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>Seleen didn’t initially make a statement to the public about being bullied, Kurosanji put it in the termination letter
>She confirmed it afterwards after termination
>Elira outed names (Millie, Enna & I)

like seriously, they're so full of shit that it is mind-blowing. Kurosanji definitely deserves everything that's coming to them, and I hope they fire everyone involved and start again from the scratch

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Even if none of it was actually true by some schizo NDF miracle, Them lining up their hitpiece with doki's neopets stream shows deliberate malice, They could have done it hours earlier as to not catch her right when she goes LIVE, but they adjusted the time to make it line up, Almost as if they wanted her to have a public breakdown on purpose

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Yeah Dramabird also self-reported being a BPD menhera bitch that should not be take attention.

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They have pretty much self-reported, yes, and it's fucking hilarious

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Maybe you NDF fags should show her how it's done and rope yourselves in one try?

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>no u
Dookiefags really have no defense for her mentally ill liar

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I think it's pretty clear that nijisanji is, or at least was, under the impression that the dossier Doki's lawyer sent them was actually a veiled threat to go public. That would be the only reason they would try to get ahead of it. Twice. And be worried about doxxing. Including Elira, Millie, and Enna's location in there was probably just because they're from the same country as Doki and she may have thought it relevant if they went to that court.

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Vox won't fuck you discord sister. No matter how much you defend him. You're too old for him.

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">Selen" tweets about her situation in the hospital
>Niji confirms that she was locked out of her social media at that time
Not only did they admit to skinwalking, they admitted to impersonating their employee to cover up a suicide attempt that they caused.
It doesn't matter what you think about how serious the attempt was, they knew about it. They had the hospital records. They impersonated an employee to hide a suicide attempt.
You can ignore everything else and they would still be fucked.

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The more you look into, the funnier it gets

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Honestly questions
Did you really believe bpd women, /vt/?

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All women have BPD. If I don't believe Doki then there's no reason to believe Elira or you sister.

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if you're going to keep shitting up the thread at least learn fucking english first

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Why do nijisisters project so much.

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You can't even do a Discord raid properly. You are pathetic.

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is she even diagnosed?

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Come on sisters, get new arguments already

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Seethe, all mentally ill women are evil and I prefer trust on a company than bpd bitch

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you got your steam key for this?

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already trust retards here, so why not trust bpd?
we are all bpd

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Damn Nijis bullied someone with mental illness on top of all this?

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>and I prefer trust on a company

Chink sweatshops are worse than women when it comes to credibility

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we are all mentally ill >here you absolute chink mongoloid, go back

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But my question is, do companies accept women with mental illness in the first place?
Don't they usually require a medical certificate?

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No? I don't know what corporate dystopia younlive in where you need medical tests to apply for a job

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That's the issue, though. I don't have to believe Doki. She hasn't actually said anything.

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Let me tell you a funny thing: I have BPD women in my family, who traumatized me and even committed crimes on holidays. Yet I still believe more on doki's side of the story

You Nijifags are just brainless and without capacity of impartial judgement

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She definitely doesn't need to reveal anything when the tards in Niji trip over themselves to do it for her.

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Still baffle me why they think this BPD campaign is a good idea I am like "ok?"

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She's a menhera, she's mentally ill, and everything she claims is factually questionable, but I don't care.
Because I'm bpd too

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lol, that's not even proper english mf

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People are mad about what Niji themselves admitted schizo. Please keep up. You won't ever get to suck Vox's pedo dick.

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exactly they literally self fucking reported, its the stupidest shit ever and yet you STILL have retards like this >>69221554 >Muh no proof kek dramabird kek fat memhera kek

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why are you fags so bad at this?

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Couldn't care less
But it fun to bait dramabirdfag and nijinigger

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Fucking tourist acting like mental illness is a reason for us to not trust someone, cope harder.

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>Flips found out Millie was part of the clique
>They instantly want to rape correct her
Why are Flips the only based SEAfags?

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>Doki: *Does absolute nothing*
>Niji management: "How dare she accuse other talent of bullying her and us of giving preferential treatment to some livers"
>Elira: "Yeah, how dare she accuse Enna, Millie and I of bullying her"
>Ike: "Yeah, how dare she accuse Luxiemmof getting preferential treatment"
>Vox: "Yeah, how dare she record me gloating about getting preferential treatment"
This shit is just golden

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>bpd bitch

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No matter what happens, billionaire CEO Riku had to bend over Llike a bitch and thats all that matters.

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>machine translated
at least find a real post anon

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>that should not be take attention.

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>BPD mention
Why are the nijisisters so easy to spot?

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Phase connect required their hires to have some kind of mental illness

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>allegations of an individual being bullied
>the bullies outted themselves while attacking said individual
So fucking bizarre. I wonder how Anycolor is spanking Elira now.

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It's insane how the only person to save any kind of face during this whole debacle is the fucking Yachtman himself, just because his generic PRspeak statement was so innocuous compared to Elira and co.'s character assassination piece that it cast doubt on if he even knew what was happening in the EN branch

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You are not getting anything out of serving the clique , you will burn down with nijien

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I believe she tried to kill herself as a result of a stressful work environment, but i also believe that environment was a result of her own actions.

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dramabird already threatened to make the statement so they did instead

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That ain't machine translated anon, that's just formal Tagalog since speaking formally is funny to us
An informal way of translating it would be
"Hmmm.... Millie masyadong siga...!!! Inaapi si Selen !!! Kailangan gahasain !!!"
t. Flip

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shes being personally corrected by the CEO in his special room.

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I just realized something. If the vtubers post /here/ about stuff they can't say either on stream or official/PL accounts then that means there's a ton of info hidden away on archives. But posters are only anonymous to each other, but not the mods. Wouldn't that mean the mods actually know wdf is really going on and who's telling the truth or not?

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Nobody likes dramabird, and I never watched niji in my life, unlike you. Once a nijisister, always a nijisister. The rest is projection.

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Enna claims to be a virgin to appeal to her femcel audience

But Enna has dated and moved in for more than a year with multiple boyfriends and fakes being a femcel for viewer engagement

Also Enna craves BWC and fucked Kyo during their offcollab

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And? All this proves is niji has retarded management. Holo hired an actual sociopath and still managed to tardwrangle her hard enough to profit for 3 years. They were even competent enough to fire her ass without this level of bullshit.

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Even as a soulless corpo, I can't help but feel bad for him a bit. It feels like he was just minding his own business and got blindsided out of nowhere. Even if it is indirectly his fault for not building the EN branch responsibly.

