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Who has better management?

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You could put anyone who isn't in Wactor on the left and the answer would still be obvious.

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>Who has better management?
what do you men "who has", they both are quasi-management—OH, I SEE WHAT YOU WERE GOING FOR, GOOD ONE, ANON

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I genuinely think that Vshojo talents would probably get in way more drama if they were even half as retarded as Niji talents, nobody is there to stop them from pulling an Uki, they already do stupid shit like letting froots mom fight trolls for her. That being said though, Vshojo management is seemingly there to assist when the talents actually request something so Niji is still way worse.

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>get in way more drama if they were even half as retarded as Niji talents
You are completely right but you gave the wrong example.
If that slut lets her mom fight her battles, then if her mother gets into trouble she can just say "it was my mom" and not only insulate herself from the backlash, but also the other Vwhorehouse talents.

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dont you mean "is" anon?

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the vshojo rrats become more stupid every day, but I guess it's to be expected since Vshojo didn't have any drama since Vei Silver and Nyan left and antis hate to see that.

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How many suicide attempts in Vshojo?

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I suspect op meant to ask who has better management "skills. He may have left out the word skills. And Ironmouse would still win.

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buy an ad

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I think they get some management. I suspect Gunrun put down the law so no one would interact with the latest Niji-drama in any way shape or form, for instance, and of course, unlike Niji, management actually does stuff for the talents.

Fair point. Still Ironmouse, by far. She didn't write three page assassination pieces when her mates left the company (or even 12 bullet point ones). Didn't say anything even after Silvervale shat all over her in her public pickme breakdown. She's been amazingly stealthy, smooth, and responsible in comparison. But the truth is Melody is the real management, while she's just the clique leader.

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Hololive obviously

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Why are VShojofags such pussies? Everytime someone shitposts their company, they are an anti. Do they even know what that word means?

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Make a funny shitpost next time instead of crying.

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Isn't it obvious?

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>I'm the one crying

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Let's ask a person that worked under both

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I know people are going to pick Mouse for sure
but I'm a little hesitant, I can't forget about the Hogwarts Legacy stuff where Froot piled on to Silvervale's harassment campaign

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Christ she sounds like my friend who got abused and then finally found a semi decent girl

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Do you have any proof of that other than the one screenshot of froot talking in her own chat?

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Management was so good they turned a wolf warrior into a taco munching westaboo

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FOR NOW at least.
If Embezzlement rrats are true that would be worse than doxxing. Especially since it would tie into Selen/Doki's breaking point of spending money for no profit.

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tourist janny would delete the thread if he didn't.

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Nice try Vshojosisters only one of those have a chance of ever becoming a mother.

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not nearly enough

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Was she mind broken by her own stupidity?
Is there a qrd?

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Elira is fucking fuming right now

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Wdym? Ironmouse talks about her daughter, and I really doubt it's a psyop.

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>couldnt help her friend while she was getting bullied for playing a wizard game

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She must have tried to kill herself then, right?

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>like letting froots mom fight trolls for her.
sup ant, be an actual vtuber instead of a dramawhore

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Actually rent free

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>go to usa as a foreign student
>beocme addicted to deep fried tacos
>come back to glorious Chyna
>cry about lack of tacos and mexican food in Chyna
She tasted freedom and complains about the lack of it in Chyna

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Vshojo only takes established talents and those with some drama popularity. Nijisanji develops 2views into 4views. You can only really test vshojo by giving them a generation of no-name 2views and seeing how they develop them. We all know how their auditions went and it was a big farce. At the moment they're just coasting.