists

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Marines one week sexcaspade I think

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>Its amazing and yes she does the line

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Sora is so hot that I would legitimately eat her shit if she asked me to.