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>and I never watched niji in my life
lol and lmao

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A TON. But there's absolutely no way of knowing what the fuck was written by whom. Schizos, shitposters, vtubers. Also, I'm certain vtubers make up rrats and lies here as well.

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Its so bad that of it was the plot of a book, it wouldn't be considered realistic based on how stupid the villains are

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>never heard of these literal whos before the drama
>see this
>they are in fact just the stereotypical whores who talk about boyfriends on stream and have a following of cucks who like that shit
Not even surprised. Whores would rather be whores than reign in their whoreishness to make it big.

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I mean, he probably didn't until they held a gun to Elira's head to make her translate the shitstorm she made

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Fucking kek, now I'm convinced no one actually posts in /pkg/ and it's just the kawaii girls circlejerking

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Time for one of us to become a mod and leak it lmao

>> No.69224452

We totally believe you, Nijishart

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Enna fucked Kyo is a fact?

>> No.69224525

for some reason im surprised the orca does.

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It's extra funny because NDF has no defense for this

>> No.69224621

But it's not like mods are inhuman, they must've spent some time and figured out which IP probably belongs to which vtubers. What's to stop them from just searching post history by IP and seeing what their oshi or their recent drama shitters are up to? I know I would.

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So is this the clique?

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There are several mods on 4chan, who are corpo employees, or have personal agendas. There's 100% a vshojo hired mod, there used to be a deadbeat mod (back when Pomu nudes leaked, the thread with her photos stayed for hours and someone posted a Mori photo in it. janitor deleted Mori's photo, but left Pomu's doxxthread up for another hour), and there are signs of other corpo mods as well.

>> No.69224823

>Nobody likes dramabird
Where do you even fucking get these lines? What dipshit is giving orders here? Are they just grabbing enlisting friends who have never seen a VTuber now?
Even people who never watched Niji liked Selen. She organized events with no help from management to bring all corpos and indies together. TSB was one of the best arcs Stars EN has ever had.
Your bullshit is never going to stick because with zero facts on your side all you can do is attack her character and fucking EVERYONE likes her. She has never had a scandal or slighted anyone excluding her incompetent managers. Stop wasting your time.

>> No.69224838

when was that?

>> No.69224869

Granted, pomu back when she posted her nudes was an absolute semen demon, I can understand a mod not being able to come to his senses quickly enough to prune the thread

I was in the /b/ thread at the time and she was incredibly well received, even back then as a nobody

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So I guess with the recent developments did they become anti NijiEN for some reason? Or do they actually know this whole thing will actually flip completely the other way and are just sitting back and laughing at how hard /here/ will shit itself when it happens?

>> No.69224896

You mean the company made up of majority women?

>> No.69224899

>What dipshit is giving orders here?
Probably Elira. I get the impression she considers herself a genius puppetmaster. Which is funny because in reality she's completely retarded.

>> No.69225001

For any mods reading my comments and thinks I'm flying too close to the sun I'm just broke, bored, and hungry. Let me know if I should stop thinking.

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That's what being a sjw tumblr whore does to you.

>> No.69225428

nah, it was one of the retards that read her medical record that leaked this if it's true.
looking back at it, the selen hate threads in the past was probably made by one of the bullies. they just hate her that much.

>> No.69225463

This is worse than rubber bullets

>> No.69225465

No, it's because Doki put BPD on her old twitter bio.

>> No.69225533

Even if they do have an illness, companies generally aren't allowed to discriminate based solely on that, unless it's something that would render them unable to work. The illness is noted on their file though, in case it becomes relevant in the future.

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I thought you guys don't believe her lies?

>> No.69225675

Honestly every fucking single time you NDF sisters are only able to say the same shit over and over again
>also the irony for you to say "self-reported"

For fuck sakes man, niji going bat shit crazy on her looks more mentally ill to me.
Here, have a (You), if this allows you to get 0.02$ from doing this.

>> No.69225705

No she didnt, you're eating up an edited screenshot, archives around the time dont show it and there's no archive that does show it

>> No.69225722

fucking kek

>> No.69225778

I knew Pomu, Petra, and Selen are the good ones...

>> No.69225799

That depends on whether she was clinically diagnosed or just following a trend at the time. I'm not betting on her talking about it openly any time soon.

>> No.69225857

I'm not so sure they thought it was a threat. More likely IMO is they just saw it as something that had potential to be a threat and therefore should be treated as one (regardless of whether it actually was). And there's probably some weird JP business culture shit that made them completely tone-deaf to how western people would react to the situation.

Elira's stream had fuck-all to do with the doxxing / going public stuff, though. That stream was never going to prevent it if that was Doki's plan, so there's no way that was the reason for it. That stream happened because they thought explaining their side of the story would make them look better, while again being completely tone-deaf to how people would react to a character assassination based on document that Doki thought would be private (and with minimal receipts).

Also, I'm guessing that Elira/Enna/Millie's location was probably mentioned as part of some issue Doki had with that off-collab they did a few months back (assuming it took place there). Or some other time that some offline event may have happened there. It doesn't make much sense to mention it for the reason you're suggesting.

>> No.69225954

Legit asking, are you fucking retarded?

>> No.69226003

Deadbeat janny has chilled out recently, but he’s just a fan no one pays him. VShojo definitely pays for a mod. Niji gets no preferential treatment at all. And there is a Pippa simp.

>> No.69226117

Sure, buddy.
Selen didn't plan to make a statement even though in her termination notice, she threatens to make her claims public should Nijisanji not follow her demands of forcing Vox to eat out her BPD pussy. Whatever you say

>Niji was lying in the notice
You are retarded

>> No.69226175

If Selen can't be trusted because she has BPD, then why do you trust her that she has BPD?

>> No.69226184

deadbeat mod had a melty in /hirys/ recently

>> No.69226217

yeah, she wanted to graduate peacefully or else she would have released the documents. niji in their infinite wisdom declared war and released the documents anyway lmao

>> No.69226248

>Nijisanji not follow her demands of forcing Vox to eat out her BPD pussy

Holy disillusion!

Vox won't eat yours neither.

>> No.69226339

>Everything starts making sense when you realize the nijisisters are just seething because selen had some exclusive recording of vox
anon was right kek

>> No.69226360

>Doki: *Does absolute nothing*

Disingenuous faggot. Here's actually what she did

>Got lawyers to threaten a lawsuit
>Threatens to make a public statement about Nijisanji pushing her to suicide if Niji doesn't do what she wants
>Actually makes the public statement and says "I won't be silenced"
>Directly throws everyone in the company by blaming her suicide on the bullying within

Selen simply did nothing and they somehow were refuting claims she made in a legal document that was sent by Selen 's lawyers. Makes sense to me

>> No.69226433

Because if it was medically diagnosed that's a licensed 3rd party diagnosis. If it wasn't that's just her lying since BPD is an actual mental illness that can be diagnosed. Not sure what you're not getting?

