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Who has the best ass in vtubing?

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towa does

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Ass doko?

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presented without comment

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I LOVE towabutt so much...

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Nene Amano (my wife btw)
Her ass is perfect

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cute ojou butt

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I'm always surprised with how few anons sexualize Roboco. She's one of the hottest members of gen0, only topped by Sora these days.

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idk the feet tho

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Idk what board discuss fresh streamers, but for sure it isn't /here/

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the source of precious Nakirium

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mad cause wrong

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They require bravery.

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There is nothing in the world better than a wide hipped loli

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Did you even see the member valentines VN stream?

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Who's this?

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I've never had such a desperately raw animalistic need to breed a robot until Roboco came along.

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Personally I want to plant my face on Okayu's ass until it grows in place and I become a part of it for eternity, however she says Shuba's ass is really nice so I will go with her recommendation for this question.

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My sweet little erotic daughterwife

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Fleshstreamer (no, 2.5D doesn't count) aren't Vtubers, anon.

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it's aki and it's not even close

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I like Suisei butt!

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>>69500301 adcvr both in model and irl

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Gayest shit I've ever read on here

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Bump for the humps

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this is how you get stroggified

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Reminder that kson's stomach problems give her absolutely rancid and frequent braps (I want to huff them)

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Need a sex Android that is voiced and looks like roboco. Japan when will I get my sexbot?

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white men like small, firm asses, niggerchama

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some retard with a speech impediment who works for the meme company. no, not that one, the other one

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No victory without sacrifice

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Only low test white men.
I'm white as the fjords and I love BIG, JIGGLY MOUNDS of ASSFLESH

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Roboco and it isn't even close. I am saying this as an IRyStocrat.

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Based. IRyS probably has the best ass in EN with Kiara a very close 2nd.

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IRyS is hot as shit and probably the most feminine vtuber out there, but even so you gotta face facts sometimes. One such fact is Roboco's out of this world dumpy.

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This is why Gura will NEVER love you, cumfuck.

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No wonder cuck porn is aimed at white men

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i guess you're gay huh?

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no wonder you are being replaced

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and then you wonder why no one wants to be white

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stupid nip nationalist!
Needs anal correction...

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Roboco without question


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Zentreya, no contest.

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Based and true. Brown people love ass. White people and East Asians love tits.

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we will never see those old swimsuits ever again...

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That's literally a man

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>a man
faggot-kun, nande?!

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I can't even imagine not recognizing perfection when you see it.

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damn look at all the angry browns replying

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Lui has the least ladylike walk I think I've ever seen.

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Kek you upset some mongrel nigs. Seriously, why do people care so much about size over shape and firmness? There's more to asses than size.

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Shut up Mori. No one cares about your talentless horse cum filled ass.

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Marine apparently has the most bodacious fat ass in all of hololive, but she hasn't posted it anywhere. Flaunting about your fat fucking ass and not posting it should be illegal desu

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who said subaru has the softest ass

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I want to spank this hags butt

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imagine the smell

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Believe it was Matsuri, probably the biggest authority in how holomen asses feel to the touch.

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It doesnt look right without Shioris hand on it. Oh speaking of Shiori

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"Slap the butt and guess who's it is by the sound" is a fun game.

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just going to leave this here

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Made for spanking.

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>no chocolate sauce in filename
i'll have to politely ask, who?

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Holy Sexo

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man ass

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gayest opinion of the entire day, and I just got out of adult gif

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>white as the fjords
sure, tiny dick mexican chama. slender female figures are KING

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It literally is in the filename

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Fuck off, Mori.
Biggest =/= Best

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What do you suppose roborump smells like? I'll bet hopes, dreams and cosmoline.

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like a freshly-unwrapped graphics card

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obligatory Henbutt

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You post your hand I'll post mine.
You're simply lowtest. Cripplingly so.

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new ip...

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This is an ass thread, where big round butts are celebrated. Kindly stop posting your pics of underdeveloped children and return to your pedophile containment thread.

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this is bait right?

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cry more

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I like this one, but I bet a turned on robot smells like that smell that comes off of the back of an old CRT TV set.

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>not liking small butts

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forearm, spic. Let's see what you've got

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The type of people that think five 1 dollar bills lined up is better than a single 20

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Most likely one of the birbs.

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Kind reminder that Sora's asshole is all slimy and smooth inside so she can poop easier, not so you can rub your dick against her sensitive anal walls until you fill it with your fresh semen. Only degenerates would want to cum inside her warm and soft butt while her head is down in a pillow. The same degenerates who would enjoy going balls deep inside her poop chute, the most private and intimate part of her body, before slowly and gently sliding out so Sora can enjoy the faux sensation of taking a long and satisfying dump while her anal muscles twitch and coil lovingly around their penis. And when they get close to cumming, they would do unimaginable things like fully taking their dick out with a loud and wet plop before resting it on her soft butt cheek, admiring the lewd gaping of her messy and wet shit hole and the slimy juices oozing out of it as she squeals in embarrassment. Absolutely disgusting.

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>Towa is no one

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I love being able to see the wrinkles of one's anus around the string of their thong.

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I definitely never fantasized about being Sora's personal dance teacher alone with her at the studio in the late evening and getting teased until I can't take it anymore and just rip her spats open and start eating her asshole out before I pierce her sphincter sending her guttural unladylike groans echoing throughout the whole building.

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This is the objectively correct answer and anybody who posts after me is wrong and smells of fish

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Roboco wins this thread cause everyone else is just posting off model fanart

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I fucking love canadian bitches

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i know that /vt/ is the tourist board, but there is a limit.

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Amebutt is underrated. I agree with you that she must have a nice rear

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It utterly blows my mind that there is anyone arguing for anyone else. This thread should be 10 replies long and nine of them should have just been pics of Roboco's ass.

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Well your image smells of eggs

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ready to sex