>> No.69226477

Do you have proof that it's medically diagnosed? Or are you just taking Selen's word for it?

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Even Kojima couldn't come up with this

>> No.69226490

sis, most of those came from niji first...
no one even knew about the harassment until niji posted the termination notice

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>Hey Nijisanji let me graduate or else I might publicly accuse you of wrongdoing

>> No.69226548

>Sisters won't believe anything coming out of Selen's mouth
>Except the part where she mentions having BPD, that one must be the absolute truth
Really makes you think

>> No.69226563

that retard didn't read OP and just scroll down to seethe

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>she threatens to make her claims public should Nijisanji not follow her demands of forcing Vox to eat out her BPD pussy

>> No.69226593

Wow that's grounds for a discrimination lawsuit I'm pretty sure

>> No.69226597

You know that Nijisanji openly stated that she would have been able to do whatever she wanted in the company if she allowed them to explain to people why the video was privated or she herself said but she refused and tried to make them "legally responsible".
Don't know how that's peacefully trying to graduate and not just her trying to squeeze Niji. They wouldn't play ball so they fired her and now she wins the court of public opinion because they're an "evil Japanese corporation that's so shit, she killed herself"

>> No.69226605

Actual bpd? No I'm never going to believe a bpd bitch again. Online funny anime girl bpd? If it destroys Niji and somehow vshitshow, absolutely

>> No.69226606

It's not for me to prove whether or not she's been clinically diagnosed, that's on her.

>> No.69226645

Congratulations on being the ten millionth person to notice, anon.

>> No.69226649

>That ain't machine translated anon, that's just formal Tagalog since speaking formally is funny to us
Unless me and my normalfag friends and colleagues have been living in a bubble all this time, no one speaks in formal Tagalog for the lulz

>> No.69226664

So it was just seething about Selen and Vox having secret talks. Holly fuck Sisters.

>> No.69226663

> There's no way to prove she has BPD

>> No.69226686

Elira spill the bean herself, Doki doesn't even do anything at that point

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File: 78 KB, 772x525, ESL dekinai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

(You) self-reported being a pagpag eating retard.

>> No.69226712

But you're claiming she has BPD, you have to be able to prove that, right? You can't just believe everything you read on the internet, you know.

>> No.69226715

Reminder that the NDF counter document/script has a huge section talking about BPD at the bottom

>> No.69226717

The biggest claim of
>The people in Nijisanji are so mean I killed myself
Was said by Selen. Not Niji. No amount of coping will change that

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File: 449 KB, 687x683, 1693974956051530.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's like with russian shills in Ukraine war thread, you can smell brown hands typing these posts from a mile away. Trannies, group thinking, celebrating crooks and corruption - and attacking unquestionably good people with malice, vice and lies. They are one and the same thing.

>> No.69226781

Sure there is, literally show the invoice for the BPD screening and the results, can even black out parts she doesn'twant shown like name and what not. Not that hard.

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File: 670 KB, 909x1031, doki psychosis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he ACTUALLY THINKS his retarded schizo agenda is relevant or noteworthy in the midst of everything else going on with Nijisanji
This is (You)r brain on unicorn ideology

>> No.69226833

yes, because nijisanji said first that she was hospitalized, both in the skinwalker tweet and the termination notice, and that she was being harassed
also, glad you agree that most of those came from niji first, so only had one thing to cherrypick

>> No.69226841

Faggots simply just to believe Selen when it's convenient but when she makes a claim they don't like, like her having BPD, NOW they need evidence

Hope you deep throat on communist cock until you choke

>> No.69226854

Is this a falseflag? Enna is one of the alleged bullies so it would be in your interest to shit on her.

>> No.69226871

Your statement goes both ways, and I hope you realize that

>> No.69226892

I'm claiming she claimed to have BPD in her old twitter bio. Literally google Doki BPD, I'm not spoonfeeding you

>> No.69226929

Even mods would only get an IP address, which MAYBE confirms it's the same person across threads and MAYBE tells you kinda roughly what city someone might be in (both of these can be disguised). If you get a subpoena (they wouldn't have any grounds anyway) then MAYBE they can get a little bit more info from the ISPs. tl;dr even if they have full doxx on the talents they can't exactly prove that certain messages were written by one of them.

>> No.69226930

I'm looking at it right now, it's not there.

>> No.69226948

No actual proof then? I accept your concession

>> No.69226958

That's not even what we're arguing against, you retard
You would believe her diagnosis right away, without even doubting if it was a self-diagnosis? Even though you're not believing the rest of her statements, the BPD one surely must be true, right?

>> No.69226992

People are allowed to have nuanced, complex positions, retard. I hate unicorns more than I hate Nijisanji, and I won't shit on any chuuba ever with evidence this weak.

>> No.69226997

So Selen chose to pin her suicide on Niji because they told people she was in the hospital? This is also just blatantly an unconfirmed test since the timeline lines up with the hospital tweet being her and they have nothing to gain from telling people she was hospitalized.
Also apparently pining someone's suicide on you because you fired them is just acceptable. Amazing logic there

>> No.69227018

Bitch I already gave you the info needed to find the tweet, if you can't find it that's a skill issue.

>> No.69227021

Doing detective work is above their paygrade, anon

>> No.69227030

>and they have nothing to gain from telling people she was hospitalized.
It's on the termination notice, sister...
Sis, did you even read anything

>> No.69227058

So, a schizo then. If you're anti-unicorn you wouldn't even care about that narrative since you're a proud cuck, instead of trying to push back at it.

>> No.69227065

I dont like doki dokiliterature club but that's all the results

>> No.69227066

Anon, when someone who claims to have BPD is acting in a BPD manner, it's pretty believable. Kinda like how if the first words out of someone's mouth are "hi I'm [name] and I'm autistic and love [autistic thing]" in a perfectly monotone voice, it would be retarded not to believe it.

>> No.69227070

Learn to read, I would believe a clinical diagnosis from a licensed professional. If she lied about having BPD that just falls in line with her being a liar. If she didn't lie anx has corroborating paper work that means she's not a liar. This really isn't that difficult.

>> No.69227095

>Got lawyers to threaten a lawsuit
This is how you could tell NDF are bunch of maladjusted neet.
News flash bud, lawyer and legal statement doesn't always mean she's gunning for lawsuit.
In fact most corporate lawyer job is handling legalese and finessing contract which is likely what her lawyer did.

>> No.69227117

Whatever (You) need to tell yourself, man.

>> No.69227118

>This is also just blatantly an unconfirmed test since the timeline lines up with the hospital tweet being her and they have nothing to gain from telling people she was hospitalized.
Then why they did it?

>> No.69227130

Explain how and why the fuck she would need to prove that she has a mental illness online? Explain what gain she'd get for lying about having BPD online. Explain why specifically BPD

>> No.69227155

Cool story bro

>> No.69227157

A claim she wouldn't have made if niji just fired her quietly instead of trying to Zaion their most beloved and popular talent, A talent that literally everybody outside of doxsites and 4chan atleast tolerates if not outright likes, One with no big dramas hanging over her apart from schizo barrel scraping "uhh she was a menhera at apex like 3 times" nonsense, All of the negative optics are because of nijisanji, All of them, And nobody is gonna buy their shit if they keep trying to harass her, using 39 "snowroaches" daph to test the waters blew their entire plan of silently turning the tides out of the water, Dramafags like asmongold just blasted her and refuted her for hundreds of thousands to see, Keep coping idiot

>> No.69227172

>literally no arguments left
I accept your concession. Have fun with your impotent falseflagging lmao loser.

>> No.69227197

You'll understand when you're finally old enough to have a job, kiddo.

>> No.69227199

>documented moments of the clique, notably Enna, lying about useless shit no one truly cares about to the audience to appeal to them and having self-admitted anger issues

>Let's spread positivity, sisters !


>> No.69227245

God please let the server be griefed it would be so fucking hilarious

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File: 450 KB, 1920x1244, seething femanon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no u

>> No.69227291

Sure , which is why Selen said she was slowly writing up a document that has evidence of her claims and why legal documents were being passed around. Because she definitely needed to do things like that to only renegotiate a contract. She totally wasn't accusing them of anything

>> No.69227306

>Source: I came in my dream

>> No.69227317

Because there was a trend to call yourself BPD until people pointed out mental illness isn't a trend, very similar to current claims by streamers of OCD and autism right now.

>> No.69227370

Anybody else notice how
Only comes up in the middle of the night and dies off by afternoon?

>> No.69227383

The source is the termination notice you dramafags didn't actually read and just imagined what was in it

>> No.69227387

I work 2 jobs anon, worry more about yourself.

>> No.69227404

>asking to be released from her contract on good term on Jan 26th
>no response
>ok, since here's what my lawyer said we should do

>> No.69227409
File: 71 KB, 975x975, 1701147377247763.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.69227437


>> No.69227451

Good luck on your promotion from dish washer to fry cook anon

>> No.69227456

Why would the kawaii girls larp as unicorns?

>> No.69227467

You too

>> No.69227488

They think that’s going to shed doubt on stuff that’s been outright confirmed by Nijisanji.

>> No.69227513

Not him but if they really are larping in their own threads as unicorns then that would be to promote that image publicly, since unicorn-friendly vtubers are the most popular ones.

>> No.69227519

So Selen is a known trend hopping liar who is willing to lie about serious things ,like mental health, to gain sympathy from the public? Doesn't make her look very good

Either she lied about being mentally ill for Internet points or she's actually mentally ill. The more charitable explanation is she's actually mentally ill

>> No.69227523

they're hooking up spambots to LLMs nowadays

>> No.69227526

The only thing confirmed was Doki said some bullshit they disagree with. No more, no less.

>> No.69227548

They're trying to smear her credibility anon.
When you don't have enough ground to go to court you would then try character assassination

>> No.69227551

Anon... assuming this is (You)r work... Ban Hada is a woman (female). She just dresses a tiny bit ikemen.

>> No.69227558

You still haven't proven she's made any such claim, though.

>> No.69227620


>> No.69227634

That’s exactly what a woman would think a man would say.

>> No.69227660


>> No.69227671

I'm willing to withhold judgement on that until more info comes out, but honestly not holding my breath for it. But that part in particular and removing it from her bio later tells me I should keep an open mind with all this.

>> No.69227680

>she's mentally ill therefore she's the one at fault
What does that say about the clique then?
>Enna sociopathy and pedophilia allegation
>Millie's compulsion to lie
>Elira OCD

>> No.69227695
File: 21 KB, 387x461, 289.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to read god rrat theory because i'm interested in speculations and shit
>genuinely stimulating to my brain to see other people's takes on this travesty
>go to see the reentry
>person who made it folded like a god damn lawn chair

>> No.69227699

She wasn't asking to be released on January 26th, tard. She began talking to Niji lawyers on January 26th to make negotiations.
Why the fuck would her lawyers wait until after a week when she wanted to quit to bring up that Niji wasn't playing ball? Also if she wanted to leave the company, why seethe about getting fired out of the blue?

>> No.69227708
File: 10 KB, 201x251, 18_10_33_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.69227713

Projection. BPD femcels hate their own BPD and themselves.

>> No.69227738

>So Selen is a known trend hopping liar who is willing to lie about serious things
Can you name a single time this happened?

>> No.69227752

As a unicorn, why would I care about some pig who are well known for cucking her fans for fun?

>> No.69227770
File: 143 KB, 1271x1080, 1706802056012019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>her demands of forcing Vox to eat out her BPD pussy

>> No.69227786

Mori dox gets deleted so quickly because the schizo spams the same images for years on end. You could probably write a script to automatically detect it. It always takes longer to delete when someone digs up a new photo.

>> No.69227805

Niji Livers are /here/ but none of them have ever had jannies on their side. This is largely because Nijifags in general are doxxing scum and containment breakers - worse than the most delusional Hololive Unicorn or the most resentful Filipino Phase Fan.

>> No.69227812

Because as a unicorn, that behavior should upset you and you should take pleasure in dunking on a pig like that, instead of brushing it off or defending it.

>> No.69227820

There's the possi of there might have been some stuff in the contract she signed in regards to graduations and she wanted to renegotiate, maybe some non-compete or early graduation penalty. If it's an annual contract both would make sense.

>> No.69227838
File: 13 KB, 603x139, wosemi bait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Way to miss the point, retard. None of that would have mattered, and most of it wouldn't have happened at all, if Anycolor understood how not to take the bait.

>> No.69227849
File: 306 KB, 1725x1295, 1000008193.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.69227861
File: 206 KB, 1687x347, not a lawsuit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She was making the claim that Anycolor was legally responsible for any workplace harassment she received while employed with them... which they are. Their response was to fire her and claim that she didn't take responsibility for her own actions that lead to the harassment.

In their termination notice, in which they try to paint her as the bad guy, they don't say what she said happened never happened. They say "it wasn't as bad as she claims". Elira and Vox also said the same thing.

>> No.69227862

>why seethe about getting fired
Yeah man, because getting fired and getting you name smeared is clearly the same as parting amicably.
You sound smart sister, I bet you have double digit IQ

>> No.69227869

Is lying about you having BPD online for sympathy from the public not a serious thing to lie about now?

Also for you dramafags asking to be spoonfed, either do your reps or fuck off. The screenshot isn't hard to find

>> No.69227868

if anyone has an archive/reupload of the ramblings i would love to read it to see if i could come to the same conclusions with what we know about the situation

>> No.69227915
File: 285 KB, 828x390, hm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its interesting which idols she named after her fellow NijiEN members...

>> No.69227921

idk about anyone else, but the entire concept of "formal tagalog" existing has my sides in orbit

>> No.69227926

Did she lie about having BPD? Can you prove that?

>> No.69227968

This cannot be real lmao

>> No.69227970

One's still left in the coal mines... What do we do, bros?

>> No.69227979

>lying about having BPD for sympathy
Huh, doesn't seem like she gained any though.
If anything it seems you cunts are up in arms about her having BPD than about any of her supposed lies.

>> No.69228017

To have an argument I would need to have something to argue against. (You)r schizo ramblings do not qualify, sorry.

>> No.69228027

reading this again fucking can't believe this retards thought it's a good idea to write this in an official termination statement
this is fucking crazy

>> No.69228028

But im not emotionally attached to her, besides, its not a that some random streamer getting laid that upsets me, its breaking trust, between the streamer and fanbase that trigger me, I could not care less about someone who was knows as a whore for years

>> No.69228036

Nice try, retard but one of the things she was seething about was how she wasn't even aware she was fired until she saw the notice. She clearly did not want to be fired considering she was using a possible lawsuit and a public statement claiming Niji caused her suicide as pull for negotiations

>> No.69228064

Damn, Elira's an alpha bitch
I bet if we managed to get her info there would be tons of mean girl stories about her.

>> No.69228071
File: 100 KB, 463x453, rare ogey7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Elira outed names (Millie, Enna & I)
Any timestamp for this? I think I missed it and I aint watching that shit again

>> No.69228072

Why are you still lying when multiple anons have pointed out statements to the contrary?

>> No.69228078

>he thinks there are other people /here/ in his timezone

>> No.69228083
File: 10 KB, 185x273, 18_19_20_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


They're really not sending their bests

>> No.69228084
File: 1.35 MB, 1920x1080, hm2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It is, heres a later one with more..

>> No.69228089

I did provide an argument, being that your alleged stance does not make logical sense. You replied with "w-w-whatever", hence conceding and hence I accepted your concession. And now you're so butthurt you want to keep responding yet you have no arguments so you make pointless posts like this. Looking forward to the next one.

>> No.69228098

>Cute: 20

>> No.69228134
File: 2 KB, 120x120, pill_1f48a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this is what unicorns really believe

>> No.69228156

anon... this is their best...

>> No.69228174

>Finana's the one cooking the books
I fucking knew it

>> No.69228177
File: 9 KB, 300x168, nwo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

once they paint you all black, there's no going back

>> No.69228189

Leave them alone. These poor femcels probably have been dismissed in their life due to their BPD diagnosis.

>> No.69228202

They literally didn't, just constantly recontextualizing to fit a rrat. I'm digging for the truth and your rrats ain't it.

>> No.69228241

nevermind i found some dramachud pushing most of the points from it i'll just turn my brain off and watch that
shame that it had to get absolutely scorched just because some schizos were taking it for truth even though i've seen plenty of folks come to the same conclusion through the evidence

>> No.69228271

Time stamp at 2:20, listen from 2:00 to 2:45 if you want more context

>> No.69228273

>placed Selen at the back

>> No.69228282

You’re either illiterate or lying. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, Nijisanji itself has been saying these things, clear as day.

>> No.69228283

Still not having seen anything looking like an actual argument until now, you actually might be right anon, but I'm an optimist, I still think that the sisters have people without brain damage within their ranks and they're waiting for the next yab management to send them here

>> No.69228294

>n-n-n-no ackshually my favorite literal who whore who talks about her boyfriend on stream all the time is more popular than the actual top popularity vtubers who don't do any of that shit
lol, what's the point of this cope when the numbers are plain to see?

>> No.69228306

Based, but way more effort than this shit deserves

>> No.69228308
File: 1.31 MB, 1918x1076, hm3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>only talent is cute

>> No.69228309

>she wasn't aware she was fired
As if she was originally hoping she and management could reach a peaceful solution huh.
Like graduation for instance

>> No.69228310

>Anycolor was legally responsible for any workplace harassment she received while employed with them... which they are.

Proof has still not been provided that any harassment took place and that everyone involved that isn't Selen is lying. They said they questioned Selen and asked for reasons why she deliberately disobeyed perm policy and asked if she was mentally well. That is an action she made, management didn't cause that. They never said it didn't happen because Selen saw a bunch of her friends questioning her to why she threw the reputation of the company in the shitter again as them siding with management over her, seeing all of them question her around ghr sake same time about the situation as targeted harassment and exaggerated it to an extreme.

Occam's razor is assuming that an entire corporation of full of people who personally know Selen aren't lying

>> No.69228325

Ogey rrat

>> No.69228349

>Petra has god-tier cute stat but almost every other stat is the worst of the idols (and in the red)

>> No.69228352

I'm losing track here, someone clear this up:

Are we supposed to not trust what Selen claimed because she's a BPD whore or because she's lying about having BPD? Because the nijisisters are running both narratives concurrently and I'm getting confused.

>> No.69228359

I refuse to believe any sentient life could be this dumb.
Even Millie and her pagpag-addled brain seems smarter than NDF.

>> No.69228375

I wonder how much this reflect her opinions of them...

>> No.69228379

If she was lying, Post proof of her lying in the blackscreen video, Show the messages and prove to the world it "wasn't so bad", Why is the onus on doki to provide that proof when niji was the one who made this whole shitshow public in the first place?

>> No.69228388

So you’re giving up the argument then? Sounds good, I don’t see how you could maintain it in the face of reality.

>> No.69228401

You fucking tourist

>> No.69228441

The answer is yes. They don’t care which argument you buy, they just want you to believe she’s untrustworthy.

>> No.69228466

>Team Chemistry 72

>> No.69228488

God, I wish the game had more updates, but it looks like the developers intends on leaving it as is

at least they have something else in the works

>> No.69228499

Do you know how retarded she'd have to be to assume negotiations wouldn't dissolve after she threatened to make them legally responsible for her suicide attempt and threatened to go public with a statement saying "Nijisanji made me kill myself". They were allowing to do whatever she wanted in the situation if they were allowed to explain why the MV was privated and she refused. She was not peaceful

>> No.69228500

Both rrats are running because there's no solid evidence either way so both possibilities exist until evidence is shown. All that is known is she put it in her bio then removed it. The confusion is from her removing it which brings in to question whether she genuinely has a mental illness or was faking it.

>> No.69228528

Imagine being this fucking delusional, holy shit. The only noteworthy chuubas who are actually unicorn friendly are fringe weirdos like shondo. Don't tell me you ACTUALLY THINK Gura measures up. Lol, lmao even.

>> No.69228534

>soon as i do this i remember wayback machine exists

>> No.69228540

>Selen could work just fine with non clique member
>Even with NijiJP
Looks like the clique is the one that doesn't have any team chemistry to me

>> No.69228562

You resorted to insults, nothing to argue at that point. Thanks for playing
>muh comma
Stfu faggot no one cares

>> No.69228599

>character in game announces that the idols' pay will be doubled
>she goes silent for 10 seconds before saying motherfucker
this stream is hilarious in many ways

>> No.69228609

I wasn't even thinking about Gura but why wouldn't she be unicorn friendly? Starting to think you're talking about a word you don't understand.

>> No.69228625
File: 405 KB, 640x913, m1fo8krzvgbc1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"muh insults"
>immediately slings an insult in the very next reply
have a (You), ya wascally faggot

>> No.69228630

I love how you keep on bringing her supposed lawsuit even though she and Niji both have said there no plan for the court.
Beside, IF she were planning to bring this to court, looks like she already won because Riku apologized for calling her "negligible"

>> No.69228631

>Proof has still not been provided that any harassment took place and that everyone involved that isn't Selen is lying.
Let's see
>Selen says she was bullied for a while and not just one instance related to the cover
>Vox says that they called her out numerous times in private over the times she was publicly talking about management but he doesn't consider what they said to her as harassment in his opinion
>Niji management says that they believe the claims of bullying Selen made were her shifting responsibility from when she made Nijisanji look bad

But you for some reason think nothing happened at all and that she's outright lying.

>> No.69228663

Here's the main issue I have with you fucking schizophrenics. Why should anyone prove Selen is lying instead of anyone else proving Selen isn't lying.

Why don't you ask for evidence that all of Nijisanji is lying? Isn't that a way more extreme claim? The burden of proof means Selen has to prove her claims.

>She won't because she's peaceful and law is complicated so she won't say anything
Don't fucking care. Niji provided evidence, were correct about their claims and has an entire branch of people they work for vouching that they're not lying. Selen has public opinion and a bunch of retards who don't know anything about Vtubers feeling bad for her

>> No.69228684

They want you to focus on her having BPD instead the other important things so they've been playing both sides just to derail the discussion

>> No.69228692

>dishonoring the sacred word of /vt/ patron saint
I declare jihad on you and your kind.

>> No.69228697

No shit Sherlock I wasn't looking for an argument from a grammar nazi when faggot is checking grammar on a meme

>> No.69228705

What if she just removed it from her bio because it was an unnecessary spot of vulnerability?

>> No.69228704

>she threatened
Neither word of that is true. Her lawyer laid out her narrative and described several possible outcomes.

>> No.69228708
File: 200 KB, 515x274, 1681323583229165.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She did it, bros!

>> No.69228736

>genuinely getting mad about it
i wasn't planning on giving you another (You) but now that i'm feeling pity for you, i might as well. i hope you find peace and enlightenment one day, my friend

>> No.69228737

No, the discussion has been pretty on point besides the posts about PC and unicorns

>> No.69228745

I bet you regret not learning proper English grammar now, Millie.

>> No.69228751

I believe in Pomu. I believe in Nina. And I believe in Mysta.

Nijisanji can go to hell. Sink the yacht.

>> No.69228754

Just ignore the shrill screaming, even they have no idea what narrative they want to push

>> No.69228757
File: 81 KB, 240x240, unicorn.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My brother in Kizuna AI, half the catalog is dedicated at any given time to explaining how such and such a popular vtuber is not "unicorn friendly" and explaining why "I" (being one such unicorn) "don't feel so good, bros". (You) are literally too retarded to even read threads.

>> No.69228763
File: 660 KB, 731x575, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.69228767

thanks anon

>> No.69228787
File: 1.19 MB, 1920x1080, hm4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gurrat confirmed elira views riku as a threat

>> No.69228796

>reality is wrong because of some shitposter/falseflagger rrats on 4chan
lmfao, thank you for proving your insanity and therefore your loss in this argument

>> No.69228806

I also considered that, which is why I'm more or less withholding judgement on her situation aside from a footnote to see if she talks about it at some point. Again, not holding my breath.

>> No.69228808
File: 304 KB, 436x439, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.69228822

>Another clique member wasted
Tick tock Vox, you're next you lying snake

>> No.69228830

I don't understand why the NDF are revisioning the events so badly when Niji are the ones who released all of this information in their termination notice and have not retracted or deleted it.

>> No.69228852

Apollo gave us the gift of prophecy long ago, we were just too blind to see it until now

>> No.69228856

>The burden of proof means Selen has to prove her claims
How convenient for her, then, that they're actually Anycolor's claims and not her own, thanks to Anycolor's profoundly retarded self-reporting. If they literally just kept quiet then nobody would have ever had to hear any claims from Selen in the first place, so there would be no question of proving them.

>> No.69228865

Luxiemsisters.... Our response?

>> No.69228882

To successfully gaslight other, you must gaslit yourself first

>> No.69228899

He's too busy sucking his own cock to notice the yellow freight train barreling towards him

>> No.69228909

Because, frankly, whatever Selen has or doesn't have on them is the least of people's concerns when it comes to credibility. Everyone knows that's an unknown. What is known, however, is the extreme aberrant behavior NijiEN has exhibited, and from that, people are drawing their own conclusions.
If I'm working in the financial district and I suddenly see a bunch of people from a renowned investment firm running around the exchange floor hollering 'Everything's fine! Don't believe our fired analyst if he tells you that our positions are overleveraged! He's an alcoholic schizophrenic with a grudge! Who're you going to believe, all of us or that retard?"
Yeah, you can bet I'm fucking selling.

>> No.69228934

No matter how many times you repear this it doesn't make it true. Have fun with the rrat but stop getting in the way of people trying to get to the bottom of this shitfest.

>> No.69228948


>> No.69228954

>The burden of proof means Selen has to prove her claims
Selen isn't the party who made the initial claims, Nijisanji is. Their termination notice came first, retard. They're the ones who confirmed she was in the hospital, that there was issues between other livers and Selen, and that she threatened to defame them. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO HAVE TO PROVE WHAT THEY SAY.

>> No.69228980

>Now he's coping that the unicorns aren't even real
Holy shit.

>> No.69228987

It's useless brother, it seems women are too stupid to think rationally

>> No.69228994

I'm ready to call it. Gurrat is true and old elira streams of idol manager prove it.

>> No.69229028

That's not evidence, retard but I'll bite the bait.

>Selen says she was bullied for a while and not just one instance related to the cover
Vox says she claims the breaking point was the privated video. Selen says there was a breaking point. Any other scenario where they bullied her isn't mentioned or talked about so no one knows if that wasn't exaggerated too

>Vox says that they called her out numerous times in private over the times she was publicly talking about management but he doesn't consider what they said to her as harassment in his opinion
Vox actually said multiple people went to ask her about the situation and to see if she was doing alright. Selen took this as targeted harassment caused by management being incompetent

>Niji management says that they believe the claims of bullying Selen made were her shifting responsibility from when she made Nijisanji look bad
Considering she continued to collaborate with fucking everyone that could even be considered a bully and only mentioned bullying after she was trying to negotiate using a lawsuit threat, it's not unreasonable to say this

>> No.69229048

And yet the original Gurrat rentry maker was afraid of some schizos taking it for gospel (and is why it got scorched). It's literally being proven by history LMAO

>> No.69229051

(You) should be saying that to the other guy.

>> No.69229053
File: 125 KB, 1793x343, 1680954806900280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I take any "oh no no no no we lost bros i don't feel so good bros" post on here with a grain of salt, as any sane person should. Since you're implying you don't, I'm not that surprised at your low IQ.

>> No.69229086

I didn’t insult you, I merely stated the fact that you have to be literally incapable of reading Anycolor’s statements or listening to what they said in their videos to genuinely believe they didn’t say what they said.

>> No.69229100


>> No.69229103

>Selen took this as targeted harassment caused by management being incompetent
Selen never claimed this. Quite frankly unless she says it directly we'll never know what she claimed, as it's only known in her document.

>> No.69229104

I mean, accusation of embezzlement is too dangerous when the other party has the backing of Yamaguchi-gumi

>> No.69229110
File: 241 KB, 474x462, image_2024-02-16_044619242.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>replying to himself 30 times

>> No.69229153

Yeah whoops my bad.

>> No.69229157

>he thinks people say "schizo" for no reason as a random joke

>> No.69229161

Where do you think you are?
Why are you surprised?

>> No.69229160

>she continued collabing with supposed bullies
Funny how she only has 1 instance of one-on-one collab with Elira huh

>> No.69229173

>on the idol manager stream @2:26:10 onwards she's looking at the idols salaries
>"You guys still aren't satisfied with your with your money.. Even though.. Selen is happy with $20?"
>literally evil laughs
in hindsight this is fucking hilarious

>> No.69229193

I'm not surprised, just scared that schizophrenia can go this far
Will I end up like this in a few years?

>> No.69229197

Nah, you're either illiterate or lying or else you'd see and hear what I do. See >>69228282

>> No.69229209

Hindsight is 20/20 but by god, this bitch is truly evil

>> No.69229238

Hate fuels schizos like this, you know what you must (not) do

>> No.69229268

every esl sister in this thread is millie and you cant prove me wrong

>> No.69229273

>They're the ones who confirmed she was in the hospital
Selen literally says she's out of the hospital herself. Stop fucking spreading a dumb rrat around as fact. You're retarded

>That there was issues between other livers
Selen later on says she was bullied from within. Claim proven

>and that she threatened to defame them.
Then the second she was fired, it's exactly what she did. Claim proven. You fuckers are just emotional faggots who are just following a trend

>> No.69229304

>"Selen is satisfied with 20 bucks a week and you guys aren't satisfied? [laugh]"
Its like when the celebrity pedo stuff comes out and people look back and see them blatantly referring to it and making jokes about it in their old work. This is the vtuber equivalent, Elira evily laughing about how Selen is working for peanuts.

>> No.69229319

Vox isnt going to date you, he’s dating Elira

>> No.69229330

personally i think they're all elira, because millie is too bus making her hat bigger to hide in so the dramastorm completely goes over her

>> No.69229339

Nijisanji got all the confidence of the little bro who shouts "I didn't do it!!" with chocolate smeared across his mouth, before mom and dad have even spotted the broken cookie jar on the floor

>> No.69229355

One of these days you'll learn what confirm means and you'll look back on your posts in shame and embarrassment.

>> No.69229367

>Then the second she was fired, it's exactly what she did
Except she literally said she wants to be left alone and have no intention to go further UNLESS kurosanji keep harassing her.

>> No.69229390

Sister, you're arguing that Selen doesn't need to prove herself because Anycolor did for her? Wow, glad we agree.

>> No.69229395

They're drunk on the rrat and the power it wields, only way this stops is if Niji dies or the rrat blows up in their face. Only time will tell.

>> No.69229428

I know she's exaggerating the bullying that was just people telling her she was in the wrong for breaking rules. And probably including others saying she should graduate.

The rules were still retarded and the coworkers are still corpo cocksuckers who have done nothing correct or ever doing the right thing in this and have taken countless opportunities to make it worse.

>> No.69229443

Nope, Elira is dating Shu.
I don't think Shu mind sharing the hole though

>> No.69229476

>no u
So you’re delusional then, got it. Nijisanji was the one that brought up harassment by Livers, Elira is the one who fingered herself, Millie, and Emma as being mentioned in legal documents, and NijiEN used their opportunity to refute Doki’s claim of attempting suicide to confirm it.

>> No.69229506
File: 72 KB, 933x764, Eb0RP1fU8AAgMMC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Elira is the one who fingered herself

>> No.69229525

>you'd see and hear what I do
Get off this board Elira, this is bad for your mental health

>> No.69229566

I realized what that sounded like before I typed it, but left it in because I thought it was funny and she probably does finger herself.

>> No.69229597

>Elira is the one who fingered herself, Millie, and Emma as being mentioned in legal documents
That was the single most retarded thing you could have done at that time. I fully believe the gurrat because that was the stupidest move yet besides the >negligible statement. It successfully murdered the reputation of three of their talents irreparably and painted a huge target on their back for no reason.

>> No.69229618

When did Anycolor prove anything that she claimed was true? Why the fuck are people choosing to think the side more willing to publicly share evidence and points of view of the situation from multiple people is more guilty than someone who uses suicide as leverage and refuses to post any evidence because she's just so peaceful and conflict avoidant?

>> No.69229627

I can tell you from my limited corporate experience that having your coworkers confront you about your wrongdoings is still considered workplace harassment and NijiEN + Management is retarded if they don't understand that. It's probably different in Japan but I doubt that would matter in a lawsuit with a Canadian

>> No.69229688

Because they want to feed the rrat. Literal hive mind shit.

>> No.69229730

The only evidence that Niji shared were a few screenshots about the coffee perms whereas dozens of artists have come out and testified that Selen repeatedly did the right thing in their interactions between her and niji management.

>> No.69229811

>that having your coworkers confront you about your wrongdoings is still considered workplace harassment

In what world are coworkers (who are your friends by the way), asking you what happened between you and management, seeing you were in the wrong and giving advice workplace harassment? No one actually believes that, right?

>> No.69229837

Weren't liver pet projects supposed to be paid out of their own pocket? I think the only think Niji pays for are corpo sponsored events.

>> No.69229861

>), asking you what happened between you and management, seeing you were in the wrong and giving advice workplace harassment?
In what world is that your coworkers responsibility? Go get a real job and see how quickly you get fired for trying that.

>> No.69229937

I literally ask my coworkers how their life is going and we commiserate about life or work problems. We don't report each other for harassment over that, except for Shelly but she's a bit of a weirdo.

>> No.69229939

>dozens of artists have come out and testified that Selen repeatedly did the right thing in their interactions between her and niji management.

Dozens of outside parties who have no idea how Nijisanji works internally claim she did nothing wrong. Selen was always supposed to pay artists herself for personal projects. Artists claiming that breaking the rules was justified proves nothing

>> No.69229978
File: 11 KB, 634x79, image_2024-02-16_050658623.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate to say this, but you have to be 18 to post on this site. This took like 10 seconds of googling.

>> No.69229980

Have you tried playing it with the mods on steam workshop? I ground out quite a few more hours of braindead grinding with those but that could be because I'm a massive coomer using the nsfw mods but the sfw ones are cool too.

>> No.69229981

You're doing about as well here as you did on your "statement" elira

>> No.69230001

You wouldn't believe the shit Shelly is saying behind your back, anon.

>> No.69230035
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>> No.69230063

Weird thing is Holo does the same thing so it's standard and they've made the talents waste way more money but no one knows or cares. All these clout chasing artists smell blood in the water and want a piece.

>> No.69230117

Hololive skips out on contractual obligations? That’s news to me.

>> No.69230148

Because you don't watch streams.

>> No.69230178

>Kotoka, a 320,000 sub channel, managed to pull over double that number in views
Jesus fuck, was the song really that kino?

>> No.69230228

What contractual obligation? If the talent chooses to undergo a personal project then the talent foots the bill. Any project that Niji themselves take, Niji foots the bill

>> No.69230279

What Vox described is not simply giving advice. He said that he and other livers essentially confronted her about what she tweeted in regards to the cover but says "In my opinion this was not a form of harassment" as if his interpretation matters.

>> No.69230301

Art is those people's livelihood, they got bills to pay. They don't give a flying fuck how Nijisanji works internally, they just want to be paid.

>> No.69230319

Don't outfits and assets fall under the corporation's responsibility?

>> No.69230371

Read the part that says "Offer criticism on a project". What vox said was basically

>"A bunch of us saw what was happening and we privately confirmed if she was doing alright and questioned her on the situation"
That's not fucking harassment

>> No.69230379

t. making shit up
If an artist says that Anycolor was supposed to pay them, then that was in the contract.

>> No.69230420

They weren't offering criticism on a project they were criticizing her actions. Like I said, leave that shit up to management. Talent should have not gotten involved in reprimanding her.

>> No.69230427

>Seleen didn’t initially make a statement to the public about being bullied, Kurosanji put it in the termination letter
>>She confirmed it afterwards after termination
You ESL chiggers don't know when to quit, do you?

>> No.69230434

Personal projects in the line of music videos and such
Yes, in fact both Nijisanji and Hololive are anal about letting their vtubers use their own models
They're definitely not gonna let them pay for their own shit in this case, getting their respective managements to approve new costumes, etc. would be a separate issue

>> No.69230449

There are milestone costumes that the company pays for, but beyond those, the livers themselves foot the bill. That's how some have dozens and other have maybe two.

>> No.69230482

>If an artist says that Anycolor was supposed to pay them, then that was in the contract
Or that they don't know what they're talking about. It's common practice for personal projects to be paid for by the tuber making the project. Anycolor doesn't pay the artists on their liver's behalf.

>> No.69230568

>They weren't offering criticism on a project they were criticizing her actions

What actions were they criticizing? Oh yeah, the actions she made surrounding her project. Plus criticizing her actions still wouldn't be harassment since her actions affect the work environment

>> No.69230691

>Hey, guys! You got me! I'm Elira and I took the time to stop riding Vox's fat cock to defend my honor on a Mongolian Basket Weaving website.

Is that what you wanted to hear? Am I doing it right?

>> No.69230709

If Anycolor hadn’t agreed to pay it, then the artists wouldn’t be saying otherwise. They already got their money from Selen, they have no financial incentive to say that Anycolor gypped them if that wasn’t the case.

>> No.69230743

Unironically a better statement than the one she actually made.

>> No.69230786

Subs have always been a meaningless metric.

>> No.69230811

>I'm Elira and I took the time to stop riding Vox's fat cock
>deflecting from you sucking riku off to save your job
nice try elira. almost thought it wasnt you.

>> No.69230824

Selen didn't off collab with anyone for years. One of the only ones she did was with Millie, Enna, Elira, Nina, Rosemi and Petra. The people that are being accused of being the bullies. People are arguing the people she was friendly enough with to meet in person were secretly giving her swirlies

>> No.69231178

You can't like shit can't change. Look at all the streamers and youtubers throwing Twomad under the bus when they were just good friends with him a couple of years ago.

>> No.69231224

This is actually an interesting contradiction. Either NijiEN lied or the artists lied. Or, perhaps, a 3rd option emerges where Selen tells the artist that Niji will pay them and she sends the invoice to management and they kick it back to her that she has to pay for it because it's her personal project. She then tells the artist the company won't pat but she will cover it out of pocket. Whatever the case may be it's standard that livers pay for their own projects outside of anything corpo mandated or sponsored. This topic absolutely needs further investigation.

>> No.69231403